Doors in the interior: the choice of color, shape and type of construction

Doors in the interior of the apartment play the same importance role as wallpaper, flooring or windows. They perform certain functions, not only protect one room from the penetration of extraneous sounds from another, but they are also part of the interior. Therefore, it is necessary to choose interior doors with special scrupulousness, taking into account every nuance.

wooden doors in room design

The idea of ​​designing a room with interior doors

bright bedroom-style doors

Interior of an apartment with interior doors

dark doors in the decor of the apartment

Solid wood interior doors in the room interior

The choice of shape, size and type of construction of interior doors

Now in stores a wide selection of doors for every taste and budget is presented. Modern technologies make it possible to produce doors of various types and designs, use various materials and a wide palette of colors to please everyone who wants to purchase not just doors, but an interior element that will harmoniously fit into the style of the room.

Type of construction







Fiberboard, particleboard, solid wood, combination: glass and wood, glass and aluminum, with decorative inserts;


Spread along the wall;

Mounted on a ceiling, floor or wall

Applicable in many styles;

Take up little space;

A wide range of materials for manufacturing;

Used as doors, wall panels;

Moisture resistant

Long service life;

Not very good protection against extraneous sounds and smells;

Most doors make noise when opening and closing.

pencil case

The canvases slide into the inside of the wall;

Mounted on the wall;

Don't take up any space


Wood, plastic, heavy paper coated with a protective layer

They are assembled in an accordion (resemble blinds);

They vary in width and number of paintings;


Affordable price;

Unobtrusive zoning of the room;


Do not take up much space;

Suitable for many styles

Short term of operation;

Not all types are moisture resistant.



Solid wood, fiberboard, plastic, veneer, MDF, glass

The most common version of the paintings;

Mounted on the walls;

There are single-leaf and bivalve;

Opens to the right, left or both sides

Best protect against noise and odors;


Suitable for any style;

Moisture resistant

Take up a lot of space



An interesting option, suitable for most styles;

Create extra storage space

They have good sound and sound insulation;


Perfectly fit into the interior of the room;

May be imperceptible (secret);

Moisture resistant

Doors interior part of the wall or a component of the interior?

The Soviet time, when all the doors were made according to one model, has already passed, and now they are gaining new functions.This part of the apartment becomes an element of the interior, gives new opportunities for the economical use of space.

A large accordion door effectively divides the room into parts, while it does not take up much space when open, due to which it is easy to operate the space of the apartment. In the same way, interior sliding doors are used.

Thanks to the unique design and execution of the door, it is possible to add the necessary elements to the apartment to complete the image. So for a room in oriental style, a sliding door decorated with Japanese or Chinese ornaments is suitable. Thus, the type, design and decoration of the door allows it to become part of the interior.

interior doors in the interior of the kitchen

Design of an apartment with wooden interior doors

interior doors in the living room decor

Interior doors in the interior

A variety of interior door design ideas

Each will have at least a few ideas about the choice of interior doors. They will be suitable or not, you can find out from the designer. He will not only advise about the proposed, but also offer many of his ideas.

Idea number 1 is, but there is no door

A wide range of interior paintings presents a wonderful opportunity to make the doors in the interior completely invisible, to become a continuation of the wall and an interesting element of decor. Options for such doors are: shelving doors, accordion, coupe.

Idea # 2 Transparent Elements

Interior doors with glass inserts not only add variety to the interior, but also give it lightness. Transparent glass makes the room lighter and more spacious, and frosted - creates a secluded atmosphere, but at the same time allows the light to wade from one room to another.

home style wooden doors

The idea of ​​designing a room with interior doors

dark doors in kitchen design

Interior of an apartment with interior doors

bright doors in the interior of the living room

Solid wood interior doors in the room interior

Idea №3 White color

White cloths can make a bright, tender and spacious room. But unlike doors made of transparent glass or with its element, white will suit absolutely any style without exception.

Idea No. 4 Art Object

The essence of the idea is that it is tight - the main element of the interior, and all other objects are just an addition, so they adapt to the style of the doors. In most cases, such an art object is custom-made and unique.

Interior doors in interiors of various styles and colors

To achieve harmony in the interior, it is necessary to select a door that will correspond to the style of the room. The fundamental role in this case is played by: design, color and shade, type of door construction.

Classic style

Doors in a classic interior are usually made of natural wood or trimmed with wood veneer. They should look solid, elegant, without any pretentiousness; decorated in a simple style and simple geometric, preferably rectangular, shape.

Typically, a classic style means light colors. Recently, however, many began to move away from the canons adopted several centuries ago. They preferred to make contrasts in the interior with the help of bright elements: pieces of furniture, lighting and door leafs, which were no exception.

wooden doors in the style of the apartment

Design of an apartment with wooden interior doors

bright doors in home design

Interior doors in the interior

Also, door panels of the classical style are characterized by:

  • paneled framing with a triangular or oval configuration often have a rounded or ornate outline;
  • natural woody colors;
  • artificial aging of the door surface: cracks, chips, scuffs, patina;
  • various inserts: decorated with carving or gilding, painted;
  • options for doors with glass inserts are possible.


This is a freer style. It is characterized by a wide range of materials and forms for the manufacture of interior doors, among them:

  • plastic;
  • glass;
  • metal.

Lacquered plastic, brushed aluminum or duralumin emphasize the contemporary style. Most of all, such materials are suitable for doors: coupe, pencil case, accordion, book, bookcase. To break away from the strict classics, you must forget about the existence of swing doors.

An interesting option would be interior doors in the Hi-tech interior made of transparent glass with a bright edging or color with drawings. They are applied to the surface using special modern technologies that guarantee a long service life of the canvas and an ideal appearance for a long time.

dark doors in the interior of the room

The idea of ​​designing a room with interior doors

interior doors in bedroom decor

Interior of an apartment with interior doors

dark house style doors

Solid wood interior doors in the room interior


Doors in the interior of this style are very similar to Hi-tech. The owners of such doors receive a stylish, multifunctional, convenient and practical interior.

Features of Art Nouveau:

  • doors are made of plastic or wood;
  • forged elements or smooth, uneven lines are present;
  • fusing - a new technology for the manufacture of stained glass (glass alloy in the oven);
  • the presence of a floral or marine motive;
  • smooth surface of the paintings.


This style is characterized by luxury and pomp. Baroque-style interior doors are arch-shaped canvases. They are decorated with floral patterns, carvings, gilding or even stained glass.

Baroque door leafs are characterized by any light shades, as dark ones make it austere, reminiscent of a classic interior.

bright doors in bedroom design

Design of an apartment with wooden interior doors

wooden doors in the interior of the room

Interior doors in the interior

English style

This is an aristocratic style. It is characterized by the presence in the interior of wood and antiquity, which looked both simple and expensive at the same time.

An ideal option would be a double-leaf massive wooden door, varnished, which creak from time to time. This returns homeowners in that aristocratic era. However, the creak can be removed at will, if this causes inconvenience. The advantage of style is a combination with many materials (stone, leather, metal and other decor items).

All this is inherent in old England, but on the contrary, more modern - lighter and lighter tones (beige, white, cream). Moreover, the colors of the paintings should be in harmony with the floor, skirting boards, walls. A more modern interpretation of the style does not affect the material from which the doors are made, they, as before, are made of solid wood. At will are painted in any color.

interior doors in the decor of the kitchen

The idea of ​​designing a room with interior doors

bright doors in the style of the apartment

Interior of an apartment with interior doors

dark doors in the design of the living room

Solid wood interior doors in the room interior

Doors wenge in the interior

An African rosewood veneer is used to create natural wenge doors. Due to the complexity of processing wood, it is coated with paint, colors of brown light and dark shades are more common, but any color of coating can be used. Wenge is a sign of luxury and very suitable for expensive interiors. It looks good both in a room with dark shades and in a room with light shades, where it stands out due to contrast.

Also on sale are imitations of the wenge structure, which can be used even in low-cost interior design options. Such imitation fits most styles due to its monophonic minimalism and moderate wood pattern.

Natural wenge interior doors are best combined with a classic aristocratic style with the presence of natural wood furniture with varnish or matte finish. Also, the choice of colors allows you to experiment and make a bright accent in the interior, for example, in the form of a burgundy color of the coating.

Imitation of wenge is often used in a minimalist modern interior, they allow you to place accents in contrasting shades.At the same time, they combine a presentable look and low cost.

interior doors in the decor of the apartment

Design of an apartment with wooden interior doors

bright doors in home decor

Interior doors in the interior

Rules for the compatibility of doors with the interior

There are many design options for door leafs, but at the same time there are several rules that must be followed so as not to overshadow the impression of the resulting interior space.

Rule number 1

Doors must match at least a few interior items in a room by color or type of material. It is the color of the canvas that plays an important role. Thanks to it, you can visually expand the space of a room or vice versa show the real dimensions of the room. However, to indicate the actual area is appropriate only if it allows it. After all, there is no point in pointing out flaws.

Rule number 2

If all the doors go into one common room, whether it is an entrance hall, a living room or a corridor, then the paintings are selected according to a single idea. It doesn’t matter what material or shape they are made of.

Each door performs its function and has its own, different from the others, characteristics, but they belong to the same style.

The height of the panels also matters, since doors of different heights destroy the harmony of the common room.

interior doors in the style of the living room

The idea of ​​designing a room with interior doors

wooden doors in the bedroom interior

Interior of an apartment with interior doors

dark style kitchen doors

Solid wood interior doors in the room interior

Rule number 3

It is most successful to fit the door into the interior with the help of a natural wood pattern and a red tint of the canvas. They go well with furniture of the same color group or with surfaces in bright colors.

Material selection and financial side

Financial opportunities are one of the main factors affecting the choice of web material. There are several types of doors made from inexpensive material.





Available in price.

They protect well from extraneous sounds.

Less prone to burning.

Pretty heavy.

Not strong enough.

Do not tolerate high humidity.


Wide range of.

Light weight.

Reasonable cost.

Carry a high level of humidity.



Environmentally friendly.

Moisture resistant.

They have good sound insulation.

More expensive than previous options

interior doors in the bedroom interior

Design of an apartment with wooden interior doors

bright doors in the living room decor

Interior doors in the interior

Each of the materials presented has its own advantages and disadvantages, in principle, like any subject. So that the insufficient width of the wallet does not affect the quality of the selected doors and does not upset them shortly after their acquisition, it is necessary to determine which room what type of door is suitable.

For example, it is not recommended to put linen from particleboard in the bathroom, most of all they will fit in the hallway or corridor, where there is no high humidity. Canvas from MDF is ideal in a nursery, bedroom or living room.

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