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The interior of the apartment in the French style is a real find for romantics and creative natures who value convenience and dream of a cozy and stylish apartment. This style of room decoration can be completely different: from delicate and romantic Provence to exquisite classics. However, all of them are united by impeccable taste and comfort combined with moderate luxury.

light french style living room design

Bright room in french style

The origin of the design direction

The French style has evolved over the centuries. It sounds echoes of different eras of the history of France, and it reflects classic, empire, baroque and modern.

In an amazing way, French apartments are able to reflect their character, values ​​and lifestyle. The thrift of this people and respect for the traditions of their country is evidenced by the use of antiques in the decor, which succinctly fit even into the design of modern interiors.

The French are skillfully combining antique items passed down from generation to generation with modern furniture and the most advanced appliances.

If you do not have antiques, then it is not at all necessary to spend a fortune on purchases in antique shops. Flea markets are a great alternative to expensive antiques stores. If you like a creative approach, then there are many techniques of artificial aging that can be used to design various elements of the decor.

bright french style hallway decor

French style design

beautiful interior of the apartment in french style

French style room interior


The characteristic features of the apartment in the French style are elegance and light negligence. Restrained colors, elegant forms, antiquity combined with novelty and comfort put forward in the first place - this is what distinguishes such an interior.

The walls are usually decorated with bright plain wallpaper, sometimes decorated with stucco. The floors in the room are selected slightly darker than the walls. The shades should not be too different, because the French style does not accept sharp contrasts.

The most popular floors are wooden parquet floors. Special chic - antique flooring.

Textures are predominantly matte. Glossy surfaces are represented mainly by mirrors and lamps, which are usually quite a lot.

light french-style corridor decor

French style in the interior of the apartment

Much attention is paid to the details. Carved legs, gilded frames and forged elements add to the design of the room of aristocratic nobility with a touch of subtle luxury.

If you decide to decorate the living room in the French style, then the fireplace and a neat tea table will become the iconic elements that take you to a cozy apartment in the center of Paris.

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French style living room

bright French-style bedroom interior

Light french style room design

Instructions for use

This sophisticated style will appeal to creative and romantic natures with a delicate taste, as well as to everyone who appreciates aesthetics and convenience.

You can “fit” such an interior into a wide variety of rooms:

  • urban apartments with high ceilings;
  • country houses;
  • hotel rooms;
  • small cozy cafes.

The exception will be studio apartments. The French prefer a standard layout with separate rooms and corridors.

light french style bedroom interior

French style bedroom interior

Color palette

Parisian interiors are always an abundance of light and air. White color is basic in the decor of the room. Walls, floors, ceilings and furniture - everything can be snow-white, because the French believe that there is not much white. This color is quite difficult to do, so the French use its various shades:

  • pearl;
  • lactic;
  • cream;
  • pale pink;
  • light green;
  • light yellow;
  • coffee with milk.

The French style in the interior of the apartment does not imply an abundance of bright colors. They are usually used only to create accents.

Dark shades, such as brown, gray, and even black, are usually presented in the room with accessories, less often - furniture.

bright interior of the apartment in french style

Light french style design

bright french style living room decor

French style cuisine


The French style in the interior is quite moody and has a number of requirements for the layout of the apartment.

First of all, it should be standard, with separate rooms and corridors connecting them. A studio apartment is not very suitable for creating such an interior.

The French appreciate the spaciousness, so the area should be wide enough, and the windows should be large. Floor-to-ceiling windows, which are called “French” windows, fit perfectly into the living room.

Another requirement is high ceilings. A huge plus will be if they are also decorated with stucco.

beautiful french style corridor design

Exquisite French style design


Wall decoration can be both smooth and textured. It is perfectly acceptable to leave them simply white or paint them in other light shades. Such a background psychologically relaxes, expands the space, and also effectively shades the interior created around.

The French style in the interior allows for various types of wall decoration:

  • matte paint in pastel shades;
  • patterns with embossing and unusual texture (for example, vinyl or textile);
  • liquid wallpaper;
  • Venetian plaster;
  • decorative rock;
  • photo wallpaper.

A light parquet floor is a classic for the living room or bedroom. Moreover, the aged parquet looks relevant, which needs to be slightly tidied up: replace damaged boards, sanded and varnished. In the kitchen and hallway it can be replaced with glossy floor tiles or mosaics.

The ceiling can be left both white and completely simple, and work on its design. Stretch ceilings or wooden beams can take place that perfectly fit the Provence style. To design more complex interiors in a city apartment, the living room ceiling can be decorated with stucco molding from polyurethane, or a beautiful gilded chandelier can be hung in the center.

light decor in french style apartment

White design in french style

beautiful french style living room design

French style apartment design

Furniture selection

The modern French style in the interior involves a combination of old and new. That is, it is not at all necessary to buy up antique shops and force the apartment with antique furniture. It will be quite enough one item, which you can beat with completely new furniture.

For example, in the bedroom you can put a massive oak bed on bent legs, made of antique, but combine it with modern cabinets and armchairs.

The French respect themselves and their living space, so furnish an apartment with only decent things. Furniture must be of proper quality and elegant design. Curved legs and backs, soft upholstery and sophisticated shapes are what you need to focus on when choosing.

bright french style hallway interior

French style bedroom interior


This element of interior design in the French style needs to be given special attention. The French interior is distinguished by a special ability to combine various materials. The main principle remains the same - the room should look luxurious, but not pretentious, but as if they had not worked especially hard on its creation.

For the manufacture of curtains, pillows, upholstery, materials from velvet, silk, satin, organza and taffeta are used.

Fabrics choose light shades, plain or with patterns. Provence style is characterized by floral motifs.

light french-style kitchen decor

French style apartment interior

beautiful french style hallway interior

Beautiful french style living room


This sophisticated style has many interpretations, including:

  • luxurious palace style, which includes elements of baroque and empire;
  • excessive baroque style;
  • majestic empire;
  • village provence;
  • restrained Norman style

Often they are intertwined, creating unique interiors in the best traditions of France.

Some of the most popular of these styles are worth talking about in more detail.

bright decor of the apartment in french style

French style cuisine


This option is universal, suitable for both a city apartment and a suburban apartment. The classic French style is very restrained and discreet, prefers calm colors, against which the decor looks especially advantageous. Beige, pistachio, coffee, light blue and pale pink shades are widely used.

An important rule is to observe smooth transitions from one color to another. The color palette should be well thought out, and the colors should be combined with each other.

The classic French style is dominated by matte and textured surfaces, stucco decoration is welcome. A special charm to the design is given to the elements made of antique or really antique products.

light french style bedroom decor

French style in the interior of the apartment

bright french style corridor design

Bright French-style bedroom

The effect of subtle Parisian chic will help achieve light curtains from plain natural fabrics or tulle.

The following accessories will perfectly fit into the overall style:

  • DIY decorative items: embroidery; lace napkins; caskets decorated using decoupage technique;
  • mirrors and paintings in gilded frames;
  • candlesticks;
  • small bouquets in porcelain vases;
  • dishes and souvenirs.

If a classic French interior is planned in the kitchen, the best choice would be a large dining table with gracefully curved legs and a suitable set of chairs, ideally softly upholstered. The design of the kitchen set should be quite open, with shelves on which you can put beautiful dishes and figurines. Work surfaces are usually made of noble materials such as marble or granite.

beautiful french style kitchen interior

French style bedroom design

Parquet is not the most profitable solution for the kitchen, it is quite acceptable to replace it with smooth ceramic tiles. Creative nature can diversify the interior with murals with a characteristic French landscape.

The French style in the interior of the bedroom leaves the owners every right to experiment with the choice of furniture. Antique or modern objects, as well as their combinations give considerable scope for imagination. A four-poster bed with a high headboard will look especially luxurious in the bedroom.

The living room in the classic French style suggests an abundance of light and space, light colors, elegant upholstered furniture made with carving and forging elements, high-quality fabrics and materials. The highlight of the living room can be a fireplace, which will become its stylish addition, will give coziness and luxury to the environment.

beautiful french style apartment design

French style bedroom interior


Provence style is a French country, ideal for country houses, imbued with an atmosphere of calm and harmony. It will be appropriate in a city apartment. Such an interior will allow the owners to escape from the bustle of the metropolis and mentally transfer them to the French province to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

This style is simple and naive: laconic wooden furniture, floral patterns, natural fabrics and materials. However, it is difficult to call him moderate, because this variety of country style is distinguished by an abundance of decorative elements, upholstered furniture and textiles.

light french style kitchen design

Beautiful French-style bedroom

Its main features are:

  • large windows and moldings;
  • pastel colors;
  • plain plastered walls or small flower wallpaper;
  • wooden floor;
  • natural wicker furniture or solid wood furniture;
  • the effect of antiquity;
  • Decor using flowers, dishes, textiles, paintings and souvenirs.

This French style in the interior of the kitchen involves a large dining table, several small cabinets and open shelves, lined with china and pretty trinkets.

The bedroom should be airy and cozy, with light finishes, a large soft bed, large curtains and bedside tables, stuffed with flowers, caskets and books.

It is worth noting that the French country is very gentle and romantic, so it is more suitable for women's bedrooms.

beautiful french style living room interior

Light french style room design

bright interior of the corridor in french style

French style living room

Modern french style

The interior design in the French style is constantly being transformed, incorporates new trends and harmonizes them with already established traditions. Therefore, the French interior should not be associated with fashion of bygone times. His modern interpretation is very relevant now.

The modern French style is even simpler and laconic than its predecessors. Demonstration of luxury and expensive things is considered bad form. The welfare of the owners is reflected only in works of art and antiques.

The space in no case need to clutter up. The furnishings are made with ease and ease, and the furniture is arranged emphasized carelessly. A distinctive feature is the variety of chandeliers and lamps, which are arranged in different parts of the living room or bedroom.

light french style hallway interior

French style room interior

bright french style apartment design

French style living room design

Natural materials prevail here, both in decoration and furniture, as well as in decorative elements.

The French are masters of eclecticism, therefore, in a modern French style combines elements of classic, country and palace luxury.

The variety of variations of the French style allows you to fit it into a wide variety of rooms. The luxurious palace style is suitable for decorating the hall, Provence for the dining room or bedroom, and its modern version will decorate any living room or hallway.

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