How to decorate the interior of the house from glued beams

Houses from glued beams are increasingly being built in the suburbs. And this is not surprising. Natural wood by today's standards is almost a luxury. The owners of these cottages explain the craving for wood with the natural beauty of nature. Housing conditions in such houses no less encourage people to build them. The smell of natural wood alone is worth it. But the question arises: what interior of the house from glued beams to choose for the interior? Everywhere a solid tree. And, in fact, this factor is bewildering at the beginning of finishing work.

Exterior of a glued beam country house

With a competent approach, the interior of a house made of glued beams is a source of positive emotions and calm

Features of the house from glued beams

This type of building material appeared on the market relatively recently. This is a borrowed technology taken from foreign masters. The manufacturing process of timber is a labor-intensive measure. The round timber is dissolved on a circular saw, and then subjected to drying in special chambers. After this, the planing of the boards is carried out, followed by gluing under the press. At the final stage, spike / groove joints are milled. This process provides increased reliability, durability and durability of products (compared with solid timber).

Pile of laminated veneer lumber

Glued beam is a wood material with improved performance

Houses built from glued beams have the following advantages:

  1. High degree of environmental friendliness of the building.
  2. No shrinkage process (up to 1 percent).
  3. Saving money for unnecessarily finishing the walls from the inside of the building.
  4. Natural air circulation.
  5. The speed of construction.
  6. Favorable microclimate of rooms.
The interior of the dining room in the house of glued beams

The walls inside the house of glued beams do not require additional decoration

Natural wood has an antimicrobial effect, and is also a natural antiseptic. Due to this, the climate inside the cottage helps to increase immunity, eliminates pathogens.

The interior of the bedroom in the attic of a house made of timber

Glued laminated walls themselves carry natural beauty

The comparative lightness of the design makes it easier to fill the foundation, which reduces cash costs.

In addition to the advantages, this type of lumber has its drawbacks. These include:

  • the high cost of wood in comparison with round timber and whole products;
  • the presence of adhesive in the structure;
  • lack of proven building material service life.

Due to the fact that gluing of wood is the basis for the manufacture of the product, this measure reduces the efficiency of air circulation. But due to gluing of versatile fibers, the beam acquires hardened qualities, less prone to torsion and cracking.

Open terrace in front of the house from glued beams

A house of glued beams is quickly erected and immediately suitable for settlement due to the absence of a shrink period

Due to the natural components of the adhesive composition, the product does not adversely affect the human body.

Original ideas

The interior of the house from glued beams looks good in both light and dark versions. French Provence is ideal for the kitchen. The walls are decorated with white matte impregnation, the main element of Provence. Kitchen flooring is best made from moisture resistant material.The tree here will quickly wear out and lose its presentation. Therefore, it is better to use ceramic tiles. It is better to close household appliances with wooden facades. Metal and plastic will be inappropriate here.

Provence Corner Kitchen

Provence style color palette based on natural tones

Rustic style kitchen

Furniture is selected in soft colors, preferably with artificially aged surface

The kitchen space is also decorated in a Scandinavian style. It is not necessary to completely hide wood panels. But a little dilute the soft, light brown shade of the tree would be a great idea.

Small dining table in Scandinavian cuisine

To create a Scandinavian interior, the walls are covered with white paint.

Ceramic tile carpet on the kitchen floor

Ceramic floor covering with imitation of a colorful carpet will last as much as the house itself

The hallway of the cottage is interesting to arrange in the English style. For this, expensive furniture is purchased. Window openings are hung with a checkered curtain typical of England. This style has a dark shade of interior elements, so the wood is selected with the same texture. Oak fits perfectly for English design. If finances do not allow, ordinary pine is covered with special impregnation.

The interior of the hallway of the house from glued beams

Spacious entrance hall in the English style

Design of a narrow hallway in a private house

The space of a narrow corridor will visually expand a large mirror

The bedrooms are decorated in soothing colors. Olive shades will help to relax after a long hard day. Each room can be painted with different color palettes. It is not necessary to finish the whole house in the same style.

White bed in the bedroom from glued beams

For a bedroom it is better to choose a room in a quiet part of the house

Wooden dressing table in the bedroom of a young girl

Do not overload the room with furniture

Gray bedspread in a bed in a private house

The walls of the bedroom can simply be coated with colorless varnish

Bright bedroom in a wooden house

Or bleach with a special composition to match the textile


There are people who like to stay long for work alone. Especially for them, specialists in the field of design have developed a practical design for the office.

Design of a study in a house made of timber

Bright study with Roman curtains on the windows

The flooring is laid with a laminate or parquet board. The hue is mostly light. Be sure to lay a carpet on the floor in front of the table to create comfort and coziness.

Cabinet windows should be inserted high, occupying the entire wall. So sunlight will sufficiently illuminate the work area. Near the remaining walls without doors are bookcases made of dark wood. The doors come glazed so that books are visible. The interior space can be lit with lamps. At night, when the main light is off, looking at such beauty, it is very convenient to reflect on future projects.

Laptop on a desk in a country house room

A large window will provide the cabinet with natural light.

Wood finishing of the walls of the study

Stylish workplace in the attic of a wooden house

The ceiling is decorated with wood paneling that matches the color of the cabinets. The ceiling space is delimited by partitions. From the outside, it looks like organized zones, with built-in spotlights.


The reading family will need a library. It is located in a separate room, or cabinets are installed in the living room. The second option is convenient without the need to buy additional upholstered furniture. The living room is equipped with spacious sofas, folding chairs.

Book shelves in a room with a fireplace

In such an atmosphere it will be nice to sit in the evening by the fireplace, reading the book of the beloved author

Natural wood bookcases

The library is often combined with a study

Large decorative vases with green spaces will perfectly serve as additional decorative elements. Get indoor trees. They will create a peaceful atmosphere conducive to reading books.

Library lighting should be sufficient. To do this, determine in advance the reading zones in order to equip bright lights there.

Reading place in the living room enker

The sofa is specially set so that the light from the window falls on the open book

Strongly piling the library is not worth it. Additional elements distract attention from reading books.


It is interesting to complement the interior of a glued beam house with a semi-open terrace located in the kitchen. Street construction will be a continuation of the kitchen space. Here dining tables for summer holidays are successfully located. A barbecue device is possible, just pay close attention to fire safety.

Two rattan chairs on the outdoor terrace of a country house

On the terrace, it’s practical to use rattan furniture with removable soft pillows that are easy to remove and hide from the rain

To read books, the terrace is additionally equipped with a soft sofa. Installation of hanging pots on the walls will add naturalness.

Outdoor lounge area

The floor of the open terrace is better laid with ceramic tiles.

Cedar flooring on the terrace of a private house

Wood can also be used, but only hardwood will be durable

If your cottage is located in a cold climate, or there is a preference for winter relaxation, a veranda is made instead of a terrace.

Three windows in the living room of a wooden house

In order not to be disappointed with the shortcomings, it is recommended to carefully consider the interior before starting repairs

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50 ideas for interior design in a house from glued beams

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