Proper use of space when creating the design of a one-room apartment with a niche

According to the traditional concept generally accepted in construction, a niche is a recess in a wall, designed to accommodate furniture (wardrobe, bed) or decorative items.

sofa in a niche

Niche - a fertile element in the layout of the apartment, which should not be abandoned.

Thanks to the unconventional approach of modern designers, a niche can arrange a library, a sitting area with a seating area and a coffee table, or any household items. Creating the atmosphere one-room apartment with a recess in one of the walls, it will turn out to be beneficial to combine the practical benefits of space and the beauty of the design.

design of a studio apartment with a niche

In a niche, without prejudice to the total area of ​​the apartment, you can organize a complete recreation area.

Builders consider creating a niche a problematic activity, but for designers niche room interior - it is always original and practical. When starting repairs, it is important to plan ahead in which part of the room a depression will be formed.

niche apartment design ideas

The sensible design of a one-room apartment with a niche will allow you to arrange furniture so that each item in the room has its own place, and each zone has a purpose.

When homeowners intend to use an additional area with practical use (for storing household items, dishes, alcohol), it is important to organize convenient access to the deepening. In the case when a children's bed should be located in a niche, it is worth creating a structure in the wall farthest from the front door, window openings, and a balcony frame.

niche in a studio apartment

In a small niche near the window you can place a crib.

If the owners wish for professional or creative privacy in small apartments, then in a niche can locate the office. To do this, it is enough to put a table and a chair (chair), establish high-quality lighting and storage space for personal items.

niche workplace

In a small niche, you can organize a compact workplace.

For example, if a husband and wife prefer to work at home, it is better to purchase one desktop, but to zone the office space: on each side (left, right) arrange shelves, storage boxes.

studio apartment with a niche

To perfectly fit the furniture into the arch - it will have to be done on an individual order.

Designer's Tips: How to Stylishly Design a Niche

Creating interior of a one-room apartment, you need to pay attention not only to the functional features of the new corner in the house, but also its stylish design. To do this, adhere to the advice of specialists.

niche apartment design

In a small niche near the window you can put a sofa with pillows.

  1. Combine the colors used to decorate the entire room with niche colors.
  2. Equip an additional area with quality lighting. It is best to use spotlights, LED lights on the ceiling or around the entire perimeter of the structure.
  3. When the recess is planned to be used as a closet, it is better to use internal partitions rather than external walls.If there is no alternative, and the structure becomes part of the surface adjacent to the street, it is worth correctly planning the ventilation system to avoid the formation of mold. This is done in two ways - by mounting on the rear partition an additional layer of mineral wool or foam. The second option is to close the dressing room door with a net.
dressing room in a niche

A dressing room in a one-room apartment is a real salvation for residents.

Often one-room apartment enough for a comfortable stay of one or two people, but if you properly arrange special formations in the form of partitions, niches, you can create a cozy atmosphere for a family of three or four households.

niche apartment design ideas

Additional lighting in a niche is the key to a comfortable stay there, regardless of its purpose.

Wall niche interior options

To interior of a studio apartment with a recess in the wall, it looked stylish and modern, it is worth using popular finishing materials. Their advantages and disadvantages are shown in the table.

niche with wallpaper

Cozy and stylish relaxation area.

Surface Finishing Option Benefits disadvantages
Decorative plaster Easy to clean, durable and durable material Not
Wallpaper, including photo wallpaper Photowall-paper sets mood to space, can visually expand it Dust and dirt settle on them, require replacement every 5-8 years
Art modeling It looks rich, can be repainted in different colors High price
Mirror panel (s) Easy-care material visually makes the room bigger. If you use a mirror mosaic, then the objects in the niche will look unusual Difficulty of installation, increased trauma due to improper installation of small glass parts
Decorative rock Creates a cozy atmosphere in the apartment, acts as a noise isolator High cost, not suitable for all interior styles
Laminate It looks stylish, modern and unusual, does not need special care, a strong and durable look Difficulty in installation (the surface should be perfectly flat), low moisture resistance
ZD gypsum panels Unusual appearance, durability of gypsum structures and ease of installation Not

The basis of the structure is often performed by their currently popular material - drywall, "planted" on a previously created structure of flexible metal profile. Sometimes drywall constructions are replaced with masonry, but this is a more costly and long-term method.

studio apartment with a niche

When choosing color options for a niche, you should focus on the main color of the room.

Each finishing element can be combined with another, the main thing is to choose the right color scheme. To interior of a studio apartment with a recess in the wall, it brought aesthetic pleasure to the owners and guests of the house, designers recommend using finishes in bright colors. Experts argue their recommendations with the fact that the dark background of the niche will create the effect of a “black hole” or emptiness, it will not be possible to convey a creative idea against a light background, but bright colors are ideal companions of such an option.

niche decor wallpaper

The kitchen wall fits beautifully and compactly into the recess.

Why do you need a niche in the interior of a studio apartment

A definite answer to the question of how a niche is useful in a setting one-room apartment, no - each is determined by the choice of its purpose, based on imagination. Designers can suggest common solutions for the home.

niche use cases

The niche and the rest of the room are decorated in the same style.

  • Close the recess with a pair of doors, forming inside a closed cabinet for storing clothes, dishes or personal items.
niche storage

In small niches, shelves for dishes can be placed.

  • Put a niche in the bed. Above the berth, small shelves will look good for arranging photos, cosmetics, paintings to match the general situation.
niche bed

It is advisable to use partitions to separate the niche from the room.

  • Hang on the wall a lot of shelves on which to place decor items, indoor plants, books or combine a set of objects with a single concept.

niche bookshelves

  • Locate a TV, audio equipment, or home theater. Such a solution will help to hide multiple wires, place related accessories (removable storage media, headphones, chargers) in one place.
tv in the niche

All options are relevant for an apartment with one living room.

Properly equipped interior of a studio apartment not only will cause emotions of admiration among the guests at home, but will also improve the condition and mood of all households. All this is due to the fact that the additional space will become a place to store parts that previously cluttered the house.

arrangement of a niche in a studio apartment

Integrity - this is the main requirement for such interiors.

Interior ideas for a studio apartment - planning features

During repair one-room apartment if you have purchased furniture, you must first create (draw) a conversion plan so that upholstered furniture, cabinets, and cabinets harmoniously fall into place. Another option is also possible - the purchase of furniture after repair. At the same time, it is very likely that it will have to be made to order or “customized” sizes according to individual requirements.

niche in a studio apartment

Someone insists on creating a niche in a separate zone, while someone advocates the most neutral design.

Niche for a bed

Special recess in the wall one-room apartment hundreds of years ago they called it the unusual word "alcove." At the time of the monarchs it was decorated with textiles, as if creating a lush fabric partition. Today, this option is also possible if the alcove has a sufficient width - 1.7-2 m.

four-poster bed

The recreation area in the niche does not separate in style from the main premises, but becomes its harmonious continuation.

This design will best fit into classic interiors, but do not miss out on its use in monasteries furnished according to the latest fashion trends. For example, a bed hidden behind curtains with ruffles will be a wonderful and truly fabulous place for sleeping and pastime of a girl.

baby bed in a niche

The crib is compactly located in a niche.

Niche Zones

The imagination of man is limitless, and thanks to modern technology, any idea can be turned into reality. At the request of households in a niche can position the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. First two options more suitable for families of two without children.

niche bathroom

It is advisable to equip the deepening in the walls of the bathroom under the shower area with a bathtub.

Arrangement one-room apartment with a recess in the wall - a great alternative to a studio apartment. When the dimensions of the partition allow, it’s actually possible to even arrange a cooking area, otherwise there is only enough space for a bar, work surface and mini-sink.

small niche bar

The kitchenette in the niche can be hidden using a partition.

Creating interior of a studio apartment with an additional area for arranging furniture or decor items, it is important to consider the option of a possible conversion. For example, if the recess was originally a bedroom, then in the future it may transform into an office or a children's corner.

design a niche under the bedroom

A practical and bright solution is a children's two-level zone in a recess in the wall.

Previously, even before the start of the alteration, it is necessary to pay attention to the recommendations of designers and builders, if this is not possible, consult the seller of the store of goods for construction.

small cabinet in a niche

In the spacious niche, you can equip an office with shelves for books.

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