Ethnic style in the interior of a modern apartment

Among the inhabitants of modern megacities there are many lovers of exotic culture. Someone is fond of oriental dances, others with enthusiasm read Japanese poems or prepare Mexican cuisine. It is not necessary to live in a distant country to settle in according to the canons of local culture. It is easy to transform your apartment using ethnic style in the interior, even without costly overhaul. Just a few characteristic elements, furniture, lamps and textiles with folk patterns - and the house turns into a unique monastery. The designers suggest using the same techniques to emphasize their ethnicity or to tell about the roots of distant ancestors.

bright decor of the hallway in ethnic style

Design room in ethno style.

bright ethnic style living room

Ethno style dark room

How to explain the growing popularity of ethno in interior design?

The lifestyle of exotic countries is a kind of romance that distracts from everyday life. Passion for the culture of other continents often transcends all facets and becomes a new way of life. Someone changes their religion to Islam, learns Indian dances or leads an ascetic lifestyle, like Japanese samurai. But even without such extremes, the life of other peoples seems more attractive than their national environment. And ethnic design often becomes a way to get away from boring reality. People tend to think that somewhere “there” is better than “here”.

Sometimes trips to a distant country become an obsession, and with each return to the house it is filled with souvenirs characteristic of a particular culture. Relics or souvenirs from faraway Southeast Asia collected on the Black Continent can be correctly “attached” to the house by choosing an ethno-style in interior design.

beautiful ethnic style apartment design

Bright room design in ethno style

bright ethnic style bedroom interior

Unusual design of the room in ethno style

It is not necessary to draw ideas for arrangement in the cultures of distant regions. Europe also has a multinational flavor. English conservatism is not like the French Provence style or the Swiss chalet in the Alps. Even the style of the Russian hut from Siberia is noticeably different from the steppe Ukrainian hut and the Belarusian forest house.

Perhaps ethnics is the most diverse style of interiors, due to the variety of cultures that can be taken as a basis. Feng Shui adherents often equip houses in the Chinese style, with its characteristic red dragons and open fans, as in the photo.

beautiful ethnic style kitchen interior

Bright room in ethno style.

bright ethnic style corridor design

Ethnic style in the interior.

beautiful decor of the hallway in ethnic style

Ethno style living room design

Any culture with characteristic household items can inspire not only designers, but also ordinary citizens to choose an ethnic style in the interior of a small room or large house. Characteristic ethnic features are widely used in other styles:

  • colonial;
  • eclecticism;
  • Art Deco;
  • vintage
  • country;
  • eco style.

The use of natural materials, natural dyes and bright textiles typical of ethno attracts designers and their demanding clientele. Natural wood and stone, bamboo and cork came to the decoration of city apartments precisely from the natural habitat of the ancient peoples, which preserved their way of life.Today, the characteristic features of ethno in the interior on a new wave of popularity.

bright style ethnic style apartment

Ethnic style kitchen design

beautiful decor of the corridor in ethnic style

Beautiful bedroom in ethno style

Ethnic style characterization

Ethno in the interior is a mixed concept, including various styles, which came from peoples who retained their identity. Each style is recognizable, and even for an uninitiated person it is clear where typical Japanese or Scandinavian minimalism is, where is French Provence or African style. But there are common features in the design of ethnic interiors:

  • traditional furniture, dishes and textiles;
  • natural materials;
  • imitation of the typification of home;
  • recognizable archaic of nationalities and unique color;
  • reflection of the mentality of the ethnos, its religion and culture;
  • typical colors and decor;
  • the use of patterns and ornaments characteristic of a certain region.

Modern variations of traditional styles are reflected in the homes of millionaires yearning for their happy childhood, and in the apartments of intelligent citizens. The stylistics is considered quite democratic, since it copies the archaic way of life of entire nations that existed for millennia on the brink of survival.

bright ethnic style kitchen interior

Ethnic style living room design

beautiful ethnic style bedroom

Ethnic style living room design

bright style ethnic style apartment

Ethnic style in the interior of the room.

Such a design can be done with little money or built on your own tropical island luxury bungalows. It all depends on the scale with which ethnic style will be created in the interior. For the budget transformation of one living room or bedroom, it is enough to paint the walls in a characteristic color and fill the room with typical decor. Sometimes it all starts with one hookah, a favorite movie and passion for oriental dancing, but gradually the house turns into a kind of Sultan’s harem with all the surroundings.

Most often, ethnics are chosen:

  • creative personalities and “bohemia”;
  • representatives of a certain culture who do not want to assimilate in an urban environment;
  • long-distance travel lovers;
  • people whose profession is associated with frequent business trips to remote regions;
  • ethnographers (researchers of ancient cultures);
  • gravitating to exotic person;
  • lovers of warmth, comfort and inviolability of family traditions.

Ethnic style is back in fashion, and it is widely used not only for their homes. There are many amazing examples of the design of restaurants and cafes, nightclubs and shops, beauty salons and hookahs.

light ethnic style living room design

Chic bedroom in ethno style

light ethnic style bedroom

Ethnic style in the interior.

Basic design decisions

Authentic Ethnicity

The exact imitation of the culture of a certain people, as far as it is accessible by modern means. Thematic design has long been used abroad for "Russian" restaurants and Arabic dance studios. Adherents of ethnicity are not recommended to allow liberties, but to follow folk traditions in their home. It is worthwhile to study in advance what should be:

  • decoration of walls, floors and ceilings;
  • type of hearth and lamps;
  • color of textiles and carpets;
  • characteristic kitchen utensils and utensils.
bright ethnic style living room design

Design room in ethno style.

beautiful interior of the corridor in ethnic style

Bright room in ethno style.

Ethno Mix

A certain eclecticism, where decor items from different cultures are used or without a pronounced accessory. Folk motifs, such as embroidery or hand-painted ceramic dishes, were used by different peoples. A mix of different cultures was widely used in hippie culture and bohemian boudoirs of creative bohemia in the style of shabby chic. Kitsch and eclecticism today also use such tricks, and earlier the European colonists designed their hacienda.

Ethnic decor in the interior.

Focus on folk motifs. It is much easier to use individual elements, partially furniture and textiles, than to completely imitate the ancient arrangement of housing according to all the canons of a certain people. With this design, liberties are permissible, and only individual objects will emphasize the gravitation towards ethnicity.This is a budget option, in which, for example, a low table, curtains with a bamboo pattern and the characters on the walls - the choice is in favor of the Japanese style.

light ethnic style apartment decor

Beautiful design of the room in ethno style

bright style corridor in ethnic style

Ethnic style in the interior.

Typical varieties of ethnic style in the interior

The African style is the most exotic in terms of decor, but the most natural in terms of color scheme. It is black and white, terracotta and greenery, the color of desert sand and tropical flowers. For decor use imitation of zebra skins, painted batik, African masks, stuffed crocodiles, large jugs as floor vases under the peacock feather.

Japanese minimalism is a mix of modern urbanism and Asian ethnicity. These people cultivate restraint in home decoration, because there at any moment everything can wash away the tsunami. Typical low furniture and lack of beds, instead of which you can build a podium with lighting and a large modern mattress. Geisha in pictures and panels, a table for a tea ceremony, bonsai, sakura on the facade of a wardrobe, ikebana, tatami, hieroglyphs, bamboo wallpaper - a typical Japanese design.

light ethnic style bedroom design

Unusual ethnic style room design

beautiful ethnic style living room interior

Bright room in ethno style.

Chinese culture is better known to us by the rules of Feng Shui, fans, dragons, fine china, waving head statuettes of sages, paper lanterns and bright Chinese silks. All these accessories of ancient culture are appropriate in ethnic design.

Arabic or oriental ethnic style - luxury and luster, achieved mainly due to textiles, many satin pillows on a low sofa, a hookah and stained-glass windows with a characteristic pattern. Closely related to him is the Moroccan style, which absorbed the culture of the Moors and nomadic tribes. Persian carpets, fabric canopies, silver dishes and jugs with graceful handles on expensive trays are appropriate.

Indian style - the same bright colors, expensive textiles, many bright colors in vases. The imitation of this culture is figurines of elephants and many-armed gods, peacock feathers and tiger skins, portraits of Indian movie stars, a collection of tea jars. Everything that reminds a unique country can be used in the decor.

beautiful ethnic style apartment decor

Design room in ethno style.

bright ethnic style kitchen design

Ethnic style in the interior.

English conservatism is a typical European style that will never go out of style. A well-established classic with its Chesterfield leather sofas and natural wood cabinetry, multilayer curtains and knitted napkins, elegant candlesticks and family portraits in the framework.

Among the European styles, the most popular are French Provence, Swiss chalet and German Biedermeier - ethnic varieties of country. Coarse handmade furniture, simple textile in a small flower, many wildflowers and typical for the countryside drawings. Scandinavian minimalism is a restrained embodiment of the northern mentality inherited from the Varangian culture, where everything is simple, bright and comfortable.

light style hallway in ethnic style

Beautiful bright room in ethno style.

beautiful decor of the living room in ethnic style

Ethnic style in the interior of the room.

Bright interior of the corridor in ethnic style.

Beautiful design of the room in ethno style

From the American ethno we have taken root in the country style of the Wild West with its attributes of cowboy ranches, as well as drawings from wigwams from Mexicans and Indians.

The modern New York style has incorporated the good old ethnicity, the new urbanism and the loft, giving rise to eclectic fusion and contemporary music. See even more interesting ideas for the original decor of your apartment in our photo gallery.

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