The interior in the style of shabby chic: features, photos

Only talented designers work with the style of shabby chic. The term “shabby” when translated from English means “old”, “aged”. It includes concepts such as shabby and antique. But the room in this style does not look abandoned. One glance is enough to understand that all interior items are expensive, even if the lacquered surfaces are cracked or the upholstery on the furniture is worn.

light shabby chic corridor decor

Beautiful room in the style of shabby chic

beautiful design hallway in the style of shabby chic

Shabby Chic Bedroom

History of occurrence

The style of shabby chic in the interior was created by American Rachel Asheville, an artist, in the late 80s of the 20th century. One of her hobbies was buying up old things and bringing them back to life with her own hands. She recreated some objects, restoring their appearance, and artificially “aged” some. Her hobby began with the repair of old items of furniture at her home, then she began to create “fashionable” accessories. Over time, they began to turn to her with requests to decorate furniture or interior elements for a decent fee. Her works acquired a second life, perfectly fit into any interior, making it warmer and more finished.

Rachel Asheville became famous thanks to the Internet. She laid out all her works on the network so that everyone could see them, gave advice on how to create similar things on her own, taught to design a room in the style of shabby chic. A few years later, she wrote a series of books on the design of this style. Despite its popularity, the direction is relatively young.

chic interior in shabby chic style

Shabby chic room interior

Inexperienced designers sometimes confuse the interior in the style of shabby with a decor of country, baroque or French Provence.

  1. They really have similarities. But, and differences are also present.
  2. Originality of patterns (small ornaments, angels, birds).
  3. Luxury and antiquity of items.
  4. Mandatory availability of bulky crystal chandeliers.
  5. Delicate and restrained colors.

Basic principles

bright style bedroom in the style of shabby chic

Shabby Chic Room Design

beautiful shabby chic bedroom interior

Shabby chic in the living room interior

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The style of shabby chic in the interior is a combination of rare and expensive antiques. But chic is not desirable pretentious, but warm, homely. Flaws are necessary not to spoil the general appearance of the interior, but to make it noble and refined.

This style is not clear to everyone. He is preferred by creative and peculiar people who have their own vision of this world. These are artists, architects, photographers, poets, musicians. It will be very difficult for an individual who prefers classics and standard orders to appreciate shabby pieces of furniture, a roughly painted wall, a figurine with missing parts.

In the style of shabby make a living room and bedroom. Experienced designers do not recommend decorating the entire living space in shabby chic, it will be very expensive or one mistake to turn the space into a home for Barbie.

light kitchen design in the style of shabby chic

Shabby Chic Bedroom Design

Principles of Creation

To competently design a room in the style of shabby chic, it is advisable to follow the following principles.

  1. First, several basic antiquities are selected that the creator will be guided by. Better if it will be pieces of furniture.They will attract most of the attention. All materials are natural, moderately used.
  2. The color scheme of the interior in the style of shabby is created based on the color scheme of the furniture. It is good when the walls, the floor is the same color as the main interior items. For example, cream, beige, pink, blue, mint. When furniture is a noble brown, more surfaces should be white.
  3. Special attention should be paid to the decor of the room, with its help the effect of luxury and prosperity is created. These are ancient dinner sets, vases, fabrics, paintings, curtains, caskets, candlesticks.
  4. The presence of a pink pattern is the main condition for creating an interior in the style of shabby chic. Drawing can be applied on walls, caskets, curtains, pillows. If the main part of the interior is plain, fresh flowers will look especially colorful.
chic style room in the style of shabby chic

Bright room in the style of shabby chic

bright decor in the style of shabby chic

Shabby Chic Room Design

Presence of mint in style

Aged furniture, interior items should not give the impression of going to the museum. All items must be necessary, easy to use.

If the interior is dominated by light color, you should not be afraid to dilute it with bright elements. The main thing is not to overdo it, everything is in moderation.

As much as possible warmth and home decor, a large number of things and textiles: numerous pillows, bedspreads, curtains, tablecloths, carpets.

bright decor in the style of shabby chic

Shabby chic in the interior of the room in pink

Basic color shades

Shabby chic style involves the use of light shades. It is mint, beige, sky blue, cream, peach, pink. Be sure to use white in the design of any room. Most designers prefer it to be the main one: ceiling, walls, most furniture, windows and window sills.

If the bedroom is made out, then snow-white can be bed linen, knitwear, parts of furniture and a berth. You can combine the above colors in the style of shabby chic as you like, it all depends on the idea and imagination of the creator. Someone uses them all, someone is limited to 2-3. In any case, the white color will dilute and soften them, there is no need to be afraid that the interior will be "rebooted". It is possible to supplement the bright decision, designed in this style, with the help of patterns on furniture, eco-friendly material, for example:

  • tree;
  • polished stone;
  • brickwork.

The main interior design in the style of shabby is a rose. It should be present in such interior elements as textiles, wall patterns, stucco molding, art paintings.

chic style hallway in the style of shabby chic

Beautiful design room in the style of shabby chic

light shabby chic corridor interior

Shabby Chic Bedroom Design

Finishing Features

The walls of a room decorated in the style of shabby chic are decorated in the following ways.

  • Plastered surfaces are coated with matte paints.
  • Plaster of different colors and shades is applied to the wall. To add carelessness to the work surface, traces of a spatula can be left.
  • Traditional wallpapering.
  • Panels made of wood.

In most cases, the wall decoration in the style of shabby chic is done in white. This allows you not to overload the overall interior of the room, to experiment with bright elements. But, so that the light walls do not resemble a hospital, you can decorate them with bulk stucco or wooden panels. Wood panels can be taken in different lengths and widths, artificially aged or painted in any color. To make the interior more refined, you can use white stucco molding.

beautiful design bedroom in the style of shabby chic

Shabby Chic Living Room

A popular shabby style finish is a brick wall. She can decorate the head of the bed in the sleeping room or the fireplace in the living room. Walls can traditionally be decorated with roses. But the flowers should not be very large, bright, we choose a light shade with bright elements. If the room is spacious and the ceilings are high, then the walls can be decorated with moldings, add volume elements.

In the style of shabby chic, you can treat the surface with a touch of antiquity. The entire wall or part of it is painted in dark color. Then a paint of a lighter shade is applied to the dried layer, rubbed with sandpaper. The effect is amazing, both shades used are visible on the surface, the texture is rough.

chic style apartment in the style of shabby chic

Bright white interior in shabby chic style

bright room design in the style of shabby chic

White beautiful room design in shabby chic style

In order not to go too far in the interior of the shabby style, chic is better if the ceiling is solid, for example, sky blue, ivory, pale pink. For registration, you can use:

  • painting;
  • venetian plastering;
  • whitewash.

To dilute the color, you can put a wooden beam around the perimeter of the ceiling. If the design uses more than 2-3 colors, the ceiling can be neutral and smooth, for example, in the bedroom. If there are not so many decor items, then it can be decorated with antique stucco molding. In the style of shabby chic, aging techniques are used: peeling plaster, shabby paint, darkened whitewash.

A large crystal chandelier is placed on the ceiling. For shabby style, chic is a special condition. To cover the floor use:

  • stone tile;
  • wood planks;
  • used parquet;
  • parquet board artificially aged.

It is very important that the floor is made of high-quality, natural materials, preferably wood. To match the style of shabby chic, it can be artificially aged. If a kitchen or bath is being made, then on the floor you can put tiles. For lovers of soft floors in the bedroom, you can put on the surface of the carpet (pile short or long). If it is with ornaments, it is better to try to age, in some places to create a worn-out effect, so it will fit better into the chic style interior.

beautiful apartment decor in the style of shabby chic

Shabby Chic Living Room

chic bedroom interior in the style of shabby chic

Shabby chic in the living room interior


In most cases, the room, decorated in the style of shabby chic, is spacious, so that every corner of the world should be visible. First of all, there should be a chandelier: large, multi-tiered, made of crystal, regardless of location (in the bedroom or bathroom). It can be made in the style of the Renaissance, Baroque. Chandeliers are purchased in specialized stores, if necessary, the device can be a little old, “dust” or add patina.

You can buy a lighting fixture in an antique store, but it will be an expensive purchase.

Lighting can be decorated in the following ways:

  1. Huge chandelier on the ceiling.
  2. A chandelier in the center plus a few sconces on forged bent legs.
  3. In addition to a large chandelier, 1-2 floor lamps with fabric lampshades are installed in the relaxation area.

Ideal for shabby chic are lighting elements with forged parts, complemented by pendants made of glass and crystal.

Furniture selection

Furniture items in the style of shabby chic - the main emphasis of design, so it is very important that an experienced person is engaged in its selection. Its correct combination is the main difference from similar design solutions. Shabby chic furniture elements are produced in limited quantities. The founder of the direction Rachel Asheville recommended creating it herself. Samples can take antique furniture from the Baroque era. It does not need to be completely redone, just a little tweak the details. As a draft, you can take all kinds of antique furniture, classic and Empire. You can look for options for creativity among the vintage elements of antiquity.

The main thing is that all the elements of furniture should be made of high-quality materials and retain their original shabby appearance of the fabric. Synthetic fibers are not allowed. Modern models can age and repaint.

beautiful design kitchen in the style of shabby chic

Shabby Chic Room Decor

bright style room in shabby chic style

Shabby Chic Room Design


In the style of shabby chic, the main means of decor is textiles: cotton, satin, linen. This is both a laborious and very interesting process. For each space he has his own.In the bedroom in this style, the focus is on the bed. It should be large and massive. Decor colors are white and pastel. Almost everything should correspond to them: bedding, pillows, bedspreads. Often, the designer is asked to design a bedroom in pale pink, especially when it is designed for a girl or a young girl. Here ruffles, lace, numerous small pillows will be appropriate.

Curtains can be chosen to your liking. Both heavy monophonic and light from chiffon, organza will do. In the kitchen and dining room style shabby chic dominant place is given to the dining area. The table is covered with a dense tablecloth, it is possible with a bright ornament.

light shabby chic bedroom decor

Shabby Chic Bedroom

A kitchen decorated in the style of shabby chic is the best idea for good housewives who like to decorate and craft everything with their own hands. Unlike the living room or dining room, you can not buy expensive furniture and antiques in the kitchen room. Shabby antiques, chairs, a table, a bit of shabby parquet - all this will only successfully complement the decor. It remains only to sew accessories. These are all kinds of brushes, numerous ruffles.

The surface can be decorated with napkins. Pillows are placed on the chairs. Tablecloth of the same color with curtains.

The Shabby Chic style living room provides a special and significant place in the house. Relatives and friends gather there to chat and relax, so it should be both luxurious and cozy. It is preferable if the sofas in the living room are upholstered in dense fabric.

Shabby style furniture is located in the very center. A fireplace can be built against the wall. They also make a bathroom in this style. Plumbing remains modern, it will be enough to gild it with paint. A massive chandelier, a mirror in a three-dimensional frame, and stucco decoration will add special color.

bright hallway decor in the style of shabby chic

Shabby chic bedroom interior

beautiful corridor style in shabby chic style

Shabby chic in bedroom interior

It is also important not to forget about other important details:

  1. Clock. They can be wall or floor.
  2. Large bronze candle holders.
  3. Mirrors, frames can be voluminous.
  4. Busts of great people in the living room.
  5. Sculptures of different sizes.
  6. Caskets.
  7. Porcelain dolls dressed in satin outfits.
  8. Antique telephone, gramophone.
  9. Vintage service.
  10. Photo frames.
  11. Different sizes of vases with fresh flowers.

All of the above items are purchased not only in antique stores, but also in the markets.

light shabby chic bedroom design

Shabby Chic Bedroom

Creating Home Elements

The creator of the chic style, Rachel Asheville, stated that it is not necessary to buy everything, you can make a number of items yourself using the decoupage technique, it is suitable for the decor of work surfaces made of metal and wood.

Decoupage wooden chest

Any draft is suitable for work. This may be an old grandmother’s chest of drawers or a new one from a store.

  1. We clean the element from paint and varnish.
  2. We paint from the inside.
  3. We plant a stain and cover it with the entire surface. After complete drying, a scuff will appear.
  4. The outer part is primed.
  5. To create the effect of scuffing, apply black paint and rub on top with an ordinary candle.
  6. We color the dresser in a light shade in several layers.
  7. We use a palette knife to process places where we planned to make scuffs.
  8. We apply the desired pattern with the help of special napkins for decoupage, smooth out irregularities.
  9. After drying, they are sanded.
  10. The inner space of the boxes is glued with cloth.
  11. The dresser is varnished.
chic shabby chic style kitchen interior

Beautiful design room in the style of shabby chic

bright room interior in the style of shabby chic

Shabby chic in bedroom interior

In the recreation area by the bed, sofa in the living room you can put a lamp, table or floor. You can also make it yourself.

  1. The lampshade is removed.
  2. The bases are primed and painted with black paint.
  3. All protruding corners are treated with candle wax.
  4. Next, we carry out coloring with light paint.
  5. Cut out the desired pattern from napkins, paste on the lampshade.
  6. It is varnished.
  7. We rub the painted spots with sandpaper, the effect of wear is created.
  8. If desired, skip the strip of lace along the bottom of the lampshade, decorate with a ribbon.
chic decor of the hall in the style of shabby chic

Bright room design in the style of shabby chic

From the interior to the wedding

Creating a chic interior is both a difficult and very interesting task. Now it’s very fashionable to arrange weddings in this area. But here an experienced professional is required, who will create everything and correctly beat. Then the newlyweds will be married in a fabulous setting, guests will remember their wedding for a long time. The image of the bride should resemble a beautiful fairy. Soft color shades, discreet pattern, ruffles, frills, lace. The veil can be attached to an elegant little hat. The groom traditionally puts on a formal suit or dress coat.

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