Hall design: interior ideas in the apartment and in the house

The living room is the most public place of the remaining rooms, its design is designed to show the preferences of the owners, as well as impress the guests. Therefore, the choice of interior design of the hall requires special attention. The design should carry both a functional and aesthetic component, help relax after a working day with your family or receive guests. A correctly selected version of the interior of the hall in the apartment will help highlight the advantages and hide the imperfections of the room.

Interior of a bright hall of a city apartment

The hall, without exaggeration, can be called the most important room in the house

Choose a style

A variety of directions allows you to get a design for every taste. For a small room, minimalism is suitable, and for some advanced owners, high-tech. But the interior of the living room in an apartment with a large area or in your own house can be decorated in a classic and on a grand scale.


The design of the hall in the classical style is clearly expressed in luxurious furnishings, decor and interior decoration. Baroque products fit well with gilded elements, flowing shapes and natural wood.

Tall windows in a classic style room

The classic interior is ideal for spacious rooms with large windows.

Every piece of decoration and decoration should emphasize luxury. Real or fake fireplace with decorative stucco, classic paintings in gilded frames. Textiles for furniture and curtains necessarily made of noble fabrics: velvet and satin for curtains; Jacquard, velor, brocade for upholstery.
A mandatory attribute is a pendant antique chandelier. Together with decorative modeling, it will add spectacularness to the room.


Unusual design decisions, asymmetric decoration and decoration options, contrasting color combinations, and the addition of elements from other styles predominate in modernity.

Art Nouveau Design

Modern perfectly combines practicality and functionality

Art Nouveau is characterized by a bias in the functionality of furniture and decor elements. The main emphasis is created by a large comfortable sofa, made in simple forms. The main features are convenience and functionality. The uniqueness of the design is given by the non-standard design of accessories and decoration.

Interior of a modern hall in modern style

Style does not like excessive decorations, but indoor plants welcome

Art Nouveau is equally suitable for spacious and small living rooms. Depending on the available space, different design tricks can be used to visually increase or decrease the space.

High tech

High-tech style is popular, especially among advanced youth. It implies the most functional use of space. In the room, you should abandon the excess decor. The use of modern smart technology is implied.

Bright hall in the style of newfangled hi-tech

Perhaps high-tech lacks soulfulness, but there is definitely nothing superfluous here

Furniture is often built-in; metal and glass are the main materials. The colors should be dominated by white, gray and black colors and their shades. Throughout the hi-tech design, the dominance of strict straight lines can be traced.

Corner gray sofa in the high-tech style hall

flooring should be monophonic, without any ornaments and patterns

High-tech will suit modern business people. Due to the optimal use of the area, it is ideal for a limited area.


The minimalist living room design is ideal for small spaces. It implies a minimum of furniture, a minimal presence of decor, proportionality in the interior, straight lines and corners, mostly light colors. All this helps to maximize the use of the area and create the effect of visual expansion of space.

The interior of the hall in the style of minimalism

Minimalism sacrifices decorativeness in favor of practicality, the result is a kind of “silent” aesthetics of forms and lines

Furniture in a minimalist living room is selected simple, geometrically correct, plain. Curtains on the windows should not stand out, so they take a few tones different from the walls. The rolled models fit well.

Dark wooden floor in the interior of the hall in the style of minimalism

Minimalism color palette - several neutral colors, mainly of natural origin

Finishing is required to be done in plain color. For this, smooth plaster, wood, wallpaper. It is not recommended to have extra jewelry. The emphasis can be made with a contrasting picture or photo.


The loft is not suitable for halls of limited volume; it requires space without extra partitions, high ceilings, large windows. The loft interior creates a cozy and comfortable attic atmosphere:

  • walls made under rough plaster or brickwork;
  • wooden beams as an element of decor;
  • wooden or laminate flooring.

Loft allows you to combine old things, furniture with new appliances. He is often chosen by creative individuals. The room must have a large soft and comfortable sofa with pillows and rugs. Paintings in modern techniques also look good. Chandeliers do not particularly fit into this style, spotlights or ordinary lamps hanging on wires are much better.

Concrete walls and gray ceiling

The loft-style room is an interior for those who keep pace with the times and follow the latest trends.

Hall with two loft windows

The style includes inconsistent, at first glance, elements

Textiles may include leather, felt, and suede. Windows need to be done as open as possible. To do this, use short curtains made of cotton or blinds.


Provence is a kind of provincial version of the classic design. It is characterized by light pastel colors, wallpaper with natural motifs, exquisite antique or aged furniture, handmade products.

Candles near a decorative fireplace in a Provence style room

Provence is similar to the classics, but differs in simplicity of scenery and provincial charm.

Light colors visually enlarge the room, so Provence is suitable for a small room. Provence creates a cozy bright atmosphere of a suburban French house by the sea. It is this atmosphere that contributes to relaxation and relaxation in the company of family or friends.

Finishing can be done with plaster, paint, imitate brick (necessarily light). Light wallpapers with floral motifs are also applicable. Natural materials are used for the floor: wood or parquet. A cheap wood-like finish can ruin a design. Furniture and decorative items can be decorated with carvings.

Wall mural on the wall of a hall in a rustic style

Style gravitates to everything natural, so there should be more natural materials

For decoration, various wicker baskets, knitted napkins or wraps are used. For curtains take a natural fabric, decorated with embroidery or pattern. The main rule for color design is to choose two or a maximum of three primary colors and most surfaces should be performed only in these colors and their shades. Family photos perfectly complement the decoration.

Hall decoration and decoration

After choosing a style, you should focus on the decoration of the hall and its subsequent decoration. It is better to entrust the complex decoration to the masters, since this is the most important part of the work. With a lack of experience or knowledge, you can easily spoil the planned decor of the living room.

Materials for wall decoration

When choosing a finish option, you first need to consider the features of the selected style.

White walls in the hall with a dark gray sofa

Light painted walls are suitable for minimalist interiors.

In addition, it is worth considering the positive and negative sides of the materials for their successful combination:

Material pros Minuses
Paint water resistant;
easy to clean;
not difficult to repaint.
high paint costs;
Wallpaper just stick on;
a large selection of colors, textures;
hide defects;
mostly inexpensive.
relatively small life time;
Decorative plaster unique look;
wear resistant coating;
hides flaws the walls;
requires additional skills or involvement of the master;
the cost of additional coating of the plaster with paint or varnish.
Tree environmental friendliness;
good sound insulation;
just clean it from dirt.
high price;
poorly tolerate humidity;
Decorative brick or stone naturalness;
looks stylish;
not afraid of moisture.
high price;
installation complexity;
Mirror surface helps visually enlarge the hall; it gets dirty quickly.
Decorating wall paintings over the sofa

It is almost impossible to do without wallpaper in classic and rustic interiors.

Floor finish

Almost any materials satisfy the floor in the hall. Here you must take into account your preferences, style features and, of course, financial opportunities.

Dark linoleum prod tree on the floor of the hall of a private house

The most budget option is linoleum, which simulates any floor covering.

The most common options for flooring:

  1. Laminate. It looks great simulating wood, in addition, it is easily and quickly mounted. However, installation requires a perfectly flat floor.
  2. Parquet. It keeps heat well and looks great, but it will come out more expensive and you will need to hire an expert.
  3. Ceramic tile. Has a good look and practicality. The disadvantages include installation complexity, cold and slippery floors.
  4. Linoleum. A small price speaks in his favor, but you should carefully choose the manufacturer, since there are a lot of low-quality products. Also easy to install.
  5. Carpet. It is very simple to install, it insulates the floor well and is relatively cheap. But it requires constant cleaning, as it collects dust very much.
  6. Bulk floor. Differs in practicality and unique design. However, it is not suitable for everyone and has a higher price.

Ceiling design

Choosing the right material will help highlight the positive aspects of the room and hide the flaws. For example, a stretch glossy ceiling is often used for a small living room because of its ability to illusorily increase the size of a room. For a large hall, multi-level structures are suitable, thanks to which you can visually divide the room into zones.

Deer horns chandelier in the interior of the hall

Much depends on the height of the ceiling, if it is low - a fairly even light coating

More expensive and technically sophisticated elements such as stucco molding and art painting will fit into a luxurious classic interior. This option is perfectly complemented by a large crystal chandelier.

Materials for the ceiling:

Material Benefits disadvantages
Drywall ecologicaly clean;
easily bends, therefore suitable for creating various curved shapes;
allows you to hide the wiring under the design, the air conditioning system.
not good for low apartments;
Tension ceiling wear resistant;
easy to clean;
also help close flaws the ceiling and communication.
high price;
requires a specialist to install;
Paint huge selection colors;
it is applied without problems;
requires a flat surface;
reinforces flaws and bumps.
Wallpaper extensive assortment;
affordable price range;
ease of sticking.
low service life;
Polystyrene tile convenient to mount;
wide range of;
affordable price;
can imitate stucco, stucco molding.
afraid of high temperature (for example, from a nearby lamp);
loses color from sunlight;
Plaster sophisticated look;
hides flaws;
an expert is required to carry out the work.
Lining Looks great in style loft;
low complexity of installation;
natural wood;
constant care is required.
Stretch glossy ceiling in the design of the hall

Height of 3 meters and above makes it possible to install multi-level structures

Furniture selection

When arranging the headset in the living room, it is important to remember one rule: do not put it around the perimeter. Despite the well-established traditions, such an arrangement will make the large room more empty, and the small one will be more constrained.

For a spacious living room, sofa and armchairs can be placed closer to the center. At the same time, it is necessary to make sure that no one is turned back to the TV if it is present in the room.

Two chandeliers with fans on the ceiling of the living room

The choice of furniture is related to the size of the hall, the number of inhabitants and their needs

In small apartments, armchairs are best placed by the windows. You can even buy a corner sofa. It has functionality and does not look large against the background of the window.

When choosing furniture, it is important to consider the style and decor of the room. So, for a classic design, a plain sofa of a simple and regular form will not work. And an old wooden set with carved legs and backs does not fit into modern or high-tech.

Features of textile design

Bright motley curtains and textiles are suitable for the living room, which will create a relaxed atmosphere for relaxation and give lightness. The type of fabric and color must comply with the rest of the decor.

Blackout curtains on the living room window

The choice of curtains is directly related to the style of the interior.

Also, when choosing a fabric, it is necessary to take into account not only the decorative function of textiles, but also the practical one. In a room that is too bright, curtains can help protect against excessive sunlight. But in a shaded apartment, more transparent curtains are needed so that there is enough light.

Bright pillows on the sofa in the hall

Bright decorative pillows always look stylish against the background of the monochrome gamut of the rest of the space

Textiles in the living room can be used to create a unique and exotic oriental decoration. For this, bright fabrics are used, which decorate not only windows, but also the ceiling and walls.

Living room in Khrushchev

Small rooms are characteristic of Khrushchev; the hall is no exception. In this case, it is better to use minimalism or hi-tech. If you have the desire and the means, you can use Provence.
The color scheme must be in light shades, so that the room looks more lighted and spacious. Furniture for the hall of Khrushchev should choose the most compact. At the same time, a folding sofa is most beneficial in terms of its functionality.

Hinged shelves on the wall of a small hall

A sofa, a pair of armchairs, a coffee table and a wall or shelves - a traditional set of furniture for the hall in Khrushchev

In the case when the layout and facilities allow, the hall can be expanded by combining with the neighboring kitchen. Thus, combining with the kitchen you can get a living room-studio. However, in this case, it is required to install a powerful hood above the stove so that smells do not spread throughout the apartment.

The interior of the hall in a private house

A huge advantage of your own large house is the ability to independently plan the size and layout of the rooms. Therefore, there is great scope for a designer fantasy flight.

Hall with beveled ceiling in a private house

Ethnic style room decoration

It is worth considering that the hall combines several practical functions:

  • place of family vacation;
  • lunch room with family or guests;
  • reception room.

Since the square gives complete freedom, the hall should be zoned for the dining part and a place to relax. This can be achieved by a small change in design, the creation of a podium, a change in lighting, or you can make a section using furniture.

Decoration of the hall of a country house in the country style

Country Hall Interior

For a spacious hall of the house, an accent item is needed that would attract attention and at the same time match the design and preferences of the owners. A large bookcase, exotic decor, a large houseplant, an exclusive painting can act as such an element.

Another advantage of a personal home is the ability to install a fireplace, which will not only create a cozy atmosphere, but will also warm everyone on long winter evenings.

Fireplace in the interior

The fireplace adds coziness and homely atmosphere to any room. A slight crackle of firewood on a cold evening cannot be compared to anything.

At the moment, there is a large assortment of fireplaces from various materials and colors. It is best to take a light shade so that it does not press on the room. A picture will ideally look above the fireplace, but on the contrary it is imperative to place a coffee table and several armchairs or a sofa.

Chic armchairs in a classic style living room

A fireplace is almost always found in classic interiors.

Installation requires some room conditions:

  • the floor must be durable;
  • area from 20 square meters.

It is for this reason that the fireplace is so rare in city apartments.

Stone fireplace in the hall of a private house

A real fireplace is quite expensive.

It is also worth paying attention to the types of fireplaces:

  1. Traditional. Needs a chimney, difficult to install in a finished room. But it gives exactly that unique feeling from smoldering firewood in the fireplace.
  2. Gas. It is easier to install, it requires gas supply. It looks identical to the standard, but the heat transfer is higher.
  3. Electric. It imitates a real fireplace and works from the outlet. But nothing can replace the open fire of firewood.
  4. False fireplace. A decorative element of the interior that imitates only the appearance. Looks good in many design options. Does not simulate fire and does not heat.

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