Living room with two windows: options for design projects

The living room occupies a central place in the house: it becomes a place of receiving guests, work or family vacations, therefore it is customary to pay maximum attention to its design. Usually there are options with one window, but if the area of ​​the room is large enough, then there may be a pair of windows that are located either on one wall or on two. Many believe that this feature of the layout is an additional difficulty in designing, however, the variety of photos of successful design decisions confirms that this opinion is erroneous. How to make such a room truly comfortable and multifunctional?

Living room with two narrow windows

Two windows in the living room make the process of interior decoration more fun, but also give reason to think

Wooden shutters on narrow windows in the hall of a private house

Windows in any room always act as the main decorative elements

Living room with two windows: main features

The design of the living room with two windows has a number of significant features that distinguish it from the standard room. These include the following:

  • Ability to use darker shades of primary colors.

    Dark upholstered sofa

    Large windows allow you to decorate the interior in dark colors, without fear of creating an unnecessarily gloomy atmosphere

  • Good lighting makes stone decoration a winning option. The cold beauty of its texture is fully revealed only where there is always a lot of sun. Ceramic tiles, dark woods and decorative bricks look unusual.
  • In the space between the window openings you can place a fireplace or its imitation, create a photo gallery of family shots, hang asymmetric bookshelves. This will create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Remember that it is this section of the wall that will attract the views of everyone who enters the room, so you need to pay special attention to its design.

    Coffee table with wooden table top

    The fireplace between the windows will look good if there is at least one meter between the openings

  • A great solution will be the abundance of mirrors and niches in the walls, this will make the space more complex and voluminous.

    Floor mirror in the interior of the living room with two windows

    The visual expansion of the space is facilitated by a mirror located between two windows

  • When placing windows in the corner of the room, try playing with different color schemes of the walls. A good choice will allow you to effectively zonate the space, but also breathe originality and freshness into the living room.
  • When decorating the ceiling, discard the usual white color. Saturated shades, stretch ceilings with photo printing will be an excellent accent in the interior of such a hall.
  • Arrange the green plants in large pots in the room. A large number of window openings and an abundance of light in combination with fresh greenery will create the effect of a summer terrace and the freshness of a country house.
  • If the frames are wooden, complement the theme with other wooden objects: ceiling beams, decorative elements, small trinkets.
Zoning the living room with the podium

In the spacious living room, the dining area and kitchen can be raised on the podium.

Glass partitions in the interior of the living room

Sliding partitions are great for zoning a room.

Placement of window openings: advantages and disadvantages

Since there are two main types of living room layout, which includes two windows, we’ll try to understand their main advantages and disadvantages.

On one wall Advantages: Only a small part of the space is lost.

The ability to turn part of the wall between the openings into a spectacular accent.

The maximum level of natural light in any weather and at any time of the day.

An ideal opportunity to use furniture corners.

On different walls Disadvantages: The amount of furniture that can be installed is less than in a single-window living room.

Finishing work and the implementation of the design project as a whole will require more financial costs.

The disadvantages for both types of placement of two windows are common, but each has its own advantages, allowing you to create a truly original design project of the room.

Living room design in a contemporary style

The contemporary design of the living room space welcomes the emphasis on functionality.

Color schemes and design of curtains

Two windows are a unique chance to show imagination and play with the possibilities offered by the use of textiles.

Combined curtains on the windows of a modern living room

Close window openings can be designed symmetrically ...

Different curtains on the tall windows of the living room

... or mirror

Attention! As if the riot of imagination does not play out, you need to remember that it is unacceptable to decorate the living room with completely different curtains or choose too dark tones that impede the free passage of sunlight.

Pink curtains with stripes on the windows of a modern living room

The color of the curtains is usually chosen to match the furniture.

So what are the possible ways to use curtains?

  1. Mirror version, in which the curtains on different windows look like a reflection of each other. Such a design solution looks more advantageous when the window openings are on different walls.
  2. Light curtains that allow maximum sunlight.
  3. The choice of fabrics of various colors, but with the same texture. With this solution, it is worth using the same decorative elements that can bind the textile composition together.
  4. If the windows are small and are located at a small distance from each other, then using the curtains you can visually combine them into one.
Small windows in a bright living room

The modern interiors perfectly fit the blinds placed directly in the window openings

Interior of a white living room without curtains on the windows

In the Scandinavian style living room, you can do without curtains at all during the day and close the windows with external roller shutters at night

Please note that asymmetric options will look good only in living rooms with modern interiors. If you are creating a classic version, it is better to stay on the same curtains or, in extreme cases, on a mirror design.

Furniture principles

The installation of massive walls or huge sofas always becomes a problem in a room with two window openings. If financial opportunities allow, it is better to choose custom-made furniture. So you can choose a headset that fits perfectly into the special layout of the room.

Sofa set with gray upholstery in the corner living room

First decide which pieces of furniture you want to see in your living room.

If the room’s space allows, you can arrange chairs and sofas right in the center, facing each other, and place a coffee table between them. Another option for placing upholstered furniture will be the installation of armchairs near the windows.

Black sofa in the middle of a spacious living room with two windows

A sofa in the center of the room is a solution not quite familiar to our country, but very interesting and functional

When the hall is small, it is better to choose compact pieces of furniture, transformers, mobile chairs and tables. Otherwise, the hall will look overloaded, even cluttered.

Yellow ceiling lights in the living room

The windows themselves form the living area, it remains only to find a decent design for each part of the room

Attention! Zoning the living room is possible with the help of furniture. Put it in functional groups, even without additional elements you will create all the necessary zones.

Fireplace between the windows in the living room

In the small living room under the symmetrically located windows you can put two chairs

Features of lighting a room with two windows

If during the day such a room is literally flooded with light, then the dark time of the day provides a chance to play plenty with electric lighting.

In the past, chandeliers installed in the central part of the ceiling and a floor lamp were considered mandatory lighting devices. Modern technology has brought innovation to design solutions.

Green sofa in a room with dark walls

One chandelier may not be enough for comfortable lighting

Using LED backlighting can serve several purposes:

  • Creating a romantic atmosphere, which is especially convenient if you are developing a design project for the living room, which also serves as a bedroom.
  • With the help of LED illumination, you can zone the room so that it fully meets your needs.
Living room ceiling with integrated lighting

A great addition to the chandeliers will be LED lighting, hidden behind the ledges of a two-level ceiling

Attention! If dark shades are chosen for decoration, it is worth taking special care of additional lighting, so that in the evening and night hours in the living room it was as comfortable to spend time as during the day.

Decorative lamps in a living room with two windows

Wall lights add coziness and warmth to the room

The nuances of the interior with two windows in a private house

It is in a private house that there are rooms with two windows, while most of the principles of design of premises with two windows are the same for apartments and for suburban real estate.

Colorful curtains of light fabric on the windows of the living room

Classic style private house living room

Nevertheless, there are a number of features that will help create a more interesting interior than in a city apartment:

  1. Beautiful view from the window: it can be a rose garden carefully grown by your hands, a picturesque river or a secluded pond, deciduous forest. All the romance and grandeur of the surrounding landscape can be entered into the interior, if instead of heavy curtains choose light curtains.
  2. If for a city apartment the choice of a fireplace as an element of decoration still remains an exceptional matter, then its presence in a country house has not only a decorative purpose, but also a functional one. In a living room with two windows, a fireplace can become the central focus of the whole composition.
Living room interior of a private house with french windows

The effect of “entering” the garden or flower garden into the house is facilitated by sliding curtains on French windows made to the floor surface

Corner Room Design

Windows in the corner of the room with a skillful approach can be the highlight of the whole interior.

Corner chest of drawers between two windows of the living room

Decorative decoration of the corner between adjacent walls is a great idea for the interior of the living room

Design examples:

  • Arrange upholstered furniture in the corner, create a cozy relaxation area for the whole family.
  • If the window openings are large, then you have ideal conditions for choosing a minimalist direction in design. Curtains or blinds will help regulate the lighting.
  • Place in the corner a small ottoman or light pillows for sitting, then almost nothing will block the access of natural light.
  • If the living room serves as an office at the same time, you can make a workplace in the corner. This solution will achieve the optimum degree of illumination.
  • If the view from the window allows, you can use panoramic glazing. So your hall will turn into a ship, slowly sailing through the urban environment.
  • With a small area of ​​the hall, place small armchairs near the corner windows, and you can combine them with a table on high bent legs with a table lamp or an elegant floor lamp. Create the perfect reading corner at any time of the day.
Design a corner living room with elements of Japanese style

The smaller the area of ​​the room, the less should be the number of accessories and decorations

Two leather chairs in front of the windows in the corner of the living room

Minimalist living room interior

Two windows in the living room can be perceived as a difficulty, but you can also consider it a challenge, accepting which, you will make an amazing, comfortable room, pierced by the rays of the warm sun.Competent arrangement of furniture and accents, a successful finish, the right selection of decorative elements will help create an original composition that serves as an inspiration to all family members and evokes genuine delight of guests.

Video: design of curtains on two windows with a wall

Photo: living room interiors with two windows

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