Design of a narrow bedroom with a window at the end

When planning an apartment, the question often arises of how to properly organize the design of a narrow room. The main problem encountered along this path is the constrained, narrow space. These restrictions require a skillful approach to arranging furniture, while maintaining the required functionality of the room. The methods described in the article will allow you to correctly equip a sleeping room, while maintaining a maximum of free square meters.

White double bed in the interior of a narrow bedroom

A narrow bedroom is a special case, often requiring extraordinary solutions.

Double bed in the matrimonial bedroom

The bed is the main piece of furniture in the bedroom. No couches and sofas can replace a full double bed

Narrow Room Tips

If you adhere to certain methods of layout of the interior, you will be able to smooth out the inconvenience that involves a long, narrow room.

  1. Wall decoration. In order to visually expand the bedroom, long walls are finished with light materials. But short ones, on the contrary, stand out in bright shades.
  2. The use of functional furniture. For example, take a folding sofa. After a night's sleep, just remove the folding part.
  3. The use of niches. Ideal for a narrow room with short walls. This method allows you to hide a berth, as well as organize cabinets and shelves in convenient niches. Use free space to the maximum.
  4. Horizontal and vertical stripes. With the correct layout of these interior elements, you can create the effect of the correct square, or simply visually expand the space.
  5. Patterns. Affect the visual perception of the size of the bedroom. Remember this when you purchase wallpaper. Smooth lines on light paper can add a quadrature.
  6. Proper lighting will also increase the size of the bedroom. Install as many light sources as possible.
  7. Window textiles are selected depending on the intensity of natural light from the street. If the windows of the room face south, then the sun will shine brightly for a long time, and vice versa with a northern location. The density of the curtain fabric, based on this condition.
Lamps with fabric lampshades on bedside tables

Cold light in the bedroom is not needed, give preference to lamps with soft diffused light

Small bed in a room with a window at the end

A narrow bed will leave space on the sides for passage and bedside tables

If the room is for a couple, you have to install a large, double bed. It is best placed at the end of the bedroom, right by the window. At the same time, if the width allows, the bed can be deployed sideways to the window. If this is not possible, you will have to install it at the head of the window opening.

Brown floor in a white bedroom of a private house

Bed close to the window in a very narrow room

Bed on a wooden podium in a narrow bedroom

If the room is so narrow that it is impossible to choose a standard bed, you can purchase a mattress and make a wooden podium for it

When choosing a bed, give preference to products with free space under the bed. Drawers for bedding or clothes are mounted here. Also consider buying with ready-made shelves.

Small bedroom interior with narrow side window

Use the minimum amount of furniture - only everything you need

White plywood bed on the podium

Zoning the room is possible using the podium. And if you make it as high as in the photo, it will house a full-fledged storage system

If there is no sofa in the bedroom, then the TV can be hung from the ceiling using a special mount. The only drawback of this solution is the presence of ugly hanging wires. Therefore, consider wiring well in advance of wall and ceiling decoration. In this case, it can be hidden under the plaster or curtain panels.

Nursery interior with a window at the end of the room

A room with one window is better not to separate the cabinets and high partitions

Desk along the bedroom window

In the elongated bedroom, the furniture is placed alternately. It will be rational to put a desk or a dressing table by the window, a bed can be placed in the center, and a closet by the opposite wall

Do not heap the interior of a narrow room with multi-level drywall walls. You can equip such options with a ceiling. But the walls are better left smooth, even. Such a solution will further expand the space.

Brown table in the bedroom with white walls

Bright room in the style of Scandinavian minimalism

Colored striped bedspreads on a baby bed

Bright kids room with striped bedspreads.

Sliding doors in the bedroom interior

Bright rustic bedroom

It is better to remove heating pipes from the eyes by mounting them in a wall or floor. The fewer extra elements that catch your eye, the more the narrow room will appear.

Expanding the space

The design of a long narrow room must be given a square shape. Much more comfortable is in the bedroom of the right size. To do this, you need to equip the bedroom, namely short walls, with horizontal elements of interior decoration. They use wall-paper with drawings, patterns and patterns. Also suitable for opening the shelf.

The interior of a narrow children's room for two boys

A striped track is an easy way to visually expand a narrow room.

Single bed in the interior of a small bedroom

Vertical striped wallpaper “raises” the ceiling

Long walls are decorated with wallpapers with natural landscapes, photographs of megacities. The main idea here is to use as much of the free space of the wall as possible. A decent size drawing will visually reduce the length of the wall.

The widespread use of light shades of color perfectly affects the depth of perception of the room. Eliminate the desire to create a bright accent. He will attract strong attention, but you will lose in size.

Narrow bedroom desk

The combination of contrasting shades visually enlarge a small bedroom

Important. Glossy surfaces should be present in the decoration of flooring, walls, ceilings, as well as interior furniture. The reflecting effect will greatly expand the room. Together with clean, bright colors, the interior of a long narrow room will have a winning position.

Contrast interior design of a narrow bedroom

The combination of a white brick wall with smooth surfaces of a dark shade


White, beige and other light color schemes are selected for the floor. Finishing materials ideally serve as a laminate, ceramic tile, linoleum. Parquet is also suitable, but finding a white board is very difficult. The bed is a light brown rug. The texture of the carpet is voluminous, similar to the skin of a wild animal.

Turquoise wall in an elongated bedroom

Light flooring will make the bedroom interior softer

White bed on brown laminate floor

The room will appear wider if floorboards are placed along the smaller side

Skirting boards are required to outline the boundaries of the floor. Therefore, purchase products from natural wood, varnished. Choose a color so that it is combined with one of the elements of interior decoration. Great furniture.


Finishing short walls must be done necessarily with bright colors. Plain wallpaper or glass wallpaper will fit in well, which can later be repainted. So interior design will not bother with time. The window opening must be curtained. To do this, choose Roman or roller blinds (for more details on choosing curtains, see our article), since the head of the bed does not allow the use of long fabrics (for example, Italian, Austrian).

Large black accent wall mirror

Large mirrors contribute to a visual increase in space

Large mirrors on the wall of a narrow bedroom

Mirror surfaces should be placed on long walls.

Long walls are equipped with wallpapers of light, faded colors. In addition, the widespread use of mirrors will successfully transform the room. Consider organizing a single wall made entirely of glass panels. Choose panels of a certain format, thanks to which it will be possible to organize a relief pattern.

Narrow classic bedroom

Wall mural perspective will make the room wider

Vertical stripes on the wallpaper in the bedroom

An interesting combination of wallpapers of the same color, but with a different print

When placing a berth near a long wall, arrange the wall space with soft upholstery. Additionally, attach the sofa buttons to create a tie.


The ceiling space of a small room can be equipped with two levels. It is not necessary to make a standard perimeter rectangle. Such an arrangement will create certain frameworks that are completely unnecessary here. Instead, arrange the ceiling in two different halves. Use smooth lines. An interesting option would be the layout of the three components. At the same time, the middle part of the bedroom on the ceiling will be indicated by a certain “cavity”, which can be decorated with a different color from the rest.

Oriental style narrow bedroom design

White oriental-style bedroom ceiling vault with essentials

Large flowers on the ceiling of the bedroom

The ceiling with a 3D effect looks original

Lighting the ceiling space will give the interior lightness and airiness. A soft glow LED strip is installed in the level transition. On the edge of the transition, as well as throughout the space of the ceiling, point light sources are installed.

Video on how to visually enlarge a room using curtains

Photo: interiors of narrow bedrooms

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