How to decorate the interior of a small private house

Tired of noisy cities, people try to buy a small country house for quiet cozy evenings. Some do not tolerate apartments at all and prefer the private sector. For both groups, this information will be useful, especially if repairs are due.

The interior of a small living room in a private house

A private house gives a lot more freedom than a city apartment

The advantages of designing a private house

If you still doubt whether it is worth buying a country house, consider the advantages of its design and issue an appropriate verdict:

  1. More space for creativity. Even a small private house quadrature exceeds the size of the apartment. So, you have more space for action. This especially has a positive effect on the kitchen, as this room is small in most apartments.
  2. The freedom of redevelopment. Here you can freely remove any wall, combine rooms and do any manipulations with the layout. The plus is that in this case there is no need to legitimize redevelopment.
  3. Ceiling height. This factor has an important role. Most apartments have low ceilings or standard sizes. In a private house, this figure increases significantly, especially if the house has several tiers.

If you are still in doubt, look at the photo of the design of country houses, and see its obvious advantages.

Country Style Private House Bedroom Interior

For the interior of a beautiful private house, rustic styles

Living room of a private house with large windows

For interior decoration, you can use the marine theme.

Living room interior with fireplace in a country house

You might want to make a real fireplace

Now to the question of the interior of a private house. Let's start with the layout.

Room layout

Another plus of the design of a private house - you yourself choose the location of the rooms. If you are buying a ready-made version, take the suggested tips into account, if you are re-planning yourself, then they will become a real find for you. In any case, you can always change the location of the rooms, because this is a private house.

The interior of the kitchen-dining room in a small country house

The main thing in the interior design of a country house is the competent organization of space

Single level house

Most small country houses are single-level. They fulfill the role of a summer residence where a family gathers for gatherings. In this case, you need to correctly use the available space and correctly position the rooms.

Wood decoration of the walls of a country house

The interior of a small country house elongated configuration

The interior of a narrow country house

The berth is located on the second tier

Kitchen in a small country house

In the narrow kitchen everything you need fits

Important! The bathroom is better located farther from the kitchen.

Installation of a bathroom in a house for seasonal living

Bathroom of a summer house of economy class, designed only for summer living

Remember, rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom and toilet are best not to be tolerated, since there are a lot of communications. For this reason, decide immediately how they will be located relative to each other. It is better that the bathroom is located further from the kitchen, closer to the bedrooms.

Do not forget that even in a small house there should be a hallway. It can be a long narrow corridor, square or rectangular small room. Then trace the location of the rooms depending on the shape and location of the hallway.

The interior of the hallway in a country house

In the hallway, it is necessary to provide a convenient system for storing clothes and things

Duplex House

If the house is two or one and a half-level, it becomes easier to arrange the rooms, because now we have more space.

Provence-style country house interior

A staircase to the second floor is usually located in the living room of the first floor

So, all technical rooms like a kitchen, a bathroom and a pantry should be on the ground floor. Also identify here a place for the living room.

The second floor belongs to the bedroom, study (if required) and guest rooms.

Design of a small room on the second floor of a private house

Living room on the second floor, in which, in order to save space, the functions of the living room, bedroom and office are combined

Advice! In a two-level house, it is better to have two bathrooms.

The interior of the bathroom in the attic of a country house

The bathroom can be placed under the slopes of the roof of the attic floor

On the second floor should also be located another bathroom. This may not be a full bathroom with a toilet, but only a toilet.

Do not forget that the country house must have guest rooms. Their number and size depends on the available space, but even in a small house you can fit two small guest rooms.

Interior design bedroom for a girl in a private house

Guest bedroom interior

Pay special attention to the design of the living room, because such a house often becomes a place for festivities.

Interior decoration

To create a high-quality interior of a small house, you need to make a good foundation. In this case, it is made up of finishing materials. We offer a list of the most common and easy-to-use materials for home interior decoration, depending on the functionality of the room.


Zone Finish options
Floor Linoleum
Ceiling Stretch ceiling, wallpaper, painting
Walls Kitchen apron: tile, artificial brick, stone, plastic, glass
Hanging shelves with kitchen utensils

Provence and country - the most favorite style destinations among suburban residents

It is worth noting that linoleum is best suited as a flooring for the kitchen. The tile can be traumatic, as it is slippery when wet; laminate flooring and parquet crumple from spilled water.

White hanging cabinets in a linear kitchen

For a spacious enough room, you can choose the Scandinavian style of interior

Dark loft style kitchen floor

Fans of extraordinary solutions can design a kitchen in a loft style

In general, choose waterproof fireproof materials for your kitchen. Pay special attention to the kitchen apron, because this is the most used and contaminated place.

Living room

Structural elements Finish
Floor Laminate, linoleum, parquet
Ceiling Stretched, suspended, multi-level drywall constructions, painting, wallpapering
Walls Wallpaper, painting
Dining table setting in a private house

In a small house, the living room is better combined with the kitchen and dining room.

For the living room, it is better not to use the tiles as floor coverings. Here it is inappropriate for technical specifications and aesthetic reasons.

Living room interior with fireplace in a country house

The fireplace in the living room can be faced with natural stone

Decorating a living room with natural stone

The stone can also be used to decorate the living room walls

Remember, the color of the ceiling should be light, and the floor, on the contrary, should be darker by several tones (only if this does not contradict the intended design).


Room Elements Finish options
Floor Tile
Ceiling Coloring
Walls Tiles, decorative plaster, brick, wood
Brown tile in the interior of the bathroom of a private house

A good choice of finishing materials and color palette

Wooden ceiling in the bathroom of a country house

The ceiling in the bathroom can be sheathed in wood.

A special microclimate is formed in the bathroom, which is characterized by increased humidity and temperature. In view of this, the choice of materials for decoration is not great here. The main option is tile. It is suitable for floors and walls. It is desirable to cover the ceiling with a primer, and paint in white. Other options will accumulate moisture, and can lead to mold in the bathroom.


In terms of decoration, the interior of the bedroom is similar to the design of the living room. It is appropriate to use the same materials and types of finishes that were considered for the living room.

Painted wooden walls in a bedroom of a private house

Snow-white bedroom in a small country house

Pastel colored bedroom wall decoration

Cozy bedroom in the style of fashionable French Provence

On a note! For the bedroom, it will be appropriate to use a carpet around the perimeter or a small rug near the bed.

Wall decor over the head of the bed

A small bedroom can be visually expanded using photo wall-paper with a perspective

Here are the main options for arranging the interior of a small private house. Now it will be easier for you to choose the right idea.

Video: interior of a country house

Photo ideas for decorating rooms in a private house

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