The challenge is to design a small hall

Hall - an important room in any at home. It has great functional value. Here they meet friends, relatives, spend time with family, relax and relax. Arrangement options hall interior designers offer quite a lot. But they can not always be implemented.

small hall design

The design of a small room is always a challenge for the designer.

Square the rooms - an important and sometimes determining factor in this matter. Small Hall Design requires a special approach. Important to do premise multifunctional interior - appropriate.

design of small halls

It is necessary that the interior is not just beautiful, but ergonomic, comfortable in absolutely everything.

Small Hall Design

Hall - the only place in the house where you can not only sit, but also lie, do what you love, spend time with friends. This must be taken into account when arranging the rooms. Her andterrier should be as functional as possible. This will help furniture, which is transforming.

hall design with sofa

Folding sofa harmoniously "fit" into the big picture.

It occupies a small area, if necessary, easily turns into a comfortable bed. In addition, such furniture help organize storage system. It provides a roomy drawer in which you can store linen and more. The transforming table is quite compact and convenient to use.

design of a small living room

If guests come, it is easy to fold out and everyone can comfortably sit behind it.

Interior little the hall should be spacious so that every occupant is comfortable in it. Visually, it can be increased through the use of light materials in the decoration of ceilings and the walls. It is important to ensure the presence of light, it should be in abundance. When in indoors if there are few windows and natural light is not enough, then install floor lamps, a chandelier and so on. Textiles are also worth choosing light colors.

hall design

It harmoniously fits into the overall picture of the interior of a small hall.

Style: which one is better?

Even in small the hall need to stick to one style at registration of interior. He must not only take into account the features premisesbut also like the owners. Therefore, the first and main criteria in determining the best design option of interior - personal preferences.

small hall design

In any small room, walls are best painted in light, light shades like beige or light gray.

Great for small the hall classic. It is at all times the most sought after destination. For lovers of modern motifs such styles as fusion, modern, high-tech, minimalism are appropriate. The latter is one of the most suitable in this case, since it is based on the use of light colors the walls, of furniturethat visually expands space.

fusion room

Thanks to this reception, the room will seem larger, and beautiful modern furniture will come to the fore.

Dressing the rooms held with a minimum number of elements. Eventually interior it turns out free, an atmosphere of light reigns. Things and objects are hidden in lockers, wall which emphasizes the "emptiness" of interior.

fusion hall interior

For the interior of a small living room, a low sofa is best.

Make interior little the hall vivid will help fusion style. This direction is based on the use of saturated colors. Bright wallpapers go well with objects of furniture calm shades. Complement interior decorative elements: vases, paintings, lamps.

small hall design

Their number is moderate, otherwise the room will visually become smaller than it actually is.

Combine the two directions described above, will help modern - calm tone wallpaper, bright elements of decor, adequate lighting. Chandeliers of unusual shapes look good, their creative options. Furniture practical, comfortable to sit on. Recently, more and more often when arranging small rooms use original ottomans instead of chairs. They provide a place where you can put anything you want.

Art Nouveau room

This allows you to correctly organize the storage system.

Ethnic style: features of application

Ethnic style in a small room it will look interesting. It involves the use of various objects for decoration the interior. Figurines, handmade carpets, animal figures, natural flowers are well suited. They should be in moderation, since an excessive amount will make the room cluttered. If unusual furniture, then there should be several decorative elements.

ethnic style room

This will make the interior comfortable, fill with a cozy atmosphere.

This destination is mainly chosen by travel lovers. They have been to different countries, and they have accumulated a large number of souvenirs. Ethnic style need to be used competently in the design of interior little the hall.

ethnic style of the hall

Design of a small ethnic style living room.

Room colorization

Color design plays an important role in the interior. General view depends on it premises. For small-sized ones, it is better to use light wallpaper. They are capable visually push the boundaries the hall

blue wallpaper in a small room

Well suited colors are nude, blue, as well as fruit: peach, lemon.

Type of wallpaper can be different:

  • Textured;
  • Smooth.

Interesting compositions of scraps of wallpaper. They form a panel and make room design interesting. Can be combined wallpaper in any way. You can dilute them with other finishing materials. It is appropriate to use wood panels and facade plaster.

striped wallpaper in the hall

The original solution is vertically arranged strips that have different colors.

Wallpaper with a picture suitable for dining zones. They set her apart. Modern designers prefer to use 3Dwallpaper. They are able to perfectly emphasize room style.

rear wallpaper for the hall

Such wallpapers create an infinity effect in a small room.

What furniture to choose?

Small area is not the most convenient option housing. The owners face many problems during its arrangement. The main one is related to the choice of mfucking. It has special requirements. Only functional items should be installed in the room. Moreover, they must be necessary.

design of small halls

Superfluous details are better for excluding from an interior. Otherwise, it will be overloaded.

If there are several zones in the hall, then they should be harmoniously combined. This will create a balance between different sites, interior it turns out comfortable, filled with homeliness. AT zone rest, mainly a sofa, and in the dining room - a table and chairs.

small hall design

Their design should be carried out in accordance with the general style of the room.

As for the material of furniturethen for little the hall natural colors, natural. The use of plastic items is inappropriate. Organically, they "fit" only into the kitchen area, which in this case is located in another indoors.

natural colors in design

Make a choice in favor of some kind of color accent that will enliven the neutral color scheme of the whole room.

Upper part of the room

Ceiling located at the top, but, despite this, plays an important role in general androom interior. Therefore, its design should not be neglected. If everything is properly arranged, then he visually will make premise above. In small rooms it is necessary to choose the color of the floor lighter one tone than walls. It is inappropriate to use complex multi-level structures. They take precious centimeters, and the ceiling drops down, which does not affect the overall picture in the best way.

ceiling in a small room

For this case, an even, non-color option is suitable.

If the owners of the traction ceiling like, that is, secrets that will help to equip it in a small the hall. It is necessary to use glossy materials. They have a mirror effect, which allows you to visually raise the line of their border. And this is a great opportunity to make the original lighting in the room. Around the perimeter the ceiling spot type bulbs are installed. It is worth noting another additional effect. It is to improve sound insulation. rooms. Appropriate on the ceiling make bright piping. They visually increase the height premises as they attract attention.

design of a small lounge

Glossy ceiling and ambient light combine perfectly. They visually expand the area of ​​the hall, make it stylish.

Curtains in the interior

In almost any the hall there is a window, and sometimes several. It should be drawn up in accordance with the direction in which it was made. room. For the little one the hall transparent tulle is perfect.

small tulle room design

Thick curtains are best avoided. They make the interior heavier.

For living room A combination of blinds and curtains is perfect. She will protect the room from sunlight, especially if they are excessively disturbing. For the rooms, in which dark shades predominate, curtains of bright colors are well suited.

windows in a small room

The most suitable for the design of a small living room are colors such as blue, purple and yellow.

Irregular shape: arrangement features

Little Hall often has an irregular shape. Competent arrangement will allow to hide its shortcomings. In this case, the wardrobe is appropriate, built-in items of furniture and partitions. They will give the room coziness, make it functional. When there is not enough natural light, other sources are used; floor lamps and lamps are additionally installed.

design of a small living room hall

They will not only decorate the room, but also make it more spacious.

For a rectangular shape, the presence of contiguous sides, which differ from others, is characteristic. In this case, the differential trim is appropriate. Walls painted or pasted with light-colored materials, and the ends of the room must be bright. As a result, the room stretches out proportionately.

lounge design

The atmosphere in the small room is harmonious.

Equipping HallThe first thing to consider is size rooms. If the area is small, then to the choice style color design must be approached responsibly. The main goal is to increase visually space. 

small room design photo ideas

Such an interior will be light, in which each inhabitant is comfortable, the atmosphere is cozy.

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