Head office design: zoning, choice of decor, fashion trends

Any the room has its own energy. When choosing a home design, people can do everything in accordance with their personal tastes and preferences, but when designing a workplace, you have to follow certain rules. The work style of the leader affects the psychological atmosphere within the team, and accordingly the work of the entire organization.

head office design

The stylish office of the head is a kind of business card of the company, which says a lot.

head office of wenge

The design of this premises should correspond to the status of the owner.

The design of the manager’s office is an important stage. This room should have a list of basic functions. The interior of the office must comply not only with the taste preferences of its owner, but also reflect the general aesthetics of the company.

manager’s office photo

The interior of the manager’s office must be in accordance with strict principles.

Color schemes

Psychologists say that getting into a new room, the first thing that a person attaches importance to is a color combination. All components must be harmoniously combined with each other and contribute to concentration. Therefore, it is recommended to use the following colors:

  • Beige;
  • Any shades of brown;
  • Terracotta;
  • Gray tones.
ideas for the office of the head

The main features are presentability, comfort and individual style.

design office manager

Consultative moments take place here and important tasks of the company are solved, so the situation should be conducive to the indicated actions.

Designers are also strongly advised to abandon black and white, especially when organizing a workplace, choosing a table.

furniture in the office of the head

The head's office is a place where you need to maximize your attention on solving problems.

Area Zoning

Before you begin the selection of furniture for the interior, you should determine where which zone in the manager’s office will be. This is considered an important issue, as the room should be comfortable and functional.

functional design of the office of the head

Designers recommend natural colors - brown, beige and gray.

zoning of the office of the head

Such shades make the modern director’s office not only stylish, but also set up those present to work.

There are several necessary parts listed in the table:

Zone Requirements
Working It should be located in the center of the space or near one of the walls. And it is better from the bright side. The desktop is recommended to choose high-quality, massive. He will be the center of the head's office. At the same time, this piece of furniture should not only be beautiful, but also functional and roomy. Important documents, office equipment, office should always be at hand.

An equally important role in the setting is played by the chair. It is better to choose products made from natural material or eco leather. The backrest, seat height and armrests must be adjustable.

Meeting room The main attribute for communication in the office is a large roomy table and comfortable chairs for employees and partners. Furniture should be no less high-quality than the workplace of the head. All pieces of furniture should be combined with each other.
For relax This part does not have to have sofas or armchairs. Sometimes it’s enough just to distract from business for literally half an hour, to do something else.So you can think about mini-golf, table football and other entertainment inside the office.
light design of an office of the head

The effect will be the opposite when choosing pastel tones - they make you relax, and you don’t feel like thinking about work problems.

furniture in the office of the head

Comfortable armchairs and chairs for guests, made in black, will fit perfectly into the playing contrast.

Decor, lighting and accessories

Do not neglect accessories and lighting fixtures when designing the head office. First of all, they think over the lighting in the working area. If a central chandelier is used, a table lamp or floor lamp must be present.

cabinet lighting

It is important to properly organize the light in the working area.

Light should be distributed evenly over the entire area, otherwise the atmosphere may cause discomfort.

Despite the fact that the interior of the head’s office should be strict, this does not exclude the need to place decor items, accessories. They complement the decor, make the design harmonious and cozy.

cabinet accessories

There are many ideas for the interior, the main thing is the correct combination of shades.

light cabinet design

One of the principles is the addition of a twist that will talk about the owner of the cabinet.

The most popular types of accessories often include:

  • A kind of wall or floor clock;
  • High-quality designer stationery (organizers, pens, sharpeners, coasters);
  • Paintings;
  • Vases with flowers (they can be either live, dry or artificial).
decor in the office of the head

For a woman, tables and other furniture are best chosen in bright colors using glass.

But in no case should curtains be left in the spotlight. They should be concise, discreet, unobtrusively fit into the design. You can use comfortable blinds or curtains. Textiles should be treated with caution.

blinds in the office of the head

Harmony in the cabinet will add decorative accessories.

monochrome cabinet design

As a light source, suitable sconces.

Feng Shui

The design of the manager’s office is a business card of the company, the success of all activities depends on it. For this reason, many designers recommend not to forget about some of the laws of Feng Shui. According to the doctrine, the correct zoning and arrangement of objects will allow to establish things, put in order thoughts, increase efficiency.

light furniture in the office

Luxurious furniture made of high-quality materials will testify to the owner's soundness and excellent taste.

cabinet design by feng shui

The features of a man’s office are rigor, prestige and stability.

So, a few important tips.

  1. The desk is determined exactly opposite the doorway. This increases the authority of the leader. In the eyes of the employee, he looks more wise and confident.
  2. An accessory with water (mini-fountain or aquarium) in the southwestern part helps to improve financial affairs.
  3. A fiery element (candle, decoration in the form of a torch) will allow the leader to make quick decisions correctly. They should be placed on the table directly in the working area.
cabinet design men

To make the interior individual, it is worth adding decorative elements testifying to the owner’s hobbies.

Fashion trends

The situation in the office of the head should not only be functional. She must comply with the latest design trends. Now the most popular in the design of offices are:

  • High tech;
  • Classic.
high tech cabinet design

The design project of the manager’s office should be made together with the owner of the premises.

classic cabinet design

Designers recommend designing an office in the spirit of a classic - such a style will always be held in high esteem.

High tech

This style is often chosen by young leaders who keep up with the times. Furniture for the working area is selected practical and functional. The office will look modern, more suitable for advertising agencies and companies with a stable market position.

high tech executive cabinet design

The design of the office should be both stylish, cozy and presentable.


The classical style provides for massive wooden furniture, original accessories with gilding elements, leather upholstery of upholstered furniture, and manual work.

classic cabinet design

Interior details should be in harmony with each other and leave only a positive impression for visitors and employees of the company.

This design will emphasize the stability of the organization, suitable for companies operating in any direction.

classic style office

Most often, managers choose between two styles: classic and modern.

Choosing the interior for the office of the head of the company, you need to think through every detail. It is this room that has a special impact on the work of the entire corporation, the attitude of subordinates to the leader, the atmosphere within the team. Regardless of which style is chosen, all components must organically combine with each other - this is the main secret of success.

mahogany executive office

The right color scheme, the selection of furniture and the organization of space are the key steps towards a successful design of the director’s office.

VIDEO: The interior of the office of the head.

50 stylish design options for the head office:

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