Wall decor in the living room in a modern style for a comfortable stay

The transformations in the apartment do not always complete as expected - the repair was completed with large investments, according to all zoning rules, using modern finishing materials. But the end result is not impressive - the hall is disproportionate, it looks somehow inhospitable, the atmosphere is uncomfortable and cold. In such cases, interior designers use wall decor in the living room, which is able to correct many mistakes and transform beyond recognition. To do this, you need to know some secrets shared by specialists from the capital's design bureaus.

version of the original interior design of the living room

With a flexible stone you can lay a wall in the living room

the idea of ​​brightly decorating the walls in the living room

The paintings on the background of the wooden wall look very beautiful

variant of unusual wall decoration in the living room

The picture of the city will always look beautiful

What can be changed after a quality repair or instead?

Many interiors lack a stylistic orientation, even if this is an author's design of the walls in the living room of a modern type. Often, one emphasis is enough, which will focus on the main decorative detail.

First of all, it is desirable to reorganize the situation on the principle of zoning. In the living room, the base is the reception area. Usually this is a soft corner or a block of modular furniture, which is rearranged by an island around a decorative table at the arrival of guests. Opposite the seated are:

  • plasma panel;
  • large aquarium;
  • works of modern art or antiques;
  • collection in a glass case with backlight;
  • false fireplace (perhaps a real hearth);
  • a small stage for karaoke with backstage;
  • a unit of equipment for listening to music and computer games;
  • a decorative wall in the living room, emphasizing the choice of style.
    the idea of ​​a beautiful interior decoration of the living room

    You can hang a big picture on the wall

    option for bright wall decoration in the living room

    Instead of paintings, you can hang mirror plates

  1. False fireplace.

    Each choice in itself is good, but it all depends on the furnishings of other rooms and the lifestyle of the owners. A fake fireplace is one of the varieties of the decor of the main wall, but it is used as a niche for radiators on cold winter days.

    Some families have taken root in the European tradition of hanging souvenir red socks with gifts by the fireplace for Christmas. You can hang a clock or a television panel on top of a fake fireplace on a wall with decor. Such a reorganization of the space will immediately transform the guest room, it is not necessary to wait for a holiday or other occasion.

  2. Decorative landscaping of the wall.
    The choice of finishing materials should be dictated by the feasibility of doing wall decor in the living room in a modern style with their own hands. A stone or its imitation is a great way to give originality to the setting. If this is a living room in eco-style, vertical gardening is appropriate - plants that form a green carpet are planted on one wall. Imitation of masonry is an excellent addition to living greenery, which is so lacking for residents of megacities.
  3. Back for upholstered furniture.
the idea of ​​the original interior design of the living room

Stone walls and a fireplace in the living room are a great combination

version of a beautiful interior decoration of the living room

Such wallpapers will perfectly complement the design of the living room.

the idea of ​​unusual wall decoration in the living room

The wooden wall will look very beautiful

Often after repair, the question arises - how to decorate an empty wall in the room behind the sofa? Although the attention of the guests sitting in the room was not riveted to her, but at the entrance, a gapless surface gaped in gloom. This wall can be fully decorated with original decoration or place some kind of image on it. Cozy and welcoming atmosphere will give any option:

  • modular paintings (the general image is divided into 3-5 independent blocks);
  • interior clocks corresponding to the style of the room;
  • glass shelf with an exhibition of handmade works;
  • suspended musical instrument;
  • original installation.

Art object.

The original decor of the empty wall in the living room is a niche or a dark wall, which becomes the backdrop for a work of art or an art object by modern authors. Some hobbies deserve to be put on public display.

option of beautiful wall decoration in the living room

Flexible stone is a great option for wall decoration in the living room

the idea of ​​unusual decoration of the interior of the living room

The entire living room is designed in one color scheme.

Photo as a wall decor.

Any room will be decorated with a beautiful black and white photo of one of the family members in a good perspective. It can be repeatedly enlarged and printed on a printer in fragments and glued to the wall like photowall-paper. This is a worthy solution for decorating the walls in the living room. Any silhouette photo can be used as a sketch for drawing on the wall. It is marked out in small squares and transferred to the prepared surface, without spoiling the image proportions.

option for bright wall decoration in the living room

The soft panel on the wall will look unusual

the idea of ​​a bright interior design living room

Flexible stone is perfect for wall decoration in the living room

idea of ​​original wall decoration in the living room

Stone wall perfectly complements the design of the living room

Unusual decoration - decorative panels.

Finished materials are a great way to create a visual accent. It can be a partition for zoning, an empty wall or an unused wall. Narrow panels look good to the ceiling in 2-3 rows, alternating with the main finish - wallpaper or textured plaster. They visually lengthen the walls, especially in alternation with narrow mirrors. The design of the walls involves the use of materials with an original texture or unexpected visual effect. The creativity of the facing will be emphasized by correctly selected lighting in a modern style, as in the photo.

the idea of ​​beautiful wall decoration in the living room

On all walls you can hang pictures

version of the unusual interior design of the living room

The fireplace can be overlaid with a flexible stone

Wall mural with 3D effect.

An old forgotten reception is being reborn with a new approach to decorating an empty wall in the living room. Today, the market has a huge selection of images that can be matched to any interior styling. For example, a panorama of New York or Paris will decorate an apartment in the style of a loft, urbanism or high-tech, visually expanding the space.

Textured surfaces.

When deciding how to decorate an empty wall in a living room, do not forget about the limitless possibilities of liquid wallpaper and decorative plaster. Having some skills in using a brush, spatula and roller, you can draw murals on a free wall, sculpt bas-reliefs or create an unusual texture with a screen roller. Thoughtful lighting and textiles will give a mystical or welcoming atmosphere in the house, depending on the design concept. Such an interior will definitely not be boring and dull - some of the masterpieces on the walls I want to consider for hours.

version of the original wall decoration in the living room

You can draw anything on the wall

the idea of ​​brightly decorating the living room interior

Great decor for the living room

bright interior decoration option

Such drawings on the walls will look very beautiful

Do-it-yourself decorative panel.

If there is an empty wall in a modern living room, then how to decorate it using your creative potential? There are many options, but the choice depends on the style of the interior, the degree of artistic preparation and talent for reproducing images. To learn a new way of decorating walls, you can watch a master class:

the idea of ​​a beautiful decoration of the living room interior

You can hang pictures on the wall

option for the original design of the walls in the living room

Flexible stone is perfect for wall decoration in the living room

When you do not need to decorate the walls

When choosing a decor, you need to show a sense of proportion and good taste. A lot of "ripples" tires perception. Especially you need to be restrained when choosing the decor of the walls in the living room, when upholstered furniture has a colorful upholstery. Textile with patterns requires balance, especially when the curtains are also colored. Ideally:

  • color textiles - plain smooth walls;
  • Textured finishing of vertical and horizontal surfaces involves plain upholstered furniture and a few accessories.

When there are a lot of small or similar items in the living room, this too quickly tires. In the photo - an example with a large number of pictures or pictures in the frame.

the idea of ​​the original design of the walls in the living room

Wallpaper with a stone pattern will perfectly complement the presence of a fireplace

bright interior decoration option

Wall decoration can be made from tiles

idea of ​​unusual wall decoration in the living room

Such a panel on the wall looks very expensive

Minimalism style also does not accept a large number of paintings or excessive decoration. Such a design is needed to take a break from the abundance of emotions in the environment in the house, and not to overwork from new impressions. In a small room there should be only the most necessary functional furniture.

The Japanese deny the possibility of placing different paintings in one room, they say that this is tantamount to listening to music in different styles at the same time. Japanese minimalism has many adherents all over the world, perhaps it is worth listening to their wise advice, and arranging your living room for a comfortable rest.

The basic principles of a harmonious interior:

  1. Stylish.
  2. Spectacularly.
  3. Soundly.
  4. It is comfortable.

Using appropriate stylistic decor



Modern urban styles

Wall murals with city blocks, decorative stucco with concrete and brickwork effect, plastic panels


Provence and country in a modern house

Fabric decor with floral motifs, landscape murals, still life


Fusion, eclecticism and contemporary

Modern style allowing a free choice of textures and type of lighting



Modest decor, plain walls, a minimum of images, fine texture finish


Oriental and ethnic styles

Decor with handmade fabrics and carpets, lots of pillows, intricate patterns on the walls


Neoclassicism and postmodernism

Modern interpretation of classical canons with new materials, panels, murals


Futurism and author's design

Unlimited choice of materials for wall decor, limited to 1 object

Rules for harmonious decoration of walls in the living room

Do not embody different ideas for decorating walls in the living room, the whole

Decor should be in harmony with the decoration of walls, floors and ceilings.

Repeating elements are best placed on opposing rather than adjacent walls.

The sharp contrasts should be justified by the general design concept, they are able to emphasize the sophistication of the finish and the elegance of the lines.

Furniture can merge in color with the “back” or contrast with the design of the walls in the living room.

If you have needlework skills in one of the modern techniques, put it into practice - this is the best way to create an exclusive interior.

A living room with pronounced functionality looks good:

  • home cinema;
  • the room for "gamers";
  • home office or business office;
  • billiard room;
  • fan zone for sports fans at the plasma panel;
  • greenhouse for relaxation, etc.
option for a beautiful interior design of the living room

You can hang a big picture on the wall

variant of unusual decoration of the living room interior

The black panel will perfectly complement the living room interior.

When decorating walls, you can combine different materials, but it is better when they are of the same shade and different texture.

If you make a visual emphasis on one wall or decorative partition, choose spectacular expensive materials or imitation of natural texture. This is a stone, wood, bamboo, cork leather or velor. But there must be some zest. More interesting wall decor ideas are in our photo gallery.

Video: DIY wall decor - transforming your home

50 cool photos of wall decor ideas in the living room:

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