Interior in an industrial style: design and decoration features

The industrial style in the interior appeared in the 20th century in America. Technological advances in design have moved this style to one of the first places in popularity. He was able to organically fit into every room and transform any apartment beyond recognition.

Image of girl over bed in loft style room

Industrial style emerged on the brink of unique design and industrial waste

The history of the industrial style

After the great depression in the United States of the 20s of the 20th century, against the background of a general economic decline and a decline in living standards, many artists and other cultural figures chose to rent inexpensive, empty industrial premises for their studios. Such conditions gave them great opportunities for creativity. At the same time, many equipped themselves with housing in such premises, although this was illegal. Subsequently, the authorities of some states allowed artists to live among their works.

Dark gray brick wall in industrial style living room

Initially, no one called industrial style a style - it was only part of everyday life

Modern projector on the wall of the living room in the loft style

Over time, the direction has become a fashion trend that does not lose relevance in our time

At the end of the twentieth century, technological progress came to the United States, which led to the fact that many old plants, factories and warehouses were closed, since they did not meet the requirements of the time. After that, those interested in opening public institutions became interested in buildings. They were remade under:

  • Hotels
  • Hotels
  • the shops;
  • bars
  • restaurants
  • Offices
  • supermarkets.

After some time, the industrial style reached the living quarters. Therefore, now it is often used in spaces of the “loft” variety.

Open shelves on a gray column in the middle of the living room

The style is suitable for creative free people who value originality and conciseness.

Varieties of style

It is customary to distinguish between two types of industrial style: natural and artificial. Each view is unique in its own way; they differ from each other in the way they are introduced into the interior and using finishing materials.

Industrial style city apartment interior

Industrial can be successfully implemented both in a city apartment and in a country house


It is explained by the fact that the design is formed in the industrial zone. And the decor is the attributes preserved after the repair: windows, brickwork, pipes, ceilings, stairs, beams. Also, they include a variety of parts of machinery, equipment, ventilation systems.

Industrial design of a modern living room

In order to make a living room from the production premises, you can simply put only the most necessary furniture


It is created exclusively by artificial means in any room far from production, even in an ordinary apartment. In such buildings, they try to age the structures and wall decoration as much as possible. Apply masonry with decorative or real stone. The choice of accessories in an artificially created style must be approached very responsibly. All items must match the interior of the factory premises.

Imitation of an old brick wall in a city apartment

Artificial creation of an industrial style in a modern home will require a lot of effort and money

Distinctive features of the industrial style

The use of the "factory" style in any room (apartment, house, office) implies a single design, characterized by:

  • spacious areas without partitions;
  • large, high windows and columns;
  • floor made of stone, concrete or wood;
  • brick or concrete walls;
  • high ceilings without decoration;
  • unmasked communications.
Bicycle as an industrial-style interior decoration

Typically, the style involves large spacious rooms

It is very difficult to create an industrial-style design, as it requires certain knowledge and a long time to realize ideas. It is necessary to consider the main rules, compliance with which will help to decorate the interior of any room or building.

Spacious living room with iron beams on the ceiling

Ceilings are characterized by iron, wood or concrete beams

Benefits disadvantages
A large and unlimited space with a lot of opportunities for the implementation of ideas. Some rudeness design and dark shades of design.
Minimalism and functionality in design. Competent and high-quality lighting is required.
Unique look.
With the right skills, inexpensive old things become a highlight of interior.
Gray concrete staircase in an industrial interior

Minimalism, the absence of unnecessary scenery and only clean straight lines - no curlicues and trinkets

Tip. With proper skills, inexpensive old things become a highlight of the interior.

Homemade industrial style table

When designing an industrial style, you can save significantly if you make some items yourself

Industrial style in the interior: texture solutions

To help reflect the industrial in the design and interior decoration of the apartment will be able to textured elements and materials:

  • Savage stone
  • exposed brick wall;
  • rough wood;
  • concrete and metal elements.
Leather furniture in an industrial-style living room interior

A lot of concrete, wood, brick or stone - this is industrial

Elements of communication systems in the industrial style of the interior are not required to be hidden. They just emphasize the atmosphere. In some cases, you can even add fake details as decorative parts of the design. As materials suitable aged and plated with a touch of rust copper, iron and steel objects. At the same time, materials with a bright metallic sheen should be avoided. If you wish, you can use the decor of aged silver.

Industrial style color palette

A set of colors in the industry tends to dark shades, which emphasizes the industrial origin of the style. The design is dominated by variations of gray, brown, khaki. For some variety, it’s worth choosing the main color and building the composition using its shades. To these tones, you can also add textured coloring, stylized as rust, old wood, brickwork.

A place to relax in a room with iron beams

Oddly enough, but the interior of gray metal and concrete can be cozy and harmonious

White sofa in a gray living room

A typical combination of white and gray is typical of style.

Gray sofa near the graphite walls of the living room

Gray-graphite walls create an atmosphere of sophistication and mystery


The manufactory style is characterized by large room sizes, high ceilings, large windows. Thanks to these qualities, good daylight is more commonly used in the daytime. Curtains are almost never used, if necessary, you can hang a transparent tulle.

Two pendant lights industrial design

Lamps are usually made of metal

For general lighting, the room is equipped with pendant lights with retro-reflectors in the factory version, or they leave bare lamps without hiding the wiring. Lamps with a metal lampshade are also suitable. Local light is made in the form of lamps on hinges from workshops.


Old furniture from the attic or flea market will do. You can also take a modern one that would fit the overall design. Also under furniture you can equip production tables, workbenches that add surroundings. Stylized furniture made of iron pipes or fittings will look good. The sofa and armchairs in the room should be monochromatic in the general scheme with the rest of the decoration.

Old trolley as a coffee table

The use of objects previously not intended for living in principle as furniture is welcome

Design rooms in industrial style

Kitchen-living room

The industrial style requires extensive space, so the kitchen is often combined with the living room, getting a kind of studio that fits into the historical surroundings. This option requires a balanced decision, as you will have to dismantle part of the walls. At the same time, the kitchen combined with the living room is a big plus is the visual and physical increase in space.

Long wooden shelves on the brick wall of the kitchen

In the kitchen area, the union of wood and brick looks perfect

Interior design of an industrial living room and kitchen should correspond to the general features of the style:

  • open pipes and wiring;
  • natural or decorative beams;
  • outdoor furniture;
  • exposed brickwork.

The kitchen with the living room can be zoned by the bar, floor level difference with the help of a podium, furniture. A slightly different design will also help in zoning: the walls are a few tones lighter, a slightly different texture of the finish.

Black pendant lights in a loft style kitchen

An industrial style kitchen is fashionable and cheap.

Kitchen appliances are better to buy built-in. Thanks to this, space is saved, the principles of minimalism are respected. Also, the built-in technique preserves the design style and does not lose its functionality.

Industrial style living room interior

The main place in the living room is the sofa zone, in which residents and guests of the house will gather

Of course, you can design a kitchen in the industrial style without combining it with the living room, but then it is required that its dimensions allow it. Industrial is well suited for the kitchen: brick walls and natural wood perfectly combine design and practicality. It is thanks to these qualities that it is becoming more and more popular for the kitchen.


The industrial style for the bedroom has some features due to the fact that in this room you want to create a favorable environment for a good rest. To add coziness to a rough manufactory, you can bring the gamut of colors closer to lighter shades and add a couple of bright elements.

Industrial style bedroom design

You can make a bright juicy bedspread on the bed

Another option for an industrial bedroom could be a room with a few accents that match the design. For example, a small section of a brick wall can be supplemented with minimalistic monophonic furniture. A suitable picture or photo will help fill the empty space.

DIY pallets headboard

The original headboard of a light wood bed will dilute the dark interior

Important. Do not over-saturate the bedroom with industrial design. In the first place should be convenience and functionality.

Wall mural with the theme of the night city on the brick wall of the bedroom

For decor, you can use a small panel pasted with photo wallpaper.


Manufactory finish is also suitable for the bathroom. From materials it is worth focusing on natural:

  • Savage;
  • brick;
  • wood with a waterproof coating;
  • metal.

The design should be done in lighter colors for visual expansion. A large wall mirror is required: it will help to enlarge the room and enhance lighting. A wooden floor with water-repellent treatment will be pleasant to the touch and look great, in addition, it will be much warmer than concrete or stone.

Wooden door in the bathroom

Simple materials and no extra decorations

Spacious industrial-style bathroom

Everything should be simple and harmonious in the bathroom

The high ceiling can be visually understated using artificial beams. In a low bathroom it is better to use white color for it.

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