Design a small living room - the secrets of designers

Design living room - it is always important. This is the most frequently used room, so it must be decorated with taste, while not forgetting about practicality. There is a place for imagination and creativity. Of course, if the living room is small, this somewhat limits the flight of imagination. But this characteristic can be turned into a plus.

Living room with large mirrors

The space of a small living room can be significantly expanded with large mirrors

To make a good design for a small living room, you need to know the laws and secrets of design. Today we will help you open them.

Really small living room no problem. There are many possibilities. You can easily turn the room into a cozy, gentle and warm relaxation area. At the same time, just a couple of strokes will make it a new and fresh platform for entertainment. It all depends on the right design.

Home cinema in the living room

Even in a small living room you can equip a home cinema, which can be visited not only by the owners, but also by close friends

We will reveal several secrets of success, which will become the main rules for us.

Well-chosen colors. To visually enlarge a room, you need to use light colors in combination with small interspersed with dark ones. At the same time, the latter should be placed in such a way as to shade light ones, and make the room a lot more spacious.

Active wallpaper

An active, but barely noticeable drawing on one of the walls will decorate a bright living room

Competent layout. The proper arrangement of furniture and other elements are of great importance. The main thing is not to clutter up the space with unnecessary details.

Pink pillows

The combination of bright colors and the absence of excess objects will visually increase the space of the room

Suitable style. For the design of a small living room, you should choose light and free styles that follow the laws of minimalism.

Large gray sofa

Nothing more - the inherent freedom of the young!

The right lighting. It must be remembered that light is a powerful ally, as well as an enemy. Therefore, it is important to correctly position the lamps so that they help make the room larger by shading the necessary elements.

Light in the living room

The light reflected in the mirrors increases not only the space of the room, but also its illumination

And now we will analyze the effect of these laws in practice.

Choose a color scheme

Colour takes an important place in the design interior design of a small living room. With it, you can achieve any result: lively, bright, delicate, warm, comfortable, etc.

Bright details in the interior

Bright details will enliven the interior of your room

Of course for small rooms overall dimensions are better use bright tones. They will help to make it more spacious, and give a feeling of freedom. So, popular in this case is white. It is acceptable in most modern styles, allowing it to be light and not burden premise.

Lilac pillows

Your room can be incredibly gentle and cozy, if you add lilac and light gray to white

For fans of the classics, beige is a great option. These are basic shadesoften used to design small living room.

Bright classic

Warm colors create the same warm atmosphere.

These colors can be combined with other light or dark shades. Common are gray, blue, mint, green.With their help, you will be able to diversify the room by adding a stream of freshness and cold notes to it.

Blue wall

Blue will refresh and delight

Combining the main color with pastel tones, you get a gentle and warm living room, always ready to welcome guests with open arms.

Striped armchairs in the interior

And in the afternoon, in sunlight, and in the late evening, with the flickering light of the fireplace, cosiness and warm atmosphere prevail in such a living room

Choose a style

Style design has no less important role than the choice of primary colors. For the interior of a small living room, it is better to choose light, light and airy styles that will not overload and make the room heavier. Forget about eclecticism, antique currents, Provence, country, etc. Modern directions will become the best option, as recently there has been a tendency towards simplification in design. For lovers of traditional solutions, you can find the trends of simplicity in the classics.


The most suitable option in this case. It’s not customary to upload here space superfluous details. Style slogan: simplicity and functionality. He is the embodiment of freedom.

Minimum things only necessary

Simple regular shapes, a minimum of small details, only the most necessary in this space

This current has a cold mood. Most common colors for him - white, gray, silver, blue. The basis is a combination of two colors. Blotches of dark elements are allowed.

Dark furniture

A sense of proportion with dark colors will not burden the space, but only emphasize the volume

Furniture functional and compact - ideal for small living room. All unnecessary details are excluded, only the necessary ones remain. The finishing materials are dominated by textured options: stone, plaster, etc. All decor elements are mainly composed of synthetic materials. Natural basis is found, but is used seldom.

Rational furniture

Maximum rationality with a minimum of things

High tech

Another suitable option. This style is quite common. It is mainly used for kitchen design and living room, since it is quite hard and cold in perception. It differs from the previous one by more restraint. It is characterized by sharp and precise forms, cold tones, and also supports the slogan "nothing more."

hi-tech and fire

The presence of fire will help to feel the warmth of a residential hearth in this realm of metal and cold shades.

Living room in high-tech style should be equipped with the latest technology. Here we find sliding stands for TVs, secret bars also with a sliding system, voice indicators, etc.

Even objects, as if arrived to us from the future, in the hi-tech interior look quite organic

Hi-tech is particularly restrained. Surfaces are coated with materials, hence we have a synthetic sheen. The color scheme is dominated by cold tones. Interestingly, here you can find contrasting accents on a neutral background.

Cosmic balls in the interior

You do not owe anything to anyone. If only you liked it!


If you are a fan of the classics, then there are suitable design options. interior for a small living room. It is distinguished by neutral and warm colors. A room of this type will only benefit. But the basis will have to make some changes.


The classic does not insist on many ruffles and curls. And here it is necessary to observe the measure without overloading the space

Classics maintain the priority of stability and comfort, because it is not in vain that it is an exemplary style. This means that it is characterized by a traditional arrangement of furniture (along walls), exemplary color combinations, the presence of paintings or similar decorative details is mandatory. Some postulates will have to be changed, but we leave the style the same classic, without violating the basic laws.

Natural materials

Natural materials and warm colors prevail

Here we exclude the latest technology, multifunctional furniture, cold light, LED strip as a backlight. We leave comfort by choosing a massive enough sofa, and traditional colors such as beige, brown and milky. For classics is also characteristic white, but always in gentle and soft combinations.

Panorama on the wall

Panoramic images on the wall a la “Crimea of ​​the times of Tsarist Russia” emphasize the romance and mystery of the frozen time

We highlight the main qualities of the proposed styles for a more convenient choice.

Styles general characteristics Color spectrum Furniture
Minimalism Simple and concise, practical and functional style The basis is made up of two colors used equally; prevail white, gray, blue Simple, functional and compact furniture
High tech Cold and discreet, requires an abundance of technical details and modern synthetic materials Cold and restrained combinations; one color prevails, contrasting blotches are made against its background Futuristic products with an abundance of modern additional functions
Classic Supports exemplary combinations, has a warm and soft mood Soft and gentle combinations; the most used is beige, also found white, brown and pastel colors Furniture rather massive, metal forged or carved base is welcome

Now you can easily choose the style that suits your needs. And also make some adjustments to it, knowing the basic laws of designing a small living room.

How to choose and arrange furniture

The outer shell we have done, now go to the filling. First, fill in the living room main details. The main and massive element is furniture.

Few furniture

Many things can find their place in the larger cabinets of other rooms.

Equipping small living roomPrefer compact and functional of furniture. AT the living room first you need to choose sofa, since he occupies a central position here. In this case, you can choose a large item if the style requires it (as, for example, classic). Then you have to sacrifice other elements: an armchair or a puff.

Poufs instead of chairs

In confined spaces, small poufs can easily replace bulky chairs

Now about another of furniture. Try to arrange the room at a minimum, but at the same time preserving its functionality. From shelves to the walls it is better to refuse, the same applies to the cabinets and chests of drawers. If necessary, add a chair or rocking chair. On the wall You can put a TV, or build in a fireplace.

Built-in wardrobe

Built-in furniture takes up less usable space while offering more storage space.

Choose textiles

To complete the design, you need to choose the appropriate textiles. He will make the picture complete, and the room cozy.

In modern styles, the trend towards an abundance of textiles disappears, therefore, we focus on the minimum sofas pillows, sometimes curtains. Recently, it has become more and more fashionable. use of couches pillows - and in living room you can’t do without them. But do not forget about their moderate amount. Excess will only bring harm to the appearance, functionality and complicate the cleaning.

Yellow pillows

Pillows can contrast with the main color and texture of the interior. By changing this detail, you easily control the mood of the living room

Curtains are found in both modern and classical style. For windows, it is better to choose airy and transparent tulle. They will do the room light and airy. In modern areas are used jalousie.

Roller blinds

Blinds harmoniously look not only in restrained styles. Even in a cozy room of delicate shades, they perfectly complement the interior

That's ready design of a small living room in the modern direction. Add a few elements to it that accentuate your personality, and room will become a true reflection of your inner world.

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