Interior design in beige shades

The drawing room is a room in which people are accustomed to gather in a large friendly circle. Here it is customary to dine at wide tables, discuss pressing issues, and simply go about their business in solitude. Therefore, the design of this room should be approached with special trepidation. Now there are many different ways of decorating the elements of interior decoration, characterized by an abundance of flashy colors. But what if we pay attention to calmer shades? The interior of the living room in beige tones can perfectly transform the room of the entire apartment or country house. These rooms have a relaxed atmosphere.

Small living room with beige walls

Beige shades soothe the nervous system and take you away from the city

Beige brick wall in a modern living room

The fashion for beige interiors either leaves, then returns again, offering new design solutions

Beige advantages

Beige is a unique shade. There are a lot of variations of its shades. This color can include:

  • pale beige;
  • light brown;
  • linen;
  • coral beige;
  • light beige;
  • olive beige.

If you look at the entire palette of beige shades presented, it becomes clear that there are more than a dozen options. The excellent compatibility of this shade with almost all the others makes it possible to arrange the interior of the living room with numerous options.

Interior of a living room of a panel house in beige color

Beige color contributes to a visual increase in the size of the living room

Beige living room interior with panoramic window

Cool beige feels comfortable in bright sunshine and does not create “stuffiness”

Bright, clean rooms, well-lit by the rays of the sun, will create a cozy atmosphere that allows you to relax from the daily bustle, gain strength for new achievements. These colors are very comfortable. Thanks to the use of beige colors, you can change the interior design over time, if the old one is already pretty tired. To do this, simply replace the old furniture with new, or buy contrasting accents.

The use of light colors allows you to finish the room in a modern classic style. This direction is characterized by the amazing beauty of all elements, from interior decoration, ending with upholstered furniture and small decorative things.

Interior of a classic living room in shades of beige

Beautiful calm classic with rich furniture

Leather sofa in the living room with beige walls

A classic interior built in a stylish combination of beige and dark brown

Using accents in a beige living room is highly appropriate. To do this, for example, custom lighting is used, sofa textiles. If we approach the issue of accentuating arrangement more broadly, we can consider the architectural composition with a fireplace topped with majestic columns of the Doric order.

Art Nouveau accepts light tones of decoration. The hall, equipped according to this principle, will be distinguished by unusualness, unique structure, rich decoration. The use of light and dark tones of the living room interior allows you to combine the interior space. Do not give preference to any one option. The best idea would be to alternate the shades according to the zebra principle. So, the atmosphere of the hall will not bother you and get bored quickly.

Art Nouveau living room design with black chandeliers

The combined upholstery of upholstered furniture looks stylish, and small black objects are suitable as accessories

Beige is the privilege of the aristocracy.The rich interior of the noble houses owes this particular color. At the same time, a unique atmosphere is created, which makes it possible to fully feel the person belonging to it in the royal belonging of the room.

The interior of an elongated living room in the style of modern Art Nouveau

For decorating walls and ceilings, moldings, moldings or wooden panels are used.

Pink Peach Hall

The living room decorated with peach tones looks very nice and cozy. A gentle shade will bring purity, ease to the interior. Being in such a room is always a pleasure.

The flooring is covered with a laminate decorated in natural wood. The central zone must be distinguished by a white carpet, on which a coffee table is harmoniously located.

Living room interior with arched windows and peach walls

Such an interior is a source of harmony, peace and good mood.

Walls are best finished with pale pink paint. The matte effect will be a great addition to the space. The architectural composition containing elements of Greek and Roman structures will look original. An arched passage instead of a door will visually increase the space of the room. The longest wall is equipped with beautiful columns. In this case, you can select the area of ​​the TV. For this, the equipment is hung on a wall partition. Part of the wall remains of ordinary performance. Another section is finished with drywall, thanks to which you can equip an interesting composition of open shelves and columns. A semicircular arch is made above the TV, the niche of which is complemented by neon lights. Choose the matching color of the glow lamps. In our case, red is perfect.

Pink color in the interior of the living room

Pink paint can be used to highlight an accent wall.

The ceiling is a continuation of the architecture of the entire hall. Therefore, it is advisable to perform with elements of ancient Greek culture. Wide baguettes, a two-level ceiling with framing of the perimeter with patterns allow you to completely transform the ordinary interior into royal halls.

Window textiles should be combined with rich finishes. To do this, choose Italian curtains. Their distinguishing feature is the presence of noble folds that create an amazing atmosphere of deliberate luxury. The curtain is selected from a transparent tulle matte texture. Drapes combine a light beige, almost golden range. The fabric can be either very dense, for example, satin, or translucent - cotton, linen.

It is not necessary to decorate the curtains with small decorative elements. It will be enough to surround the curtains with brown grabs. The resulting arched folds will perfectly complement the room space.

Beige curtains in the living room with corner sofa

Beige curtains complement the interior made in pastel shades.

If the size of the hall allows, then one of the walls is decorated with mirror decorative panels made of organic glass. The format is best to choose a large size. Gold painting on the surface of the mirror will be a good accent.

Upholstered furniture is acquired light, fully upholstered in textiles. As accent elements, you can make sofa cushions. Decorative items can be bought at any furniture store. All kinds of paintings, bright colors, as well as intricate patterns on the pillows - this is what you need to pay attention to.

Living room with peach curtains and a modular picture.

Peach-colored curtains will successfully fit into the monochrome interior of a beige living room

Pink armchair in a minimalist style living room

The combination of beige and peach colors is ideal for a minimalist interior.

A cupboard or sideboard of the Provence style, with its characteristic whitewashed wood and inlaid gilding, is the best solution for a beige living room. If the apartment has a studio layout, then there is a need to combine a room for receiving guests, as well as a bed. This shortcoming easily turns into a virtue, thanks to the zonal delimitation. A double bed should be placed behind a screen (canopy).The architectural features of this solution are the allocation of a relaxation area on the ceiling, as well as framing the space with textiles. Using thick fabric will allow you to successfully hide the sleeping bed from the eyes of your guests.

Rustic living room design

Beige living room in Provence style.

Modern style

The beige living room, made in a modern stylistic design, looks very beautiful. Such a space is distinguished by luxury, lightness and comfort.

Painting with tigers over a sofa in a beige living room

The idea of ​​decorating a modern living room in beige tones.

Decorating black and white photographs of the wall above the sofa

Black frames look cool on a beige wall

The flooring is covered with ceramic tiles of glossy texture. In order to remove the cold effect of the floor, a dark gray carpet with white scuffs spreads on it. A coffee table is a must. Its surface should also have a glossy texture, so as not to stand out from the general style idea.

From upholstered furniture, a folding sofa is purchased here in case of the visit of distant relatives. Cushions alternate with light and dark colors. Wooden elements may be completely absent, as the modern style accepts such a solution.

Brown furniture in a modern living room

The best combination is beige and brown. Beige runs as a base, and brown details create the desired contrasting combination.

Brown wall in a beige living room interior

In any case, there should be more beige than darker shades.

The ceiling is finished with ordinary gypsum or acrylic plaster. The latter allows you to achieve a smooth, uniform surface texture, due to its structure. Additionally, to create a "heavenly" effect, a small depression is made in the corners of the walls and ceiling in which the LED strip is mounted.

LED ceiling lighting in a modern living room

In a plain interior, a game of textures and accessories of an interesting form should be present

Walls will be the main focus. The television area stands out with dark brown wallpaper. To do this, glue two strips of wallpaper. A niche is pre-cut in the middle, which is framed by a wooden frame decorated with carved parts. The frame is covered with white paint. In the center, as it has already become clear, the TV is located. In order to enter such a decorative solution more harmoniously, the same diode tape is used, which is installed under the frame around the perimeter.


The rich interior of Art Nouveau is able to surprise the most sophisticated connoisseurs of design art. The beige color allows you to fully express the character of the spacious hall.

The floor is covered with parquet, which is bought with a complex, combined pattern. Cabinetmakers lay it out. The shade is necessarily light, reflecting the unique, noble structure of wood.

Golden Art Nouveau Living Room Decor

In the Art Nouveau color palette, “flashy” combinations are not allowed

Beige sofa in a white living room

Soft natural shades of beige, white, mustard and light brown are recommended.

The picture on the wall of the living room with beige wallpaper

Sometimes beige wallpapers look much more interesting than colored canvases.

The walls have a sophisticated architectural finish. Wallpaper alone is not enough. To zonally delimit the wall space, inserts are made that mimic the columns. Traditionally, the television area gets off in this manner. Wallpaper is selected beige and golden hue. Patterned paintings expressing flashy wealth will be very appropriate here.

Ceiling baguettes are bought too wide format. Be sure to have gilded elements on them. The ceiling itself is composed of two levels. The central part is recessed. The perimeter is protruding, massive, reflecting the hall belonging to the exclusive Modern.

A comfortable armchair in front of the fireplace in the Art Nouveau living room

In the modern style living room, a fireplace is quite appropriate

Zoning a living room with a sofa

Solid beige interior can be diluted with bright accessories

Living room with parquet and fireplace with black trim

An original solution - the use of golden pillows of an original form as bright decorating elements

Window textiles of Italian design will become the crown of deliberate luxury. The golden beige color of the lambrequins is nobly combined with the burgundy range of porters.The curtain composition is complemented by a translucent curtain.

Combine all sorts of colors. Milk-beige, olive-beige, as well as gray-beige. With an extraordinary approach, due zeal and a small amount of creative skill, you will be able to organize an unusual living room interior. Surprise others, and be surprised yourself.

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