Violet color in the interior - secrets of the violet world

Color is a combination of red and blue. There are many shades: purple, lilac, amethyst, plum, which have a relaxing, calming effect on the brain. Violet is a strong color, and it does not lose its “character” in combination with green, yellow or brown. It tends to absorb light and look too heavy, but if properly combined with other colors, decor and furniture, it can look elegant, stylish and unusual.

bright kitchen interior in purple

Modern design in purple.

unusual design of the living room in purple

Dark purple color in the interior

light corridor decor in purple

Beautiful bedroom interior design in purple

Secrets of the Purple World

The psychological effects of purple in a stylish interior design depend on the colors - warm (closer to red) or cold (closer to blue). For example, bluish purple can be calm and relaxing, meaning a manifestation of authority and rudeness. Red will look defiant and cheap, but it will calm the nervous system.

By the way, in Catholicism, violet is considered a sign of temperance, so all cardinals wear rings with amethysts. According to psychologists, the presence of this color in the interior of the house is inherent in artistic personalities, workers in creative professions (artists, musicians, designers). Light shades, such as orchid or heliotrope, have a therapeutic effect on the nervous system: they dull astheno-neurotic syndromes, soothe with sudden bouts of panic and fear.

Violet as a key paint for their room can choose teenagers who have not yet decided on the profession, tastes and preferences. There is also an opinion that it increases sentimentality, sensitivity, so it often becomes a favorite paint of people with an unconventional orientation. But most often purple in the interior is a stimulator of inspiration and creative thinking.

beautiful style hallway in purple

Violet color in interest

beautiful bedroom design in purple

Large kitchen in purple

The first purple strokes. How to find your option?

To understand how purple can decorate or unrecognizably change the situation in the house, you need to decide what functions the space will perform? For example, for a study and a schoolchild or student, you need to choose calm, muffled options. They should activate thinking and not suppress at the same time. These shades are: prunes, mulberries and basil. Lighter tones (light pink, lilac, iris) will incline the nervous system to sleep.

In the case of choosing paints for the bedroom, everything should be exciting to the smallest detail (if the apartment does not belong to a single old man), but just enough so that the walls do not "crush". If the owner or hostess of the room is eccentric nature, then eggplant, dark purple or plum are ideal for them. For calm, patient and sensitive individuals, purple and orchid can transform a bedroom.

unusual apartment style in purple

The combination of white and purple in the interior of the kitchen

light bedroom decor in purple

Chic room design with purple sofa

bright living room interior in purple

Violet color in the living room interior

Gold, silver, purple ... Combination with other colors

In order for the situation in the house to bring only positive emotions, it is necessary to correctly combine the tones. You can design different rooms using violet as a basis in the following variations.

Fresh plum

Basic tones: plum, lime green, pale cobalt, snow-white. This gamut will ideally transform the bedroom, living room, whose windows face the south or southeast side. To decorate the space, it is better to use a white or pale pistachio color, while one of the walls can be made a bright accent in the “lime green” version.

unusual kitchen interior in purple

Bedroom design in purple

light corridor style in purple

The combination of white and purple in the interior

Lavender in the snow

Shades: white linen, snow-white, fuchsia, French lavender, eggplant. In such a range, you can transform the kitchen, dining room and even the nursery. This is one of the most reliable color combinations, which is a sign of Provence style. The walls in such an environment need to be painted with creamy white paint or use ecru, pale pink lavender.

Retro cottage

Dominant colors: green olive, pale gold, red pomegranate, putty, plum and azure. The interior style inherent to the 40s of the 20th century can be created in modern conditions using reddish tones. Walls in this version can be painted in cream, pale blue or light gray options.

bright apartment decor in purple

Dark purple color in the interior

beautiful design of the hallway in purple

Violet color in the interior of the house

beautiful kitchen decor in purple

Light room design in purple

"Claret Bottle"

Paints used: dusty turquoise, burgundy, sulfur rose, buttermilk, charcoal and teal (bluish green). This combination “cools” the room. The best color for the walls is a dirty white.


Paints to create a bright, defiant interior: charcoal, blue ice, mustard, purple, bright olive. So that such a design does not seem vulgar, a bright "hot" indigo needs to be complemented with a delicate purple hue. The best options for the walls are white, light gray, field mustard.

Picnic by the lake

Applicable shades: foggy sky, madder rose, bright green olive, flame orange, dusty plum. The secret of the similarity of the interior with the pretty landscapes of the lakes is as follows: saturated shades look harmoniously against the background of light neutrals, wood shades and leafy greens. This style can be decorated with a balcony, a spacious loggia or a veranda. Actual backgrounds are pure white, pale gray, foggy blue.

In addition to altering the walls, ceiling, floor and doors, the purple color in the interior is used for decor - carpets, curtains, pillows and other accessories. The success of the setting will provide the option, if you use one paint in three parts. For example, walls, pillows and vases.

unusual living room style in purple

Room design in dark purple

light interior hallway in purple

Bright purple color in the interior of the room

Stylish bedroom

To create a dream bedroom, you need to think in advance about the mood that it should evoke. Stronger colors, such as eggplant and plum, stimulate the senses, arouse attention. They can be combined with extravagant fabrics - velvet, velor, jacquard. At the other end of the spectrum are more soothing and delicate colors - lilac, lavender, and pyusovy. It muffles strong emotions and helps to relax. Using the table, you can very accurately determine how the purple color in the interior sets the mood and how other colors emphasize or muffle its 17 shades.

Table 1. The combination of different shades of purple with other colors to create the decor of the bedroom.

How to combine



Perfect Fine poorly
Purple red Green turquoise Light orange, mint green Yellow, brown, beige
Plum Orange white Green, ultramarine Indigo, light green
Orchid Bright raspberry ash Red Beige, brown, plum
Bright purple Green, blue, brown Black, ashen White
Mauve Silver, beige, terracotta Orange, raspberry, red Indigo
Violet Gray yellow Turquoise, Green brown
Eggplant Black, milky white Charcoal, pale yellow Beige
Amethyst Turquoise, Pale Pink Lemon Red Crimson
Heliotrope Blue, gray, scarlet Raspberry Red Mint Fuchsia color
Indigo Ultramarine Beige Brown, white, milky Dark green, dirty yellow
Fuchsia Gray, tan, brown Lime, mint green, pale yellow White, Black, Indigo
Thistle Red, yellow, navy Orange, terracotta, fresh herbs Beige, Pink, Violet
Purple (lilac) Yellow orange Olive pink Mocha, lime
Lavender Dark brown, Pale pink, black, mocha Orange
Clove Black purple Light blue mint Blueberry blue
Magenta (purple) Light brown, pale yellow White, scarlet Beige, Ash, Charcoal
Pyusovy Dark blue, brown Brown White green
bright bedroom design in purple

Violet color in the interior of the room

beautiful apartment decor in purple

Kitchen design in purple

bright bedroom interior in purple

Violet color in the interior

Furniture in the Violet version

Cabinets, chairs and seating should be different in color from the walls and flooring. A good combination of eggplant furniture is black and white room design, silver accents on the walls. Since the violet color fluctuates between blue and red, it can have different colors - warm (purple, eggplant, violet) and cold (indigo, amethyst, lilac). Based on such a variety, you can create a beautiful picture. If the walls of the room are painted in cool shades of purple, then warm colors will help add coziness: lilac, purple, dark purple. Elegant colors of such colors: foggy orchid, black tulip and dark lavender can remove the cloying of their warm room decoration.

Table 2. Shades of purple for the interior of different rooms.




Fine Fine Not suitable
Living room Eggplant, Amethyst, Lavender Thistle, sweet, clove Magenta, indigo, purple red
Bedroom Amethyst Plum Orchid, Thistle, Carnation, Lavender Pyusovy, heliotrope
Children's room Pyusovy, lavender, mauve Fuchsia, thistle Bright purple plum
Kitchen Fuchsia, Indigo Amethyst, eggplant Purple violet red
Bathroom Fuchsia, Indigo, Clove, Magenta Violet Red, Mauve Cloves, lavender
Corridor Thistle, thistle Indigo, heliotrope Fuchsia
Cabinet Plum Orchid Violet Purple, sweet, magenta, indigo
unusual corridor design in purple

Beautiful room design in purple

bright hallway design in purple

Purple bed

Living room and violet

Modern designers share purple in many tones. To make the living room look stylish and modern, purple will help. On walls or framed by decor, it becomes a focal point. In combination with steel gray, it becomes elegant, and in tandem with orange turns the room into a corner of eclecticism. To highlight violet against the background of other colors, apply white, beige, black and gray.

The classic combination is dark indigo with gray and charcoal tone. Such a combination works for the benefit of space if large details (for example, a sofa) are eggplant-colored and the mats next to it are muted gray. Furniture in such an environment can only be light, and the textiles are decorated with patterns of lilac and fuchsian tones. Pleasant contrasts in the living room will create a combination of lilac with beige, the color of green moss.These colors can be used for wall decoration - a calm beige can be used to paint one wall, and the other three can be decorated with lilacs.

light style living room in purple

Bright kitchen in purple

bright apartment design in purple

Violet color in interior design

unusual bedroom style in purple

Bedroom design in purple

Actual bedroom

A room designed for privacy and sleep should bring a person only positive emotions. For this, purple color and fashionable decor are used. The classic-style bedroom can be decorated in this way: paint the walls with lilac paint, make the ceiling light, but not white, and cover the floor with a laminate of the same light color (for example, linden). Textiles for such a bedroom need to be selected contrasting, from dense patterned fabrics. To ensure that the situation does not seem too cloying, several pieces of furniture are painted with dark paint.

To create a warm, delicate bedroom, lighter tones are used: lilac, lavender, pusovy. Furniture of light wood, a classic metal bed with a high headboard and natural fabrics decorated with floral patterns can add even more lightness. The freshness of the setting will add contrasts. For example, blueberry and blackberry tones are complemented by snow-white, yellow or green colors.

beautiful interior of the corridor in purple

Violet color in the interior

light living room decor in purple

Purple furniture in the living room interior

Violet and the kitchen

Kitchen decoration can improve your appetite, cheer you up and inspire culinary experiments. The rich purple color can be used to create a dramatic but functional interior.

The most successful combinations:

  • lilac and lilac on the walls - gray, white, pink and black in the decor;
  • green or pale yellow walls and plum countertops;
  • light lilac walls, dark floor and fuchsia furniture.

Lilac glossy walls with light wooden furniture and steel decor will harmoniously look.

How to decorate the walls and ceiling?

Taking into account the belonging of colors to warm or cold shades, you can visually expand the space. The tricks of painting walls will help in this: for example, using plum as a base, you can decorate one wall with a lighter berry tone, and the opposite with a darker one. You can connect the space in a light pink tone. The ceiling in the interior of a bedroom, living room or nursery cannot be dark (eggplant, purple-red). In remodeling such rooms, you need to be careful - use mauve, wisteria and heliotrope for painting the ceiling.

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