Interesting design ideas for the living room-bedroom 20 sq. m

Modern residential buildings mean spacious apartments with a large footage. But, there are houses of the old construction, where the quadrature is more modest. Here the only option remains to combine several residential areas. In a room of 20 meters with a competent approach, you can place a living room-bedroom.

option of bright design of the living room 20 meters

Cream color in the bedroom will fill the room with warmth and comfort

an example of a beautiful bedroom style of 20 meters

The sleeping area can be separated using a partition

An example of a bright interior living room bedroom 20 meters

The colors in the room should be harmoniously matched.


At first glance, the bedroom and living room have completely different roles. In the first, they rest, gain strength, retire, in the second, receive guests, celebrate holidays, and discuss pressing problems.

In order for the combined room not to resemble a flea market, certain rules must be followed during registration.

  • Zoning cannot be equivalent, you need to determine exactly which zone will prevail, design begins with it.
  • Despite the different functions of the connected rooms, the style should be the same, it can be a color scheme, furniture elements, patterns and ornaments.
  • It is recommended to place the sleeping area as far as possible from the entrance, prying eyes.
  • Alternatively, designers are advised to place the bedroom by the window, morning light will be a pleasant addition when waking up.
  • 20 meters is not so much for a double room, do not litter it with a large amount of furniture, interior items, free space should be a sufficient amount.
version of the unusual style of the bedroom 20 meters

Decide immediately which zone will prevail

variant of the bright interior of the living room 20 meters

Both zones should be in the same style.

When the detailed zone allocation plan is approved, it is necessary to determine what the partitions will be. Modern manufacturers offer many options: shelving, canopy, screen, partition.

Some designers like to zoning with decorative materials.


In the bedroom you can put a carpet, in the common living room - a laminate, it is more resistant to wear. If it is decided to use one type of flooring, it is recommended to lay it in different ways in each zone, or choose boards of different colors.


Most often, vertical surfaces of the room are pasted over with wallpaper, trimmed with decorative plaster. In the bedroom, you can apply wallpaper darker, with a large pattern, the living room is preferable to lighter shades.


The most popular type of ceiling decoration for living rooms is hanging, the colors of the coating are different, it all depends on the wishes of the customer. In the sleeping area, the ceiling is papered, covered with decorative plaster.

Separately, it is worth mentioning about zoning by curtains. Sewing can be from different materials, it all depends on its direct purpose. If it is a thin, transparent fabric, in addition it will become an interior decoration. Most owners use blackout curtains to insulate a bedroom. If the room is decorated in a classic style, the partition can be decorated with drapery, tassels. Modern trends recommend the use of plain curtains, you can apply a complex print or pattern to the surface.

example of a beautiful design living room bedroom 20 meters

A partition in the interior is important

an example of the unusual style of a living room bedroom 20 meters

Zoning the room can be done with curtains

option of bright design of a bedroom of 20 meters

Partitions can be decorated with flashlights, this will harmoniously complement the interior

Modern room decoration options

Even in a small room there should be free space. To achieve this, you can use compact furniture. For example, a sofa will occupy a fundamental place. It can also be used as a bed, in the daytime just sit on it, watch TV. In furniture stores you can find a large selection of sofas transforming into a bed.

Do not forget about the proper storage of things. This is a cabinet, hinged shelves, racks. If there is a need for a coffee table, a wheeled model is preferable for easier moving around the apartment.

version of the unusual interior of the living room 20 meters

Use compact furniture for maximum comfort.

An example of a bright interior of a living room of 20 meters

Instead of a partition, you can put a small cabinet

Among young designers, the installation of a berth on a niche is popular. It is not only beautiful, convenient, but also functional. Inside the niche there are boxes for storing things, other trifles. In the design itself, you can mount light bulbs for illumination. You can isolate a sleeping niche with a curtain, canopy.

Partition for zoning is of great importance. It must be remembered that if you want the classic version of brick, it will take up space, you can’t move it anymore. There are more mobile partitions made of glass, drywall.

option of light style bedrooms 20 meters

A glass partition with a blur effect is a great option

an example of a beautiful living room style of 20 meters

Separate the sleeping area with the help of sliding systems

version of the unusual interior of the living room bedroom 20 meters

Bright shades fill the room with light and visually enlarge the room

Room style selection

Even before the start of repairs and the purchase of finishing materials, the owner is determined with the style of the living room-bedroom. Upon purchase, the material of the floor, wall coverings, colors is selected.

There are many styles, the choice depends on the preferences of the owner, his lifestyle.

Classic. The choice of conservative, calm personalities. All colors are neutral, accurate lines, patterns, restrained patterns. Finishing materials, decor, all natural: stone, linen, wood. Gold embroidery can be applied to textiles. All furniture is made of noble wood.

an example of a bright style living room 20 meters

When planning your design, try to do everything in one style.

An example of a bright bedroom interior 20 meters

Most styles are suitable for the living room.

Modern. For people who prefer home comfort, tranquility, peace. This style is characterized by statuettes, floor lamps, carpet, indoor plants on the shelves. The color scheme is neutral, warm. A laminate is placed on the floor, the ceiling is finished with stucco, painted.

Loft. The most relevant style to date. The main task of the designer is to create a competent combination of a rough brick wall and upholstered furniture. You need as much free space as possible, only really necessary furniture. Primary colors: white, gray, brown, in the form of bright spots can be Bordeaux, orange. All appliances are modern, furniture elements of the most unusual and bizarre shape.

version of the unusual design of the living room bedroom 20 meters

For small rooms, modern styles are great

variant of the bright style of the bedroom 20 meters

Use bright shades, they will visually expand the room

An example of a beautiful 20 meter living room design

The combination of dark and light shades will be in harmony with the interior

High tech. A selection of ardent minimalists and pedants. In this case, cold steel shades, glass and metal prevail. The sleeping area takes a minimum number of meters, enough beds and space for things. A sofa, an ultra-modern TV with a stereo system and, if necessary, a coffee table are installed in the living room.

Country. A corner of rustic simplicity in the midst of city bustle. All furniture is made of wood, textiles with a checkered pattern, for decoration you can use ceramic products. A soft rug of a natural shade is laid on the floor.

Eco style. A distinctive feature is the use of only natural materials. The floor is decorated with wood, walls with panels or stucco. In the color scheme, natural shades are preferable: green, beige, brown, yellow. Along the perimeter you can distribute pots with plants.

example of a beautiful interior living room bedroom 20 meters

Warm shades are perfect for the sleeping area.

version of the light design of the living room bedroom 20 meters

Modern rooms are great for small rooms.

Color selection

When choosing the main color scheme of a room, it is important to consider the level of natural and artificial lighting. If the living room has a window facing the north side, warm, light shades are recommended. Each style of interior involves the use of certain colors, for example, eco requires natural shades, minimalism - white, black, beige.

A residential apartment or house is a place where a person spends a lot of time. Psychologists say that color is able to influence the psychological state of a person. For this reason, for the design of the room, you need to choose calm, pacifying shades that will be conducive to relaxation or active work. You can choose neutral tones.

an example of a beautiful bedroom design of 20 meters

Color in the interior plays an important role

option bright style living room bedroom 20 meters

For the sleeping area, warm shades are best suited.

an example of an unusual design of a living room bedroom 20 meters

Light shades visually expand the boundaries of the room


When combining several zones in one room, lighting should be given special attention. As noted above, in the bedroom, the predominance of natural light is preferable, in the living room there are many options for placing artificial light sources. With the help of lighting fixtures, it is possible to place emphasis on important areas, to hide the shortcomings of dark corners.

Most of the afternoon, evening, the family spends in the living room, so the lighting should be good. A central chandelier is suspended in the center of the zone, floor lamps and floor lamps can act as a backlight.

For the sleeping area, a lot of light is not required, it will be quite soft, muffled. Several LEDs can be mounted in the ceiling or floor. It can also be a backlight mounted at the head of the bed, a sconce, a floor lamp, an LED strip, an illuminating picture, a wall photograph.

option of a bright style living room 20 meters

There should be enough light in the rest area

option bright interior living room bedroom 20 meters

For the sleeping area, soft muted light is suitable.

Furniture selection

Now on the Internet, you can find many programs for compiling the future interior of the room, with all the necessary measurements, forms.

A room of 20 meters of oversized furniture should not have everything compact and multifunctional. Transformers “save” here. Preferred are elements that stand along the artificial partition.

In the modern living room-bedroom you can install:

  • large bed;
  • if necessary a sofa, direct models and angles are suitable for functionality;
  • 1-2 bedside tables;
  • table, better transformer;
  • closet;
  • television:
  • hanging shelves.

The smaller the standard set, the better, even one extra detail can create a feeling of crowding, clutter.

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