Design a dorm room. Features of housing

Dorm room is a popular type of accommodation. It is chosen not only by students for the period of study, but also by young families. Despite the small area, such housing is easy to equip. The main thing is to maximize the use of every centimeter of the room. The result will be a beautiful and stylish dorm room design.

the idea of ​​an unusual interior of a small dorm room

To make a beautiful and comfortable design, you need to use square meters as efficiently as possible

light design option for a small dorm room

This type of housing is suitable for families and students.

idea of ​​a beautiful style of a small dorm room

Dorm room is a popular type of housing.

Everyone dreams of a cozy and comfortable housing. And it doesn’t matter what area it is. Typically, a dormitory room is sparse in square meters. Arranging them is not easy, but possible. The main thing is to use free space correctly.

The problem of arranging such housing is that it should be multifunctional. This can be achieved by zoning. Areas for different purposes will be highlighted. Housing will be compact and comfortable.

variant of the bright dormitory decor

Making housing compact and functional is easy

option of light decor for a small dorm room

To arrange such a room is quite realistic if you approach the issue seriously

How to equip a dorm room?

By equipping a dorm room, you can use many modern styles. They will make housing as functional and beautiful as possible. The following directions are especially popular:

  • Minimalism;
  • High tech;
  • Urban
  • Country.

The use of minimalism is appropriate. It involves placing only the most necessary items in the interior. As for the color scheme, it is worth choosing light cold shades. Such a gamut will visually increase the space. You can dilute the interior with bright colors, but do not abuse it. Room decoration should be restrained and calm. Pomposity is not relevant.

idea of ​​bright design of a small dorm room

Very good for such housing is minimalism

variant of the beautiful interior of a small dorm room

You can use different styles to equip a room.

idea of ​​an unusual style of a small dorm room

The room should use only the most necessary furniture

As for furniture, it should be simple in shape and with a smooth surface. Glass, plastic products are used as decor. Mirrors visually expand the space. Therefore, they are recommended to be installed in small rooms.

Cozy housing will allow you to get a different country direction. It involves the installation of wooden furniture, light curtains on window openings, a lot of textiles in the interior. All this will fill the room with warmth and homeliness. Do not use a large number of decor items. They will lead to the fact that the interior will look elaborate.

idea of ​​unusual design of a small dorm room

Partitions can be used in the room

bright style option for a small dorm room

Furniture in the interior must be functional


Light plays an important role in creating the interior. Especially when it comes to the dorm room. A large amount of light will have a good effect on the general atmosphere. She will be pleasant and comfortable.

If the window openings are small and cannot provide enough natural light, then it is necessary to resort to its other sources. As they use not only a chandelier, but also wall sconces, floor lamps. Separate lighting must be provided for each zone.

idea of ​​a bright dormitory room decor

If there is little natural light in the room, additional sources must be installed.

idea of ​​bright style of a small dorm room

Good lighting will look great in the interior

variant of the unusual interior of a small dorm room

Lighting in the room plays an important role

Important points for arranging a small room

The design of the small dorm room has a number of features. If you take them into account, you can get comfortable and beautiful housing. First you need to think carefully about the storage system. Every person has things and it is important to place them correctly so that they do not clutter up the space. At the same time, they were always at hand.

Storage system Hinged racks and shelves. They are quite spacious and occupy a minimum area.
Kitchen area Separate using the bar. She looks stylish and modern. At the same time, it will be a great place for lunch, both for one person and for the whole family.
Sleeping place You can arrange it in the form of a podium. It allows you to conveniently arrange bed linen. The bed can be easily hidden thanks to a special mechanism. As a result, it turns into a closet or a niche, additional free square meters appear.
the idea of ​​a beautiful dorm room decor

The berth can be separated by a partition

the idea of ​​the unusual design of a small dorm room

The racks are very compact, they take up a minimum of space

variant of the beautiful style of a small dorm room

If you take into account all the features of the room, you can create comfortable housing

Design Tips

To make the dorm room stylish and comfortable, expert advice will help. Well-known designers offer their own options for decorating a small room. If you use them, the process of home improvement will be easy and simple.

idea of ​​a bright interior of a small dorm room

Some designers have already figured out how to equip such a living space.

variant of a light decor of a small dorm room

To make the room cozy, you can take advantage of the advice of professionals

Experts recommend

  • Properly arrange furniture. It should not be massive or in the form of Soviet headsets that take up a huge area. It is enough to install a sofa, an armchair, a small table and an open cabinet.
  • Use modern transformer furniture. It can perform several functions at once: to be a compact chair, and if necessary becomes a berth.
  • Install sliding doors. They take up little space, look original and modern.
  • The chosen style should not be rich, heaped or luxurious. A small area does not accept such decisions. Therefore, it is better to abandon the classical style, baroque in the design.
  • The window opening should be as open as possible. The curtains are light and translucent. Roll curtains are perfect.
  • Use of mirror surfaces is welcome. They are able to emphasize the dignity of the room.
idea of ​​a bright style small dorm room

A great idea would be to use multi-functional furniture

version of the unusual decor of a small dorm room

Proper arrangement of furniture plays a major role in arranging

Color scheme

The color palette is able to visually enlarge the room. In this case, it is important to consider this when arranging and it is necessary to abandon dark materials during decoration. This will allow you to get a beautiful, stylish and functional housing.

Use white color in the interior must be careful. He is able to turn housing into a hospital ward. White shade is completely impractical, it is difficult to keep it clean. The optimal solution to the problem is the use of pastel colors.

To make the room seem more spacious, do not make the floor color contrast to the shade of the walls. They must be harmoniously combined. The ceiling is best made as light as possible. Small drawings look good on the walls, large ones attract a lot of attention and clog the interior.

idea of ​​a beautiful design of a small dorm room

All colors must be combined.

variant of the bright interior of a small dorm room

Use white color in the interior carefully

idea of ​​a light decor for a small dorm room

Using light shades can visually expand the room

Family nest

Equipping a room in a hostel, it is necessary to be guided not only by the features of the room, but also by the preferences of the owners.If the residents are students, then the interior should be stylish and modern. Light shades are suitable for the girl, it is imperative that there is a large mirror in the room. Design for a guy can be more vivid and combine several saturated colors.

As for the couple, the situation here is different. Warm colors for decoration are good. You can dilute them with dark accents. They will give the interior a stylish look. If there are children in the family, then it is worth paying attention to the place for them.

variant of the beautiful interior of a small dorm room

Warm colors are best for couples.

idea of ​​bright style of a small dorm room

Room design should be done based on your own preferences

Home improvement is an interesting process. If you plan your repairs competently and identify functional areas, you can even turn a room in a hostel into a cozy and modern apartment. Each of the tenants will be able to feel comfortable and have a good time in it.

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