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If you are a person of creativity, you want to decorate the living room in the original classic direction, then you need to choose between Provence, loft styles in which you will enjoy the game of mood and contrast. Loft style living room, filled with vitality, joy. The unconventional design of the premises in a modern solution will be admired by your friends and relatives.


Loft is a combination of minimalism, conciseness and comfortable simplicity. There is nothing superfluous, artsy, pathos and glamorous in it.

This design will not impress guests with chic, wealth and high status, but it will delight you with home warmth, cozy simplicity and pleasant comfort.

The solution differs in its unique layout, in which interior partitions, doors are simply unacceptable. The zoning of the room occurs with the help of furniture, partitions, a bar, other interior details, as in the photo.

The guest room does not just look beautiful, made in the classical direction, it will delight you with a combination of simplicity and homeliness.


Attractive and original design

For centuries, mankind has been striving for something unique, creating original ideas that are today noticeable in design. Such a project in design is something new, unusual, giving free rein to imagination and creative ideas. It is more understandable to people with a creative nature who connect different solutions. Famous designers, decorating the hall in the loft, usually combine two main areas: minimalism and hi-tech. But, considering the design in more detail, it is possible to say that it combines well with options such as:

  • minimalism;
  • high tech;
  • vintage
  • Provence
  • colonial.


The loft combined with minimalism will amaze you with elegant shapes and lines, hi-tech will surprise you with beautiful furniture and modern accessories. Vintage will bring into the room the spirit of antiquity and antiquity. Those who love design in a classic solution design a room with Provence elements. Many people prefer wooden finishes, so why not dilute with the elements of the colonial version - beautiful ceiling beams?

This is a design solution, characterized by its simplicity, practicality, pragmatism and infinity. The interior combines a different color palette, objects, accessories.

Get the original interior from several directions, thereby revealing your creative nature.

If until recently such a design solution was used exclusively for the design of workrooms, studios for creativity, today it is increasingly possible to see it in residential buildings, in separate rooms.


It’s not so difficult to create a hall design, it’s enough to have imagination and be able to realize your creative talent. In a modern house, this option is even very appropriate, especially since it is much cheaper to issue it.

The loft looks very nice in a classic project, as in the photo. Light, white shades, black framing of window frames and wooden ceilings - an interesting, unusual solution. In the interior, it is possible to combine furniture and other objects from different materials. Recently, natural materials and ceramic tile flooring are considered relevant. Some still prefer laminate flooring.

Designer living room is a room for which the same type of furniture is unacceptable. Everything is done differently here.Set up a place for a modern fan or bio-fireplace, next to which you will find an old rocking chair from the time of your grandmother. Place an old table in the middle of the room and modern high chairs near it.


An unusual solution for your room

Want to create an original living room design? Feel free to experiment if you are not offended by the extraneous opinion of people who are alien to the modern, everything is unusual. This is only your home, and you decide what style to design it. Design loft is distinguished by its originality and democracy, it has little sophistication, chic splendor.

To smooth out the first opinion a little, we recommend that you complete the room in a classic solution or in Provence using modular home decoration. Thanks to this direction, your creative ideas are realized.


The loft is not only an original and non-standard design, it is practical. After all, changing the design at any time is simple, introducing new details, paints, furniture into it. Your living room will be able to have a new look every time, a beautiful and stylish interior solution, for example, as in the photo.

Elements worth your attention

Loft is a design created to connect all rooms in a house in one room. When deciding to create such a style in your own home, you first part with the walls. You will need one single spacious room, which will be needed to realize your creative plan. Here you will create special areas for work, rest and sleep. For zoning of the hall, modular elements are used in the interior. As an exception, leave the bathroom with a fenced wall.


An obligatory feature of the hall of this direction is the observance of naturalness and naturalness. Do not clutter up the room with ultra-modern, trendy walls and ceilings, polished floors, expensive accessories and furniture. Minimum pretentiousness and maximum simplicity, Provence in combination with a loft looks best.

If you want to create a truly beautiful guest room, you need to consider some important points:

  • Finishing with textured materials. Wanting to complete the hall in the classic version with Provence elements, do not forget about the finishing materials: let at least one small area in the room be made of brickwork. It is possible to lay out the entire room with a brick, but the main thing is that you like it. It is assumed that the brickwork remains in its original form, but for greater aesthetics it can be painted;
  • in the room there must be objects of communication, albeit not in working condition, only to simulate, but they should be. Make an old ventilation or hold a pipe in a vertical direction, anything, just so that in the spirit of Provence, as in the photo;
  • elements from a tree will bring the highlight to style. Arrange wooden floors or make a ceiling with wooden beams, as in the photo. At the same time, wooden benches near the dining table and a fireplace burning nearby are simply looking in the classic version. See how beautifully classic, provence and loft are combined in the photo;
  • furniture is an important part of living room decoration. Here, modular objects in the interior, antique elements are best suited, it is possible to decorate the room with beautiful painted vases, as in the photo;
  • if you are attracted to minimalism, you don’t want to clutter up the design of the living room with furniture, you want to complete the interior in a classic style, then you will have to give up bulky objects, modular elements are modest and simple. You will find a modest decor on the wall in the form of a picture, several decorative pillows on the sofa and an inconspicuous carpet on the floor, as in the photo. The number of things in the interior depends on the square meters of the living room: the smaller it is, the smaller the set of furniture and accessories;
  • it is important that the ceiling and windows meet the design project.The ceilings should be high, decorated with decorative wooden beams or other decorative elements. This direction focuses primarily on the ceiling, so it is expressive and modern;
  • at the same time, it is desirable that the windows are not too large and open, preference is given to smaller options, raised to the roof, as in the old fashioned way. If the apartment in which the living room is decorated is located on the floor through the windows of which prying eyes do not look, then do not worry about the curtains, because you will not need them. If desired, it is possible to install stylish blinds. But, in truth, modern design knows no prohibitions, so many people prefer a room with large windows that occupy the maximum area on one of the walls, as in the photo.
  • To highlight windows, their frames are painted in a contrasting tone. Such windows usually do not have “clothes”, curtains in any form are not welcome in the direction, only in extreme cases they use blinds.


The color scheme is interesting and varied. Experiment with flowers in the style of Provence, classic or any other that you combine with a loft. The main colors used in the direction, it is possible to add shades:

  • white
  • gray;
  • beige;
  • brown.

At the same time, shades of the following colors give originality and unpredictability:

  • black;
  • saturated blue;
  • purple;
  • green
  • silver;
  • orange;
  • olive;
  • burgundy.

Use rich color schemes to create interesting solutions in the modern interior of your own living room. When decorating a room, do not forget about the combination of details, exclusive and antique accessories, use modular elements. Considering all the details, giving vent to imagination, freeing up your own creative nature, create in the house not just a modern interior, but a room that is comfortable and understandable for you with its original atmosphere.

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