The interior of a wooden house made of logs

Wooden architecture has a long tradition. In many cultures, much of the development over the centuries has been made from this natural material.

Wooden staircase in the living room of a log house

In the log houses there is something traditionally folk, the connection of the times, and indeed they are beautiful and cozy.

Now the tree has again become relevant, both in construction and in the field of creating interiors. Modern designers and architects increasingly give preference to him, designing and building with the use of timber, logs, wooden panels. And all thanks to the numerous advantages of this material.

The advantages of wooden houses

The main advantages of log houses:

  1. Good microclimate inside. That is, the indicators of humidity and temperature in such a structure are very comfortable for humans. Wood also has a good smell. Because of this, it is pleasant to be in a wooden house.
  2. Minimal need for additional decoration. Wooden walls do not require cladding. Their textured surface in itself is quite good. She looks attractive, almost always remains warm and pleasant to the touch. Of course, minimal processing is still required. But this kind of work takes much less time, effort and money than alternative options.
  3. Extensive aesthetic potential. Rounded logs work well as an element of a wide variety of styles. From ethnic, traditional, to minimalistic modern movements. Logs set the walls of the building a certain rhythm, graphic; are a good basis for many interesting interiors and facade solutions.
Interior of a children's room in a log house

The interior of a log house is not always a hut, very modern options are quite possible

Comfortable soft sofas in the main hall of a private house

The interior of the house made of logs allows a lot of options. It is not necessary to be limited to one style, in different rooms you can implement various interior solutions

In a word, wooden architecture has a number of serious advantages that predetermine its high status and quality. However, the interiors of such houses are characterized by their particular specificity. When creating them, it is worth considering a number of important points.

Tips from designers regarding interior design of a log house

There are a few things that you need to pay special attention to:

  • to choose the style of the room;
  • selection of materials for floor and ceiling;
  • selection of suitable furniture;
  • the use of color in the interior of a log house;
  • selection of decorative elements;
  • features of wall decoration.

Moreover, the first paragraph of this list largely determines the subsequent ones. After all, it depends on the general stylistics which cladding, shades and decor to use.

Beige corner sofa in the living room with log walls

The most profitable home interior design from logs based on contrasting combinations

Leather living room furniture with large windows

You can combine dark furniture with natural wood

White kitchen in a log cabin kitchen

Or combine white headsets with darker walls

Styles of home interior design from logs

The table shows the most common styles for the design of wooden houses. The specifics of each of the areas determines the rest: the type of floor and ceiling finishes, the choice of furniture, accessories, color solutions.

Style Country Modern Russian style Scandinavian style Eco style
Description Imitation of rural life by modern means, designed to achieve maximum comfort. This direction is a search for art forms in the natural world, with their subsequent rethinking. Stylestriving to satisfy nostalgia for Russian national color. Bright, concise and comfortable styleaimed at creating maximum comfort with minimal means. The architectural and artistic movement aimed at creating a safe environment as close to natural naturalness as possible.
Used materials For finishes used exclusively tree or cladding that mimics it. Log Home Design at style Art Nouveau involves the use for cladding different types of wood or its imitation. Timbered walls can be diluted with inserts made of ceramic tiles, plaster, brick. The floor and ceiling are also best faced tree. The main one is always wood and glass, but they can be supplemented with stucco, paint, neutral wallpaper without a large print, tiles and so on. It operates exclusively with natural or imitating natural types of cladding. Most of all he loves wood, ceramics, paint of neutral shades.
Furniture Often used old or artificially aged things. Preference should be given a tree in combination with textiles. The atmosphere is formed from light, elaborate objects, which are a combination of wood, metal and glass. The approach to the selection of the situation is carried out according to the same principles as in style country. Multifunctional modern fits well furniture. Basic requirement: streamlined shapes and lack of sharp corners. Mainly used furniture made of wood in combination with natural fabric upholstery in cotton or wool.
Colour The palette of this trend design they are mainly light warm shades in combination with small patterns and national motifs. The emphasis is on the contrast of dark and light. Additional can be any calm warm colors. As additional, red, yellow, orange can be used. But the basis should remain wood, dark or bleached. Mostly light shades are used without sharp contrasts. Tree in this case it’s worth clarifying. Preference is given to calm natural tones, often light. However, bright accents are also acceptable.
Decor It is permissible to use a variety of jewelry, preference is given to handmade products, patchwork, ceramics. Necessarily included in the composition are objects made of glass and metal that have streamlined, smooth outlines. The style requires the use of a large number of decorative elements: tablecloths, napkins, carpets, embroideries, dishes, etc. There should not be many decorative elements. Wicker, clay products are welcome; fresh flowers and plant motifs. Often used floral themes, floral ornaments, prints. Sometimes in the design of the room includes live greens.
Interior of a bedroom in a wooden house

Bright country style bedroom

Modern kitchen in a log house

Comfortable log cabin kitchen with a clear hint of Scandinavian style

There should not be many decorative elements. Wicker, clay products are welcome; fresh flowers and plant motifs.

Often used floral themes, floral ornaments, prints. Sometimes in the design of the room includes live greens.

A lamp with a large shiny ceiling in the living room of the log house

A successful combination of modernity and classics

Rustic living room interior

Provence style log cabin living room

The interior of the log house allows experiments with other styles. You can even combine the characteristics of different artistic movements - this is called eclecticism. However, this approach is much more complicated, it requires a very fine understanding of the aesthetics of a log house.

Methods for processing walls of logs

Whatever style you choose, a special processing of the surface of the logs will still be part of the design of the house, so that they retain their attractiveness longer and look more expressive.

Staircase in the lobby of a log house

Transparent finish preserves the natural color of wood

There are just a few basic options for how to do this:

  1. To process with a transparent paint and varnish composition. This will preserve the natural wood texture of the logs, making their surface more resistant to negative influences and durable. Depending on which varnish you choose, as a result you can get a glossy shine, a different shade of wood or another nuanced change in the appearance of the walls.
  2. To cover with a matte paint. Although this technique masks the texture of the logs, it allows you to introduce color into the interior of the house. Sometimes this provides a very good solution. Most often, warm light shades are used.
Design of a bright living room in a log house

The highlight of this interior is the contrast of brown furniture with light logs treated with a bleaching compound

These simple tricks will allow you to achieve a very expressive and effective result.

The interaction of this type of house with appliances and electronics

Despite the fact that these buildings belong to the architecture of a traditional type, they perfectly managed to integrate into modern reality. A powerful speaker system, a home theater, and air conditioning will perfectly fit into the log house interior.

TV stand in the living room of the log house

Interior of a modern living room in a log house

Features of the design of the nursery in the house of logs

A separate topic is the search for a children's interior design. No matter how restrained and elegant style they prefer, a room for children should be revived. There should be more:

  • bright accessories;
  • upholstered furniture;
  • color accents.
Interior of a children's room for a girl in a log house

The interior of the nursery must be developed taking into account the age, gender and hobbies of the child

Green curtains in a nursery

The general background should be clean and bright, bright color accents are appropriate

Green accents in the kids room

Teenage boys like unusual interiors, even a little cheeky

Children's room with a sofa bed and a workplace

A calmer option for a girl of school age

Log House Interior: Bedroom Design

The bedroom, on the contrary, should be an island of tranquility. Bright colors in this case are not appropriate. But harmoniously arranged contrasts, warm light textiles, pleasant to the touch natural surfaces will fit perfectly.

White bedroom interior with dark purple curtains.

In log houses, the bedroom is often arranged in the attic, where the atmosphere is more quiet and calm.

classic furniture in the bedroom of a log house

If you like to wake up with sunrise, it is better to arrange the bedroom with windows to the east.

Dark curtains in the bedroom interior of the log house

Sleep lovers have a bedroom on the north or west side of the house

Features of the design solution of the dining room and living room

The interior of the ceremonial rooms can be revived with a combination of wood with glass, stained-glass windows, green spaces, large lamps, unusual furniture. Here you can allow yourself to experiment. The design of the house will only benefit if you add a couple of non-standard solutions to the dining room and living room.

Spacious living room with door to the outdoor terrace

It is very convenient when there is access to the terrace or garden from the living room.

Modern fireplace in the interior of the living room of a log house

A relaxation area is located near the fireplace.

Male log house interior

There is an opinion that the interior of a log house always turns out soft and feminine. But it's not always the case. Natural textures and strict graphics of the design of partitions can become the basis for brutal, even rude decisions.

The interior of the log house with a rough finish

The easiest way to create a non-trivial interior is to emphasize the natural defects of wood.

Colorful carpet in the living room with fireplace

You can draw the texture with the help of water-based coloring compounds

If you want to make the log house more “masculine”, add to its interior:

  • Dark tones. This will visually make the space heavier, making it more expressive. Of course, it is important to observe the measure and not overdo it so that the room does not become too gloomy.
  • Massive furniture. Elegant chairs with wrought iron backs can be a godsend for the interior. But if you want to make the house more strict and serious, it is better to give preference to straight lines and a massive silhouette.
  • "Men's jewelry. That is, weapons, deer horns, attributes of a marine or military theme. This will enliven the interior and add personality to it.
Chalet style living room interior

Deliberate negligence needs delicate calculation and color matching. Each wood requires its own tone and method of application.

Make your home special: cozy, comfortable and not like the rest!

Video: how to create a “dream hut” with your own hands

Photo of successful interiors of log houses

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