Types of wall decoration over the sofa

Usually a lot of attention is paid to the design of the walls in the living room, especially the wall above the sofa. Thanks to this, an individual version of the decoration is obtained, which can become the highlight of the room and conquer all who come to the guest house.

Wall decoration over the sofa with paintings and posters

Designers have many ideas for filling an empty wall above the sofa.

There are many ideas that allow you to create a stylish wall decoration over the sofa in the living room, which will help emphasize the necessary space or use it in a functional area. In this case, any option will complement the overall design of the room.

No need for decoration

In some cases, decoration can be avoided.

  1. If the living room is a studio, combined with other adjacent rooms, then the sofa acts as a separator and is located in the center of the room. This means that there is no wall next to it and there’s simply nothing to decorate.

    Living room of a private house with a sofa in the center of the room

    With an island arrangement, there is no wall behind the sofa and there is simply nothing to decorate

  2. The sofa standing at the windows already has a beautiful decor - this is the landscape outside the windows or a large panoramic window, as well as a suitable decoration for the window opening. These independent elements will create a unique design, which will not be equal.

    Living room of a country house with a sofa along the window

    No decor is required - curtains and scenery outside the window are enough

Quick views

This type of finish involves wall decoration over the sofa in a short time. Includes adornment with posters, paintings, photographs or triptychs.

Large clock over the sofa in the living room

A large wall clock would be appropriate in a vintage style living room

Advantage. Optional following the style decision of the room. Such a need is present only if there are very extravagant details of the decor, which are required to complement the style, and not destroy it.

Modular picture of 5 paintings over the sofa

Modular paintings - a quick and original way to decorate a wall

Accent cladding and significant wall decoration over the sofa

The presence of textured finish in the future does not use other methods of designing space above the sofa. Among these options apply:

  • photo wallpaper;
  • artificial stone or savage;
  • wood;
  • drywall;
  • moldings;
  • art plaster;
  • painting by paints.
Decorative screen behind the sofa in the living room

The interior will be radically changed by an exquisite screen, even made by hand from boards or plywood.

A large-scale transformation of the wall can include: shelves, niches, wall cabinets and more.

Advantage. They will be able to bring comfort to the room and change their attitude to it with the help of additional illumination of these elements.

The inscription above the sofa on the living room wall

Another popular option is lettering or paint.

Familiarity with all the options for wall decoration over the sofa

Now you can learn more about each way to decorate the space on the couch and choose the right one for the style and layout of the living room. It will turn out to apply some of them in the room with any area, and some only in dimensional rooms.

Decorating a wall above a sofa with a designer rug

Carpet over a sofa is considered a relic of the past, if we are not talking about a real work of art

Posters, paintings, photographs

Posters or posters are usually used in an interior that is not tied to a particular style. This allows you to decorate the wall with these elements made in any color scheme. Suitable for Scandinavian style, pop art or loft.

Brick wall decoration over living room sofa

The wall above the sofa can be filled with posters or family photos

Posters can serve as an interesting finishing touch to the transformation of the living room and a fun way to show the character of the owners of the house. After all, they depict wise quotes, motivating statements, greetings, aphorisms.

Pictures in the decoration of the wall in the living room

Pictures can be matched to the color of furniture and interior

Pictures and photographs carry an aesthetic connotation. Any representative of one or another art is already an ornament. However, there are several rules that you must follow.

Objects of painting over the sofa in the living room

Nobody forbids arranging an entire exposition of works of art over a sofa

Rules for designing space with paintings and photographs

Color scheme Items can be performed in shades similar to individual pieces of furniture, decor or lighting fixtures.
The option of creating a single elegant composition, where the products will correspond color the sofa.
Also paintings can become a bright accent living room and represent colorful objects made in black, white, red, blue, green or purple.
Wall layout Picture, a group of images or photos are placed at a distance of 5-15 cm above the sofa. Thus, the decoration will be perceived as a single element, and not separate suspended products and an upholstered furniture item.
Photo, paintings, posters should fill the third part of the width of the sofa to make the composition look complete. One small image will turn out to be a bad option, one might even say meager.
The presence of one paintings implies its placement within the width of the dominant piece of furniture. At the same time, it is possible to free oneself from symmetry.

Advantage. Multiple images can be placed without adhering to the width couch and go beyond it.

Plans to put on the wall 5 or more paintings or photo must be combined with the rules of arrangement elements. They should be placed so that the bottom edge is in the same line, and the top is optional. It will be even better if the upper edge is made "torn" - to hang objects at different heights.

Advantage. This way will help to create a harmonious and pleasant composition.

Another option will allow you to create an original composition. It involves the placement of products of different sizes, shapes, decorated in a variety of frames.
Shelves with photos on the wall in the living room

Decorative items can be placed on shelves

Decoration Materials

Among the materials for decoration there are many that can transform and highlight the space above the sofa. These include both inexpensive and quite affordable options, so absolutely anyone can decorate the living room at their discretion and capabilities.

Plasterboard wall decoration over sofa

Decorative gypsum panels are an affordable finishing material. White color is suitable for many interiors, in addition, they are easy to repaint in the desired shade


Decorative wallpaper can transform the living room, make it elegant and modern no worse than other, more global ways.

Wallpapering the wall above the sofa

Wallpaper with floral ornaments suitable for a living room in the style of glamor or classic

  • They are presented in the form of subtle patterns, stripes, large drawings, which are better suited for the classic, Provencal style, Empire style or country.
  • Bright drawings, geometric patterns, sparkles and other similar types of wallpaper will be a suitable option for more modern interior styles (modern, hi-tech, pop art).
Wallpaper with rhombuses on the living room wall

Wallpaper with geometric motifs will appeal to lovers of modern ideas


This type of wallpaper has still remained a popular way of decorating walls, one might even say it is profitable and attractive. After all, modern photo wallpapers have almost all the qualities that their counterparts have. They are able to visually increase, expand the space with the help of drawings with the effect of depth (wallpaper with projection).

Volumetric wallpaper in the decoration of the wall above the sofa

Wall murals with the effect of depth visually expand the space and enliven the interior

Also on the market are futuristic wallpapers with various funny images. They are suitable for lovers of science fiction, fantasy and other similar genres.

Futuristic wallpaper in the design of the wall above the sofa

Photo wallpaper with interesting effects will become a real decoration of the living room

The materials that imitate natural materials (stone, wood) have recently become a real hit. Items can be arranged in any order, while creating interesting effects, even 3D. Another tempting effect is obtained if the wall is pasted with murals with a panorama of the city. Built-in lighting will complete the idea and present a fascinating living room to the inhabitants of the house.

Black and white photo wallpaper on the living room wall

Wall murals are selected depending on the interior space of the living room

Bright coloring

Creating an accent wall can refresh the interior. This idea is good to use if the living room is done in bright colors and against this background the wall by the sofa stands out due to bright colors, for example, blue, violet, orange, red, green or other similar colors. This is especially appropriate in the combined living room with kitchen. In this way, you can zone the room into two different objects, creating full-fledged rooms.

Accent wall decoration over the living room sofa

Two in one - just divide the wall into two parts and wallpaper one of them, color the second and add posters or paintings

Another variation of this method is wall painting. This will allow to realize all ideas and desires, show creative abilities and form a unique interior that no one else will have.

Important! The only rule in this case is to monitor the conformity of the style and design of the entire room and this wall in particular, so as not to overload the room with an abundance of colors, textures and styles.

Stucco panels Decoration walls stucco molding decorative plasterboard panels can create the impression of a mysterious or solid, elegant of interior and at home in general.
A good option for the classical style, Empire style and others similar to antiquity.
Panels can be made of different materials (wood, gypsum, plastic, MDF).
Will go well with dark walls, if the products choose white or beige colors.
Tile, stone, wood Any natural finishing material brings coziness, comfort, warmth to the house.
Suitable for many styles:

· Classic;

· Provence;

· Modern;

· Scandinavia;

· Country.

Even in the east style facing all walls stone or individual layout elements will look great.

For a loft or minimalism style, finishing with stone, brick or concrete panels is suitable (imitation is also allowed). It will help give living room a wild, damp atmosphere, if one is so desired.
Wall decoration over wood paneling sofa

Wood panels or natural boards give the interior a cozy and warm character


Decorating with bookshelves is the perfect way to transform a room and give it coziness and even intelligence. Book lovers will be delighted with such an idea. Indeed, now the shelves are made of various materials, various shapes, colors.

Bookshelves over a living room sofa

Shelves will never be superfluous, and if in the house they like to read, you just can not do without them

You can hang several shelves or just one, but it’s interesting to beat and decorate it. In addition to books, exhibit other objects (figurines, souvenirs, decorative elements).

Sofa in the living room inside the cabinet wall

In a small living room, a sofa can be placed inside cabinet furniture and shelves can be used to place personal items or decorative elements.

A comfortable and pleasant addition to this idea will be the backlight built into the shelves or the lamps installed next to it. They will help soften the interior and create a comfortable reading environment for books.

Mini library over the sofa in the living room

Now all the books are at hand, no need to even get up off the couch

Geographical map, plates

Such wall decoration options are more suitable for travelers, lovers of freedom, souvenirs and other attributes of travelers. The map can be modern or vice versa old. Plates can be attached to the wall or put on shelves.

Decorating the walls above the sofa in the living room with plates

Plates on the wall - a decorative element with a century of history, but it’s fashionable to return

Decor Elements

Other elements of the decoration include:

  • Forged Products;
  • clock;
  • various variations of fixtures;
  • mirrors;
  • niches;
  • thematic decor (guitars, helm, horns, skins, masks and other items related to a specific topic, hobby).
Decorating the wall above the sofa with a mirror

You can hang a mirror between two lamps

Video: modern methods of decorating the wall above the sofa

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