Wedding Hall Decoration: Modern Design Ideas

To emphasize the atmosphere in which the most unforgettable holiday in the life of the newlyweds will take place, it is worthwhile to especially approach the issue of designing a banquet hall. In this matter, not only aesthetics are important, but also the budget, thematic focus, and organization conditions. Many follow the path of party decoration on their own, avoiding generally accepted cliches and requests of modern designers. Use our tips to create a unique wedding hall decor with your own hands.

The decoration of the hall is an important stage in planning the celebration. So that the techniques used harmoniously look in the ensemble of the whole holiday, it is worth considering them in the context of the theme of the wedding. It is far from necessary to buy sets of ready-made jewelry, because to make a unique decor is possible for everyone. It is only necessary to show imagination and be inspired by interesting ideas.

light decoration of the wedding hall with flowers

Wedding room in a chic design

unusual decoration of the hall with ribbons

Balls in the design of the wedding hall

modern decoration of the wedding hall with balls

The idea of ​​decorating the wedding hall

Original hall decoration ideas

Creating a design requires first selecting a suitable room. In this regard, build on the number of guests, the convenience of transportation, as well as the available budget. As you know, in the west a party on the occasion of a solemn wedding is held even in the gym of the school. You can decorate the holiday in open space. An example of this is visiting ceremonies on the seashore or in the forest. By the way, such options are now in vogue.

In search of interesting ideas that lead away from wedding standards, young people use maximum creativity. If you competently think over the decor of the chosen place, then it does not matter at all in what conditions the holiday will be organized. However, the lack of taste and the pursuit of ostentatious luxury will turn even a cozy banquet hall into a booth. The basic principle of decorating a wedding venue is a sense of proportion. Decorations can be made with your own hands, and at the same time the hall will look luxurious. It is permissible to use:


Tablecloth, tablecloths, curtains, draperies, arches

Silk ribbons

Bows, loops, dressings for bouquets

Garlands of paper and with colorful lights

Walls and lights for individual decorative elements that you want to highlight

Natural flowers

Floral arrangements, bouquets, garlands


Table setting, invitations, greeting inscriptions.


Fastenings for small parts in the manufacture of jewelry and supports for decorative elements


Different sizes, shapes and colors to form garlands and compositions

Confetti and other small details

Used as holiday tinsel

original decoration of the hall with ribbons

Variant of a decorated wedding hall

bright decoration of the hall with balls

Wedding Hall Decoration

The basis of the wedding is the triumph of love, tenderness and romance. It will be possible to emphasize these aspects during the celebration thanks to lovely little things.Balloons and flowing fabrics are the best solution for romantics. Correctly designed lighting will help to create an intimate atmosphere. On the guest tables, place small vessels filled with water and droplets of glycerin mixed with flower petals. On the surface of the vessel, leave a floating candle in the flask.

Important! Do not overload the table with an abundance of flower garlands, with the exception of the newlyweds table. Leave room for gourmet dishes decorated with cooks and pastry chefs for the benefit of guests.

So that bouquets and compositions of balls do not overload the chairs and tables, fill them with helium, let them soar in the hall under the ceiling or above tables, creating fabulous pictures. Ordinary balls can be replaced with original models sold in special stores. Through such a simple replacement, your room will sparkle with new colors. Instead of hanging pendants from balls, it is important to use street lanterns with candles burning inside. Decorate them with butterflies so that the composition resembles a fairy forest. You can supplement the picture with fresh flowers suspended on a translucent fishing line.

To make the decor budget allows made analogue from improvised means. For example, for a flashlight, instead of the finished version, use an ordinary tin can painted with acrylic paint, with holes in the form of stars. Instead of fresh flowers on a fishing line, make voluminous figures in the style of origami or round balls of papier-mâché.

beautiful decoration of the wedding hall with flowers

Wedding room in a chic design

unusual design of the hall with ribbons

Balls in the design of the wedding hall

modern decoration of the wedding hall with flowers

The idea of ​​decorating the wedding hall

Fresh and current image create details from fresh flowers. They emphasize the high status, give a flavor and do not leave indifferent even a skeptic. Use this simple technique to make your wedding original and noble. Do not forget about pleasant trifles in the form of souvenirs and small gifts for guests. They will serve as a reminder of the holiday and eye-catching decoration. The best present is author's confectionery and hand-made souvenirs.

Zonize the space of the room so that all invitees clearly understand where they are more comfortable communicating, where you can go out and put yourself in order, and where it is appropriate to invite partners to a dance. Making a hall for a wedding with your own hands often spoils the presence of outstretched wires, poor-quality sound, improperly built light. Pay attention to these little things, and the eye will not catch on annoying details.

Rain of rose petals

Flowers with any decoration option are considered a universal decoration. It is quite possible to decorate a boring wall or floor with an original composition, including rose petals. They give a feeling of romance, solemnity and naturalness. To make a decor, stock up on thin transparent fishing line. On each thread, in turn, plant pearlescent beads and rose petals. Choose flowers that in their shade will not resonate with another decor.

The thread with the finished garland is fixed on top with pins or paper clips. When fixing the fishing line below, do not pull it too much. This will allow the composition to be light and airy. The flutter of the garland in the wind will provoke the effect of fluttering butterflies. You can string petals on a garland with bulbs. In addition, the remainder of the flower blank is perfect for decorating the floor. The path to the table, strewn with petals, looks unobtrusive and luxurious.

beautiful decoration of the hall with balls

Variant of a decorated wedding hall

light decoration of the wedding hall with balls

Wedding Hall Decoration

DIY wedding room decoration

In the basis of the decoration of the banquet hall for the wedding in accordance with the latest trends are ideas. First of all, you need to build on the general style of celebration. Someone likes vintage more, and someone gravitates to a modernist style. In the decor, you can take into account the preferences of guests and honeymooners.In creating a modern holiday, it is important to use artificial lighting, fresh flowers, a minimum amount of various tinsel. Everything should be beautiful, restrained and aristocratic. At the same time, elaborate decorations are beneficial to use in culinary art, because the main attention of the guests will be riveted to the table. Admire each guest with culinary delights that not only taste good, but also look appropriate.

Important! Everyone present should be comfortable. If the decor item creates inconvenience, then it is better to remove it. For example, too massive chairs with an uncomfortable back are better to replace, even if they visually win.

The drapery of the wedding hall in the modern version often combines white, golden, silver shades. The contrast of white and red colors is also in fashion. Basic white or champagne can be diluted with a bright accent of blue, purple, turquoise or lilac. Originality is created by the details: a vase that attracts attention, a statue, a garland, a flower arrangement, furniture, etc. To do something with your own hands is fashionable. The uniqueness of each item creates its own value. The modern room is decorated not only in the food area. Do not forget about the stairs, stage, photo zone and other corners of the room.

bright decoration of the hall with ribbons

Wedding room in a chic design

original decoration of the wedding hall with flowers

Balls in the design of the wedding hall

beautiful decoration of the wedding hall with ribbons

The idea of ​​decorating the wedding hall

Unusual and beautiful decoration of the wedding hall

Decoration of the hall requires a certain imagination. The most uncomplicated way to add charm to a room is to saturate it with compositions. Balloons, fresh flowers and seasonal natural materials will help you (for autumn - yellowed leaves, for winter - flowers powdered with imitation of snow).

Note! With regard to balls, it is worth considering interesting options: combine matte, glossy products, as well as balls of different shapes. Choose shades that are in harmony with the overall ensemble.

Use ready-made solutions as a starting point. So, in the wedding jewelry store you can buy the necessary set of accessories. Then at home they can be decorated with their own hands. So things will look original, beautiful and more interesting. Use bouquets as the central element of the table. Drape the vases with decorations and the table will look concise.

The main attention of the audience during the celebration will be riveted to the table for the newlyweds. In addition to the basic decor, use original compositions. Pay attention to tablecloths and ruffles. The garland along the table can be illuminated from the inside with small bulbs. Remember that in the overall picture it is worth using no more than three colors.

original design of the hall with balls

Variant of a decorated wedding hall

unusual decoration of the hall with flowers

Wedding Hall Decoration

DIY wedding items, jewelry and decor

Creating a banquet hall with taste requires adherence to one style. Creating jewelry on the hall for your own hands, do not save on consumables. If the budget is not enough, then the number of independently made things should be limited. Such small things as bows, bandages, ribbons, beads and appliques are never superfluous. With their help, you can easily give solemnity to any wedding hall. Make a list of the necessary little things in order not to forget about them in the midst of preparation.

DIY wedding invitations

Invitations to the celebration will not only deliver your guests to the address, but also avoid confusion in the lists when organizing a large wedding. To simplify the task, most people buy pre-made cards with basic inscriptions. They only need to enter the name, date and place of the holiday. So that such a card does not look like a postcard, you can decorate it with your own hands. To do this, you will need:

  • bows;
  • beads;
  • ribbons
  • glue (gun with hot glue).

As a blank, it is better to buy a card in a concise design. Having pasted a homemade bow in the form of an intertwined ribbon with a pearl, you will transform a simple card into an individual invitation card. Fill the invitation with calligraphic handwriting in beautiful ink. Such a souvenir will be a pass ticket and a memorable gift for your guest.

light decoration of the wedding hall with balls

Wedding room in a chic design

bright decoration of the hall with ribbons

Balls in the design of the wedding hall

modern decoration of the wedding hall with flowers

The idea of ​​decorating the wedding hall

Decoration of wedding glasses

Drinking drinks is a ritual action at any wedding. Raising glasses, guests greet the couple and express their wishes. At the same time, guests use sets of standard dishes without any frills, and the newlyweds should stand out from the crowd, so their glasses need decoration. Symbols that can be used in this case are rings. With the help of ribbons, beads and spraying, glasses can be transformed into a real work of art. Inscriptions, drawings and applications are applied to them. You can order the application of images from the artist or dream up yourself.

light decoration of the hall with flowers

Variant of a decorated wedding hall

bright decoration of the wedding hall with balls

Wedding Hall Decoration

General recommendations for decorating the room

  1. The decoration of the hall in a modern style includes floral arrangements with non-standard types of plants. So that the flowers do not look too simple, combine them in cascading bouquets.
  2. Volume garlands and lamps made of paper are more suitable for placement in the form of a tent. They will create romance and will not look cheap compared to other items.
  3. Track the size of bouquets and flower arrangements on the tables. Their optimal height is no higher than 30 cm.
  4. If you do not want to highlight specific colors, you can set a certain backlight in the room.
  5. Before decorating the hall, sketch. This is especially beneficial if you do not use the help of designers. An unfinished eye may miss some points.

Balloon decoration

You can get away from traditional sets of balls by creating original crafts. Do not buy cheap balls at the nearest stationery store. Use interesting product combinations to make a figure or composition. Check out the photos online. It is best to fill the balls with helium so that they keep their shape and maintain airiness. When choosing colors, focus on the pastel color scheme, connecting balls made in a single palette.

bright decoration of the wedding hall with flowers

Wedding room in a chic design

modern hall decoration with ribbons

The idea of ​​decorating the wedding hall

beautiful decoration of the wedding hall with balls

Balls in the design of the wedding hall

Banquet hall decoration with fabric

The easiest way to decorate the room with a cloth in a self-made decor. Overflows, sparkle of draperies will bring their own charm and will look minimalistic. In fabric, give preference to satin for decoration of a wedding table. It is better to decorate walls and arches with organza or alternative airy fabrics. To hide the borders of the fabric, you can use bows or ribbons.

Guest Tables

Decorating a room requires a more reverent attitude towards guest tables. By their appearance they will judge the quality of the banquet and the attitude towards visitors. Properly organized landing will help to avoid confusion and unpleasant neighborhood in a large company. Set numbers on each table and don't be too lazy to make lists of guests. Children should be seated separately from adults, because they have a separate menu and common interests.

light decoration of the hall with flowers

Variant of a decorated wedding hall

the original design of the wedding hall with ribbons

Wedding Hall Decoration

In general, there should not be anything superfluous on the guest tables of the wedding hall. The round shape of the table promotes open communication. Elongated rectangular tables with benches in this regard lose and resemble a rustic version. The design of the wedding hall is based on the proper serving of the dinner area and on the beautiful presentation of the appliances. Keep the tablecloths neat and the utensils clean.

Every girl from childhood imagined the wedding of her dreams. Decorating the hall with your own hands is a great occasion to show your creative nature and make your dreams come true.

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