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Classical the cottage is usually a house up to 100 square meters. As a rule, it consists of one and a half floors: one full and an attic. Every step is important in creating a design project for the design of the premises of your own country house. It will be necessary to take into account not only the interior of the cottage indoors, but also the infield, the facade. Everything should be designed in the same style.

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The modern style of the interior of the cottage premises may gravitate to the elements of a particular style.

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Interiors are sold using advanced finishing materials and with the use of high-tech household appliances.

Fashion trends

The interior of a country house has several conservative rules, but the rapid development of modern trends could not help but make certain modifications to them. Although the preferred materials, according to designers, still remain:

  • Solid logs;
  • Different types of timber;
  • Natural stone.
cottage interior design

No matter how many years the history of creating interiors totals, and lovers of classics will always be found.

Especially common in recent years are cottages in the style of a chalet, as shown in the photo. This is a great combination of Art Nouveau and classic style. However, any combination of styles is possible, the main of which are given in the table.

interior design cottage

The classic interior is always attractive in appearance, but functional in content.

Style Idea Description
Classical Fireplace This is a kind of symbol of the hearth and comfort. This fireplace will give a special atmosphere to the interior of a country house. But it is worth considering that a fireplace is installed preferably on the first floor of the house.
Wooden staircase A staircase made of dark natural wood will perfectly fit into any room design, add warmth and comfort.
Natural materials In home decoration, the use of natural material is especially appropriate. It can be stone, wood and even textiles. The addition of eco-motives will be original: flowers, masonry.
Decor To give special lightness to the interior, you can use decor elements in a classic style. The main thing: do not overload the situation.
Green shades This color scheme is ideal for the bedroom. It promotes relaxation and good rest.
Modern Open space This effect is achieved due to the correct zoning of the room, color combination and selection of lighting devices.
The combination of different types of lighting This is a distinctive feature of modern styles, which is not only a decorative element, but also allows you to expand the space if properly positioned. The photo shows various options for lighting the premises.
Tiered ceiling A multi-level ceiling will transform any room.
Spiral staircase The modern staircase will not only have a functional purpose, but also decorate the interior.
3D image Most of all, this idea is suitable for children's rooms. Photos of your favorite characters will always delight little tenants.
Marine motives This decor method can be used in the design of the attic, dining room or bathroom.
Provence Textiles and masonry Provence always fits well into the interior of the cottage. Eco-motifs, bright warm colors and aged objects will bring comfort to the general environment.
Romantic bedroom A bright room with a large bed with wrought iron elements, floors made of natural boards and family photos on the walls is what you need for your home.
Country Stone and wood The combination of natural stone and wood can be suitable for the living room, dining room. This will preserve the classical style requirements for design and at the same time bring modernity to the decor.
Kitchen area Country in the interior of the kitchen looks particularly organic. It allows you to create a calm cozy atmosphere in the house.
Panel Large rooms can be decorated with panels, for example, with a picture of the landscape. This decor will look best in the living room.
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Practical elegance is to the liking of many of our compatriots, happy owners of country houses and cottages.

A modern cottage should not be just a family home. The house should reflect the views and tastes of the owners, be stylish and functional. Fashion, of course, does not stand still. Interior designers come up with and implement ever new projects.

cottage interior design

For several seasons, several leading trends have remained unchanged.

Spacious rooms

It’s much easier to equip a large room in the house, it becomes possible to realize absolutely any ideas and ideas. The presence of white shades and good lighting is the first rule of chic design.

Fortunately, in cottages there are no special problems with the area of ​​rooms, kitchen or bathroom, as in apartments.

photo cottage design options

There is always the opportunity to redevelop, increase the desired room, expand door or window openings.

If nevertheless there is no possibility to increase the space of the house, then design techniques will come to the rescue, allowing you to visually increase the room area:

  • The use of light (including white) colors;
  • Adding glossy and mirror surfaces;
  • Amplification lighting;
  • Creating multi-level lighting;
  • Refusal of heavy fabrics and draperies.
cottage design

Modern classics can also appear in very modest interiors.

Functional areas combination

Recently, it has become fashionable to combine a living room with a kitchen or dining room. Build interior projects taking into account open floor plans of functional areas. When you design a combined room, you must always adhere to a single style in the design of the room. This can be the same finish on walls, floors, and ceilings (the only exception is the working area of ​​the kitchen, where more durable waterproof materials are used).

interior of a country house

Furniture can be selected in one color scheme, but have a different texture.

The main condition is that each zone should have its own light sources.

The combination of functional areas applies not only to the kitchen, living room and dining room. Often, the work area is designated within the bedroom. For example, near the window.

decoration of a country house

The desktop can also be located in the dining room.

Eco style

Eco-motives for quite a long time remain an actual trend in the interior of residential premises. They give the house a feeling of warmth, tranquility and comfort.

eco-style cottage

To create a project for such an interior, natural materials are primarily used.

This is the only type of finish that allows you to give uniqueness to the space without unnecessary modifications. The photo shows harmonious combinations of eco-materials.

Decoration Materials

Finishing should be chosen high-quality, practical, durable and affordable. It is advisable that surface care is not difficult, does not require much time. Imitations of concrete walls and floors are quite common in modern design. This design will help to create plaster or liquid wallpaper.

cottage interior

Some sections of the walls can be made of cork.

For several seasons, textile wallpaper for bedrooms, wall panels have remained relevant. Thanks to a large selection of colors and textures, they allow you to create a unique home design.

Imitation of masonry is considered equally popular. However, it can be a real brick wall, as in the photo, simply treated with the necessary fluids.

white brick in the interior

Particularly noteworthy is a brick painted white.

Color schemes

Light colors will never go out of style. They contribute to the visual increase in space, can be used as a leading tone in the design of the cottage.

white color in the design of the cottage

White color allows you to create an airy delicate atmosphere, combined with absolutely all shades.

Bold contrasting combinations remain in trend. But their choice should be careful. Colors should fill the room with cosiness.

A novelty among design ideas in the design of the cottage was the placement of bright objects on a light background.

cottage design options

Next to a white or cream wall, any bright furniture will look spectacular.

In the current season, shades of blue have come into fashion. Moreover, the more complex the tone, the better. It is worth paying attention to ultramarine, turquoise, indigo, blue-gray, heavenly tone. These colors go well with mustard, sand, lemon. It turns out bold, bright decisions.

Furniture selection

The trend is still simple and comfortable furniture. Modern design projects only in exceptional cases offer complex furniture designs. And those are mainly acquired because of the fame of the name of the creators.

cottage design ideas

The key to a comfortable stay at home is convenient and functional solutions.

Upholstered furniture should be created from high-quality, pleasant to the touch fabrics. The folding mechanism system is selected reliable, easy to use, silent.

When choosing cabinets, cabinets, chests of drawers, it should be remembered that smooth facades are in fashion now. The severity and simplicity of such pieces of furniture is combined with any style.

interior of a country house

In addition, such products do not require any special care during cleaning.

Decor and lighting

But when choosing accessories and lighting for a modern cottage, you should forget a little about minimalism. In this case, the whole decor should have some kind of functionality. That is, useless figurines will not work. And you can not litter the living space.

design and decor of the cottage

Everything should look organic, emphasize the chosen concept in the design.

Lighting always plays an important role in the interior of a cottage. Moreover, the larger the room, the more carefully it is worth approaching the solution of this issue. This is especially true for adjacent zones. In such cases, it is rarely possible to limit oneself to one central chandelier.

cottage design ideas

It is better to use point sources of light.

Features of the design of living rooms

Each living room in the cottage has its own characteristics. And they should be considered when choosing a design.

Hall or living room

Scandinavian style has a special influence on modern design ideas of the living room. It combines lightness, simplicity, elegance. Motives are characterized by snow-white walls, bright interior items made of natural wood, comfortable upholstered furniture.

cottage living room design

The decor can be just indoor plants.

In such a living room it will be comfortable for all family members. For greater comfort in the room, you can install a fireplace.


The sleeping room in a modern cottage is often located on the second floor, it should be a spacious and bright room. Everything is done for the comfort of the owners of the room. The main emphasis is on a bed, that is, a bed or sofa. This piece of furniture can be made with luxury elements: carved back, expensive upholstery.

cottage bedroom design

Choosing a bed, designers are advised to pay attention to models in a classic style.


There are practically no trends for children's rooms.All the kids are different, each has its own interests, hobbies, favorite characters, books, cartoons. All this should be considered when designing a bedroom of a small person.

children in the cottage

The main thing is to choose high-quality, environmentally friendly materials, natural fabrics and durable designs.

Rooms for teenagers are recommended to be done on the second floor in a minimalist style, observing the same requirements for pieces of furniture. And with the decor of their own territory, children will figure it out themselves.

Kitchen and dining room

Unlike apartments, cottages often have spacious kitchens combined with dining rooms or living rooms, which is very convenient. Manufacturers offer many options for built-in household appliances, which allows you to leave maximum free space. In the dining area, the fireplace will look great, both real and artificial.

kitchen design in a cottage

Modern kitchens are technological, multifunctional.


This room is recommended to be decorated in the same style as the entire country house. Especially if it is a shared bathroom for all family members. If the area allows, then you can use any color scheme. For small rooms, it is better to choose light finishing materials.

bathroom in the cottage

Plumbing must be of high quality and functional.

In addition, repairing in the bathroom is not something to save on. As a rule, here the interior is updated less often.

The interior design of the cottage is not only the choice of furniture and decoration materials. To obtain comfortable and stylish housing, you will need to think through every step, develop a project, coordinate it with builders and designers, or immediately turn to them for help.

cottage interior ideas

To create an interior in which there will be no sense of presence in the museum, but a comfortable atmosphere for living will be created - the task is not simple, but feasible.

VIDEO: The interior of the cottage in a modern style.

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