Design ideas for a small pantry in an apartment

A small apartment can become a modern, beautiful and comfortable place to live. But for this you need to carefully think through every detail of the space that you have. This also applies to the arrangement of the pantry room.

White doors with panels in the pantry

Storage is the best way to keep things that are rarely used in order and hide from prying eyes.

Why is there a pantry in the apartment?

In order for the pantry to successfully “work” on the interior, it must be useful in the first place. This means that this small utility room should take on one or more functions:

  1. Extra storage space for products. This is a common use of the pantry, allowing you to free the kitchen from part of the cabinets, to make it more spacious. Many typical Soviet-era apartments have a small utility room next to the cooking room. Sometimes modern houses can also boast of this. Adapting such a food storage room is a great idea.

    Food storage in the kitchen cabinet

    Pantry with convenient swivel sections for food storage

  2. Wardrobe. A separate room for clothes is an actual trend in modern housing construction, both in the west and in Russia. She usually adjoins the corridor or bedroom. It is a carefully thought-out compartment where each item has its own place. So shoes, jackets, fur coats, suits, etc. are easier to store, more convenient to use.

    Open pantry in the living room of a small apartment

    Niche in the wall for storing things

  3. Laundry. Often the bathrooms are too cramped even for a washing machine, not to mention the other things necessary for washing clothes. You can solve this problem by allocating a pantry for the corresponding needs. A few square meters, if desired, will fit a washing machine, dryer, laundry basket, shelves for washing powders and conditioners. True, in this situation, the location of the risers and their remoteness from the potential laundry are of great importance.

    Laundry room with ironing board in a small pantry

    To organize laundry, the pantry should be large enough

  4. Library. Books, subscriptions to magazines or newspapers, records can take up a lot of space. Having allocated a special space for them, it will be easier to keep your library in order.

    Books on wooden shelves in the pantry

    To place a large number of books you need strong wooden shelves

  5. Study. In small apartments, an isolated area for quiet work can be a salvation. A folding tabletop, shelves or racks, a chair - all these elements with a careful approach are placed on an area of ​​a couple of square meters.

    Organization of a study in a small pantry

    Home office in a small pantry

  6. Mini workshop. In everyday life, a whole list of household tools is necessary. Even if you are used to doing a minimum - a mop, a broom and a vacuum cleaner - you still need a place for them. And if there are a lot of tools, a separate small room will be a great solution.

    Storage of inventory in the pantry of a city apartment

    Correctly located fasteners will allow rational use of the storage area

  7. Room for game equipment.Games and sports make life more fun, but fixtures for them are often too cumbersome. Scooter, soccer ball and sledges are traditionally trying to put into the pantry.

    Storage of sports equipment in the pantry

    For heavy equipment, you need a storage system with sturdy shelves

  8. Boudoir. In a large luxurious mansion, a woman’s personal territory can be a whole room. But even in the format of small-sized economy-class housing, you can find a corner for a large mirror, cosmetics, accessories, jewelry. And get in the pantry a separate cozy space for the needs of the hostess of the house.

    Dressing table in the bedroom closet

    Boudoir in the closet - the best solution for a small bedroom

  9. Hobby zone. Some hobbies require special equipment, many special things. Sewing, painting, wood carving, photography - the list of various hobbies in need of space can be continued for a long time.

    Workshop in a small pantry

    It is important to think about good lighting for the workplace.

  10. A place that combines several functions at once. Most likely, you will prefer this option. For example, you want to organize the storage of products, household chemicals and tools. Or set yourself the goal of putting outerwear, a bicycle and skates in the pantry. It is quite possible to do this, but it is important to remember that different types of things differ in storage conditions. And it is better not to mix food with potentially hazardous substances. In short, the pantry will have to be divided into sections.

The design of the pantry primarily depends on what is inside. The function in this case dictates the form.

Filling the interior of the pantry

The storage room is usually intended for storage. There are several basic means to make it convenient and rationally organized:

  • Tall shelving. Metal or wooden shelving is sold in furniture stores. After specifying the geometric parameters of the pantry, you can pick up a ready-made interior element that will help to make rational use of the available area. The advantages of this option are ease of execution, profitability.

    Tall racks in the pantry of a small apartment

    When choosing material for racks, you must take into account the estimated load on the shelves

  • Built in furniture. Sometimes it is difficult to choose cabinets that match the storage room. Especially if it has a non-standard shape, niches, ledges, sloping ceiling. Built-in wardrobes suggest an individual approach, work on order, the most efficient use of space.

    Wooden cupboard in the kitchen pantry

    Built-in food storage cabinet

  • Shelves. You can not buy whole racks, but confine yourself to individual shelves. The advantage of this solution will be the ability to independently set the distance between different levels. In addition, shelves can be combined with other pieces of furniture, forming exactly the environment that you need.

    Homemade shelves in the closet

    Do-it-yourself simple shelves

  • Hooks For storage of construction tools, kitchen utensils, garden tools, hooks are best suited.

Filling the pantry, you can use any of these tools, they are effectively combined with each other. The main thing in this case is to maximize the use of the side surfaces and, in some situations, the door. But the ceiling and floor of the pantry should be kept to a minimum: a chandelier hanging down will prevent things from the upper shelf. Volumetric objects on the floor will limit the use of lower drawers.

Pantry Design: Aesthetic Aspect

When arranging a pantry, the most important thing is to create a comfortable environment so that the desired item is always on the shelf at hand. Aesthetics often fades into the background. However, the pantry can also be beautiful.

Storage room in the interior of a children's room

In whatever room the pantry is located, its design should correspond to the general style of the room

If you want to create a storage area that is pleasant to be in, pay attention to three main aspects:

  1. Finishing the pantry.
  2. Lighting.
  3. The choice of containers for storage.

Features finishing pantry

For finishing the pantry, it is best to use inexpensive materials that are resistant to mechanical stress and that are easy to clean. The table lists the most common options:

Type of finishing material Where applicable When is better use
Paint Wallsceiling Requires additional alignment of surfaces. Or applied over drywall, plaster, wallpaper for painting.
Drywall Wallsceiling Justified if you want to change the shape pantries, to do niches, arrange backlighting.
Plastic panels Wallsceiling The most simple, practical and durable option.
Wallpaper Walls It is used to add some kind of pattern or ornament to the interior. It is not recommended to take a large print for small room.
Bedroom pantry design

Dressing room, made in the same style with a bedroom

For the pantry floor, the same material is usually used as in the room adjacent to it - linoleum, laminate or tile. Then the interior of the apartment is perceived more holistically. For the same reason, you should maintain a unified color palette for your home. For example, if you use the painting technique in two colors in an apartment, then it is better to choose them for the pantry as well.

Ceramic tiles on the kitchen floor with pantry

Ceramic floor in the pantry, the same as in the kitchen

However, it is important to remember that for such a small volume, a light color solution is recommended in order to maximize its visibility. At the same time, do not break the surfaces in different colors or textures vertically. Because of this, the pantry can additionally visually narrow. But a good choice would be to highlight each functional segment with its color or material. Then just do not confuse sections with pickles and household chemicals.

Lighting as a design tool

The interior of the closet will sparkle with new facets if you provide spectacular and efficient lighting inside.

Open shelves in a pantry with white walls

Obviously, white is the perfect solution for finishing the pantry in terms of lighting

First, you need to choose the main light source. Given the specifics of the pantry, its very limited area, you will have to abandon wall sconces, floor lamps, large pendant lights. You should choose something compact, mounted on the ceiling. The ideal solution is a point source of light in the center.

Dressing room with spotlights in the ceiling

Recessed luminaires occupy a minimum of space, but require free space for hidden placement

Secondly, you can organize additional illumination using an LED strip. For example, to emphasize the rhythmic graphics of the shelves. Or to highlight one of the internal sections, separating it from other functional areas. Even just a luminous strip from above, along the contour of the ceiling, will make the pantry more interesting.

LED lighting on shelves in the pantry

For local lighting it is better to use LED strips

Pantry filling tip: selecting containers

Stacking things on shelves can look attractive and stylish if you select the right chests, baskets, boxes for them. The value is the color, texture, size of containers. Several types of containers combined with each other, groups filling the shelves of the rack, will not only allow you to better navigate among things, but will also become an element of decor.

Drawers in the pantry in the kitchen

A small pantry is best equipped with convenient drawers

A few tips for decorating the pantry door

There is a whole list of simple ways to make the pantry more convenient and beautiful, having worked with its door:

  • If it is possible to install a sliding door - proceed! This will allow more efficient use of the area of ​​the apartment. After all, the sliding version is more compact.

    Small pantry with door on casters

    The sliding door is comfortable and looks original

  • Use the plane of the door to the maximum. You can also place a lot of useful things on it: a mirror, hooks for tools, a special holder, for example, for a mop.
  • Do not forget about the finish.Doors are also part of the design of the apartment. They should be combined with the environment in color. You can use the decoration to emphasize the surface of the door, playing in contrast. Or, on the contrary, hide it.
Pantry for curtains in the children's room

The pantry can be hidden behind the curtains, selected in the style of room decoration.

Any little thing is important if you want to make your closet better.

Where to put the pantry

Well, if the pantry in the apartment is provided initially. However, this is not always the case. There are several options where you can equip a pantry in your home without extra costs:

  1. In a niche. Apartments with complex geometric shapes often present a mystery to their owners. It is not very clear what to do with all these protrusions and indentations. The storage device in this kind of niche is a great solution.

    Door with a mirror in a niche-closet

    Making a pantry from a niche is simple - just install the doors

  2. At the dead end of the corridor. As a rule, it can be difficult to come up with an effective application for a given zone. Cabinets are usually placed here, a neat, well-thought-out pantry can be a good alternative.

    Hallway interior with storage room at dead end.

    Storage room at the end of a long corridor hidden behind mirrored doors

  3. In the corner. Corner solutions are very effective for small housing. You can, for example, fence off part of the kitchen, filling it with neat rows of shelves. Such a pantry can not only become a good help for the hostess, but also a successful solution from the point of view of kitchen design. It is permissible not even to separate such a storehouse with a door, organically incorporating it into the interior.

    Dressing room in the corner of the bedroom

    An unusual solution for organizing a corner storage room

There are many possibilities to arrange a closet in an original and effective way.

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