One-room apartment design 37 sq. M. m. and layout options

It has long been a standard that apartments in modern, new homes are spacious, bright. But the old buildings are still standing, for example, Khrushchev. These living quarters are known for their modest size. If you correctly approach the repair, you can make a cozy nest out of these square meters.

The interior of a studio apartment with an area of ​​37 squares with a decorative partition

When making a small apartment, it’s difficult to use standard design techniques, but the more interesting is the task

A small one-room apartment, regardless of how many people live in it, should accommodate several areas for rest and work. The competent design of a one-room apartment of 37 sq. Is practical and functional.

Design of a studio apartment in bright colors

The main space is divided into three sections - a bedroom, a living room and an office, or into two - a living room and a bedroom

Redevelopment can be different, depending on who lives in the room.

Bedroom + living room A popular, simple option, does not require expensive investments. It will be enough to purchase a sofa, which will additionally "fulfill" the role of a berth. If you want to put a bed, it is better to define for a thin partition, a screen. This type of layout will take precious square meters.
Bedroom + kitchen + living room The option provides for the demolition of the walls, only one common space. Work areas are distinguished by wall, ceiling, floor, light. We have kitchen furniture along one wall, a sleeping area is best located as far as possible from it.
Living room + bedroom + study A sophisticated redevelopment option, the office should be practical, convenient. You can separate by a screen or a thin partition. A large recreation area is not needed, you can sit with guests in the kitchen, and a sofa and a floor lamp are enough to watch a movie or read a book.
Living room + bedroom + nursery Option for families with children. Psychologists unanimously reiterate, the baby should have, though small, but its own space for games, minutes of solitude, and classes. The best option is multifunctional furniture complexes. They include a full bed, a department for classes, toys, a wardrobe.
Studio apartment layout

Layout with a bed by the window

Layout of a one-room apartment of 37 sq m with the division of the room into zones

Layout with a Niche Bed

Redevelopment scheme odnushki with the transfer of partitions

If you move the partitions, in the kitchen there will be a place for a dining area

Recommendations for fast and inexpensive remodeling

When the design of a one-room apartment is thought out and agreed upon, repair work begins. So that the room does not turn out to be overloaded, it is not necessary to install many partitions, it is better to purchase mobile screens, at any time there is the opportunity to retire for work or leisure.

Sitting area with a sofa in a studio apartment

It is not enough just to allocate a corner for each zone, you need to plan the room so that there is free space and increased comfort of living

If the ceilings are high, consider installing podiums, mounting niches.

Zoning the catwalk of a studio apartment in gray tones

The sleeping area is allowed to highlight the podium, if ceiling height allows

The linear layout of the kitchen in a studio apartment

An elongated kitchen may seem uncomfortable, but in it you can fit all the accessories and equipment along one wall

When zoning a one-room apartment, you can "play" with shades. The main thing is not to overdo it. A small room does not like bright and dark shades.Tones should be bright, combined with each other. Finishing materials are preferably different. The floor in the kitchen and in the main room must be different. You can decorate the walls with different materials, paint in one area, paste over in another.

Zoning of a studio apartment with a floor

In a small space, vivid color transitions and diverse finishes are inappropriate; it is better to separate the zones with a different floor covering or just a carpet

Zoning by a screen of a studio apartment with an area of

In a one-room apartment, the partition should occupy a minimum of space. The successful solution is a thin screen door

Bar counter and workplace in a studio apartment of 37 square meters

For the workplace, about two square meters are needed to fit a table, an armchair and a rack

Lighting plays a huge role. With it, you can hide the ugly corners of the apartment, highlight the center. Lighting is best placed separately for each zone. A bulky chandelier will occupy a lot of space, visually make the ceiling lower, so it is better to give preference to spotlights. In some areas, 1-2 will be enough, in others, more light is needed, for example, a living room.

Lighting in a studio apartment

An example of successful lighting odnushki

Accent lighting in the bedroom area of ​​a studio apartment

A floor lamp on a tripod provides accent lighting, hinting that at night this area becomes a bedroom

Room style selection

The design style of a small one-room apartment is allowed to anyone, the main thing is not to overdo it.

  • Some fashion trends "love" a large footage, large furniture, a large number of accessories, this is unacceptable in a small footage.
  • The simpler the style, the more comfortable and practical the small-sized housing will look. Can be decorated in the style of a loft, minimalism, high-tech.
  • Some of the “old built” apartments have balconies. Thanks to him, they get a few more precious square meters. If it is possible to insulate the balcony, they arrange an office or connect to the kitchen. If warming is not possible, organize a storage of seasonal things, tools.
Kitchen design studio apartment in the Scandinavian style

Space, straight lines and contrasting colors - a suitable interior in the style of Scandinavian minimalism for modern young people

One-room apartment in a modern style

The modern design, combining various materials and textures, emphasizes the exclusivity of the interior and creates an atmosphere of mystery and even a little negligence

Design of an apartment of 37 square meters in the style of minimalism

For a small apartment, it is more advisable to choose styles in which there are no numerous decorations

Furnishing, decoration, decor

  • Complex patterns overload the interior, make the room smaller. It is better if the surfaces are smooth, the tones are natural, calm.
  • If you want a bright accent, you can do it on one of the walls.
  • Furniture is preferably multifunctional, compact. Modular elements are well suited. For example, a bed or sofa with large, built-in drawers, built-in wardrobes, sliding tables.
  • You can’t do without accessories, but not much. They perfectly "fulfill" the role of bright accents. It is not recommended to hang curtains with heavy curtains on the windows, they will make the interior heavy, the opening will not be visible. Actually the absence of curtains, this technique will make the room bright, the room will have more natural light. You can hang the blinds, a roll-up version of the curtains is suitable.
Zoning of a studio apartment with book racks

Bed can be hidden behind book shelves.

Window sill as a bench in a one-room apartment of a panel house

I have to use every centimeter of usable area, even the windowsill

Even at minimal cost it’s not difficult to equip even the smallest apartment. With a competent approach, everything can be done independently. The basis of the idea is taken from magazines, from special design sites. There are professionals who give advice online, suggest which decoration materials and furniture are preferable, how to arrange it, where to place accents. The final result depends only on the imagination and wishes of the owner of the apartment. With a great desire, you can transform your home in a few weeks.

Interior decoration of a studio apartment

The decor may include: wooden furniture, upholstery, pillows, posters or paintings

The design of the apartment in a modern style

Layout of a studio apartment for one person

Planning decision - the room is divided into a studio and a bedroom

Dining area and sofa in the interior of a studio apartment of 37 squares

The studio has a seating area and a dining room. The latter, if necessary, can be used as a working area.

Sleeping area in a studio apartment

The bedroom is separated from the studio by a glass partition.

Layout of a studio apartment with a separate kitchen

The TV is located opposite the sofa, and the kitchen is in the back of the room, next to the bedroom

Layout of a combined bathroom odnushki

Bathroom layout (top view)

The interior of the combined bathroom in a studio apartment

A sink, a washing machine, a toilet bowl, a shower cabin - everything fit in and even left space for free movement

Video: review of the interior of a real odnushka after repair

50 photos of ideas for the best design solutions

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