Arrangement of the interior of a wooden house

The organization of the interior of a wooden house always remains relevant for their owners. And this is no coincidence. It’s not easy to pick up finishing materials and interior furniture for walls and floors made of wood. But there are simple tricks, thanks to which the design of a wooden house can transform many times. Read our article and you will learn how to make a cozy nest of your dreams out of a wooden cottage.

Wooden armchairs in the interior of a private house

The tree creates a unique atmosphere, conducive to complete relaxation and comfortable rest.

Design options

The interior of a wooden house can be decorated with a folk style. This will fit both the American "Country" and the Old Russian version. If you use the cottage only in the summer season, it will be interesting to decorate the interior in the style of a hunting lodge. However, you do not have to be a hunter.

Living room interior with fireplace and stairs in a wooden house

Materials for home decoration are selected depending on the style of the interior

Specialists in the field of design picked up some tips, considering which it will turn out to organize a unique interior design of a wooden house:

  1. Use paints and varnishes for coloring internal elements of a structure. A wide range of colors allows you to decorate the cottage in a variety of ways, while keeping in mind the main advantage - natural wood.
  2. During the construction of structures from logs, the internal layout is made of non-standard performance. Vaulted ceilings, massive ceiling beams, as well as stairs to the second floor can be made of solid wood, which previously removed the bark. Create a fabulous room decoration.
  3. Stuffed forest animals can be a great addition to wooden facades and panels.
  4. Fireplaces, Russian stoves fit perfectly into the room space of a wooden cottage. A large selection of building and finishing materials will create a truly comfortable room, with an old Russian slope.
  5. Using natural wood with its natural flaws will create a creative decor without additional elements. The correct surface finish of each board and timber with the preservation of natural irregularities - that's what you should pay attention to.
The interior of a wooden house in the old Russian style

The interior in the style of the Russian hut includes log walls, wooden furniture and a stove in the middle of the room, which is often changed into a fireplace in modern houses

Beds from tree trunks in a Russian log hut

Rough wooden furniture will make it possible to bring the interior closer to the old Russian style

Country style wooden house kitchen interior

A practical and original interior with many trinkets is a country

Due to the large selection of specialized impregnations for wood, almost any interior style is equipped in such a house. French "Provence" for the kitchen, Italian "Modern" for the living room, "Scandinavian" style for the restroom - with the right choice of shade of paint or impregnation, you can finish the room even under "Hi-tech".

Design of a living room of a wooden house with panoramic windows

Modern is suitable for people who value space

Classic-style log home interior

The classic emphasizes the respectability of the owners and their refined taste.

The high-ceilinged living room, in which a majestic fireplace is built, will be very beautiful, up to the second floor. Its facade is best finished with natural natural stone.

If you will design interior rooms in the style of a hunting lodge, focus on furniture.For example, in the bedroom, be sure to get a massive double bed made of rough processed wood. Use colors predominantly dark. The walls of such a lounge are decorated with stuffed animals, deer horns, shotguns and other relevant elements.

Hunting style living room design

“Hunting grounds” are ideal for interior decoration of a house in which a single man lives

Tip. It is not necessary to use parts of real animals. Get ready-made artificial stuffed animals in the store and live in harmony with nature.

It will also be appropriate to emphasize the decoration of one of the walls with natural stone. So your hunting lodge will receive a specific change in the direction of the medieval castle.

Interior of a large living room in the style of an alpine chalet

For a spacious wooden house, the chalet style is suitable

Swiss chalets are gaining popularity in our country. The so-called "shepherd’s houses" are erected most often from glued beams or logs. The internal layout of such structures has an extraordinary architecture, so the chalets are in great demand. Finishing options for such cottages are no different from the interior of a wooden house inside. The widespread use of natural stone, ceramic tiles, as well as the same wood bring a noble, expensive look to the interior.

Wooden house with a masculine character

The rooms decorated in the style of a hunting cottage look very brutal. Distinctive features of this manner will be rough processing of wood surfaces, the widespread use of artificial stuffed animals, as well as hunting accessories (guns, pistols).

Decoration of the hallway of a house from a bar in the old Russian style

Deliberately roughly processed timber in the interior of the corridor of a country house

For the full effect of entering the hunting style, wood impregnation of a dark shade is used, which creates the atmosphere inherent in a male bungalow.

Pay particular attention to lighting elements. Heavy, wrought-iron chandeliers made under massive candle holders will be very appropriate here. The sconces for torches are additionally hung on the walls.

The design of the living room in a wooden house in a hunting style

Upholstered leather furniture, a fireplace, guns, animal skins, lamps from horns - all this is considered the main elements of the hunting style

Tip. The use of natural stone will add the necessary rudeness to the atmosphere. Shades do not have to be dark. Sand gray is also appropriate here.

Leather chairs in front of the fireplace in the living room

The recreation area is traditionally arranged in front of the fireplace

The men's bungalow is necessarily complemented by a cobblestone fireplace. Deer horns located right above the furnace will look beautiful.

The ceiling is decorated with massive branches, which previously removed the bark. Special processing of these decorative elements will add mystery to the interior of a wooden house.

Wooden fireplace in the living room of a private house

The interior in a hunting style is an example of reliable and comfortable housing

Large dining table in a hunting lodge

Wood here always dominates other decoration materials.

Upholstered furniture is best bought from genuine leather. But leatherette is also suitable (due to the high cost of natural products). Shades choose maroon or brown. Mandatory presence on sofas and armchairs of wood elements impregnated with a dark composition. Metal rivets, passing in succession along the edges of wood and leather, complement hunting bungalows just in time.

Small sofa with a natural wood frame

Textile covers on upholstered furniture are inappropriate here, but animal skins will come in handy

Stuffed animals in the living room interior

It’s important not to overdo it with decorating elements, place only beautiful and best artifacts

Floor textiles in the form of carpets will be a good accent. Patterned fabric embroidered with threads of any color (brown, burgundy, dark green) will be combined with rough armchairs.

Curly cutouts of doorways are arranged everywhere. They look especially chic in cottages built of round timber (round timber).

Cozy attic

The support beam of large cross section, used in the construction of a wooden house, namely to create a multi-pitched roof, looks very noble. Use this knowledge to beautifully design the attic. It produces very good lounges for large companies. At your disposal almost the entire area of ​​the whole floor without wall partitions.

Coarse wood bed in the attic of a country house

The attic is often set aside for sleeping quarters.

The large amount of free space requires some zoning. For example, a place for communication gets off with a large sofa that can seat several people at once. The color of the sofa is light beige, combined with a touch of natural wood. Focus on the sofa cushions, placing them evenly over the entire surface.

The oblique roof slopes allow you to mount large windows. They need to be selected in different sizes for each of the zones. For example, if the attic has a sleeping place, partitioned off from the main room, it is advisable to supplement it with small window openings. It is important to provide blinds so that bright sunlight does not interfere with rest in the daytime.

Armchair under the roof window in a wooden house

Lining - the most optimal material for decorating the walls and ceiling of the attic

Interior of a bright room in a modern attic

But no one forbids the use of drywall and other modern materials

In order for your sleeping place to be more comfortable than the communication area, the crate from the boards inside is painted white. A person is used to perceiving calmer pictures before going to bed. But you can leave the walls and ceiling in the tone of natural wood. For example, birch has a particularly light texture.

If you have children in your family, be sure to make their attic rooms. The interior of the wooden house inside the attic opens the possibility of creating a fabulous atmosphere for your son or daughter. Be sure to mount window openings in the form of small bay windows. This will remind children of the design of strange rooms from the well-known book about Harry Potter.

Interior of a small bedroom in the attic of a wooden house

A cozy bedroom can be made in a very small attic.

Walls that fade into the ceiling are best painted with an olive shade. When choosing interior furniture, consider the height before the transitions.

Living room

The drawing room is a place where many friends and relatives gather. For a house built of wood, there is an original way to decorate the interior of this room. During the construction of the cottage, the project provides for the layout of a living room with a high ceiling. In the presence of the second floor, the overlap may be completely absent.

Stone fireplace in the living room with a high ceiling

In the “two-story” living room, a fireplace placed in the center of the room will look great

Gray armchair under a steep staircase to the second floor of a wooden house

When designing a living room, it is important to think through every detail

Prefer wide windows, replacing almost the entire wall. Such a decision must be implemented if you have a wonderful garden, or a designer furnished landscape of the site.

It is interesting to provide a balcony in the living room. Support beams made of clean log cabins, or even the lower parts of the tree with a root, will become a unique accent, which is definitely not to be found in the hundred nearest houses.

Large dining table on the balcony of a private house

It will be nice to sit on such a balcony after a hard day's work.

If the wood elements of the living room are treated with dark oils, use light shades of the interior. This is expressed in floor textiles, as well as furniture. Get a carpet from an artificial skin of a polar bear. A glass coffee table can flaunt on top of it, as an element that reflects modern design. A folding sofa made of soft upholstery also fits in a light shade, down to white.

Bright living room in a log house

Logs can be covered with a bleaching compound, if you want to add light and spaciousness to the living room

Natural stone fireplace

Wood is perfectly complemented by other natural materials - stone, leather, clay and glass

A bio-fireplace is a great addition to a glass coffee table. Its facade is finished with plastic and glass panels.Such a decision will bring modernity to the style of a house made of wood.

Video: interesting design of a large log house

Photo of the interiors of wooden houses

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