What will be the design of the living room in 2018?

Fashion is constantly changing: in clothing, music, gastronomic preferences, in tourism and the choice of cultural events. The changes apply to the interior. The fashion for home decoration depends on many factors: the development of new construction and finishing materials, household appliances and furniture, the global economic situation and the situation inside the country. If fashion trends in other areas are short-lived, then the mainstream in the design of housing is more constant, as the interior is created for a long time. Options for the trendy design of the room can be viewed in the photographs presented and find ideas for decorating your own home among them.

version of the beautiful design of the living room 2018

Beige and terracotta shades of the living room design

example of the unusual interior of the living room 2018

The design of the living room is made in a modern style.

example of a light style living room 2018

Design living room with wooden floor

Each owner takes the design of living space with great seriousness, as this is not only a property, it is a place in which a person spends a significant part of his life, a place where he can relax and gain strength. The living room plays a special role, since in the evenings the whole family gathers here. In addition, this is a kind of calling card of the inhabitants of the apartment. It is on it that guests can judge the material well-being of the owners, their interests and favorite activities, therefore, special attention is paid to the design of the living room.

version of the bright interior of the living room 2018

Design of a modern living room with a fireplace

version of the beautiful design of the living room 2018

A table in the living room would be a great idea

2018 Living Room Interior: Key Trends

The main fashion trends include the following tricks.

  • Rooms with large windows are at the peak of popularity, so in the conditions of small-sized apartments, designers advise combining rooms to create spacious studios.
  • There is no need to overload the room with bulky furniture or place partitions for zoning.
  • When choosing details - from finishing materials to decor items - be guided by concise decisions (saying “brevity is the sister of talent” not only about text and oral speech, but also about a modern living room).
  • The use of safe and environmentally friendly materials. Neither accessories, nor furniture, nor wall or ceiling decoration should be dangerous to humans or nature;
  • Light colors with natural motifs are welcome. Vivid accents are perfectly acceptable, but in limited quantities.
  • The modern style is characterized by a slight mixture of different stylistic trends. Eclecticism will reflect the character of all the owners of the apartment.
  • The main trend is the creation of comfortable projects that can afford most of the population.
  • Shelves, drawers and shelves harmoniously look in the interior of the living room. It is fashionable when there is a minimum number of things in open space, so it is better to hide them in cabinets and drawers, and books can be placed on shelves and racks.
  • Coffee tables of unusual shape or glass.
An example of the bright style of the living room 2018

An important role in the interior is the layout

example of a light style living room 2018

In the style of minimalism there is nothing superfluous

version of the unusual interior of the living room 2018

Living room design with balcony

How does a living room design depend on its size?

It is the area of ​​the room that determines the possibilities of decorating it.The decisions that will be winning in the big hall will make the small one overloaded and give the impression of clutter.

Big hall

Small hall

Stylistic directions

Baroque, classic, provence, high tech, loft and much more


Decorative details


Mirrors, light tulle, furniture with showcases, a minimum of accessories



Better light, as it visually increases the space.


May be massive

The minimum number of items. If you still need a lot of sectors for storage, it is worth choosing frameless furniture that can be easily hidden, convenient shelving and not bulky walls, transformer furniture.

To increase the space, the hall is often combined with a kitchen, a loggia or an entrance hall. Such a solution will not only expand the room, but also show imagination and create a truly unusual design for the modern living room of 2018.

example of a light living room design 2018

Baroque living room design

version of the bright design of the living room 2018

Even a small living room can be decorated beautifully

Room Zoning

If the key to the creation of the interior is the versatility of the hall, it makes sense to zone the space. The most popular zoning methods:

  • furniture;
  • plasterboard partitions (their use is outdated);
  • various design of walls (murals, textured plaster, paint of different shades);
  • lighting.

The ultramodern room does not imply massive drywall constructions, so the most relevant zoning option will be wall decoration and lighting. A central chandelier, floor lamps, sconces and other fixtures will help highlight areas that are designed to perform specific functions. With the help of various lighting, you can create a dining room, an office, a bedroom and a living room directly in the same room.

example of the unusual style of the living room 2018

Panoramic windows will fill the room with light.

version of the beautiful interior of the living room 2018

The minimalism style in white looks very beautiful.

an example of the unusual design of the living room 2018

Snow-white living room design

The main elements of the interior of the living room in 2018

The interior of any room has a central element. For example, in the bedroom it is always a bed, in the hall there can be different options for the main element, depending on the preferences and lifestyle of the apartment owners:

  • fireplace;
  • table;
  • cushioned furniture.

If you choose a fireplace as the center that subjugates the rest of the decor elements, give up its classic variations, otherwise it may look like a foreign detail in the interior of 2018.

version of the beautiful style of the living room 2018

The combination of cream and white looks modern and fashionable.

version of the bright interior of the living room 2018

Accent wall can be made of decorative stone

Actual colors

When choosing a base color, it is better to be guided by traditional solutions. White, gray, beige or black are perfect for this role, as they harmonize perfectly with the rest of the palette.

The snow-white background does not go out of fashion, especially when decorating small rooms. In this case, there is an urgent need for a bright and large accent. Such may be a sofa, armchair or other large piece of furniture that stands out against a light background. The human eye needs to focus on something, so the importance of a bright accent on a light background can hardly be overestimated.

version of the beautiful interior of the living room 2018

Wooden planks on the ceiling perfectly complement the living room interior

example of the bright design of the living room 2018

White colors can visually expand the borders of the room

version of the bright interior of the living room 2018

Very unusual and bright living room design

Beige base color is popular at all times. Not the least role is played by the ease with which it can be combined with other tones, even by non-professionals. Beige is especially relevant when the windows face the north side, the natural lighting is dim and the sun only appears in the morning.

Incredibly relevant this season and gray due to practicality and neutrality. When choosing gray tones to create a basic background, note that it refers to the cold part of the palette, so it must be diluted with warm accents.To create such an accent, wood or bright items of decor or furniture are perfect.

version of the unusual style of the living room 2018

Browns will always be in fashion

example of a beautiful design of a living room 2018

Indoor flowers perfectly complement the interior of the living room

Fashionable furniture: trending ideas

Choose furniture based on the functional features of the room. The main requirement: wear resistance. For the recreation area, a corner sofa and soft poufs will be a great choice. They have an indisputable advantage - multifunctionality. Corner sofas have sections for storing things, you can make a large berth out of them. Ottomans are used as tables or objects for sitting.

Massive cabinets and walls are a thing of the past. Instead, they should opt for high concise dressers without decorative frills, open shelves, shelves and hanging cabinets with doors. Such storage items create a light image, they do not visually reduce the room.

Prefer furnishings with a strict geometric shape, it is easier to create the symmetry necessary for a harmonious modern living room. This can be an additional way of zoning, especially if the hall is combined with the kitchen and dining room.

version of the bright style of the living room 2018

3D panels are gaining great popularity at the moment.

example of an unusual design of a living room 2018

Perfectly complement the interior of the living room 3D panel

example of a beautiful living room interior 2018

Mustard color in any design will look advantageous

For the design of the living room, it is better to use furniture of the four most trendy colors, this

  • beige;
  • sand;
  • Gray;
  • chocolate.

Such deep tones will create a truly noble and elegant modern living room, but will not lead to a feeling of congestion. If you choose different shades of the same color for furniture and decor items, then the interior will turn out to be especially elegant and sophisticated. Dark furniture against a light background also looks beneficial. Such a solution will give your room dynamism and, despite some traditional combination of contrasting shades, will remain within the framework of pressing fashion trends.

Harmonious mix of design ideas

A source of inspiration for designers around the world was the Scandinavian style, combining comfort, simplicity and laconicism of the interior. Recent design projects are close to minimalism, but not so strict.

It is assumed that the design of the living room should be not only functional, but also cozy, keeping the warmth of the hearth. Therefore, a family photo on a wall or a table, a picture or a beautiful mirror, indoor flowers and other objects that do not have a functional need are quite appropriate. It is these little things that are so important for creating the atmosphere of a home - a place where you want to return again and again, because only here you can truly relax and feel free from the conventions of the outside world.

The decoration of the main room was influenced by the loft style: a combination of technical structures, avant-garde lighting fixtures, a building's communications system open to the eye. All these decisions will create the original look of the apartment.

version of the bright style of the living room 2018

A lot of natural light in the room will only be a plus

version of the unusual design of the living room 2018

The tree in the interior of the living room looks fashionable and modern.

The classic notes are added by the fashion for the symmetrical arrangement of furniture or on the bent legs of armchairs and sofas. Light decorative inserts on their upholstery will also add elegance and tradition to even an ultra-modern design.

Do not be afraid to experiment with the decor, but the main condition for the design of the living room is that the whole decor, decoration materials and accessories should be in harmony with each other. Vivid accents should not look like foreign objects, they should complement compositional solutions. Solid accents of bright color are suitable as such an accent. Mainstream of the season 2018 - a combination of rolled and traditional curtains, the shade and texture of textiles can be the same or different. It depends on whether you want to fit the curtains into the overall picture of the room or if you want to focus on the windows.

Whatever variant of the interior of the modern living room you choose, its interior decoration should, first of all, meet your inclinations and hobbies, be a way of expressing personality traits. Therefore, choose finishing materials, furnishings and decor items, guided by your own taste. Fashion trends provide an opportunity for everyone to find something to their liking and create a truly unique living room design.

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