How to decorate the living room in a country house

In times of growing megacities, more and more people tend to spend their free time away from noise, dust, stress. Unity with nature can give citizens a sense of calm and harmony. That is why buying houses outside the city is becoming increasingly popular.

Interior of a country house living room with fireplace

Every little thing needs to be thought out so that the living room looks beautiful and original.

When creating a design project for a country house, most attention is paid to the living room. This is not surprising, because the living room is the place where the whole family gathers, where friends, acquaintances, guests come. The design ideas of the living room of a country house differ depending on the personal preferences of the owners, the project of the house, and the planned budget.

What decorative material is better to use

A country house is a place where the owners come to relax, enjoy communication with nature, and be alone with themselves. For this reason, designers recommend using natural materials for home decoration.

Fireplace with artificial stone cladding in the living room of a country house

Wood, stone and brick - the best materials for decorating the living room of a country house

Recreation area in the living room of a country house

It is better to abandon plastic and synthetics, because a country house is needed in the first place in order to be closer to nature

Ideal for arranging the main room wood, stone, bamboo, rattan and others. Designers recommend using parquet or stone as a flooring, and the most popular type of ceiling finish is undoubtedly a stretch ceiling.

Living room furniture

Conventionally, the hall is divided into two zones: a fireplace and a relaxation area. An obligatory element of the recreation area is upholstered comfortable furniture: chairs, sofas, couches, poufs.

Bright living room interior with white ceiling

A comfortable stay in the living room depends on the beauty and convenience of upholstered furniture

Spacious sofa with black upholstery

Spacious sofa and armchairs, coffee table - the minimum set for a cozy interior

Particular attention must be paid to the size of the sofa so that it can accommodate all members of the family, and everyone feels cozy and comfortable. Placing a coffee table not only gives the room comfort, but also is a convenient and functional solution.

Fireplace as an element of a modern living room

The interior of the living room for many is associated with a fireplace - a source of warmth and comfort of any room. When decorating a fireplace in a country house, natural stone is most often used, which emphasizes the connection with nature. If the living room is made in the classical style, then columns and gilded elements can be used for decoration.

Living room of a country house with a real fireplace

The fireplace is the main element of the living room, the highlight of the whole created design

Cozy atmosphere in the living room with fireplace

It’s nice to sit by the fire with aromatic herbal tea and spend time reading or having a conversation

Modern style allows decoration with glass or mirrors. The floor in front of the fireplace is better to lay out fire-resistant material: stone or tile. This will prevent fire from sparks or coal while using the fireplace.

Living room with staircase

If a country house has two or more levels, then, as a rule, a staircase leading to the second floor is located in the living room. This must be taken into account when planning the interior. The location in the lobby of the stairs means that the room will be a passage, which means that it is better to leave as much space as possible for free movement around the room. A wooden staircase fits harmoniously into the interior of a country house, however, when choosing a material, it is necessary, first of all, to take into account the style of the room.

The interior of the living room in the log house

Massive wooden staircase fits perfectly into the design of a log house

Beautiful staircase in the living room of a private house

More elegant designs are suitable for a modern interior

Interior Design Rules

When preparing a project for a country house, designers take into account not only the preferences of customers, but also certain rules. Although there are many more, four fundamental rules can be distinguished:

  1. A harmonious interior in a country house is easier to create in a proportional room.
  2. During the design of the living room, you can achieve a visual increase or decrease in the room.
  3. It is recommended to include a semantic center in the interior of the hall. It can be a fireplace, a library, a large TV.
  4. Particular attention must be paid to the selection of high-quality and comfortable furniture.
Design of a white living room in a modern style

It is important to find the focal point from which the room’s interior will repel

Country in a modern living room

A characteristic feature of country is the use of natural materials with minimal processing. Stone can decorate a fireplace, walls or their individual elements. Perfectly combines stone with wood. Wooden in a country house can be a ceiling, furniture, floor or decoration - the field for imagination is not limited.

Light curtains on the windows of the living room of a country house

Country-style furnishings for easy family-friendly communication

Many decorative pillows on sofas in the living room

Designer pillows, tablecloths and colorful curtains are an integral part of country

Eclectic living room

Eclecticism is a mixture of different styles in the interior of one room. Due to the fact that the living room in a country house is usually quite spacious, it is an ideal place for the designer’s imagination to fly. This style is suitable for lovers to travel and bring souvenirs from distant lands. The eclectic living room can harmoniously “get along” with antiques, modern elements, artisans and technological innovations.

Eclectic-style country house living room interior

Combining incongruous - the main idea of ​​the interior in the eclectic style

Vase with white tulips on a coffee table

Eclectic style walls and ceiling with soothing colors

Minimalism as a way of organizing living space

Minimalism is a type of modern design and seeks to use a minimal amount of decor, simplify the environment and prioritize the use of functional things. Simplicity and conciseness in every detail, practicality and rationality of furniture - all these are the main features that are inherent in minimalism. The minimalist living room has everything you need, but it is not overloaded with details.

Minimalist living room design

Minimalism is characterized by the complete absence of extra decorations and fancy ornaments.

Panoramic window with sea view in the living room of a private house

Only the most essential items with maximum functionality

Rustic living room

Making a room in a rustic style, it is necessary to abandon the frills and allow the presence of a certain uncouthness in the interior. It is possible to use coarse elements from natural materials: wooden beams, strong slightly rude furniture. Decorative elements should be simple and demonstrate the natural color and texture of the material. Very handy will be the original elements of rural flavor.

Rustic country house living room decoration

The rustic style is simple and natural materials.

Leather chairs in front of a fireplace in a country house

The interior welcomes some uncouthness

Eco style living room decoration

The eco style has inherent specific features that must be considered when designing a room:

  • an integral element is considered to be a large number of living plants;
  • allowed the use of photo wallpapers depicting juicy greens;
  • the use of bright colors is encouraged;
  • as a decor, it is recommended to use products made from natural materials;
  • special attention must be paid to the natural lighting of the room.
Eco-style corner sofa

When designing an interior in an eco-style, natural shades are used - sand, earth, white, grass or conifer

Green mural on the living room wall in eco-style

Natural materials or high-quality imitations are suitable for decoration.

The design of the kitchen-living room in a country house

Until recently, the use of a kitchen-studio, that is, the combination of a kitchen and a living room, was practiced only in city apartments. However, in our time, this solution is becoming more and more popular, and its use has spread to suburban homes.

You can decorate the kitchen-living room in any style: from classic and modern to high-tech - it all depends solely on the preferences of the owner of the house.

The design of the kitchen-living room in the classic style

Luxurious classic-style kitchen-living room

Design of a large kitchen-living room in modern style

Spacious Art Nouveau kitchen-living room

To harmoniously divide the room into functional zones, you can resort to some design tricks:

  1. Visually dividing a room into zones can be done using different types of flooring: there can be tiles on the kitchen floor, and laminate or parquet in the recreation area.
  2. You can use a design element such as a bar counter, which is also very practical and functional.
  3. The use of ceiling finishes and lighting for zoning the room. There is no need for bright lighting in the recreation area, while in the kitchen you need to use bright lamps and maximize the penetration of natural light into the room.
  4. The use of arches and mobile structures, which include screens and partitions.

In the recreation area, you can put a TV and home theater for sharing your favorite movies. The main element of the dining area is a table, the dimensions of which should depend on the area of ​​the room. Around him you can arrange beautiful chairs.

Design of a modern kitchen-living room in a country house

Design a high-tech lounge area

Design kitchen-living room in pop art style.

Trendy pop art style interior.

An original solution is to arrange a small stage for family improvisations, concerts and entertainment. Armchairs and a sofa should be placed around the stage to accommodate spectators. If family members play musical instruments, they must also be placed close to the stage.

Spending time outside the city with your family is an opportunity to relax and unwind away from everyday problems. That is why it is so important to organize the space in the living room of a country house in such a way that everyone feels cozy and comfortable.

Interior of a country house living room with panoramic windows

Panoramic windows will give an overview of the beautiful forest or village landscapes

Video: kitchen-living room in a wooden house

Photo ideas for finding your own living room decor

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