Design one-room apartment 40 square meters. m. Where to start?

The presence of an apartment with one room makes it possible to equip every square meter with high quality. Even a small home can be made an ideal place for a happy life. To do this, you just need to make some changes, it is possible to divide the main room into zones, change furniture, add several accessories, and finally get the perfect design of a one-room apartment of 40 sq. M. m

Sliding partition in a one-room apartment with an area of ​​40 squares

The design of a one-room apartment must be approached carefully and carefully, taking into account the habits and desires of everyone who will live in this room

Any change in the apartment must be accompanied by a plan. If the changes are so radical, you must create a project. This will help to think in advance and calculate the cost of the upcoming repair, as well as have an idea of ​​its result.

Important components of the project

Paragraph Description
Budget Calculate the total amount and prepare a spare amount for possible unforeseen expenses.
Structural features apartments Competent use of all available ledges, niches, "wrong" the walls.
Family members Arrangement premises, taking into account all the needs of residents residing in the apartment.
Style Choose the right one in advance interior styleto get a decent result.
Decor Elements Distribute the functions that all decorative elements and accessories will perform for of interior.
Layout of furniture in a studio apartment

Design project begins with clear space planning

Area Planning Ideas for a One-Room Apartment

Area planning is what you need to decide at the beginning of the project. A small area forces changes in the room. It could be:

  • expansion;
  • conditional division into parts;
  • division into several rooms.
One-room apartment with a bed behind a glass partition

You can divide the room with the help of a glass partition, which occupies a minimum of space and does not obscure the room

Common ideas for redevelopment of an apartment:

  • combination of a balcony or a loggia with the main room;
  • the connection of the living room and kitchen to the apartment - the studio (if this option is acceptable);
  • creation of drywall partitions;
  • zoning of the room due to cabinets, bar counters, panels, columns, sliding doors or curtains;
  • installation of structures, which allows you to organize a second floor;
  • the use of furniture is a transformer to save space.
Zoning of the screen space in the combined room

If there is no desire or means to contact the construction of partitions, a screen can be used to divide the space

Even the choice of one of these ideas will allow you to create a quality design, but it will not be unique. So it turns out, due to the common problem of small apartments, which are solved by using one of the above planning methods.

Zoning studio apartment

The division of the area into zones is carried out in several ways, some of them allow you to visually divide the room, and some using walls and other methods.

Bedroom behind wardrobes in a studio apartment

Separation of the sleeping area with cabinets

Way Description
Plants, aquariums Element of interior, allowing you to use it in any style.It adds lightness, freshness and saturates the room with oxygen.
Fitostena - a kind of partition that helps to zone the room on the living room and the bedroom. This is an original version that brings comfort and replaces annoying pots and flower pots.
The phytostall consists of blocks in which different seedlings are planted, watering is done from above or through tubes. There are several types of partitions - mobile and stationary phytowalls.
Aquarium is an unusual way of zoning. Most suitable for apartments - studios. Creates a unique design, especially when using the backlight.
Sliding the door Application sliding of doors allows you to separate the main room from the kitchenhallway without prejudice to free of space.
Option acts as a combiner living room and the kitchencreating a single space or their separator if necessary.
Screens, curtains If you need to share premise No, this option will be quite suitable. Screens or curtains can be dense, do not let light in or translucent - serve as a formal separator.
A good option is that the screen is mobile - it moves to any part apartments. Performs any function necessary for households.
Such a decision creates a romantic interior with laid-back design. Separates a place to relax from work or dining zones.
Tiered designs There is a wide range of multi-tiered structures, among them:
· Furniture;
· Podiums;
· Constructions - transformers.
The requirements for this idea are a high ceiling that would allow such structures to be placed. With a low ceiling, the idea will be inappropriate and uncomfortable.
A niche is a place that allows you to place in it both a wardrobe and a bed, which will be fenced with curtains. They can be dense or transparent, depending on the desire of the owners.
Allocation of zones by wallpaper in a one-room apartment of 40 square meters

Zoning space using wallpaper

Children's area in a studio apartment

Allocation of a children's zone with curtains and a podium

Zoning of a studio apartment with a bar

The separation of zones by the bar counter is an excellent solution for a family of 2-3 people who can use it as a dining table

The principles of design of apartments with one room 40 sq. M.

A one-room small-sized apartment implies that design ideas will be aimed at a visual increase in the main room and kitchen, or studio apartment. Ideas also contribute to the use of all kinds of lighting to make the apartment bright, bright and pleasant for living and inviting guests.

Design of a studio apartment in a classic style

Pastel colors, simple and regular shapes in the interior of a classic style

When choosing upholstered furniture, cabinets and appliances, you need to be guided in order to give preference to light shades. For example, yellow, gray, beige, white, cream, light tones of blue or green.

French style elements in odnushka design

Gray tones are also appropriate, if kept in the right proportions

Thanks to the doors of the cabinets, the doors of the room with a glossy finish, they will create the illusion of continuing the room. Minimalism is the right decision when choosing an interior style. The only room should not be overloaded with an abundance of furniture and decor. Provence, country, rustic will also be suitable styles.

Wall mural in the interior of a studio apartment

Glossy facades and mirrors create the illusion of a continuation of space, the same effect can be achieved through photo wallpaper with the prospect of removal

For proper lighting, you must use a large flat chandelier in the center of the ceiling and small spotlights around the perimeter.

Suitable colors for design

The choice of colors for the upcoming design is a responsible decision. Each color has its own meaning and has a certain impact on the psychological state.

Round dining table in the dining area of ​​a studio apartment

It is better to use 2-3 colors, while two shades are suitable for classic styles, and three colors are typical for free interiors

The most successful shades for the full design of the room:

  • beige;
  • cream;
  • sand;
  • soft blue, green, yellow.
Beige interior and floor lamp with spotlights

Beige shades were chosen as the base for this room.

Design of the sleeping area with a blue bedspread on the bed

The emphasis is the dark bedspread on the bed, and paintings were used for decoration

Kitchen design with gray ceiling and work area lighting

The interior of the kitchen, it was decided to dilute the decoration of the facades under light wood and a slightly gray ceiling

Light colors give lightness not only to the room, but also to the person. Dark tones, such as red, burgundy, blue, violet, brown, on the contrary, aggravate the atmosphere and tire.

One-room apartment furniture design

The next important decision that you have to face is the choice of furniture. It should be comfortable, stylish and most importantly compact so as not to load a single room in the apartment.

Folding bed in the design of the apartment of a modern house

Transformer bed will save space

A built-in headset that is easy to transform is best suited. Such furniture can be assembled after use, so there will be more free space.

The ideal option is a folding corner sofa, as it is multifunctional, is:

  • a place to sleep;
  • a place to relax and receive guests during the day;
  • an additional place to store pastel linen and other little things.
Sofa in the interior of the living room of a city apartment

The sofa is great for zoning a room.

However, place a full bed of 40 square meters. m. is also possible. It should be placed in the corner of the opposite wall from the window. There will be a lot of free space for a small sofa and a coffee table. It will also allow you to create a cozy corner for sleeping and relaxing. A bed with a pedestal will do, it will also create a place for things.

Using a podium for storing things in odnushka 40 square meters

Storage drawers hidden in the podium

The color palette of the furniture should match the shade of the walls. Items can be the same color as the walls, but lighter or darker by several tones.

Harmony of furniture, upholstery and curtains

So that the presence of a small apartment is not so overwhelming, it is worth harmoniously arranging the color of the upholstery of furniture, glass or wooden furniture, curtains.

Dark walnut Furniture This color will look good with green, yellow and gray curtains.
Light walnut A walnut set will get a good combination with blue, cyan, green and their shades. Yellow will become unacceptable.
Black headset Red, raspberry, violet, beige accessories, decor elements will suit black furniture. Curtains of green and yellow shades will also be suitable.
Furniture pine and beech Combined with upholstery and shades of gray and orange. colors.
The Red tree Suitable yellow, yellow - green color curtains. However, a red tone is absolutely contraindicated. The red headset should be used as a last resort. For small space red is dangerous because it can steal it.
Country-style studio apartment

Interior with country elements.

The combination of red and black colors in the design of a studio apartment

A contrasting combination of a light sofa and a bright wall

Interior of one-room apartments in gray tones

White bed, gray walls and light curtains

The design of the apartment is 40 square meters. m. in the Scandinavian style

A small room decorated in a Scandinavian style is a profitable option. The interior will become simple and light, miniature and original decor will give a unique look. This style of interior involves the use of a rather poor color palette, so it is important to choose the right shades for decoration.

White brick wall in scandinavian interior odnushki

In the Scandinavian style, brickwork in one form or another may be present.

Textiles and paintings in the decoration of a studio apartment

To decorate the room in the Scandinavian style, natural fur or textile is used - cotton, linen, wool

White should become the leading color in decorating a room in order to brighten the apartment as a whole. The square will house a sofa in light tones (white, beige, cream, gray, blue), a small glass coffee table, a small stand made of light wood and a TV. You can also take care of accents - a bright wall (blue, gray, green).

Scandinavian style in the interior of a spacious living room

Calm, natural colors and some bright accents

If the area allows you to fit a bed in the corner (white or light brown) to maintain a single style.Several pillows with a geometric pattern on the sofa and bed can become an additional decor. It is better to frame the window with light air curtains or Roman curtains of light colors.

Scandinavian-style living room lighting

Another rule is the abundance of light, and for warmth you need to add sand, amber or yellow shades in the form of accents

Indoor plants in the corner of the room and the windowsill will give greater coziness, comfort and unity with nature.

Video: successful redevelopment of a studio apartment

Photos of the best design solutions

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