Modern styles of window decoration in the living room

The repair of the living room is of great importance, because this is the room where the family receives guests, where all relatives and friends gather. And everything should be perfect in it. But often, thinking over the big picture, they forget about decorating details. And small elements are very important, because the whole picture consists of them.

Corner sofa in the living room with two windows

Well-chosen window decoration will make the living room interior complete

We recommend that you pay a lot of attention to decorating your living room window. After all, this part creates a finished picture and comfort. Today you will learn how to hide flaws and emphasize the merits of this area and the room as a whole using the right design. Go!

Fundamental rules

Decorating windows, you should remember a few important rules. They are few, but they are fundamental, and will help to avoid gross errors in the process.

  1. Choose a design that suits the overall style of the room.
  2. The appearance should correspond to the features of the configuration of the opening, and hide the flaws.
  3. Choose a decor that will have a design and functional load.

    Yellow curtains on a large window in the living room

    Curtains should be in harmony with the design of the living room

Here are the basic principles. We will analyze each of them in more detail below.

Various design methods

The most common window decoration in a modern style is curtains. This method has been used for many years. However, at this stage it has developed to an unrecognizable size.

Curtains across the width of the living room wall

The original design effect can be obtained by closing the entire wall with curtains.

You have a huge selection of curtains made of different materials in all known stylistic directions.

Combined curtains on the window in the living room

In modern living rooms quite often there are complex options when several types of curtains are used to decorate windows

The most commonly used fabric curtains. And here we have several variations:

  • Roman curtains. In a simple way, they can be described as fabric blinds. They are a canvas with horizontal slats, which rises vertically, forming folds of various shapes. They are made of thick fabric, so they are great for windows against the TV. They are made to the size of the window opening, so they can be combined with other curtains.

    Black and white roman curtains on the window in the living room

    Roman curtains harmoniously look in laconic design solutions

  • Japanese. These are fabric cloths located along the entire length of the wall. They are large in size. They do not form folds, and often do not clean. These are fabric screens that are made of translucent material, so that sunlight can freely enter the room while creating a favorable atmosphere in the living room. Often combined with other forms of curtains.

    Window in the living room with Japanese curtains

    Japanese curtains are indispensable for the design of panoramic windows

  • English. Window decoration with English curtains remains popular in a limited number of directions. They represent a single fabric canvas with one or more vertically sewn laces. Relate to the type of lifting. Due to the laces sewn in at certain places, they form folds when lifting on the sides.

    English curtains in high condition on the window in the living room

    English curtains create a refined aristocratic atmosphere in the living room

  • With lambrequin. Popular for both modern and antique orientations. Often combined with English. Lambrequin is a fabric canvas 30-70 centimeters in length, located above the curtain along the width of the cornice. They are selected together with the main canvas, it can also be made to order, if the base does not imply the presence of a lambrequin.

    Bright curtains in the English style on the windows in the living room

    Curtains with lambrequins allow you to create an exclusive window decor and hide slope defects

  • On grommets. A grommet is a ring with a flange designed to secure a round hole in a fabric. Eyelet curtains are widely used in new styles. A prerequisite for them is the location of the baguette at least 5 cm from the ceiling, because the eyelets are located at some distance from the edge of the canvas.

    Dark curtains on the grommets in the living room

    Curtains on grommets easily move along the cornice

  • On the rings. Very convenient and very common option. Suitable for various types of interior design. Rings can be wooden, fabric, metal, they are attached to the edge of the curtain, so this type is easy to use.

    Windows in the living room with curtains on the rings

    The rings themselves are a decorative element that serves as an additional decoration for curtains

  • Jalousie. Widely used in modern minimalist directions. At the moment, their choice is huge. You can find metal, wood, fabric, plastic products. The slats can be arranged horizontally or vertically. The choice of colors is also represented by a wide range. In today's market you will find blinds for every taste.

    Vertical blinds in the interior of the living room

    Blinds can be matched to absolutely any interior.

Having examined the different ways of designing windows, we can proceed to the selection criteria to make it easier to decide what to give preference to.

Curtains help hide flaws

The main rule of choice No. 2 says that the curtains should hide the flaws and emphasize the advantages of the window, create coziness in the room. They are quite capable of it. Choose a design method based on the configuration of the opening, ceiling height, room size.

For a narrow opening

If you consider this characteristic a drawback, you can remove it with the help of curtains.

Curtains on a narrow window in the living room

The design of the narrow window should overlap with the general style of the living room

To begin, increase the cornice. It should be 15-25 cm larger than the window opening, that is, go a little on the walls. Now use thick curtains to make the window appear wider and not to see the wall that they are covering. As for the length: the fabric should hang slightly below the windowsill. This option is considered the most optimal.

A narrow window in the living room with long curtains

Long, up to the floor, curtains emphasize the non-standard configuration of a narrow window

If you consider this characteristic a virtue, and according to the idea of ​​the chosen interior design, it is necessary to emphasize this fact, the curtains in this case will also come to the rescue. Make a cornice strictly along the width of the opening, and select light curtains to the floor.

For low

Hide the disadvantages of a low window can be with the help of roller blinds with a vertical rise. So, the English version is suitable. To “lengthen” the window space will help the lambrequin.

Curtains with lambrequin in the interior of the living room

Curtains with a lambrequin can not only close the space above the window, but also, if necessary, visually reduce the large window

Place the cornice far above the opening, complement it with lifting curtains and a lambrequin. So, after raising the curtain, a sufficient amount of sunlight will fall into the room. At this time, the lambrequin will cover part of the glass, and it will appear above.

Blackout curtains with pelmet on a low window in the living room

A beautiful pelmet will make the living room setting more solemn

In this case, it is better to choose a plain version or with wide vertical stripes. Small ornaments, horizontal stripes or a cell - a taboo.

For the little one

A small window can be emphasized favorably. Roman curtains, which are located directly by the size of the opening, are well suited for him.Thus, you will be able to emphasize its miniature, create a cute and cozy design.

Roman curtains and fireplace in the living room interior

Harmonious design of small windows with roman blinds

If you need to visually increase this space, you can do this using curtains in the color of the walls. You can achieve the same effect by choosing a transparent lightweight tulle with a small pattern.

For big

Large windows are not always an advantage. For them to become such, they must be properly registered. If the decor is incorrect, the room will turn out uncomfortable. So, the main task of decorating a large window in the living room is to make it cozy, but not small.

Massive long curtains on a panoramic window in the living room

Straight long curtains are suitable for a large panoramic window

To add a lot of soft glass, decorate this area with bright or dark curtains. The ideal option is a combination of tulle with a shimmer of any color you like, and curtains to match this shimmer.

Transparent curtains on the grommets in the living room with a large window

A popular option - lightweight straight curtains on grommets

Also, a large window is an ideal field for heavy design. Here lambrequins, large folds, ruffles, fringe will be appropriate. The same applies to fabric: velvet, tapestry, cam, brocade, tweed, etc. All this will give the living room royal luxury, at the same time add coziness and warmth.

Panoramic window in the living room with French curtains

French curtains on a large window in the living room

As you can see with the help of the proposed decor, you can hide any flaws and emphasize the merits. So to summarize!

Window Curtains Color spectrum
Narrow Wide low even Light colors, the print is represented by horizontal stripes
Low Floor-length, with lambrequins and pleats, lifting type Transparent tulle, plain canvas
Little Roman curtains, light curtains Bright or bright colors
Big Long and wide, with folds; heavy elements allowed Dark or bright colors in combination with transparent curtains
Translucent Roman curtains to the ceiling on the window in the living room

If you hang the curtains under the ceiling, you can achieve a visual increase in the height of the room

We know the basic rules for selecting curtains and decorating windows in the living room. Now we can proceed to consider the rules for choosing decor in accordance with the style of the room.

Stylistics of curtains

In general, curtains can be selected for any of the existing trends in design.

Living room with a wide window and straight curtains

Curtains with an abstract pattern will be an ideal option for adding color diversity to the living room interior

Actually, they are not divided according to certain criteria into styles (except for classical ones). But we, knowing the rules of selection, can choose curtains that perfectly reflect the general trend of the interior. Consider the most popular.


Here we have pronounced features. Long straight curtains with uniform wavy vertical folds are the standard of classic.

Classic curtains on the windows in the living room

Classical style curtains are dense heavy fabric and lightweight straight curtain

Another distinguishing feature is their solid color. You will find many modifications of the curtains for this trend, but remember the two main features inherent in textiles in this direction. The most popular curtains for classics are on rings and eyelets.


Do not confuse classics and antiquity. Classic is an inexhaustible pattern. Antique trends are represented in the curtains with a large number of folds, ruffles, frills, decoration with lambrequins and tassels.

Antique curtains with lambrequin on the living room window

Antique curtains are distinguished by a large number of decorating elements.

They are made of dense heavy fabrics, with inserts of gold thread or stones. In general, this option contains all the ancient pomp.

Modern styles

For minimalism, techno, loft blinds or Roman curtains are best suited. It requires conciseness and simplicity, which can provide the presented species.

Window in the living room with hi-tech curtains

High-tech style is characterized by clear lines and straight geometry.

Hi-tech, modern, art deco accept a more diverse decor. Here you can use not only plain canvas.But it is better to refuse excesses in the external manifestation: folds, ruffles and other things will be superfluous.

Light curtains on the black ledge in the living room

A successful combination of light curtains with a dark cornice and accessories

As you can see, the trend is towards simplification, so for modern styles it is better to choose plain curtains on the floor, but given the rules of selection, depending on the shortcomings of the window opening and the room as a whole.

So, the most common window design in the living room - with the help of curtains. In the modern market, this product is presented in huge quantities. Now, knowing the rules of choice, you can harmoniously design this zone, and create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

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