Interior design in the relaxation room in the bath

A bathhouse has long been considered a place of human purification and healing. Water treatments are accompanied by clubs of hot relaxing steam and aromas of birch or oak leaves, essential oils. To fully relax after visiting the steam room, you need to carefully consider the design of the relaxation room in the bathhouse, which will give the maximum sense of comfort. Choose the interior that is most preferable and comfortable for you and your guests. When planning, it is necessary to observe several rules so that the room lasts as long as possible.

The interior of a small lounge after bath procedures

People go to the bathhouse to improve their body, relax their souls and plunge into the atmosphere of friendly communication

Basic rules and recommendations for creating an interior

To ensure a pleasant stay, you need to properly plan the space. If the size of the bath is very small, then the lounge is the dressing room. Due to the compact size of the dressing room, it is worth abandoning bulky furniture. It should be practical and safe. Passages should be free, which facilitates movement and avoids injury.

Lighting in the bath room

The relaxation room should be decorated in the same style as the whole bathhouse

Armchair in the waiting room for a pleasant stay

Cozy atmosphere for a comfortable stay

A large bath usually has several rooms, in addition to the steam room and dressing room, it is possible to have a room with a swimming pool, locker room, shower room, which provides more space for the implementation of various stylistic decisions.

The conditional division of the recreation room into functional zones allows you to maximize the use of usable space, while not cluttering it up. Preferably, the interior of the relaxation room in the bathhouse should be performed in a single style, everything should be combined. Mandatory interior items are a large table, comfortable sofas or benches, cabinets for storing trifles (healing herbs, tea, jars of oils, creams), hangers.

The abundance of wood in the design of the relaxation room in a Russian bath

Most things and design elements must be of natural origin.

Materials for the interior of the lounge

The right choice of materials for decoration and furniture is important. The main requirement is that they must tolerate the constant exposure to moisture and high temperatures.

First of all, even during construction, it is necessary to warm the room well. Subsequently, the optimum temperature in the room is needed for a smooth cooling of the body after the steam room. Any minor draft will negatively affect the health of vacationers.

Lining the walls and ceiling of the relaxation room in the bathhouse with wood

Wood trim is environmentally friendly, has a positive effect on the human body and creates an indescribable atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

According to tradition, the most common finishing material is wood. She has an attractive appearance, it retains heat well and heats up quickly, and with proper care, it is durable in operation.

Hanger for clothes in the relaxation room in the bath

Finishing a dressing room with a clapboard with imitation of a bar

The most commonly used wood species are:

  • Deciduous: birch, alder or linden. It is better to use a birch for walls, because in spite of its good strength, it does not tolerate prolonged exposure to moisture.Alder is resistant to cracking, wear, low weight, and also has a beautiful pinkish color.
  • Conifers: spruce, pine, cedar. When heated, these tree species give off essential oils, filling the room with an amazing aroma. They are strong and durable and better tolerate moisture in hardwood.

Sometimes wooden structures are treated with odorless water-repellent compounds, antiseptics, varnishes, thus prolonging their service life. But it is better to refuse painting. At high temperatures, the paint decomposes.

Modern lamps in the relaxation room of the Russian bath

Interior decoration depends on the taste of the owners and their financial capabilities

Dressing room in a Russian log bath

Lounge - the place is warm, but not hot. Coniferous wood for decoration and furniture is quite suitable here.

It can be used as a material for a relaxation room, stone or decorative tiles. They are perfect for the floor (additional insulation is required), walls, decoration of the fireplace area.

Upholstery made of fabric is undesirable for furniture. It accumulates moisture and quickly loses its original appearance. Furniture made of leather, leatherette, rattan, bamboo is ideal.

Natural wood furniture for the relaxation room in the bath

Wooden furniture for sincere tea party

Some more design rules

  • All wooden structures need careful polishing. Poorly crafted items can injure.
  • If possible, discard metal decor items, as they heat up and can burn the skin.
  • The floor should not be slippery, because it is unsafe.
  • Mandatory installation of good ventilation. Clean air is the key to a pleasant stay.
  • Keep the room clean, periodically clean with disinfectants.
  • In the cabinet, make a small first aid kit. With a deterioration in well-being, due to exposure to high temperatures, everything will be at hand.
  • Reliability and durability of the decoration and interior elements will allow you to maintain the excellent appearance of the lounge for many years. After all, I don’t really want to do repairs often.
  • Observe safety precautions. The wiring should have an additional layer of insulation, and electrical appliances should be waterproof.
Harmonious interior of the bath room

The atmosphere inside the bath should give peace and harmony

Bathhouse - guest house

Very often, the bathhouse is a gathering place for relatives, friends and acquaintances. Be sure to put a large table with a samovar, where everyone can gather after the steam room for tea drinking and a pleasant conversation. Installing a pool table will unite you for an exciting game. And comfortable sofas contribute to relaxation.

Pool table in the relaxation room

If space permits, a pool table will come in handy

Rustic guest bedroom interior

Cozy guest bedroom on the second floor

Recommendations for creating a cozy bathhouse interior

To make the rest room more pleasant is not difficult, you just need to show imagination.

For example, install a fireplace. The sound of crackling logs creates a cozy atmosphere. But do not forget that you need to plan a fireplace at the construction stage of the bath.

The correct lighting in the room is important, it sets the mood. It is convenient to use lamps with regulators, thus, by dimming the light, you can create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. Bright light will be needed for company gatherings.

Comfortable lighting in the relaxation room

To create a comfortable and calm atmosphere, luminaires with warm light are suitable

DIY lamp for the relaxation room in the bathhouse

Original deer antler lamp

To achieve maximum enjoyment, set up a massage table or sunbed. There is nothing better than a good massage after a steam room. It promotes relaxation, relieves stress and improves health.

The interior of the relaxation room in a rustic bath

A room with everything you need

Well-chosen decorative elements will complete the composition in the interior:

  • Hang curtains made of linen or curtains on the windows.
  • Place bath brooms, bundles of fragrant medicinal herbs, flower pots, hooks with colored towels on the walls.
  • Lay a soft rug on the floor.

Variety of styles

When decorating the rest room, you can use ready-made stylistic solutions. There are many of them, each in its own way attractive and unusual. Consider in more detail the most popular and simple to perform.

Samovar on the table in the relaxation room for tea after the bath

Samovar - a mandatory attribute of the bath in any style

Traditional russian style

The most common design. The main feature of the style is the maximum use of wooden elements. Walls, floor, table and benches, utensils - all this should be made of wood of natural color. When decorating, tablecloths, curtains or towels with embroidery, bath brooms, bunches of dried herbs are used. Hang a pair of bast shoes on the wall, and put a Tula samovar with a bunch of bagels on the table and the Russian style is ready.

Design a relaxation room in a Russian bath

High-quality wood and laconic forms are the main elements of the interior of the bathhouse in the Russian style

Interior design of a relaxation room in a Russian bath

The floor should be a simple plank

Dressing the dressing room space with birch trunks

The highlight in the interior will add Russian birches

Country style

This style is very similar to traditional Russian. The use of natural materials, light colors, carved shelves and furniture create a "rustic" cosiness. Country style is divided into American (using traditional ethnic colors, home decoration) and French, more refined. Beams are necessarily present on the ceiling, and the floor is lined with boards or tiles. The main highlight of the style are bright ceramic dishes, paintings with rural landscapes, colorful fabrics.

Country style dressing room interior with benches for relaxation

The rustic style looks organically in a log bath

Tea party table in a relaxation room in a country-style bathhouse

Furniture can be bizarre, often artificially aged

Classic modern style

Most often used in large, spacious rooms for recreation, built of brick, cinder block. It is planned to install arches, columns, stucco moldings in a classic style. The furniture has simple and concise shapes.

Design a relaxation room in a modern bath

Modern dressing room interior

The interior of the spacious relaxation room in the bath

For lovers of luxury and space

In addition to the above types of interior, there are: oriental (an abundance of mosaics, colored tiles, bright furniture, pillows), Scandinavian (maximum simplicity and naturalness), Japanese (bamboo screens, tatami, hot stones) and other styles.

The interior of the bath room in a marine style

Nautical style dressing room decoration

Bathhouse is a great place to relax with pleasant communication. A properly selected interior will delight you and your friends for many years.

Simple interior of a relaxation room in a small bathhouse

Do-it-yourself leisure room decoration can be divided into three stages: first sheathe the walls and ceiling, then make furniture, and at the end do decoration

Video: how to equip a dressing room with your own hands

Photo of cozy rest rooms after bath procedures

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