Fresh interior design ideas for small apartments

To make the house beautiful and practical, you need to carefully consider the interior. Every detail is important. There are many nuances to consider. This will achieve harmony. Studying the rules of design selection will help you choose the right option.

Bar counter in a thin partition aperture

To properly equip your home, you need to master the key principles of interior design

Apartment Design: Best Interior Ideas

It is necessary to select the best option based on the area of ​​the room, its nuances, disadvantages and advantages. The latter is important to emphasize. Cons must be hidden from view. You can add some zest to the design to make it individual.

The interior of a small apartment panel house

There may be little space in the apartment, but style must be present.

Bright living room interior with black sofa

It is important to strike a balance between functionality and beauty.

The choice of styles is wide. First, it is recommended to decide what in the end you want to get. It should be based not only on external attractiveness, but also on practicality, functionality. Especially relevant for small rooms.

One-room apartment design

This case is complicated by the small area in which it is necessary to accommodate several functional areas. Therefore, it is necessary to think through every detail. Often do redevelopment, connecting the kitchen and living room. This implies a change in the location of communications, which must be taken into account in advance.

Studio apartment interior in white color

The modest-sized dwelling can be turned into a comfortable studio apartment

The arrangement of the kitchen area in a studio apartment

The kitchen is separated from the room by wooden floors and tiled on the wall.

If there is a pantry, it is recommended to convert it into a built-in closet. You get a small dressing room, which freed up space in the rest of the room. Apply methods of visual expansion of space. To do this, use a light palette, glass and mirror surfaces, lighting.

The interior of a small bedroom in a studio apartment

Separate room is highlighted under the bedroom in white.

Arrangement of a small plumbing unit with shower and toilet

If the bathroom is very small, you can do without a bath, having a full shower

It is important to ensure maximum natural light. Therefore, instead of dense curtains, use lightweight fabrics.

Light translucent curtains on the kitchen window

The design of curtains should be in harmony with the general interior of the room

Design of an apartment in Khrushchev

Such structures have features, including an inconvenient layout, low ceiling. The area is quite small, many rooms are walk-through. All this affects the selection of a suitable design. Therefore, it is recommended to use methods of visual increase in space. The premises should be filled with light, mainly facing light palette, more than mirror surfaces.

Interior of a bright room in Khrushchev

Walls and ceilings welcome light shades

Elements and parts are selected based on compactness and functionality. This will save more free space, not clutter up the territory. The loft, hi-tech and modern style fits perfectly under these conditions.

Design of a combined room in odnushka

Multifunctional furniture is the salvation for a small apartment. It looks like ordinary storage cabinets.

Folding lunch table for the whole family

But in fact, this is a folding dining table, at which four people comfortably fit

How to equip an apartment for a family with a child

The key difficulty in such situations is lack of space. Therefore, you should use techniques to conveniently accommodate all family members.

To do this, use zoning space. It is necessary to allocate several zones for parents and the child. Everyone should be comfortable. Therefore, you need to carefully calculate all the details and options.

Zoning a common room with a podium

For a child it is better to highlight the brightest part of the room

The following segments are required:

  1. Recreation area for parents.
  2. A plot for sleeping and playing a child.
  3. Neutral territory for receiving guests, joint relaxation.

Transformer furniture will solve the problem of lack of space and the need to use cabinets, beds and other items. Many items act as two-in-one models. The bed may have a special niche for storing things.

Zoning of a studio apartment with curtains

It’s easiest to separate a child’s place from an adult zone using curtains

Glossy stretch ceiling in a room for a family with a child

Also, the shelf, which serves to store a lot of things, is perfect for the role of a space separator

For zoning, you can use special niches or highlight individual segments with color. In the children's area, everything should correspond to the age of the baby. On the territory of parents, a more restrained, laconic interior is needed.

How to design the whole apartment

To do this, it is necessary to solve a number of issues, including:

  1. Personal preferences.
  2. Features of the home, its advantages, defects, cons and features.
  3. Practicality of the option you like.

When the desired design is selected, it remains to think about the placement of each part and realize the desired.

Interior of a common room in a small apartment

It is necessary to divide the space into zones and give each of them a specific function

Round table in a small sitting area

Try to use literally every centimeter of usable space

Living room combined with a loggia

Reception is popular for increasing usable area. The loggia can become a separate zone and can be separated from the room by a bar counter or a low counter. Sometimes a balcony is made a full part of the room. Be sure to carry out thermal insulation of the structure in this case.

Large black TV in the living room with a loggia

After joining the loggia, it will be possible to equip several functional areas

Loft style study on the balcony

On the loggia you can make a stylish office

Bathroom and toilet

As a cladding, tiles are often used. It is strong, durable and can withstand the difficult conditions of the bathroom. She is not afraid of humidity, temperature changes. If the room is small, you should discard unnecessary items, having installed the most necessary. When using floor tiles, be sure to choose products with a special coating that reduces slipping.

Interior of a compact bathroom in a studio apartment

The owners of small bathrooms should pay attention to corner and curved models.

Hanging cabinet with mirror in a compact bathroom

Vertical space must be used to the maximum by installing pencil cases or shelves for storing things, as well as towel dryers

Felt in the decoration of the interior

The material is environmentally friendly and is popular in design. It is used to decorate walls, make decorative pillows, blankets. They are lined with felt panels. Such a solution can create a work of art in the house.

Felt upholstered wall in living room

Felt wall cladding will add originality to the interior and improve sound insulation.

Felt carpet in front of fireplace in living room

Felt carpet is very warm, and in modern design it looks gorgeous

Super Saving Ideas for a Luxurious Interior

They are reflected in the table:

Ideas Description
Striped refrigerator You will need a self-adhesive film, which is processed by the unit.
Door mirror Mirror surfaces are mounted on the interior doors to increase space.
Getting rid of the television cable To do this, you need a bar from the curtain.
Applique It is placed on windows or walls. Created with your own hands.
Curved barbell Allows you to visually increase the size of the window.
Colored chest of drawers An ideal and bright solution for the nursery.
Decorating refrigerators with black tape yourself

The idea of ​​a refrigerator decor for those who are tired of the monotony of white household appliances

Small windows with curved cornices

Curved curtain rail to make the window look larger

Ribbons instead of rings

For curtains, you can use bright ribbons, replacing them with standard rings. This will add brightness and uniqueness to the interior.

Multi-colored curtains on ribbons instead of rings

Drawstring curtains fit many styles

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