Blue color in interior design

For many, blue is associated with airy expanses, sea distance. It brings calm, causes a feeling of lightness, so the interiors of the dwellings in such a palette look noble.

Blue color through the eyes of a psychologist

Psychologists consider heavenly blueness a symbol of purity of mind, the desire for spiritual perfection. They explain it simply - looking at the sky or water, a person seeks to know the secret of these depths.

Color therapy specialists apply a cold tone to bring a person who has experienced severe stress into their mental balance. He reassures, puts in order thoughts, causes a desire for reconciliation in case of conflict.

In addition, it has long been considered a sign of nobility - hence the concept of “blue blood”, which means noble origin, belonging to the upper strata of society.

Psychologists say that the blue color inspires confidence in a person who wears clothes of this tone or surrounds himself with such things. Therefore, the clothes of doctors, flight attendants are blue - it calls for trust.

beautiful apartment style in blue

Modern room design in blue

light bedroom decor in blue

Blue color in the interior design of the apartment

original interior of the living room in blue

Light interior design in blue

The look of the artist

Associated with coolness, freedom of color, designers recommend for the bedroom. It is good for relaxation, quick sleep. It is advisable to use it in a room with windows facing the south side.

In the living room it can be combined with white or pastel shades. In this case, it is better to take pale blue tones. Bright blue is recommended to combine with bright, saturated colors. Turquoise, complemented by gold trim or a chocolate shade will create a ceremonial, solemn, luxurious interior.

Designers do not recommend cold blue shades for decorating a children's room, because they have a calming effect on the child, suppressing its natural energy. However, for an overexcited child who has trouble falling asleep, such an interior can be useful. The main thing is to maintain color balance.

bright room design in blue

Flat design in blue

bright bedroom decor in blue

Blue color in the interior of the room

Blue color compatibility

What is the combination of blue in the interior, can be represented in the form of a table:

Hue of blue

What can be connected

Light blue

· Graphite, wet asphalt, steel;

Achromatic - white, black;

· Scarlet, tomato, cherry, burgundy, raspberry, marsala;

Sunny yellow;

· Orange;

· Green shades;

· Brown tones - from ivory to chocolate;

Blue (cobalt, denim);

Pink (marshmallow, neon, fuchsia).



· purple;



Saturated blue.


· White;


· Orange;

· Violet;

· Blue-green;


· Silver.

Interiors in blue tones

Blue color in its pure form is difficult to identify. As a rule, we are talking about its shades containing white, greenish, grayish notes.

beautiful room design in blue

Modern room design in blue

light apartment style in blue

Blue color in the interior design of the apartment

beautiful bedroom decor in blue

Light interior design in blue

Blue and white design

Whiteness always refreshes the basic tone, such harmony is the basis of the Mediterranean style, Provence.Often use this combination for bathrooms. White-blue water surface against the background of a clear azure sky - such associations can be inspired by this combination.

The friendship of achromatic white with the color of heaven is welcomed by designers in a spacious living room, where light colors add airiness and lightness. Bright color accents can be set using more saturated colors. They should not be many - enough pillows, wall-mounted photo frames or a blue vase on the floor.

Important: The interior in white and blue tones looks good in a small apartment where there is not enough natural light. You can complement it with fawn, light pink, milky shades.

original apartment style in blue

Flat design in blue

bright living room design in blue

Blue color in the interior of the room

Sky and sand

A turquoise hue in combination with milky, beige will form the basis of the Empire style. An additional emphasis will be gold, bronze. It can be used for decorative elements of furniture, accessories. Large wall mirrors in gilded frames, bronze or gilded candlesticks, candelabra will complement the styling.

Beige and blue, combined together, are a classic neighborhood of colors. Sand, ivory is better to take as background, and the color of the sky will be their complement.

Such a neighborhood is a good option for a living room, bedroom or nursery. As a result, it is possible to get a harmonious bright interior. The combination of cold halftones of blue and warm beige paint will visually increase the space, expanding the walls of a room in which there is not enough light.

This combination is doubtful during registration for the following reasons:

A gentle light blue color refreshes the room, but sometimes it can cause a feeling of cold, so it is important for the bedroom to choose the right shades and proportions. Even the smallest spots are visible on plain light walls, so it is better to choose wallpaper with a pattern, texture, embossing for the walls.

Important: The combination of blue with beige, dairy is ideal for a Provence style living room. Complementing the blue with delicate floral beige pattern wallpaper whitened furniture with the effect of wear, you will achieve complete harmony.

light room interior in blue color

Modern room design in blue

original bedroom interior in blue

Blue color in the interior design of the apartment

light style living room in blue

Light interior design in blue

Gray blue interior

Warm colors make the room cozy. This combination is well suited for a spacious living room, studio apartment, where many guests gather for friendly parties. This creates a relaxed atmosphere that is conducive to communication. The combination of gray and blue is often used when decorating living rooms in a "marine" Mediterranean style. Light gray goes well with various shades of blue:

  • heavenly;
  • aqua;
  • bright blue;
  • azure;
  • gray.

This combination can be used in a bedroom - it allows you to relax, sets up for rest. In the nursery, such a selection of colors will create a peaceful atmosphere.

bright decor of the apartment in blue

Flat design in blue

bright room decor in blue

Blue color in the interior of the room

Blue and brown in the interior

A harmonious combination of sky blue with chocolate shades of brown will create a bright interior in the living room, bedroom of a residential apartment, but it will look even more luxurious in the spacious room of a country mansion. To add contrast, based on the proximity of two saturated shades, the addition of a third tone will help. They can be:

  • white warm;
  • cream;
  • citric.

Blue can become the main tone for wall decoration, and it is better to choose light shades for the floor, ceiling, furniture, completing the stylization with chocolate tones - sofa upholstery, curtains. Lay out blue and cream pillows on the sofa casually, hang a photo in brown-chocolate frames on the wall.

Important: If a snow-white color is not among the selected colors, you need to avoid it when decorating the ceiling - select a shade of a different color, for example, cream.

original bedroom style in blue

Modern room design in blue

light apartment interior in blue color

Blue color in the interior design of the apartment

beautiful design of the living room in blue

Light interior design in blue

Monochrome interior

Design is called monochrome, when creating it, only one paint is used, several shades are combined. This is always a favorable combination, if you choose the right shades. For example, in a home decorated in a Mediterranean style, you can use from light blue to dark blue.

The interior will not be boring if:

  • Combine several shades of the same color to highlight functional areas, which is important in studio apartments, odnushki or large areas where zoning is necessary to achieve harmony.
  • Using different shades to create optical illusions - visually move one wall, zoom in another, change the shape of the room, hide the unevenness of the walls.
  • Combine plain and textured surfaces, combine them with patterns and ornaments.

Important: You can create more complex combinations using matte and glossy surfaces, different-textured fabrics selected from shades of similar color.

beautiful apartment design in blue

Flat design in blue

bright decor of the living room in blue

Blue color in the interior of the room

Blue interior in different styles

The first association that is called in blue is the sea. Therefore, most often light blue shades are chosen for marine designs - the Mediterranean, in particular. It is characterized by a combination of white or gray, beige, milk with different shades of blue, blue.

Something in such an interior must necessarily be striped - if not walls and upholstery of upholstered furniture, then at least sofa cushions. Walls can be monophonic, both blue and light, pastel colors. Then the furniture can be of the same shade, and bright colors are selected for curtains (double curtains combining both tones - primary and secondary) are ideal. We will place the accents in the form of paintings or photos in bright frames, a table or floor vase, sofa cushions, a rug on the floor.

Provence - gentle rustic style loves the blue color. The Provence style kitchen is tender, reminiscent of a grandmother's house in the village. A light floral pattern on wallpaper in blue tones (combinations of blue and pink or salad color are possible) can be supplemented with delicate white and blue dishes - for example, a tea set with blue flowers will look nice.

White and blue checkered or striped curtains, a bouquet of forget-me-nots will complete the stylization.

light apartment decor in blue

Modern room design in blue

original bedroom design in blue

Blue color in the interior design of the apartment

beautiful room style in blue color

Light interior design in blue

Shabby chic for a child’s girl or living room combined with a kitchen is another successful combination of delicate blue in a residential apartment. A blue sofa in the interior of shabby is a good choice for a floral-patchwork design. In this case, blue can become an additional color, if you choose beige or milky as the background. The third color is pink or light green. Thus, harmony is achieved.

For the nursery, you can choose brighter shades of blue when it comes to the room of a preschooler or primary school student. And not necessarily it will be a boy’s room. “Fairy-princess” interiors are also created with the participation of light shades of blue. In a room where childhood sets its own design rules, combinations of blue with orange and sunny are acceptable.

Pastel colors are recommended for a newborn’s room, and the proximity of blue with milk or beige is the best. You can choose this color for the design of the crib, curtains on the windows, the main thing is that it should not be bright so as not to irritate the baby.

bright interior of the living room in blue

Flat design in blue

bright room style in blue

Blue color in the interior of the room

The blue color in the interior is modernity, spaciousness and lightness. It is worth remembering that in wildlife it is found everywhere and is "friendly" with almost all colors. The best additions to blue are:

  • sand;
  • lemon yellow;
  • white;
  • golden;
  • silver.

Shades of the same color are perfectly combined with each other, for example, blue can be complemented by royal blue, and this all gives great opportunities for creativity - creating a harmonious interior is easy, as a result - you get a cozy space filled with freshness.

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