Minimalism style living room interior and design.

Minimalism style involves interior decoration without unnecessary details. Living room in the style of minimalism - a small number of objects, clarity of forms, apparent simplicity. It is believed that this finish is more suitable for office space, but minimalism is inherent in comfort and modern design. This fits perfectly into an apartment of any layout and size. And the functionality of each item frees the room from unnecessary and creates airiness. Despite the apparent lightness, to create such an interior, you need to have a taste and sense of proportion.

Minimalism style living room interior and design.

Interior design living room without unnecessary details

What is typical for a minimalist interior

  • In this style, it is better to arrange a free room without partitions, with enough light. If there is not enough natural lighting, artificial, preferably multi-level, is used. Windows are preferably left open. For this purpose blinds are well suited. The amount of light in the room is increased by adding mirrors that optically expand the space.

    Stylish living room in white and orange

    Living room design in white and orange

  • The space is divided into zones: working area, relaxation area, guest area. But this division is conditional, without the construction of drywall structures in the living room.
  • The main color scheme is the contrast of black and white in various variations. Most often, this is a light background (walls, ceiling) and dark accents (furniture, appliances). Dilution of the interior with brick and steel shades is allowed. A small amount of green plants may be present in the living room, making it more comfortable and adding a bright accent.

    Original living room in stylish colors

    Living room in bright colors

  • Important feature for minimalism is the almost complete lack of decor of window openings, ceilings and doors. Avoid massive chandeliers, elaborate curtains. Shapes should be clear, without rounded corners.
  • For decoration traditionally use natural materials and their imitation: stone, ebony, leather. This makes space close to nature.
  • The less furniture and the more free space left in the living room, the better. You can beat a simple interior with the help of texture materials, rich colors, and interesting designs. The design of walls, floors and ceilings, furniture and decorative elements should be in harmony with each other and not be out of the general concept.

    Minimalist style for the living room in white.

    Minimalist white living room

Gender: Restrained Nobleness

The best option would be a coating of wood or synthetic materials under the tree with the most smooth and even surface. On this floor you can lay a small carpet of light shade with a long pile to add softness and comfort to the room. The bulk floor can become the main accent of the living room due to its mirror surface.

Minimalism style living room with bright accents

Strict minimalist living room

Walls: Monochrome

Light color is preferred; use more than three colors. The best materials for decoration will be wood, stone, decorative plaster. You can use wallpaper, such as wallpaper for painting or cork. They do not have a picture and serve as a backdrop for decoration.Ornaments and flowers on the walls will negate the whole impression of minimalism. Walls should be the backdrop for abstract paintings and decorative lamps.
Ceiling: light and modesty

Stylish living room design in white.

Living room design in white

The main thing is to achieve a smooth smooth surface. A plain white even ceiling that will show an interesting futuristic chandelier is quite suitable.

A good option would be a stretch ceiling: matt or glossy white. Compliance with these recommendations will help to create a ceiling that seems to dissolve in air and not get out of the general design.

Spacious minimalist living room

Spacious living room interior with minimal decor.

Furniture: less is better

Furniture should not be much, but it should attract attention. Strict geometry, bright dark color are welcome. Items should be comfortable and functional. Tables with a glass surface, storage systems with a large number of cells and flat facades will fit perfectly into such a living room. Low furniture looks good, leaving even more free space.

Practical minimalist living room furniture

Functional furniture in the living room

Furniture in the interior of the living room in the style of minimalism

The interior of a large living room in the style of minimalism

Corner sofa will be a wonderful functional items for the living room in the style of minimalism. Embedded designs, flat-wall TVs are welcome. Matte glass, aluminum and bamboo items can be an interesting accent.

White sofa for a simple and seasoned living room

Strict style of modern living room

Textiles for ascetics

To soften the interior, decorate the windows with an organza of white or milky hue;
It is better to refuse to use tablecloths, napkins and bedspreads. Although stylish minimalist furniture covers will make the interior more harmonious.
If you want to dilute the interior with color, then lay on the sofa square pillows of bright, even acid colors. This reception will immediately enliven the living room.

Weathered minimalist living room decor

Interior of a large living room with minimal decor

The principles of placing decorative elements in minimalism

It is difficult to imagine the space where a person lives without the necessary and pleasant things. Abstract paintings in black frames or black and white photographs fit well into this interior.

Minimalism living room decor

Minimalism living room decoration

A wall clock looks beautiful and functional without unnecessary details, for example, plastic white with black or steel numbers and arrows. Only geometric vases and ceramics reinforce the impression of style.

Minimalism style living room option

The idea of ​​the interior of a stylish living room

Minimalism includes several areas. For example, high-tech style. It is also based on the lack of piling up in the interior, but the room is more futuristic. In this design direction, a lot of metal and plastic is used. The game of contrasts is actively used: black and white background and bright neon objects. Hi-tech has a lot of glossy facades, highlights, reflections. The main idea of ​​style is the amount of convenient and functional things necessary for life.

Simple living room with minimalist décor

Simple living room decor

A new fashion trend - the design of the living room in the style of eco-minimalism

Minimalism modern style for living room.

Modern living room in an original style

The task of this direction is to give a resident of the metropolis a breath of fresh air. Living rooms decorated in this way resemble pictures from the future: clear smooth forms, natural tones, unusual, fantastic objects. Eco-minimalism is contrary to everything artificial. The design uses natural materials and their imitation. The color palette, except for black and white, is necessarily diluted with beige, sand, brown shades with the addition of green and gray.

The idea of ​​a modern living room in the style of minimalism

Bright modern living room with white walls

Here, murals and paintings depicting nature, but in a modern, minimalistic interpretation, will be appropriate. For example, a white flower on a black background. The room must have 1-2 floor planters with green plants. In general, this interior is still the same minimalism, but more recent and less contrasting.

Light and calm tones for the living room in the style of minimalism

Living room in calm and bright colors.

Minimalism style owes its appearance to Japanese culture. It is her strict forms and free spaces in the interior that have won the hearts of designers around the world. It has become fashionable to clean doors and partitions, to get rid of unnecessary things. Things began to be stored in open storage systems resembling honeycombs, and windows were made panoramic.

Simple minimalist living room furniture

Living room with simple white furniture

Japanese minimalism - expensive style and does not tolerate plastic substitutes. Basic finishing materials: natural wood and stone. The distinctive features of Japanese minimalism include: low furniture, light dividers from rice paper, blinds on the windows, blotches of cherry and green colors.

The decor with natural materials for the living room in the style of minimalism

Living room with natural materials decor

Scandinavian minimalism for the living room implies organic matter: mainly wood and plant motifs. White color and furniture of a shade of a natural tree dominate. Small inclusions of gray-blue color are added. This style evokes nostalgia and envelops in romance. This is a calm design that goes well with many areas.

Scandinavian minimalism in the interior of the living room

Living room in the style of Scandinavian minimalism

Traditional minimalism was created to decorate large spaces, but is also successfully used in average apartments. Interestingly, its use in studio apartments or in the absence of a wall between the living room and the kitchen will collapse. To distinguish between zones, either low stone stands or weightless translucent screens made of paper or bamboo are used.
Naturally, few finish the entire apartment in the same style.

Spacious living room with dark walls in a minimalist style.

Decor of a large and spacious living room

In addition, monotony makes life boring. Even within the same room, designers resort to a mixture of styles to diversify and refresh the interior. In order to harmoniously combine different directions, consider some nuances.

Functional minimalist living room furniture

Living room with functional and comfortable furniture

It is important to choose which style will be the main, which - additional. It is enough for amateurs to mix two directions in decoration.

Minimalism living room decoration ideas

Decorating a large living room in bright colors

A good addition to minimalism is the loft. This style is quite modern and devoid of frills. It is based on a combination of old and new, soft and rough. A distinctive feature is imitation of walls without decoration: wallpaper with a brick pattern, aluminum pipes.

Minimalism version of the original design of the living room

The idea of ​​decorating the living room in dazzling white

Paintings or other decorative elements in the style of pop art will perfectly fit into the minimalist living room. The brightness and expressiveness of this style looks favorable against the background of a calm interior. You can mix and complement classical minimalism with its main areas, such as: eco, Scandinavian style, high-tech.

Simple minimalist living room decor

Living room interior with minimal decor.

The minimalist style living room reflects the good taste and creative nature of its owner. Massive walls, which occupy half of the free space, a heap of useless things, do not fit here. Shelves should be open, place books and stylish little things on them. In such a space, I want to contemplate, create, think. The situation does not press, but rather contributes to the release of consciousness, eliminates negative thoughts. The interior pacifies, tunes to the desired wave, looks expensive and makes a stunning impression. It takes enough money and time to create a living room in this style, but the costs are worth it.

Minimalism style living room design

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