Ecostyle in the interior: history, photos, tips

The logical continuation of the trend of increased attention to environmental protection and their health was the use of eco-style in the interior. This style is suitable for those who want to surround themselves with coziness and comfort, while causing minimal damage to the environment.

light eco style corridor

Eco style in the interior of the room

Rich eco-design hallway

Room interior in warm colors in eco style.

Appearance story

The exact date of the appearance of eco-style can not be called, of course. It appeared relatively recently, against the background of other modern styles, adopting many of their tricks and methods. Widespread at the end of the twentieth century.

City residents, tired of urban and industrial civilization, enthusiastically began to introduce eco-style in the interiors of their homes.

bright eco room interior

Eco style room interior

The father of eco-style can rightfully be called Alvar Aalto, who built houses right on the site of growing trees, surrounding the trunk with walls. His creations are a tribute to human nature, as well as outstanding examples of a harmonious combination of comfort and environmental friendliness.

In the 80-90s of the last century, when the world community began to pay more and more attention to environmental problems, the world first heard the name "eco style". The desire to preserve the environment prompted mankind to use recycled materials for decorating apartments. So, based on modern styles and ideas about nature conservation, an eco-style arose.

beautiful eco style kitchen

Beautiful eco style room

bright eco kitchen interior

Eco style room


This style involves bright and spacious rooms. Blocking the room with furniture and dim lights is simply unacceptable. Large windows, fluorescent lamps and a minimum of furniture - this is what you need to design an eco-style room.

The main idea should always be the natural principle. Try to maximize the use of natural materials: wood, clay, brick, stones, ceramic tiles. When choosing a fabric, give preference again to natural cotton or linen.

beautiful eco room design

Beautiful eco style room

Eco-style in the interior involves unobtrusive natural colors. As a basis, you can take a universal white color and dilute it with pastel, wood and sand shades.

The decorative elements of this style are wildlife. The presence of indoor plants is an essential component of eco-style. However, this does not mean at all that the room should resemble a flower garden. One ficus or several flowers on the windowsill will be enough. A great addition to the design will be an aquarium with fish.

light eco corridor design

Light room design in eco style

rich eco style hallway

Room design in eco style

In eco-interiors, wooden furniture made of solid wood and rattan, bamboo panels and blinds, as well as rugs made of natural materials, look interesting.

Nature dictates the use of rough textures, raw fabrics. Shiny and perfectly smooth surfaces should be found here as rarely as possible.

light eco hallway interior

Eco style in the interior

Ecostyle in various rooms

Ecostyle is suitable for any room: bedroom, living room, kitchen or hallway. You can arrange in it as one room, and the entire apartment.The concept of eco-style is not as simple as it seems, and in order for the design to turn out to be professionally thought out, it is better to adhere to some rules.

rich eco style room

Bright room in eco style

beautiful eco kitchen design

Eco-friendly shower room

Eco style bedroom

  1. In the design of the ceilings, it will be better to abandon the tension and multi-level structures. This part of the room is best left as simple and light as possible.
  2. Plastered ceilings or painted in light colors will do. In eco-style it is appropriate to use decorative wooden beams.
  3. Floor choose wooden or wood-like. Leave a popular laminate for other occasions. A great addition will be woven bamboo or banana rugs, mats made of vegetable fibers.
  4. For the interiors of bedrooms, it is better to choose walls of soft pastel color, the use of cork wallpaper or wooden panels is permissible.
  5. Ecostyle in the interior involves the use of natural colors. It is advisable to focus on wood tones: green, olive and light green details will give the bedroom an atmosphere of calm and harmony.
  6. Pay special attention to windows. Ideally, designers recommend enlarging window openings, which will make the room even more spacious and bright. If this is not possible, then a great option would be to expand the windowsill. This interesting decision will create an additional resting place in the bedroom, where it will be so pleasant to read your favorite book or just look at the city spread out from below.
  7. The eco style in the interior imposes some restrictions on the choice of furniture. The abundance of plastic and metal structures will not look very appropriate, so it is advisable to minimize their use in the interior. Prefer wooden beds, wicker chairs, and rattan furniture.
  8. Textiles choose from natural materials. You can use cotton, linen or cambric fabrics of the same natural colors. The design of the curtains should not be complicated so as not to burden the room. Rolled or Roman curtains, as well as bamboo curtains, perfectly fit into the interior of the bedroom in eco-style.
bright eco interior of the corridor

Chic room in eco style

beautiful eco style room

Cozy room in eco style

Eco cuisine

The principles of decorating walls, ceiling and floor in the kitchen are the same as in the bedroom: light colors and the use of natural materials. In addition, mosaic tiles can be used for walls. For the floor, ceramic tiles are preferable, since the wooden surface is worse to clean.

  1. The working wall is often decorated with brick or glass skins.
  2. The kitchen set is certainly ordered from a tree. As working surfaces, artificial stone slabs are usually used.
  3. An important role is played by decorative interior details. Responsibly to the choice of dishes. It should be aesthetically attractive, and it is better to place it on the open shelves of cabinets, as kitchen utensils in eco-style are part of the overall design. Plants and flowers look great in porcelain vases.
bright eco corridor interior

Bright room in eco style

bright eco corridor design

Large bedroom in eco style

Living room in eco style

Ecostyle in the interior of the apartment is reflected in the design of the living room. The design of this room needs to be thought out with great care, since the living room is the central room in the house, where most often guests and family members gather.

It is very important not to cross the thin line between minimalism and asceticism. The room should be as spacious as possible, but nevertheless remain cozy and comfortable.

rich eco style cuisine

Bright room in eco style

Coziness will help to create low upholstered furniture, covered with smooth fabric, as well as decorative pillows, rugs and lamps. A variety of models and materials allows you to show your imagination here. Interesting lamps made of wood and other natural materials will add some originality to the design of the living room.

In the design of the room, it is recommended to use fresh flowers and plants, aquariums, ornaments of fabrics and wallpapers that resemble elements of nature, as well as bio-fireplaces. In addition, it is customary to use biofireplaces and large potted plants when zoning rooms, for example, to separate the kitchen from the living room in a studio apartment. Wall decoration with photo wallpapers depicting various landscapes looks interesting.

light eco hallway design

Eco-style shower room

bright eco kitchen interior

Room design in eco style

To store things in the living room, it makes sense to purchase special wicker baskets or wooden containers. Such gizmos will carry a functional load, and also fit into the interior as a decorative element that brings aesthetics to the overall design of the apartment.

A stylish solution that saves space will be sliding doors, arches, wardrobes.

Furniture is better to choose from a solid array of wood, with the most concise outlines and quality materials.

Rich eco style corridor

Eco style in the interior

beautiful eco design hallway

Chic room design in eco style

Himself a designer

To design the interior of an apartment in an eco style, it is not necessary to resort to the services of a professional designer. One has only to give vent to imagination and follow some tips.

Green as a basis

If you want to create an eco-friendly interior, then you have to arm yourself with green colors and fabrics. Having painted one of the walls in green, scattered green pillows in pillowcases made by yourself and carefully placing your favorite flowers in wooden pots on your windowsill, you are one step closer to the cherished design of the eco-style room.

bright eco style room

Eco style in room design

Stones in the decor

Pebbles brought from the sea will find application in creating an eco-friendly interior. You can use it for decoration of vases, candlesticks, photo frames and other things. If you think more broadly and are ready for a cardinal decision to create an interior in eco-style, then decorate part of the wall with natural stones, and place more stones on the floor among the plants.

rich eco kitchen interior

Large bright room in eco style

bright eco hallway design

Eco style in the interior of the room

Using photo wallpaper

Choose a wildlife landscape that you like, order wallpaper and place them on one of the walls. Such a simple technique will allow you to travel from a noisy metropolis to the ocean or even to the dense jungle.

rich eco kitchen design

Eco style in a bright room

rich eco room interior

Bright room in eco style

Eco style is harmony

The aesthetics of eco-style in the interior is not its only advantage. The design of the apartment in the eco style allows you to relax with both body and soul. It gives pleasant emotions, alienating a person from the city bustle and enveloping him with calmness and harmony with the natural world.

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