Tips for choosing the interior design of the walk-through living room

Through the passage room, all family members will pass through the day. Therefore, it is important to organize everything so that it suits all residents. The design of the entrance room should be carefully thought out. It is worth considering all the shortcomings of the room to create an ideal and practical design.

The room should look holistic and harmonious. Do not forget about the functionality. The checkpoint often serves as a living room, where guests are welcomed and relax in the evenings. Sometimes this room becomes a bedroom for some family members. Therefore, it is important to determine all the functions of the room and competently combine them in one territory.

an example of an unusual design of a living room

The design of the entrance room should be thought out to the smallest detail.

variant of the bright style of the passage

The room should be in the same style.

An example of a bright living room interior

The checkpoint often serves as a living room, therefore it should be functional

Features a multi-exit living room

If the living room has several exits, standard interior ideas will not work. It is important to consider some nuances.

  1. How the doors will be installed.
  2. The quality of the floor.
  3. Organization of furniture arrangement.
  4. Zoning of the territory.

Having decided on each of the items, it will be possible to correctly and qualitatively furnish the living room.

Bright design example

For a walk-in room with two exits, standard solutions will not work.

variant of a beautiful style of the living room

If you plan everything correctly, you end up with a functional and comfortable room

Correct zoning of space

Zoning can add design problems. We’ll have to think over not only places of convenient and comfortable furniture arrangement so that nothing is cluttered, but also decide how to furnish each selected segment. Separation must be carried out so that the areas do not differ much from each other. This will help preserve the overall idea of ​​the interior. It is recommended that only visual boundaries be made using color and lighting. Otherwise, an additional obstacle will appear for free movement around the apartment. Decide in advance which zones you want to create, and where exactly they will be located.

version of the beautiful design of the living room

Zoning the premises plays a very important role

variant of the unusual style of the passage

The zones in the room should not differ much from each other

An example of a beautiful living room interior

Think about zoning and arranging furniture in advance

Opening options

The location of the openings is of key importance when competently designing the entrance. There are several options, each of which is described in the table.

Location Option



If the entrance to the room is located in this way, it is recommended to divide the room into several segments. In the area of ​​the first section, place a TV, shelves and racks. It is important that objects allow free passage through the territory. If the TV is installed opposite the window opening, it is worth hanging blackout curtains. Then there will be no glare. Arrange the necessary pieces of furniture in the second section. Enough sofa, a few armchairs and a small table.


The location is inconvenient, reducing furniture layout options. The TV should be placed next to the wall where there is a door.Opposite is a sofa, a table and decorative elements.


The best option. Only one corner is inconvenient, the rest of the space remains free for the implementation of various ideas. Place the TV on the wall with the opening, put a headset or several shelves nearby. Opposite space is occupied by furniture.

Openings on one wall

It all depends on the distance at which the doors are located. If there is enough space, place a TV or a fireplace there. The advantage of this option is the freedom of the rest of the room. This territory can be issued as you want.

bright interior variant

The location of the apertures is key in the proper design of the entrance

an example of a vibrant living room style

When planning your design, consider the location of the doorways

Secrets of decorating the passage room

The key secret to the design of such a space is the obligatory use of every centimeter. Stick to the following tips.

  1. Remember symmetry. If the doors are on the same wall, then fill the space between them. When openings in different parts of the room add the same decorative elements to balance the overall look.
  2. Replace standard sliding doors. This will free up space, visually make it larger, add airiness and lightness.
  3. Do not give up experiments. You can transfer the opening by highlighting a part under the passage corridor. Prior coordinate these actions with the relevant authorities.
  4. Connect the corridor and the living room. This will expand the space.
light design option

Every inch of the room is important.

An example of the bright style of the living room

The room in dark colors will create a feeling of warmth and coziness.

variant of the unusual interior passage

Sliding doors will be an excellent replacement for ordinary ones.

Rules for the design of the living room passage

It is recommended to beat the open nature of the passage room. It is worth letting in maximum light, more air and glass surfaces. Non-load-bearing walls can be replaced with glass partitions, which will make the atmosphere spacious, airy and light.

Do not abuse zoning. Create separate segments only if necessary. If the living room performs its functions, and others are not assigned to it, then creating even visual borders is not worth it.

The classic arrangement of furniture is not suitable for the entrance. The main thing is that it is convenient to move around all the rooms.

An example of a beautiful living room interior

There should be enough light in the room

an example of an unusual style of passage

Glass surfaces will look very beautiful

Design of the passage room in Khrushchev

The advantage of the entrance in Khrushchev is the window, which occupies most of the wall. Complement the window opening with light, almost transparent curtains, allowing you to gently scatter light. On the contrary, it is worth placing a partition with a mirror or glossy surface. To expand the space, you can connect the living room and kitchen. Do not use volumetric furniture; it will visually “eat” the area. Pay attention to compact, multifunctional options. Large chandeliers are not suitable for a room. Replace them with floor lamps and sconces.

option light style living room

Sliding systems save you some space

An example of a beautiful interior entrance

The living room can be combined with the kitchen.

variant of the beautiful style of the living room

Light shades visually expand the boundaries of the room

Spectacular door masking

Disguise is required to create a complete look for the interior. One of the methods is decoration for furniture. You can make a painting on the walls, seamlessly passing on the door. The method is only suitable if it fits into the overall style. It will look as if the door is a continuation of the wall. The painting adds liveliness and originality to the design.

An example of a bright interior

Light colors visually increase the size of the room

variant of the unusual design of the living room

Wall painting will perfectly complement the interior of the room.

Decoration of the walls and floor of the room

To decorate the walls, you can use photo wallpaper, which allows you to visually make the borders of space wider. It is possible to place the paintings necessarily in the form of V. Large patterns visually reduce the space.Therefore, they should not be on the curtain or finishing materials. Solid coatings or with a fine pattern allow you to add freedom.

To increase the space, you should carefully consider the option of laying a folk cover. Laminate or parquet should be placed diagonally, and not along the walls. Choose predominantly light-colored materials.

variant of the unusual design of the passage

There should be enough light in the passage room

an example of a beautiful living room style

The walls in the room can be wallpapered

An example of the unusual style of the living room

The paintings will fit perfectly into the overall interior of the room

Colors and lighting

Light shades are recommended. They allow you to visually expand the territory, adding a room of freedom and air. Better plain coatings, without patterns and large ornaments. If you want to add a little dark gamut, then choose only one wall for it.

bright design variant

Color should be selected based on the functions that the room will perform.

light version of the living room

It is not recommended to use a lot of dark shades.

There should be a lot of light in the entrance, both natural and artificial. Therefore, do not use thick curtains for the window, it is better to use light transparent materials. Add more light sources. A large chandelier will not work, so use a sconce. An excellent solution would be spotlights with different focuses.

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