Design one-room apartment 30m2. Basic principles

To equip interior Studio apartment is especially difficult. Here you need to consider all the necessary zonesstyle direction using color policies, etc. is especially difficult when premise It has a small quadrature. But we will cope with this task, and learn how to create the most profitable design of a studio apartment of 30 square meters. m

Studio apartment 30 sq m

Design of apartments 30 sq. M. m can be quite original and functional, if you relate to its design with a certain degree of imagination.

At registration small one-room apartment many factors must be taken into account, which in the future will help to create a multifunctional design.

apartment project 30 sq m

The main problems of small residential premises are the impossibility of installing full-fledged storage systems, a lack of lighting and logical restrictions on the choice of furniture.

The basic principle for the arrangement of small-sized studios - nothing extra. AT apartment there should not be many details that prevent each other from existing, at the same time - and the owner should feel comfortable. Therefore, remember: in the room there should be only the most necessary.

apartment design 30 sq m

To develop and all the more to carry out the design of a one-room apartment of 30 square meters. m the case is extremely time-consuming and difficult.

The next principle is design should increase space. And in no case not vice versa. Take this into account when choosing every part. of interior. For example, it’s better to pick up light tones, dark ones will do premise gloomy, and visually diminished space. Layered Plasterboard the ceilings also worth putting aside for tall and large rooms. Here, tensioners are best suited. the ceilingspainted or simply pasted over with wallpaper.

apartment 30 sq meters

In a small space, I want to create complete comfortable zones for rest, work and eating.

The third principle is comfort. This applies to zoning. premises. Everything should be harmonious and have its place. It is better to equip a working, sleeping, playing room separately. zones etc. Properly selected will help in this. one-room apartment design.

one-room apartment design

Sometimes it seems that it is unrealistic, however, to realize modern design ideas for a one-room apartment is still possible.

What to look for

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing design - layout apartments. Subsequent zoning depends on this. How is the bathroom located room and the front door in relation to the rest of premises - important details that you must pay attention to when considering the plan.

Apartment 30 sq m photo

The question is how to create a modern design for a studio apartment of 30 square meters. m, while it’s rational to use not just a meter, every centimeter, most of all excites Khrushchev’s inhabitants.

Regarding the layout, it is worth noting that we are considering 30 sqm studio apartment design. m. If kitchen at apartment separated, it greatly simplifies the task.

kitchen in an apartment of 30 square meters

Creating a modern apartment interior of 30 square meters. m, designers strongly recommend that you carefully consider the choice of furniture.

The location of communications is no less important. Where sockets are located, how wiring is located, where sewage and water supply are connected - these technical characteristics are also responsible for zoning. apartments.

Studio apartment 30 sq m

The best solution is custom-made furniture.

Pay attention to the height the ceilings. This factor determines design itself the ceiling, premises, the choice of colors and materials for execution.

Of course, the current budget cannot be ignored. In many ways, it is the starting point and curator of the entire repair.

Photo studio apartment 30 sq m

If every centimeter is used rationally, you can increase the free space, it is easier to zone a small size.

We select design

Each design It has its own characteristics, laws, prevailing materials and colors. Therefore, the selection of the right direction is also of particular importance. Having made a mistake in this choice, you risk turning an apartment to a place where you don’t want to live at all.

one-room apartment design ideas

Visually increase the space of the window, not overloaded with fabric.

For example, style Provence is absolutely not suitable for premises 30 squares. Despite his lightness, naturalness and light colors, his love of various small details and a large number of furniture will make small apartment gloomy closet. In this case, our choice is somewhat limited.

interior of a studio apartment

The relaxation area is delimited by wallpaper or wall painting.

We offer you to pay attention to the most suitable styles.

Style Color registration Features
Minimalism White, gray beige Solid surface overlap
Modern Black, yellow, turquoise Contrasting combinations
Loft Brown, milky, red Urban elements
Scandinavian White, brown, blue The main detail is the fireplace
apartment design 30 square meters

For a studio apartment, the preferred option is a kitchen without doors.

The main common feature presented styles - minimum details. With their help, you will be able to leave free as much as possible of space and visually expand the room.

arrangement of a one-room apartment

Embodying the design ideas of a one-room apartment, first of all, you need to decide on the areas in the room. To do this, you need to consider the color scheme of the entire housing.


The style great fit for the design of a studio apartment 30 squares. His main postulate is nothing superfluous. It allows you to equip in the room all the necessary zones while leaving a lot of free of space.

minimalism in an apartment of 30 sq m

Minimalism, functionality - this is what you need for such rooms.

Minimalism is characterized by calm colors, the absence of unnecessary details, the predominance of natural elements. Another feature is the monophonic overlapping of surfaces. The ceiling is often given to painting, whitewashing or wallpapering with using light colors. This feature will help to “raise” low the ceilings in the room. Walls also overlap with solid colors. Of the additional details, minimalism welcomes only the floor lamp of the unusual design and one or two soft chairs.

minimalism in an apartment of 30 sq m

The room does not need to be overloaded with decor.


Initially attic style. It is characterized by a certain negligence and the presence of urban details. For example, you can often find overlapping one walls decorative bricks or boards. Such a decision will create the feeling that apartment the yard has open access to the waters, which will make it substantially fresher and more spacious.

studio apartment loft

Now very popular studio apartments.

Despite using dark colors such as brown and dark red, this style does not premise gloomy or small, and even vice versa. These colors give such an effect due to the fact that they are displayed in natural materials such as wood, brick, stone. A few bright details, for example, a white sofa or a bright picture of an appropriate orientation, will successfully dilute the situation.

apartment 30 sq m in the loft style

It should be noted that such housing is designed for no more than two people.

However, for registration of the apartment loft style are used and light colors to completely cover any surface.


Cold and discreet. He will do small studio apartment fresh and spacious. This style uses cold tones (white, blue) as the basis, and warm (brown, yellow) to add a little warmth. The detail by which you will definitely recognize the Scandinavian direction is the fireplace. It also brings a little warmth to the severity of white snowy flowers.

scandinavian flat design

There are no partitions between the rooms, and the housing is divided into functional zones.

For execution of this style just buy a sofa, cover the floor with a dark laminate and put on it a light carpet with a long pile. Walls you need to do it in white in combination with blue, add a fireplace - and you're done.

scandinavian style apartment

No extra details, and plenty of free space.

Room Zoning

AT one-room apartment you need to fit everything you need for a comfortable life. Room can be divided into zone for rest, sleep, work, play, etc. However, we can conditionally distinguish the 2 most necessary “rooms”: this is a bedroom and kitchen. Pay attention to the conditions of their creation.

bedroom and kitchen in a studio apartment

Creating the design of a small one-room apartment, experts pay close attention to two zones that adjoin one another - a living room and a kitchen.


Sleeping zone it is desirable to separate (at least symbolically) from the rest of space. You can do this with a curtain, partition or cabinet. Agree, the bed in the middle the rooms It will look uncomfortable for both guests and the owner. So, be sure to allocate a separate place for the bed, which will be separated from the rest of space.

bedroom in the apartment 30 sq m

It is important to choose colors that combine with each other.

Also sleeping zone may be a sofa. This makes a difference. In this case, proceed from general planning. of space. But this option is less comfortable for sleeping. Therefore, we recommend that you find in one-room apartment place for a bed; optionally place a sofa in it.

apartment 30 sq m bedroom

If white color prevails, then the introduction of any bright will look harmonious, the main thing is not to “overdo it”.


Location of this zones determined by the location of the communications. But there are some design tips for this zones. Be sure to take care of a quality hood. If you plan to cook at home, this item is necessary. It prevents odors from spreading throughout apartmentwhich is very important for studios.

kitchen in an apartment of 30 square meters

Studio kitchen with a predominance of white.

You should also arrange a dining room. zone. If there is a balcony, you can combine it with the kitchen, and arrange under the dining room. But in this case, it is necessary to legalize the redevelopment. Another option is the bar counter. It suits best, as it simultaneously performs two functions: a kitchen unit zones and replacing the dining room.

kitchen in an apartment of 30 square meters

The kitchen from the living room can be separated by a bar, which at the same time can serve as a dining table.

We examined the general laws of design studio apartments in 30 square meters m Use this knowledge, and you will be able to create the most comfortable and beautiful design.

apartment 30 sq m zoning

In such an apartment there will be everything that is necessary for normal everyday life.

VIDEO: Design project of a studio apartment of 30 sq.m.

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