Interior design of an apartment in a modern style: real photos of the best solutions

Starting to repair, many want to achieve maximum results with minimal funds. Most often they want to get the interiors of apartments in a modern style, which will be relevant in the next decade. Designers have suggested many interesting ideas that are easy to implement with the help of modern technologies and finishing materials. But it is important to know and use some principles so that the city apartment looks like a cozy family home and does not resemble technological chaos in the stone jungle.

Interior of a modern kitchen in white color

Modern trends in the design of residential premises are characterized by simplicity and conciseness.

Characteristic features of modern interiors

In the design of apartments, any direction should look aesthetically pleasing, stylish and cozy. Living space is a place where people must rest with their soul and body, escaping from the frantic rhythm of city life.

Gray sofa on burgundy carpet in the living room

Modern design allows the apartment to look practical and attractive

Everyone who is experiencing tremendous informational, intellectual and emotional overloads is not desirable to equip housing in a bright palette. This will overload the visual analyzers, interfering with full relaxation. For example, the interior design of an apartment in a modern style is real photos.

The colorful version is good for those who consider their life boring, dull and monotonous. Designers offer unusual plastic furniture or decor in the form of bright accents, as in the photo, for such an apartment interior in a modern style.

Red and white wall in a narrow living room

Preference should be given to light textures and simple design.

The modern interior is an unexpected mix of design ideas:

1. Original solution Combined materials and textures
2. New trends Introducing creative ideas and forms
3. Spectacular design What is not used in classics, ethnic and historical styles
4. The combination of natural and synthetic materials Wood decor, laminated plastic, eco-veneer, colored polymers
5. Feeling of novelty Combined shapes, colors and textures
6. Zoning Functional division
7. Original lighting General and local, diode and economical lamps, luminous floors, “smart” options
8. Unconventional decor Abstraction, installations and scenery
9. Beating the square Visual expansion of space
Transparent chairs in the interior of a modern kitchen-living room

Transparent furniture will add airiness to the interior

Self-developed interior design of the apartment in a modern style using the methods listed in the table is an opportunity to show creative inclinations. It is difficult to come up with something of your own when “everything has already been invented before us.”

Modern style does not limit the combination - a combination of shapes, colors, textures, play of light and shadow. The main advantage is that there is no need to follow the classical canons:

  • simple geometry of forms;
  • symmetry;
  • the principle of the "golden section" in compliance with the proportions;
  • item functionality;
  • proportional ratio of light and dark shades, etc.

It is important to have good taste and a sense of proportion so that creative approaches do not distort the very idea of ​​a comfortable home, without contradictions, as in the photo.

Grayscale living room interior

By creating a simple and intuitive interior, you can add bright accessories to it.

Ideally, a modern apartment is folding furniture on an electric drive and the floor heating is switched on by a signal of presence. This is a sliding eaves with remote control and turning on the lighting of the premises from motion sensors. A sign of true modern luxury is minimalism with technical equipment, when everything is expensive, but there is nothing to endure, since everything is “tied” to electronics.

High tech living room kitchen

Priority is given to modern technology, glass and metal surfaces

Today, the interior design of an apartment and modern renovation is a revision of the attitude to luxury. It is not embodied in the ostentatious high cost of furniture, textiles, accessories and finishes. This is an “intelligent” principle in understanding comfort - on a remote control with remote control and on command from a smartphone.

Stylistic solutions of modern design

Modern style can be averaged or more recognizable - fusion, hi-tech, techno, loft. Each has its own handwriting and typical features. For example, the interior of the apartment in a modern style, real photos.

Ventilation pipe on the wall of a modern living room

Sometimes it’s enough just to add elements of a different stylistic direction to “create a picture”

Attention: When they say “modern”, they often mean not a new surge of decadence at the beginning of the 20th century, but the exact translation - “modern”. But these are different stylistic directions, the former modern and modern style differ in the methods of embodiment.

Red sofa in the interior design of a modern living room

Modern style fits perfectly into a room of any size

If you want not just a “repair”, but a stylish creative design, it is worth exploring the characteristic features of several stylistic directions. Even the illustrations show that modern styles differ:

  1. A loft is a transformation of a non-residential fund in order to adapt it to comfortable housing. Formed as a separate style, which is suitable for urban apartments with large areas, penthouses and comfortable attic spaces. Urbanization in all manifestations of the interior of apartments in a modern style, new materials, the lack of complete interior partitions, zoning are recognizable features of the loft style.

    Design of a modern loft apartment

    The ceiling with a rough finish, open space and a minimum of furniture - all this creates a feeling of lightness and comfort, while the interior looks loft and masculine

  2. The avant-garde is “going ahead,” a style that youth often chooses. It is intended for connoisseurs of the original, embodiment of ideas that are not yet replicated. These are unlimited design possibilities for courageous experimenters who like original furniture and decoration. These are optical illusions on the walls, black ceilings and 3D drawings on the floor, as if leading into the abyss or mouth of sharks. You can choose something more calm, but focus on lighting design or color scheme in the modern interior of a city apartment.

    Vanguard style living room interior

    Vanguard welcomes experiments with color palette, shape and contrasts

  3. Futurism is one of the directions of avant-garde, in translation "style of the future." It is not so often used, since few designers have a vision of what a person’s home should be like in 50-100 years. But this is complete freedom of creativity in the modern stylish interior of the apartment. The space theme and technical innovations, a non-standard approach in color terms, “floating” forms of furniture and transformers are appropriate.

    Design of a modern apartment in the style of futurism

    Interior in futurism style goes beyond the usual framework and gives vent to imagination

  4. Expressionism is a bright emotional style, good for those in whom there are few bright moments in life. It is permissible to combine “incompatible” colors and shapes, but the general concept must be traced so that it does not resemble any chaos of plastic and metal. Good examples are interior design of an apartment in a modern style, real photos with a plan.

    Bright furniture in expressionism style living room

    The name of the style itself implies an emotional interior

  5. Modern (in the modern sense) is an eclectic style, a mix of new techniques and approaches to literally modernize morally obsolete city apartments. This is dominated by asymmetry, zoning of space, glass and plastic partitions, diode lighting, multi-level ceilings and self-leveling floors - all together or to choose from. The basic principle is the lack of classical forms and approaches in the modern interior design of apartments.

    Interior of a spacious Art Nouveau living room

    Modern Art Nouveau living room

  6. Fusion is another style that was born at the junction of different design approaches. Do not confuse it with ordinary eclecticism, the style has its own recognizable face. By the way, the original diode lighting design, self-leveling floors, suspended ceilings and multi-level podiums with illumination for low upholstered furniture, the origin is from there. Classics can also find a place here, for example, paintings are used in the modern interior of the apartment.

    White fusion living room walls

    The key to fusion style is the complete freedom of materials and shades

  7. High-tech is a more common area in which many designers specialize. To get a “clean” style, it is advisable to turn to professionals, but you can be inspired by ready-made illustrations. The demanded style is also good because in any catalog of furniture, accessories and lighting fixtures, you can find suitable products that indicate “high-tech”. The style is suitable for those who like innovative materials and technologies.

    Black leather sofa in the high-tech living room

    The interior has a lot of glass and glossy surfaces

  8. Techno style - for lovers of all kinds of technical innovations and bold urbanistic ideas. Many tricks used in a different style are appropriate here - high-tech, loft or avant-garde, since they are related. Parts of motor vehicles or other mechanisms can become the basis for furniture or used for zoning. In the photo - interior design in a modern style with home-made furniture in the style of "techno".

    Modern apartment interior in techno style

    Techno is pretty for people who consider themselves ultra-modern

  9. Minimalism is an ambiguous style. For all its simplicity, it is not so easy to make a cozy interior without decorative frills, where only functional objects. But in this solution there is a lot of light and air, a single color scheme without the need to come up with some kind of accents. Looks good white minimalist design of the apartment in a modern style or a black and white version. This style has its ethnic variations. The most recognizable and memorable species are Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism.

    Bright living room in the style of minimalism

    Minimalism creates the effect of freedom and space, perfectly relaxes and soothes.

With the right approach, you can successfully combine several varieties of modern style in different rooms:

  • a delicate bedroom with a sakura twig on the wall or facade of the wardrobe, a large bed in the form of a high mattress on the floor in the form of a podium and screened curtains - typical Japanese minimalism;
  • make a luxurious modern interior design in the living room in the best tradition of fusion, with multi-level suspended ceilings and self-leveling floors;
  • futurism or techno is suitable for a teenager’s room;
  • kitchen - high-tech with a full range of kitchen appliances;
  • in the hallway a loft with masonry and panoramic murals expanding the space will be appropriate;
  • a bathtub or a bathroom can be modern or avant-garde - with plumbing of an unusual shape and a very original tile pattern.
Japanese-style low bed

Japanese style is a combination of minimalism and sophistication plus a philosophy specific to this country only.

Tip: Do not rush to start repairs in the apartment - modern design solutions can be implemented very inexpensively and stylishly. Decide on a design concept, then choose finishing materials and furniture.

Wall decoration in the bathroom with natural wood

In the interior of the bathroom, the wood looks amazing in combination with white tiles

Do not forget about the visual expansion of the space, which will help to increase mirrors and glossy surfaces, bright colors and competent lighting.

Light and color

Many interiors of apartments in a modern stylistic solution are done with a calm background and floors that mimic light wood.

Three original mirrors on the wall of a beige living room

Neoclassicism is a vivid example of the adaptation of classical postulates to the real needs of modern man

The main wall palette:

  • light beige;
  • lactic;
  • cream;
  • pearl gray;
  • blurry blue;
  • citric;
  • gentle peach;
  • menthol (cold green).
Modern bedroom in blue shades

For a bedroom it is better to choose calm shades

Chrome metallic and black and white contrasts - a characteristic feature of the interior of the apartment in a modern style. For those who do not like black color in the interior, you can replace it with any dark shade - violet-blue, graphite, eggplant, blueberry or emerald.

Attention: Black color in glossy and mirror format is not perceived as dark. It is often used in the interior of a small apartment in a modern style.

Black and white set in a modern kitchen

Black and white combination is often used in modern kitchen sets, sometimes with a red accent

Bright accents of saturated accents will add variety to the uniform gamut - plain white or beige modern apartment design. It can be niches for works of art or hand-made, vibrant paintings or abstraction.

Niches with lighting in the interior of a modern room

Niches with light - a great option for designing empty walls

Turquoise pillows on a white sofa

Bright decorative pillows are another easy way to decorate the interior.

Color variety also contribute:

  • textile on windows and upholstered furniture;
  • accessories;
  • prints on the facades of cabinet furniture;
  • decor of cushions.

The use of multi-seat upholstered furniture, built-in wardrobes and hinged glass shelves is also characteristic of the beautiful interiors of apartments in a modern style.

Blue accents in the interior of the living room with blue walls.

Contrasting combinations are always interesting and attractive.

A play of light and shadow, tones and midtones is welcomed, which complement and dilute the monophonic palette. Much attention is paid to original solutions with local area lighting. The original lighting design is an independent technique in different styles.

Video with a detailed overview of the apartment in a modern style

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