How to decorate the interior of a private house from a bar

The construction of wooden houses from timber is widespread in our country. Due to the speed of construction, less time for shrinkage, as well as a noble appearance, wooden structures beat brick ones. But the interior design of such a house is of some complexity. How to finish the same type of log walls? In what style to diversify the room? First things first. From this article you will learn important details of the design of a wooden house built of timber.

Living room in a private house made of timber

The interior of the house from a bar has a special cozy atmosphere

Features of the design of a house from a bar

The main feature, as well as the difficulty of designing this type of structure, is the widespread use of wood. It is everywhere. Log walls, ceiling (or ceiling, depending on the number of storeys), and even the floor is made of boards. With such an abundance of homogeneous building material, there is a need to diversify the interior decoration.

Lacquered walls in the lobby of a house made of timber

The internal walls of a house made of timber are usually coated with varnish that does not hide the expressiveness of the wooden texture.

There are a number of techniques recommended by specialists in the field of design, the use of which will revitalize the cottage. Let's look at them in more detail:

  1. Use appropriate styles. For example, Old Russian or American country will successfully fit into such a room.
  2. The use of multi-colored paint, as well as specialized coloring oils to dilute a single-grade design.
  3. Creating accent zones will have a beneficial effect on the interior of the building.
  4. The studio arrangement of the rooms will give an eccentricity, originality.
  5. The unique structure of wood in itself looks very beautiful in the interior of the room. With the right approach and processing of this material, you can create a truly chic style.
French windows in the interior of a house made of timber

Floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows keep you in touch with nature

The interior of the house made of timber is very environmentally friendly. This is the main advantage of such a structure. With the right step-by-step approach, it will be possible to organically diversify the rooms of the house. All shortcomings easily turn into advantages.

The benefits of timber

Since the walls are made of wood, namely processed logs, from the inside they will also have such a texture. Therefore, there is no need to plaster the wall space.

The interior of the living room with panoramic glazing in the house of glued beams

The house from a bar is environmentally friendly

If we talk about the practicality of this structure, then the wooden material does not need to be insulated for the winter. Wood has a very low degree of thermal conductivity, which, undoubtedly, will successfully affect the internal climate in winter and summer. High environmental friendliness of the material will allow children to be safe inside such a room.

At the moment, there are two varieties of wooden products for construction:

  • glued beam;
  • integral performance.

Joiner adhesives are water-based. They are non-toxic, have a strong and reliable seam. The whole product is a cut out middle part of a tree trunk. It is also called round timber. If the round trunk is cut from four sides, then the same square beam is obtained.

Design a cozy living room in a house made of timber

The glued beam house is strong and durable, the walls in it do not dry out and do not deform

Experts say that the glued product is less prone to cracking, torsion of the structure. In terms of construction quality, a timber drawn from smaller boards is also better mounted than a solid one. Therefore, when choosing one or another option, professional builders recommend stopping on glued wood.

House interior made of logs

Round wall walls look very attractive and decorative

Round timber is another matter. Houses built from raw material are similar to the old Russian huts of the landowners. If you are a supporter of the traditions of your homeland, be sure to build a house in this style.

Original design options

Wooden buildings, lined with wood all the time, suitably look in folk types of design. The “Old Russian” and “American Country” styles mentioned above will harmoniously fit in and complement the structure.

Interior of an entrance hall with a staircase in a log house

The design of the hall in the style of “Russian hut”

Old Russian

A cottage from a round will be interesting to look in the old Russian style. The main attributes of this design are folk patterns of the past, painted facades, as well as rough forms of wood surfaces. The living rooms look two stories high, complemented by majestic stairs. The supports of such stairs are necessarily made of thick logs.

High ceiling living room in a private log house

Stylish interior design of the house from round timber

Bleached stove in a log cabin of the old Russian style

Decorative elements should reveal the features of the Russian style

Russian interior design of a house from a bar must be supplemented with decorative elements. To do this, you can use household items of the time. For example, a wheel mounted on a wall from a cart tied with a metal strip will bring the decoration of the room closer to the times of Russia. The use of models of wild animals, skins, as well as the attributes of Russian cuisine will be very useful.

It is possible to decorate a cottage with small decorations built from a profiled board. Skins of animals, painted curtains, and folk fringe are also suitable here. Additionally, the floor is covered with a luxurious carpet embroidered with patterns.

A long bench along a log wall in a Russian log hut

The interior should be only natural materials

A floor covering made of ceramic tile will look very nice. The hue is selected dark, sharply contrasting with wooden facades. Instead of a carpet, an entire bear skin spreads here. Scarecrow can be purchased in artificial performance.

The living room is decorated with a massive fireplace, above which is a mock deer head with majestic horns.

The kitchen is an ideal place for arranging in the old Russian style. The ceiling here must be crowned with massive log partitions, clearly protruding outward. They form the necessary niches with the ceiling board, which are subsequently decorated with kitchen utensils. Here you can place medicinal herbs, dried for the winter. Bagels and bagels, hung in cascades on the ropes, will give the atmosphere an original Russian style.

Children's rocking horse in the interior of the Russian house

The soulful interior design is a tribute to traditions and respect for the origins of Russian culture

Clay jugs, as well as wicker baskets made of grapevine, will give the folk style the interior of the house from glued beams in the kitchen. It is best to place these elements on open shelves suspended from the walls of the kitchen.

Do not forget about the main element of Russia - the stove. It is not necessary to do exactly the same as our ancestors. An interesting option is to combine a fireplace, or an electric oven (which is more appropriate for the kitchen) with a stove. Such a neighborhood will set you apart as a true connoisseur of Slavic traditions. The free space above the stove, which in the old days was especially appreciated by bedcloths, is made out by stands with kitchen utensils (forks, spoons). You can also put family photos here.

Russian stove with white trim in the interior of the living room of a private house

The stove is the main attribute of the interior in the old Russian style

The furnish of the furnace element should repeat its predecessors. Therefore, it must be whitened with an ordinary chalky whitewash.You can even perform a relief finish, which will create artificial irregularities in the coating. If your choice rests on a more rigorous outline of the elements of the kitchen space, then the combined stove with fireplace is finished with mosaic tiles specially designed for furnaces.

Russian stove in the interior of the house from a log

The stove can be plastered and whitened, or tiled with tiles.

Tiles - a special tile for furnishing furnaces. It has an unusual shape, due to which the surface does not heat up very much.

Painted curtains hang on the windows. The color is white or red. Additionally, there should be patterns, fringe.

Variegated bedspread from fabric flaps on a bed in a log house

Pillows and bedspreads in the style of patchwork perfectly complement this interior

The interior of the house in the old Russian style can be supplemented with elements of decoration borrowed from English castles. For example, if there is a second floor, the staircase is built in the spirit of the English mannerism. Round, carved balusters of dark color, framed by even darker railings and steps, will create a wonderful accent in the center of the cottage.

American country

The layout of American ranches is characterized by the use of heavy, rough, massive furniture. The widespread use of the skins of wild animals gives the atmosphere a touch of old America.
Wall decoration involves the use of natural facing stone, brickwork. The color of the decoration material of the wall space is selected from the shades of natural wood. From the outside, the exterior of the cottage can also be lined with stones. Such a solution will be expensive, but modern glass-metal offices will envy the view of the building.

American country style private house bedroom interior

The style is characterized by wooden wall and floor decoration

Open shelves with log wall decorations

Cowboy attributes, colorful textiles and various figures on open shelves are suitable for decoration

"American Country" is divided into several thematic biases. A barbarian interior is suitable for a house from glued boards. Its distinctive features are rough forms, unprocessed, unpolished material, as well as the presence of a massive fireplace.

The flooring is covered with a board impregnated with a dark composition. The walls may remain from the bars, but they will have to be saturated with a brown tint of oil. The ceiling space, namely the floor partitions are made of huge logs of trees, roughly polished.

American Country Style Living Room Design

Mandatory attribute - leather sofa in the living room

The emphasis in such decoration is on the stairs. It is made of large natural stone. In order to visually close the flight of stairs to the second floor, from the living room, it is covered with masonry to the ceiling. In this place there may be a fireplace, which is additionally decorated with a horned deer head, or with ordinary family photographs within the framework (it is not necessary to strictly correspond to barbarism).

Hunting accessories, guns, carbines, cartridge pouches with cartridges will add an atmosphere of wild America to the atmosphere.

White animal skins on a sofa in a living room of a wooden house

Animal skins are used as carpets and cloaks

The official country will look more strictly. Natural stone is also commonly used here, but in better processing. The sizes of the tiles are selected relatively small. Wood surfaces have a smooth texture and a dark shade.

Panoramic windows of the living room will be a unique addition to this type of decoration. If your cottage was built according to all the rules of American construction, then the window will be huge, majestic in size.

Large panoramic window in the living room of a wooden house

The interior of the living room with panoramic windows often has exposed beams

A feature of the construction of American homes is the location of the ceiling of the living room. The entrance hall is necessarily built on one floor, so the roof here is done directly above the hall. Inside the room receives a pyramidal arch of the ceiling.This method makes it possible to place massive structures at the top, as well as large light sources.

For country, whitewashing is suitable. To do this, the wooden base is covered with drywall, and a layer of white paint is already applied on top. It is not necessary in this way to finish the entire room. It is enough to highlight a flight of stairs or to focus on some object.


The interior of a wooden house made of timber in the kitchen requires color diversity. As this, an emphasis on the kitchen set is suitable. It is made in light, soft colors. For example, olive or milky white facades of cabinets and shelves.

Wooden furniture in the kitchen of a rural house

Retro style, country or provence is well suited for the kitchen in a house made of lumber

The wall section between the countertop and the ceiling is finished in a combined way:

  • one part is covered with white paint using drywall;
  • the remaining area is finished with red brickwork.

This design of the kitchen diversifies the interior with elements of "Loft" and "Provence".
On the walls, it is absolutely necessary to hang open shelves for dishes. As decorative elements, compositions from glass bottles filled with sunflower oil or a special colored liquid are ideal here. Inside such containers are placed small sea pebbles, twigs of plants and other elements.

Provence-style log cabin kitchen design

In this country kitchen, the style successfully fits into a traditional Russian log cabin

Kitchen wall decoration with natural wood

Eco-friendly kitchen in a wooden house

Window openings will be beautifully designed with roller blinds. On the windowsill, you can place pots with green spaces. Bring a touch of Provence to your American cuisine.
Be sure to make the island part of the kitchen, located in the middle of the room. It can also be made out in interesting ways. For example, the lower part at the corners is made open. It will be interesting to arrange wicker rattan baskets, or books in beautiful covers.

An interesting option is to install a large aquarium under the island tabletop headset. It is not necessary to run live fish there. You can organize the space with tree branches, aquatic plants, as well as set multi-colored lighting.

Dining area with a round table in the kitchen of a country house

When choosing furniture for the kitchen, you must adhere to the style of the room

The area above the stove, where the exhaust device is installed, is framed by a wooden carved facade. The apron is laid out with ceramic tiles in a light shade. The texture is heterogeneous. A plumb line is made above the stove, which serves as a stand for decorative elements.

Linear kitchen in a country house made of timber

You can separate the kitchen from the living room with the help of a partition from a bar

Wood for the home is a noble material. The air in such a room is completely different from concrete structures, and even more so from city apartments. A tree gifted by nature itself will have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the human body.

Small kitchen with sink in front of the window

A low ceiling is best painted white

Cozy, winter evenings will be held here in a pleasant circle of family communication. Warm, welcoming cottage will delight you for decades. And thanks to the unique tips that you received from specialists in the field of design, they will help you easily realize the most extravagant ideas. Create with us!

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