Imitation of wood on the wall in the interior - an unusual design element

In today's world, values ​​are constantly changing, as is the understanding of beauty. More than a hundred years ago, high ceilings, windows and doors, floral wallpapers and paintings in heavy frames were in fashion. Now the beautiful is not always expensive, easy to manufacture and often replaced - tired, faded or broken - to throw out.

The trees are beautiful, but we often do not notice it. If you remove the landscaping from the cities, they will become terribly uncomfortable. And we strive to parks and forests for a reason - we rest there. Scientists have proven that all asymmetrical objects calm our psyche. These include clouds, flowers and any plants, trees. Even unnatural, painted.

the idea of ​​the original tree in the interior of the apartment

The design of the bathroom is made in wood

bright wood version in the style of the apartment

White wood in the interior looks very unusual and beautiful

the idea of ​​an unusual tree in the interior of the room

On the wall you can stick a wallpaper with an imitation of wood

Recently it has been fashionable to use dry trees in the interior, but they occupy free space and are difficult to install. As an option - to draw a tree on the wall with your own hands. No, wall murals are not the best option. The first association to the word “mural” is an old unevenly faded mural with nature in the old school or hospital building. Of course, if you choose the right wall murals, they will revitalize the room, increase the space, breathe new life into your small and such an ordinary room. But not the forest, the forest on murals remained in fashion a couple of decades ago.

Wood pluses on the wall

- No need to choose beautiful wallpapers for a long time.

A solid color or plain paint will be the perfect backdrop for your wood.

- This is the best alternative to paintings.

What to hang, landscape? Large or small? Or maybe a lot of photos are better? But the photographs on the walls are already so boring, and the tree is almost living.

- The tree on the wall in the interior gives comfort.

Even painted. Where do we feel calmer? Leaning against a tall and beautiful trunk, it is psychologically more pleasant, brings it closer to nature and gives comfort.

- Originality.

Natural or fabulous, or assembled from a bright ornament. Plain or colorful, flat or voluminous - your tree should be unique, only your plant.

the idea of ​​the original tree in the design of the room

The bathroom in the tree looks very modern

variant of a beautiful tree in the interior of the apartment

Wood imitation wallpaper is pasted on the wall.

How and from what to make?

There are a lot of decor options. The main thing is not to be afraid, usually the tendency to experiment is higher in apartments with old or inexpensive repairs, if you spent a lot of money on beautiful wallpapers, you will no longer paint a decorative tree on top of the wall. Yes and whether it will look.

Someone is engaged in creativity all the time, combining hobbies and earning, others just relax from everyday worries, plunging into the world of homemade beauty. But someone lights up, and until he ties the napkin to the ottoman, sews a cover on the chair, or draws a tree on the wall, he will not calm down.

A whole tree or a crown? Or maybe just a branch? Or a tall oak tree that rises high to the ceiling, right up to the chandelier? Such a solution enlarges the room, turning the low ceilings in our apartments into a limitless sky above your head.There are many options, your tree can be born in the head or taken from any sketches, but it should be suitable for your interior in color and shape.

version of the original tree in the interior of the room

The wooden wall perfectly complements the interior of the room

bright wood idea in apartment design

Imitation of an old tree on the wall looks very unusual

Simple and quick solutions

Paints - watercolors and gouache - will not work, it is better to avoid water-soluble paints, this will save the picture when changing humidity or pampering children, and also make wet cleaning available. The best option would be oil or acrylic. It is important to know what you want to see in your room, first you need to make a sketch on paper. It is easy to make bastards on the wall with chalk or pencil, so you can imagine the future image of your tree and, if necessary, correct something.

Paper - old wallpaper or self-adhesive film - the color is not important, you can cut the contour, paint it in any color and stick it on the wall. For many, this is a simpler option that carries more space for imagination - old newspapers, color magazines, you can only create.

Crumpled paper will help to make your decor voluminous and unique.

The fabric is better dense, but the main thing is bright. The meaning is the same - we cut out a decorative tree to place it on the wall in whole or in part: branches, leaves, and glue to the wall. The main thing is to take bright, saturated fabrics that are not prone to fading.

the idea of ​​an unusual tree in the style of the room

The wood in the living room creates a special atmosphere.

version of a beautiful tree in the style of an apartment

Instead of wood, you can use tiles under the tree

the idea of ​​the original tree in the interior of the room

The imitation of wood in the interior of the living room looks very unusual and beautiful.

More complex options

A real tree will complicate your work - the selection of material, its processing and location on the wall will take a lot of time and make you work, but the result is worth it - it is real! Lively, warm and beautiful tree.

Stucco molding from gypsum is a product of almost professional creativity, the hands of the master create indescribable creations in life - trunk, branches, leaves. But creating such a tree is difficult, and the services of such an exclusive work are not cheap.

the idea of ​​an unusual tree in the design of the apartment

The imitation of wood in the interior will look very beautiful

bright wood version in room design

An excellent solution is to finish the walls with wood tiles

Tricks to Improve Results

A stencil made of cardboard or wallpaper will simplify the task of drawing on the walls - the tree is drawn on thick paper, and then cut out, and the resulting contour is applied to the wall.

Friend's help - if there are designers or artists among friends, get them to work. Even just friends with good taste can give practical advice or spend the weekend together with you on a useful business.

A tree is beautiful not only with its silhouette, but with leaves, fruits, flowers, and also birds sitting on branches. It is easy to make them from any material, the main thing is that they revive the interior with their bright colors.

Vinyl stickers on sale will eliminate your doubts - a ready-made solution, they can be easily glued, if desired, the sticker can be peeled off almost painlessly.

The tree is great at hiding the corner, turning a square room closer to the natural environment. It is beautiful, original and pleasing to the eye.

the idea of ​​a beautiful tree in the style of the room

The sleeve in the kitchen can be made of wood tiles

bright wood version in the design of the apartment

Instead of a tree, you can use wallpaper with a simulated tree

variant of an unusual tree in the interior of the room

The design of the living room is made in a modern style with imitation wood.

DIY wall decoration options

Paper, fabrics, paints are good, but what if you want more original and voluminous?

Polyfoam is an affordable and inexpensive material, it is easy to cut out any shape from it, because of the ease of polystyrene, it can be glued to any surface. From above it is painted with any paint that will turn the workpiece into an almost natural product.

Decorative nails or stationery buttons stuck into the wall will become the fulcrum for colored yarn, from which the original pattern will be laid out.

the idea of ​​the original wood in the style of the apartment

White wood imitation wallpaper is pasted on the wall.

version of a beautiful tree in the design of the room

Living room design done in warm colors with wood.

Not only aesthetics, but also functionality

A tree in the form of shelves, or shelves made in the shape of a tree crown - books can be laid out on such a system; multi-colored roots will be a beautiful addition to a tree. Figurines, especially in the form of birds, will make your tree even more alive.

In the form of a branch, you can arrange a hanger in the hallway. However, only voluminous and durable material is suitable here - natural wood or gypsum.

Wood as a decoration material

Internal wooden decoration is more typical for country houses, a block house for wall cladding turns the room into a wooden cottage. The warm color of wood, the natural pattern give peace and comfort, and it seems that looking at the window we will see the greenery of the nearby forest, the flower bed of the flowerbed and the green of the lawn. If the block house seems too aggressive and clumsy, you should opt for a more classic finish with boards.

variant of an unusual tree in the interior of the apartment

Wall decoration in the room can be done with wood tiles

bright wood room style idea

Wallpaper with imitation wood will harmoniously complement the interior of the bedroom

version of a beautiful tree in the design of the apartment

Perfectly complement the interior tile under the tree

Someone likes the tree, others resemble a sauna or a balcony. Maybe lining is too aggressive for rooms, but in the hallways and corridors, finishing with a solid wood board is the best option. If possible, such material is used for finishing offices or administrative premises.

Another option is wood trim of one wall. Now zoning and a different color of walls are in fashion, and wood is a more beautiful material than artificial stone or brick. A good option would be a natural wood with its indescribable texture, and a laminate. The latter already has such a huge selection of colors and colors that you can choose the most suitable for your interior. An interesting solution would be to finish one wall with the same material as the floor. Doing it yourself with a laminate wall will make the interior fit your taste without regard to other people's rules and regulations.

idea of ​​an original room-style wood

On the wall you can stick a wallpaper with an imitation of wood

variant of a beautiful tree in the interior of the room

The wall is finished with wood tiles

Wood as an accent

It should be easy to catch the eye - small twigs and patterns, leaves and squiggles, stains of bark. Otherwise, it will be lost, merge with the wallpaper, “hide” behind a colorful sofa. Your tree should be, if not the center of the room, then its important part, contrasting with a plain wall and simplicity of decor.

Each room has its own

In the nursery, a fabulous oak tree from Lukomorye with a scientific cat is suitable, in the girl's room, a tree with flowers and a swing will be appropriate. An older girl herself can draw a pretty abstraction for herself, decorating the room without painting the walls.

In a kitchen or living room in a modern style with its characteristic minimalism, it will be appropriate to look at the tree to be examined - with patterns or ornament. In a more classic room, an ordinary tree looks good with natural color and proportions.

bright wood idea in flat style

Room design is made in one color scheme

the idea of ​​an unusual tree in the design of the room

Imitation ebony in the interior looks very beautiful

version of the original tree in the interior of the apartment

On the wall you can stick a wallpaper with an imitation of wood

In the hallway and corridor, a small tree is suitable, catching a glance, turning uncomfortable nooks with corners of the corridor into a cozy room with original trees.

The scope for imagination is unlimited, the main thing is to create!

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