Greek style in interior design

Greece is associated with southern Mediterranean flavor, freshness of the sea, sunny shores, olive tree plantations, mountains and picturesque ancient landscapes. Not surprisingly, designers distinguish the Greek style in a separate category, because it has clear criteria. First of all, it is restraint, rational luxury, comfort, freshness and cosiness.

Many represent Greek motifs in the context of ancient culture. However, contemporary Greek-style design has nothing to do with this historical period. Let's look at the main characteristics of the Greek interior and determine how to use its manifestations in the decoration of housing.

bright greek style kitchen design

Unusual design of the apartment in the Greek style

beautiful design of the living room in the Greek style

Greek style apartment interior

unusual interior of the house in the Greek style

Greek style in home interior design

Antique and modern Greek style in the interior of an apartment or house

Most often, elements of the Greek style for decorating a house are chosen by people who are impressed by minimalism and classics. Massive whitewashed columns with curls, sculptures and stucco decoration are a thing of the past. These details are relevant to use in creating the ancient space. The Greek style in the interior is more diverse in its manifestations. It can be defined only by accessories, individual decorations and the reigning atmosphere of the Mediterranean idyll.

The simplicity inherent in the Greek design looks majestic and luxurious, despite the lack of expensive decor. The main emphasis is on space, an abundance of light in the room, soft colors and smooth transitions. Here you will not see gold, elaborate accessories and bright colors characteristic of the Roman interior. Despite this, the decor looks stylish and unusual. It can not be called boring.

In the space of modern Greece, comfort and lightness are felt. The antique style for everyday use is heavier. It is often used to decorate large houses, cottages and mansions of people who want to emphasize their status due to the classics and the presence of original works of art in the apartment.

beautiful room style in greek style

Greek style room design

unusual interior of the apartment in the Greek style

Greek style in the interior of the apartment

The history of the appearance of the Greek style

The original source of the Greek style was the antique interior. It originated during the formation of culture (3rd century BC) and developed gradually, intertwined with Roman motifs. In the process of formation, the stylistics of Greece borrowed oriental trends and finally acquired its features in the era of stone architecture. In addition to the practical benefits of stone structures, the Greeks began to pay attention to forms, decorate buildings and create household items that carry an aesthetic load.

Antique artists and sculptors sought to use a wealth of materials to create the outlines of a perfect human body. Statues of gods, athletes, beauties and goddesses have survived to our days. This period was marked by the construction of magnificent cultural buildings - amphitheaters, temples, municipalities, etc.At the heart of the decoration of the premises, the Greeks laid the mythology, drawing parallels between the world of the gods and ordinary people.

bright Greek style bedroom design

Unusual design of the apartment in the Greek style

beautiful greek style house design

Greek style apartment interior

bright style bedroom in greek style

Greek style in home interior design

The main features of the Greek style

To get the perfect combination in the interior, designers use an interweaving of characteristic shades, home textiles, furniture and accessories. An important role in the design of the room is played by thoughtful zoning and lighting. Here are the basic principles that decorators adhere to.

  • Colors

The color scheme is based on paints that are as close to nature as possible. It is white, blue, deep blue, milky, yellow. Walls and floors are predominantly white. This can be a basic shade of paint, whitewash or shallow embossing. Unobtrusive decorative plaster is sometimes used.

  • Accents

To the general appearance was not boring and monophonic, contrasting things are used for decor. For example, a plaid and pillows of a blue undertone can shade a milky sofa. The walls are decorated with paintings, panels and mirrors in a simple design with motifs from Greek culture.

  • Patterns

Thematic patterns help highlight the historical component and color. The well-known weaving in the Greek style is used to decorate frills of curtains, paintings, bedspreads and vases. The drawings are mainly geometric, zigzag, having rounded shapes.

unusual design of the apartment in the Greek style

Greek style room design

bright greek style cuisine

Greek style in the interior of the apartment

  • Texture

Coarse finish of the floor and walls helps to highlight the natural element. The incoming stones and plaster look natural and authentic. Texture elements are artificially formed by stucco. The "chip" of the Greek style is the presence of portals in the walls for installing vases and statues with decorative lighting.

  • Roominess

The owners prefer this type of decoration in open spaces in the presence of a kitchen, living room, separate hallway and a full bedroom. Thus, the ideal option for the realization of all ideas is the use of a private house.

  • Natural lighting

Continuing the theme of unity with nature and the surrounding world, it is worth noting that the Greeks love the light. Therefore, all rooms are equipped with hinged windows. In the daytime, the room is filled with sunbeams, and the white shade of the walls reflects them, saturating the space.

The presented list is far from a complete description of the decor in the Greek style. Designers prefer to use it as a base for adjustment to the individual characteristics of each housing.

unusual interior of the room in the Greek style

Unusual design of the apartment in the Greek style

unusual greek style kitchen interior

Greek style apartment interior

bright greek style house design

Greek style in home interior design

Color palette and characteristic patterns

In the interior, gravitating to the Greek, colors are used that can be seen walking along the streets of Mediterranean cities. The ceiling and walls of the room are painted in natural tones. Pastel shades are considered the best solution. In the thematic decor, the following will be considered appropriate:

  • olive green;
  • sand, ivory;
  • yellow, turquoise;
  • azure, navy, cyan;
  • pure white.

To refresh the picture, it is recommended to mix contrasting variations of all the colors presented. It is better to take a light tone as the basis and choose a more dynamic shade, which is in contrast with it. For example, white and navy blue. The selected composition should look harmonious. The dominance of several tones and combinations of more than 3 active colors is not allowed.

When choosing the right combination, take advantage of the modern solution - dark marble flooring and white raw stone walls. The ceiling in this solution is not painted black and does not attract attention. Natural expensive marble can be replaced with an artificial substitute.

bright Greek style apartment design

Greek style room design

unusual interior of the living room in the Greek style

Greek style in the interior of the apartment

Properties and forms of furniture in the Greek style

In the interior of the Greek orientation, the principle of minimalism is respected. Furniture has a practical load, so it is not much. Decor details are made exclusively from quality materials. Each item has a monolithic shape and looks solidly. For the living room there is enough laconic soft corner with a sofa, two armchairs and a coffee table.

In addition to the kitchen, the apartment has a dining area with a massive wooden table and bulky chairs. The interior in the Greek style is extremely simple, so when buying furniture you need to pay attention to not elaborate things that are understandable to the user. Do not buy genuine leather products, silk and velvet fabrics. Try not to overdo the print and choose upholstery in soothing colors.

beautiful greek style bedroom design

Unusual design of the apartment in the Greek style

unusual style of the room in the Greek style

Greek style apartment interior

beautiful Greek style living room interior

Greek style in home interior design

Practical accessories, textiles

Special accessories will help to emphasize the calm interior. You need to arrange them with taste, observing the balance between decoration and busting in the amount of decor. Pay attention to a unique item - tall vases and amphorae, which at first glance hint to the guest about the presence of Greek motifs. To add color and freshness to the environment, it is recommended to plant live plants in beautifully designed pots.

Due to the fact that Greece is located on the shores of the sea, marine motifs will look good in the design. You will see them in paintings and prints on textiles. When shopping, give priority to cute little things that create coziness. When buying figurines, choose quality items brought from travel. They will look organic and emphasize your style.

unusual Greek-style kitchen design

Greek style room design

bright style greek style house

Greek style in the interior of the apartment

Greek style ceilings

The ceiling in the house should be high and elongated. On the verge of walls, it’s appropriate to place a decorative stucco or rim that echoes classic antique motifs. For finishing, plaster is used, creating volume and texture. There is an option to install a column or plaster decoration that imitates the arches of ancient Greek temples.

Important! Due to the narrow vertical columns, even the middle or low ceiling can be visually extended. Observe proportions.

The stretch ceiling will look inappropriate. All surfaces must be matte. Stucco molding harmoniously combines with columns, patterns on the walls and rough texture of raw stone. The basic principle of ceiling decoration is simplicity and the absence of unnecessary details. A chandelier, preferably of light design, looks expensive, but restrained.

beautiful greek style house interior

Unusual design of the apartment in the Greek style

beautiful room design in greek style

Greek style apartment interior

bright style living room in greek style

Greek style in home interior design

Greek style walls

Despite the presence of a ready-made solution - textured wallpaper, designers do not accept their use in the Greek style. Rough plaster is used to decorate the wall. In their work, the craftsmen try to give the walls an aged look and apply several layers of materials to add external charm.

On a smooth wall, it is better to apply a thematic pattern. At the same time, the picture is in a separate part of the surface and does not stand out, distracting the viewer's attention from the interior. Many try to attract the artist to the work so that the painting is unusual. As a starting point, geometric shapes and clear lines are used.

unusual design of the bedroom in the Greek style

Greek style room design

bright Greek-style kitchen interior

Greek style in the interior of the apartment

Greek style floor

Do not underestimate the texture of the floor in the general ensemble of the Greek interior. As materials for its decoration, it is important to use marble and tile. Interesting look mosaic elements and tiles in warm colors.If there is no single solution regarding the decoration of the floor, you can lay a tile that mimics the texture of natural stone. An inhomogeneous tone will create the effect of unity with nature.

A light-colored floor can be diluted with marine-themed designs. Textile elements are recommended to be installed only in the area of ​​the bedroom, living room and bathroom. A slightly rough and ascetic floor covering favorably emphasizes furniture. Combine different options to get the desired result.

Greek style is easy to understand and implement. Use our tips to make a real masterpiece from your home. In addition to beauty, rooms in the Greek style will give their owners the unique cosiness that everyone is so eager for.

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