Design one-room Khrushchev. Redevelopment, zoning and room decoration

Currently, small-sized housing is not a thing of the past. Many families buy it at a low price, inherit it, not everyone has the opportunity to immediately purchase spacious apartments. Many are not upset and manage to develop a functional and fashionable design of one-room Khrushchev, in which 3-4 people live and everyone has enough space.

design of one-room Khrushchev

Perhaps the strangest, most impractical and often not logical planning was carried out during the Khrushchev program for the construction of affordable housing.

Khrushchev planning method

As a result of total savings and mistakes in the layout of buildings, many of our compatriots are still "enjoying" the fruits of the construction thought of those times.

The Khrushchevs are “famous” for their small rooms. To make them larger will allow overstatement of the ceiling. It is desirable that the ceiling and walls are decorated in bright colors. This will visually expand the space. They can be plain or in vertical stripes.

bright one-room Khrushchev design

In a one-room “work of architecture and construction”, redevelopment is indispensable.

Windows can not be made out, left without curtains, this will help to let in more light into the room. If you want to decorate, plain drapes or parallel print options will be preferable.

Khrushchev design photo

No matter how wide the windowsill is, you do not need to clutter it, it is better to convert it to a desktop or a shelf.

Original interior of the one-room Khrushchev implies a large number of partitions. This is not relevant, not practical. Walls are absorbers of precious free space; the correct solution would be to remove excess elements. It must be remembered that in the process of redevelopment there is a chance to damage the supporting structures of the building, first you need to draw a plan of the desired changes, present them to the local BTI, and obtain official permission.

redevelopment of Khrushchev

If the wall is a carrier, and you want to expand the space, you can simply remove the door located in it, expand the opening.

repair of one-room Khrushchev

With the help of competent design and skillful repair, even such a modest space can be made cozy, comfortable, convenient and attractive in appearance.

In process design of one-room Khrushchev and redevelopment is prohibited:

  • Remove already mounted ventilation systems (can only be strengthened by installing an air conditioner);
  • To clean, close free access to gas pipes;
  • Move the bathroom.
black furniture

Khrushchev with a convenient and practical interior is a much more attractive option for our compatriots than a removable, albeit standard, one-room apartment.

Lighting basics

When planning interior one-room Khrushchev it is important to place the lighting elements correctly. There should be a lot of light. When zoning, it is not necessary to hang the main chandelier, it will be enough spotlights. Light bulbs can be of different colors and shades, with their help you can play on the contrasts of walls, ceilings, furniture.

cozy redevelopment of Khrushchev

It is important to determine the possibilities of using the provided number of square meters with maximum benefit, practicality and rationality.

lighting of one-room Khrushchev

In one available room, it is necessary to arrange recreation and work areas, a dining area, because in small kitchens, as a rule, there is no place for a dining group.

On the ceiling, LED lighting elements are placed, which are turned on separately, highlight the main areas of the room with light, obscure some corners of the apartment.

partition in a studio apartment

The compact size of your "odnushka" will allow the use of expensive finishing materials of high-quality production while maintaining the framework of an affordable and affordable budget.

Style and color scheme in the interior

Recently smallone-room Khrushchev decorated in a Scandinavian style. The main advantage is the use of only light colors, which visually expands the space. Also for design consider the style of Provence, minimalism.

minimalism in the one-room Khrushchev

You can get an aesthetically attractive, stylish and practical design of the "Khrushchev", without ruining the family budget.

In addition to shades of light, mirrors are actively used in the design of the room.

mirrors in one-room Khrushchev

Which option will be most suitable for your "Khrushchev" depends on the geometric parameters of the living room, the size of utilitarian premises and your budget for redevelopment and repair.

The most commonly used color in one-room Khrushchev is white. This is an ideal background, which visually increases the size of the room by almost 2 times. If you want variety and brightness, it is enough to dilute it with 2-3 more juicy shades. For example, a large sofa of a neutral color with many bright pillows, colored paintings on the walls, fancy coffee tables.

comfortable apartment design

Accents can add personality to a room. But, do not use too many bright shades.

visual expansion of space

You can try using the well-known design technique for saving space - wherever possible, use modular furniture and embed folding mechanisms.

How to correctly arrange furniture

Before you buy furniture for a little one-room apartment, you need to make a preliminary plan, which shows the alignment and used every free centimeter. All interior items that have not been used over the past year are best discarded.

one-room apartment in Khrushchev

In a small room there should be as little trash as possible.

Recommendations on the distribution of furniture.

  • If the sofa is standing against the wall, then the space above it can be filled with a rack or shelf.
  • To save free space in the center of the room, in the free corners, you can install custom-made cabinets for individual sizes.
  • If the corridor is quite small, then instead of cabinets on the walls you can hang several shelves.

If new furniture is installed in the room, then the repair is better to update. Otherwise, new things will only emphasize the shabby walls or floors.

modular furniture in Khrushchev

A folding sofa during the day is a key piece of furniture in the living room and organizes a seating area, and at night turns into a sleeping place.

Zoning of one-room Khrushchev

Everything one-room Khrushchev small sizes, but they can also be made comfortable for living with the help of redevelopment.

The first thing you must do is remove all possible walls and partitions. Studio apartment is an ideal option. Here you need to correctly make zoning, divide space.

studio apartment in Khrushchev

Use corner sofas, which provide an extensive seating area (and some models can fold out and become a roomy place to sleep and relax) while not taking up much space.

the location of furniture in Khrushchev

The practicality of such sofas is also in ease of use.

With the right approach, zones for work and rest can be made an unlimited number. It is preferable if there will be a minimum number of doors, that is, two: at the entrance and to the bathroom.

If in one-room apartment If a family of 3 or more people lives, it will be more comfortable if the areas for work and leisure are separated from each other. To do this, you can use the floor shelf, screen, thin partition.

partitions in a studio apartment

Studio apartment is progressive, stylish and modern.

Sex plays an equally important role in zoning. This is done with the help of finishing materials: tile, laminate, wood.

Lighting in Khrushchev

Design of one-room Khrushchev, especially studios, implies individual lighting for each zone. It adds a twist to the interior, allows each family member to go about their business or relax without disturbing others.

light in a studio apartment

To make the room seem larger, the color of the walls should be lighter than the floors (significantly), but slightly darker than the tone of the ceiling.

Each zone can be highlighted by spotlights mounted in the ceiling. There may be a main chandelier, but if it is not necessary, then the absence will not spoil the interior.

Ideal if there are several windows in the main room. They can be expanded to increase the amount of natural light in the room.

ways to organize space

White has many shades and you can use any of them as a base shade for surface finishes.

Interior design nuances

Modern technologies make life comfortable even in a small one-room apartment. In fashion, simplicity and minimalism. For example, several years ago, in every house, a television stood on a pedestal. Now this is not relevant, it can stand on a hanging stand or mount to the wall. That allows you to significantly save space.

neoclassic in a studio apartment

When decorating small rooms, it is best not to use more than three basic colors. This rule is as old as the world, but verified by many real design projects.

If the family is small, then it is not necessary to buy large kitchen refrigerators and freezers. Now there are even models that can be installed in the corner of the room. Or buy a horizontal model, which additionally acts as a shelf or countertop.

studio apartment redevelopment

It is better not to use wallpaper or any other large-print decoration material.

Functional design

Bedroom To place a bedroom, 6-8 square meters are enough. m. It can be allocated or separately, or it can be a comfortable sofa during the day, a bed at night. Additionally, you can separate the bed with a wardrobe. Lay a soft carpet on the floor.
Living room It occupies the main part of the room. You can hang the TV on the wall, put a table near the wall, if the footage of the room allows, 2 armchairs, a sofa. All furniture elements can be installed in a semicircle. For ease of viewing, the TV can be hung on a pivot rod.
Study It is enough to highlight a corner of 1-2 square meters. m. Put there a table for a computer or laptop, an armchair or a comfortable chair, a shelf for books and "stationery".
Children If a full-fledged family with a child lives in the apartment, then you must definitely allocate a place for the baby. It can be 8-10 square meters. m. The children's area can be separated by a closet, a small partition, a curtain.
Kitchen This is a special area under which it will be necessary to allocate at least 6 square meters. m. The kitchen can be glued with wallpaper that differs from the wallpaper of the main room, the floor and ceiling can also be finished with other materials.
Bathroom In Khrushchev, the toilet and bathroom are separate, but very small in size. Therefore, when replanning an apartment, the wall between them is removed, the meta becomes larger. Instead of a bathroom, it is better to install a shower cabin.
layout of one-room Khrushchev

For rooms with a modest quadrature, it is better to choose only wall decor, precious meters will come in handy for furniture.

AT one-room Khrushchev It is not recommended to place a large number of accessories. And in the kitchen you can put a few candlesticks, a vase, hang small towels.

bedroom in Khrushchev

The bedroom can be decorated with 1-2 paintings or photographs.

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