Design one-room apartment 36 square meters. m. Where to start the repair?

Studio apartment 36 sq. m. - not the best housing option. Square modest enough, which deprives the necessary amenities and comfort. Create comfortable conditions for living in such apartment not so easy. She is more suitable for bachelors and young couples than families with children.

interior design of a studio apartment

Designing the design of a one-room apartment of 36 square meters. m., it is necessary to apply non-standard solutions.

It’s necessary not only to divide premise on zonesbut keep free as much as possible space. This will allow you to get comfortable living conditions, functional interior.

Repairs one-room apartment - troublesome and costly event. Despite the small square homes, you need to spend money on the purchase of finishing materials, the work of masters. As a rule, repairs are carried out once every several years. That he served for a long time, liked the owners, it is necessary to approach him thoroughly.

apartment design 36 sq m

The main color of the design is white. Light walls and a wooden floor serve as a wonderful backdrop for bright color accents and visually enlarge a small apartment.

36 sqm apartment design

The natural texture of wooden elements gives the interior warmth and a sense of coziness. Black color gives depth and emphasizes individual details.

The first thing where the arrangement begins one-room apartment, preparation of a work plan - materials, furniture, appliances, decor are selected. Deviations from the planned actions may be, but insignificant, unsuccessful decisions will be visible only after the completion of work. As a result, the view of the interior does not meet the expectations of the owners.

apartment design 36 sq. meters

The accent colors of the project are turquoise, yellow and red.

apartment design 36 m2

The berth is raised to the podium and separated from the living area by wooden slats, leaving the opportunity for visual contact with the rest of the apartment, while at the same time creating the illusion of privacy.

Prepared in advance one-room apartment design will allow:

  • Choose a style based on its advantages and disadvantages;
  • Imagine the future interior housing;
  • Draw up diagrams, drawings that the craftsmen will need during the repair;
  • Identify materials, furniture, decor items.

Design project - chief assistant in the arrangement one-room apartment. It contains all the necessary information regarding the repair. The owners do not have to argue, choosing wallpaper, lamp and more. Design project Allows you to solve all these and other issues before the start of the repair.

apartment design 36 m

The design of the apartment is 36 square meters. m. living room and kitchen - two separate rooms. They are separated by a glass door in a metal black frame, which practically does not take up space.

apartment design 36 m2 kitchen

A slate is used as an apron, easy to clean and original - here you can write recipes.

Layout Features

One-room apartments there are several types. They differ in size, shape and layout. In this regard, equipping them, use different design

Studio apartment 36 sq m

Design should emphasize the advantages, and hide the disadvantages of housing.

The most popular are two types layouts of a studio apartment.

  • Standard layout. In such apartment one is provided room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway.The main advantage of this type is the possibility of privacy of the owners. The disadvantages include crowding, inconvenience layouts little square. It is not easy to place the necessary pieces of furniture in such conditions. Properly selected will help in this design.
  • Studio. This is a modern option. floor plans with one room. It has few partitions, only the most necessary, which ensures the availability of free space. Suitable for single or young couples.

Design features of a one-room apartment

One-room apartment design has a number of features. If properly organized spacethen interior it will turn out beautiful, it will be comfortable, filled with comfort. Any style design provides for the placement of furniture by groups. Thus, the minimalist concept is emphasized. zoning.

small studio design 36 m2

Panoramic windows in the studio apartment provide sufficient lighting; in the evening, built-in ceiling lights and an ergonomic floor lamp are used for this.

small studio design 36 m

The harmonious combination of black and white in the design of the studio gives it a stylish look and personality.

Equipping one-room apartmentneed to increase space visually and actually. Basically, kitchen separated from the rooms the wall, which occupies an additional square. To begin with, it is worth determining whether it is a carrier. If possible, it is better to eliminate the wall and combine the premises into one. Such layout allow more efficient use area. If there is no way to tear down a wall it is necessary to increase the door opening, remove the partitions that separate the room and the hallway.

small studio design 36 sq m

The dining area contains a dining table with comfortable chairs and is emphasized by original suspensions.

36 sqm small studio design

Compact kitchen with integrated appliances made in a minimalist style.

Kitchen area and living room stand out for decoration, color. A cabinet, shelving, sliding partitions are perfect for this. Thus, an additional tens of centimeters will be freed.

Zoning Rules

Once the septa are eliminated, apartment will turn into one the room. To make it cozy, to live comfortably, separation will help of space on zones.

  • Work zone. Designed for cooking and eating.
  • Relaxation. To be installed bed or sofa.
  • Children's Corner. It is necessary if the family is with a child.
apartment design for family

To increase the functionality of the housing and get the maximum free space in it, they often choose an open plan - with a complete absence of internal walls.

Selection zones carried out in many ways. Different colors and textures of the flooring are appropriate. They will share premise to the plots. A multi-level ceiling is also suitable. If it’s about the kitchen and the hall, then you can install a bar.

apartment design for family

The interior of the studio apartment is decorated in a Scandinavian style - with a predominant white color, minimal decor and turquoise accents.

Separation zone apartments - a modern solution. Each part performs certain functions, the room becomes visually spacious, filled with comfort. Partitions between zones can be stationary and mobile type. The second design option, if necessary, easily changes its location.

The main items in the interior

Because studio apartment area small, then every centimeter should be used rationally.

one-room apartment design 36 sq m

Thus, comfortable living conditions, a beautiful and spacious interior will be obtained.

The necessary items are installed. It concerns how furniture and decor elements. Shelves and a coffee table are not the main details. Therefore, they andterrier can be completed after registration rooms.

What furniture to choose?

Mostly small apartments are issued in style minimalism, hi-tech.They are characterized by simplicity, the use of concise forms in the interior. Place the necessary items on a small square not be difficult.

For one-room apartment come upt furniture with the right lines. It should be strict, harmoniously fit into the big picture. the interior. For kitchen areas better to make it to order. This will allow you to take into account the features rooms make a comfortable headset. AT indoors there will be enough space for a comfortable stay.

small studio design 30 m2

A double bed is located on the podium, at the base of which are drawers for storing bedding.

Necessarily thought out storage system. It should be compact, accommodate all the necessary things. The sliding wardrobe will cope perfectly with this task. It is better to make to order. Such furniture meets the requirements of the owners. It is made according to their wishes. This applies to the number of drawers, doors, and more. Such storage system possesses important characteristics: practicality and usability.

small studio design 30 m2

Despite the small size of the bedroom, it contains open shelves, which are accessed from the living room and bedroom.

Furnituretransformer is a great option for small apartments. It is characterized by multifunctionality, easily turns into other objects. For example, folding sofa. During the day, when assembled, it will take a minimum of space, at night it will turn into a comfortable berth. Sofa may have a built-in countertop, used for eating. Appropriate bedwhich transforms into a closet. She will free a lot places in the daytime.

Family with a child: how to arrange a one-room apartment?

One-room apartment - not the best solution for families with children. But the realities of life are such that there is no other choice. The cost of such housing is affordable, so it is easier to purchase.

studio apartment for a family with a child ideas

The living room furniture includes a spacious corner sofa, which, if necessary, can serve as a berth, as well as an armchair and a coffee table.

To place in one apartment It was comfortable for all inhabitants, it is necessary to equip it correctly. It is important to consider the age of the child. Sleeping place the smallest may be next to the bed adults. A school-age child needs a personal corner. It should be as functional as possible, filled with comfort.

studio apartment for a family with a child photo

Near the window there is a dining area, where they installed a wall table with a dark gray tabletop. The dining area in the studio apartment is highlighted by a decorating composition from a photo and a pendant lamp.

Children's part premises decorated in bright colors. A screen or shelving is suitable for its separation. The second design can be used to store various items. Furniture should be ergonomic, if the family has two children, then you can install a two-tier bed.

Color scheme

AT one-room apartment design light tones should prevail. Such interior It seems boring, so it is appropriate to dilute it with bright accents. Some parts stand out the rooms. Apply dark paints carefully. Since they visually reduce premise. It creates an atmosphere of longing that depresses the inhabitants.

apartment 36 sq m with a glass bedroom

Space united, demolishing partitions. Thus, it was possible to create a feeling of a large volume.

apartment 36 sq m with a glass bedroom

The berth in order to make it cozy must be separated from the rest of the room. In the design of the bedroom in a one-room apartment, this problem was solved with the help of glass walls erected around the bed.

Great for small apartments panoramic murals. They visually expand space. As a result, in the room easy and free. The image that is on the photo wallpaper fills premisese special atmosphere.


Lighting plays an important role in creating one-room apartment design. The atmosphere that will prevail in it depends on it.If the apartment is small, then it is necessary to fill it with light as much as possible. This emphasizes lightness. interior decoration there will be a concise atmosphere.

interior of a studio apartment 36 sq m

The visual division of the room into the living room and sleeping area is made of vertical wooden slats. They can change their position on the principle of blinds and, if necessary, visually hide a place to sleep.

interior of a one-room apartment 36 m2

The decor includes a warm-colored sofa, a coffee table with an unusual countertop in the form of a cut of wood, and a chest of drawers with low lighting.

Lack of natural light, can be offset by artificial devices. Moreover, in different zones they differ. Bedroom designed for relaxation, therefore, local lighting is used. Concerning work area and kitchen, then a large number of devices are installed here. Since there should be a lot of light. For the kitchen point sources of light are good, and living room - bright chandelier.

design studio 36 sq m with a bedroom in a niche

The cold gamut of colors helps to visually increase the space, so gray became the main one for the interior.

design studio 36 sq m with a bedroom in a niche

Minimalism is the main idea of ​​the design of a studio apartment of 36 square meters. m. Furniture has simple, clear forms, nothing more - just the most necessary.

Design one-room apartment 36 square meters. m must be well-chosen. In this case, it is necessary to rely not only on the wishes of the owners, but also features layout. So you can get interiorin which it will be comfortable to spend time for all family members.

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