How to design a townhouse design comfortable and practical

In developed countries, townhouses are considered middle class. And not by chance. This type of housing has a number of advantages:

  1. It is not so high in cost and not so expensive in maintenance as cottages and especially mansions.
  2. On the other hand, it is a separate house, unlike apartments of multi-apartment buildings, but comparable with the latter in price and operating costs. The townhouse has its own entrance, facade, roof, etc., albeit common with neighbors walls.
  3. Neighborhoods with this type of development are located, as a rule, in prestigious, clean, prosperous areas located closer to urban centers than areas of cottages. It is convenient for people who need regular trips to the business part of the city.
  4. No parking problems. The car can be parked right under the windows, there is enough space. But most modern projects include a garage.
  5. Attached to the housing is a small plot of land where you can arrange your own lawn, flowerbed, alpine hill, put a barbecue, a brazier for a barbecue, a couple of sun loungers with a table.
Street of a modern village with townhouses

Townhouse - a two-story cottage, rarely three floors, sharing common walls with neighboring houses

Cars in the parking lot in front of the townhouse

It’s definitely not a city apartment, but still not quite a country house

Space organization

The organization of space - walls, stairs, ceilings is best planned at the construction stage or even designing a town house. The chosen approach will determine the choice of interior design in a townhouse. Two or three floors, an attic, a garage, stairs, a roof, a porch make it possible to realize several separate decisions, avoiding an unacceptable mixture of styles and eclecticism. But you can withstand the design project of the townhouse and in general.

Layout of a modern townhouse with parking spaces

3-host townhouse planning option

Layout of a two-story townhouse with a basement

Layout of a townhouse with a total area of ​​more than 200 square meters

The standard layout provides for the location of utility rooms (garage, utility room, kitchen, laundry, etc.) on the first (basement) floor, sometimes a living room is also placed there. Children’s rooms are assigned to the upper floor or attic. Adults usually live on the middle floors, and common rooms are located here. Old people or people with disabilities should take the lower rooms. The houses where these categories of people live have special requirements: non-threshold space; low location of switches, door handles, hangers, tables; wide doorways; the presence of special devices with electric drive; special design of bathrooms, etc.

Staircase: designer chip or hindrance?

The choice of stairs in the design of a townhouse should be given special attention. They can become a special feature at home, or they can create a problem by absorbing a lot of space.

Drawers under the flight of stairs

Often, it is the staircase that determines the style of design of a townhouse

Staircase with dark steps in the hall of the townhouse

The staircase can be made as invisible as possible or, conversely, highlighted in the interior

There are several types of stairs:

  • screw - beautiful, but usually cool, and also have a central pillar, which does not always harmonize with the general concept of the interior;
  • single-span - simple, but require the allocation of space of a certain length, or may be too steep;
  • in several spans with intermediate platforms fit into a room of any shape, but take up a lot of space;
  • Boltsevye (steps are attached to the wall or to two walls with a platform in the corner) are elegant, efficiently consume space, but they are expensive and require a capital wall for fastening.
Black spiral staircase in the interior of a townhouse

The spiral staircase is compact and suitable for small spaces.

Their types of stairs can be combined. For example, make one span normal, and the second, after the intermediate site, on the bolts. In addition, in some cases, for example, if the attic is uninhabited (actually an attic), retractable stairs can be used. The space under the stairs can be left open, combining with the volume of the room, although there are many successful solutions that harmoniously fit into the overall interior design of the townhouse.

Wooden staircase in a townhouse design

Marching stairs are quite dimensional, look perfect in a classic interior

The underwing space is possible:

  • set aside for a wardrobe, kitchen wall, bookcase;
  • take drawers;
  • arrange for pets;
  • use for the device an additional bathroom or shower;
  • use under a children's corner.
Staircase staircase on the wall with natural stone trim

Ladders on the boils - the most original

Affordable Townhouse Design Tools

Interior of a living room in a townhouse

Two floors of the townhouse provide unlimited possibilities for planning and arranging living space

Mirror tile

It is used as an element of the design of the bathroom, as well as to create the illusion of increasing space in common areas. Moreover, as part of the interior design of the townhouse, you can create a vertical illusion by combining mirror tiles on the ceiling with glass panels and open areas of ceilings. In addition, mirror tiles are interesting to combine with the original interior lighting system.

Wall decoration in the dining area with mirror tiles

Tiles with a mirror surface are different in size and shape.

Townhouse fireplace with mirror finish

Mirror tiles can be revetted not only walls, but also a ceiling and even a fireplace

Wall murals and wall paintings

Convenient and inexpensive tool for a full-fledged design project of a townhouse, and for the design of individual rooms. Well suited, including for temporary solutions. Easy to update. Young children can ruin the walls, in addition, they grow, and what is suitable for small ones is no longer suitable for teenagers. And those, in turn, often change tastes.

Wall mural with the image of houses and cars

Before choosing photo wallpaper you need to understand where you will glue them. It can be a single print on an accent wall or a whole panorama, for example, in the form of a city landscape

Wall mural in bedroom interior of a townhouse

Evening mountains on the wall of a bedroom

Instead of decal murals, you can do the author’s painting on the walls.

Art painting on the wall of the hallway

Frescoes in the hallway emphasize the classic style of residential apartments

Mural decoration of bedroom wall

Art painting looks great in the bedroom interior

3d tile

Suitable tool for a variety of design elements of bathrooms, bathtubs, kitchens, office spaces. But it can be used as an element of interior decoration in a futuristic, avant-garde style. A great tool for bold experiments.

3D wall decoration for living room tiles

The multidimensional effect makes the 3D coating “alive” - the drawings look so real that the impression of their volume is created

Wavy tile with volumetric effect in the bathroom

Volumetric tile expands space and creates perspective

Wooden panels

Rather, a tribute to the classics, but they never go out of style.

Wood paneling the living room wall

Wood panels can be used to highlight accent walls

Bedroom on the second floor of the townhouse

Natural wood panels are best used in dry rooms. There are options with a special coating to protect against moisture, but in this case, the environmental friendliness of the material


The design of the townhouse in a modern style involves the use of appropriate furniture. Among the new products that are actively used are frameless armchairs and sofas, massive wooden furniture in natural colors, furniture in a futuristic style, with its vague shapes and original colors.

Victorian style living room interior

Victorian style antique furniture

Coffee table with carving elements.

Comfortable soft sofas in oriental style

Decoration of the walls of the living room with paintings

Luxurious classic style furniture

One-flight staircase in the interior of a modern townhouse

Open and clear living room space in a modern style

Bright living room in a country house

Simple minimalist furniture

Video: 50 options for a comfortable interior of a townhouse

Photo interiors of modern townhouses

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