The interior of a country house: what style to choose

A few decades ago, a country house was considered a temporary refuge where people came to relax for the weekend. Today it is a full-fledged home. This is a place where you can hide from the daily hustle and bustle of the pace of life. Therefore, citizens of our country increasingly prefer not apartments, but private houses located outside the city limits.

Living room interior of a private house with two sofas

The country house should have an atmosphere of coziness and comfort

Interior design at home is a responsible and serious matter. Start by choosing a style concept for each room. Do not be afraid to experiment, try something new. Creating your dream home is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. In addition, with the right approach, you will create a beautiful design inside the house with minimal financial investment.

Rules for the design of a country house

Designer services are not cheap, and many home owners are independently engaged in the design of their homes. The main thing in this matter is the presence of an idea.

Panoramic window in the interior of a long living room

A panoramic window is a great idea if a beautiful landscape is hidden behind the walls of the house

It is not difficult to translate everything conceived into life, the main thing is to adhere to a number of recommendations:

  • you need to make preliminary sketches of what you would like to get in the long run;
  • decide on the style in which the living room will be decorated;
  • take seriously the selection of colors;
  • For each room, select one common element that will combine all the space into a single whole;
  • the furniture should be designed in the same style.
Oriental style living room design

In your home, you have the right to decide whether all rooms will be decorated in the same style or whether you prefer a variety of interior directions

An important role is played by the area of ​​the room. The owners of large country houses are limited only by their imagination. If the dwelling is modest in size - not scary. Skillful zoning, well-placed accents, the use of mirrors and plenty of light will help to visually enlarge the room and give it an aesthetically attractive appearance.

What style to choose

The rational organization of space for a comfortable stay is important. But no less seriously, you need to take the choice of style in which it is planned to decorate the house. There is no need to chase the latest trends in this issue. Rely on your taste.

Avant-garde high-ceilinged living room

For independent liberated people, prone to experimentation, home design in the style of the avant-garde may be suitable

Vinyl records on the yellow wall of the living room in pop art style

No less bold and emotional decision will be the choice in favor of pop art

Popular styles:

Style Style features, salient features
Vanguard A large number of multi-colored accents, the use of geometric prints, the concept of style is based on the combination of plastic, textile and synthetic finishing materials.
Pop Art An abundance of bright acid colors, the use of mirrors and plastic, the creation of optical effects through the play of light, grotesque collages.
Loft Brickwork, the use of pipes, colors - urban gray and brown shades, the use of wood, concrete and chrome for surface finishing.
Constructivism Natural lighting, large windows, built-in appliances, the use of plastic, glass and metal, an abundance of chrome parts, a minimum of furniture.
Grunge Laconic furnishings, furniture of strict geometric shapes made of artificially aged wood, brickwork, the use of stone and planks to decorate the floor.
Design a spacious loft style living room

A loft is essentially the same industrial, only created artificially, often for a lot of money

Constructivism style living room interior

Constructivism appeared as a contrast to luxurious bourgeois styles

Grunge country house living room

Abundance in the decoration of natural materials - the main feature of the interior in grunge style

This is only an incomplete list of styles that look appropriate when designing a living space.

Chalet style rural house bedroom

It is also worth mentioning the Alpine chalet, because the name of the style itself translates as a rural house

Tip. If your budget for repairing a room is limited, choose a style direction where there is no need to use only natural materials for decorating walls, ceilings and floors. Wood and natural stone are expensive, plastic and synthetic finishing materials will be much cheaper.

Classic style

Favorite style of many. To decorate the interior of a country house, this style is most often chosen. It combines elegance and respectability. The following features are inherent in it:

  • for the decoration of walls and floors, materials of pastel shades are chosen;
  • ceilings decorated with stucco molding add grace;
  • to decorate the room using engravings in luxurious frames, murals, gilded figurines, candlesticks and vases;
  • style involves a large number of textiles: satin curtains, linen or cotton tablecloths, embroidered pillows.
Wooden bed in a bedroom interior of a country house

Classic bedroom interior with expensive furniture from Karelian pine

Furniture is an element that will help skillfully emphasize the external decoration of any room. The classic style involves the use of furniture sets made of wood. Sofa, table, chairs should be natural wood shades or painted in cream colors. Classical furniture means smooth bends, expensive decor and elegant restraint.

Chic armchairs in the interior of a classic living room

Comfortable luxury classic style

Art Nouveau style

The right style and design is able to position the space. Modern is one of the most popular trends, combining classic and modern. With the help of style, you can skillfully emphasize the advantages of the room and hide the flaws.

Hall-lounge of a private house in Art Nouveau style

The Art Nouveau interior is, above all, the creation of an extraordinary atmosphere.

Distinctive features of Art Nouveau:

  • wall decor uses wallpaper or stucco of restrained natural shades: white, milky, beige, sand;
  • glossy stretch ceilings and stained-glass windows with drawings will give the interior airiness and elegance;
  • flooring can be different: laminate, wood or stone;
  • the use of functional things, modern technology.

Modern - quite complicated in execution. But it's worth it. This direction is characterized by the use of multilevel and asymmetric structures. When choosing furniture, it is recommended to give preference to natural wood products: beech or oak.

The interior of a beautiful living room in the style of Art Nouveau

Here, beauty comes first, and then practicality and functionality

Round window with a door to the balcony of a private house

Windows should be noted separately - Art Nouveau welcomes smooth rounded shapes, while in one room there may be windows of different configurations

Furniture is distinguished by its pretentiousness and smoothness of lines. Sofas, cabinets, armchairs and tables should be as comfortable as possible. Furniture sets are equipped with curved legs, various curly elements. You can emphasize the room with the help of green, plants, outdoor sculptures or non-trivial paintings.

Industrial style

A style in which the interior design of a private house looks fresh and non-trivial. Industrial style originated in New York at the end of the last century.Today it is one of the favorite areas of self-confident, active and modern people. Industrial is visually similar to a loft. But perhaps he is not so "combed." The industrial style looks deliberately careless, a little rude, consists of the attributes of the "old factory".

Interior of a private house in industrial style

The industrial style of the interior is based on elements of industrial architecture

Dark brick walls in an industrial style house

Industrial can be very budget if there is a suitable room

The industrial style looks appropriate in large rooms. The philosophy of this direction is to show everything that is hidden. Therefore, for the decoration of rooms used aged brick, raw wood, concrete. For interior decoration use metal lamps, chains with traces of rust, coils of wire.

Key Room Design

Before proceeding to the interior design of a country house, decide which rooms need special attention. As a rule, this is a hall, a living room, a bedroom and a kitchen. It is advisable to design the rooms in the same style so that the design of the house is not lurid and pretentious.

The interior of the corridor in a private house

Any house begins with a hallway; it will be interesting to design it in an old style with vintage lamps

Living room

Living room - a room where all family members and guests gather. Therefore, its design should be taken seriously. The central piece of furniture is the sofa. Well, if it will be large and roomy. The presence of a pair of chairs, a coffee table - is welcome. Select furniture based on your chosen style.

White sofa set in the living room of a private house

Bright living room with access to the terrace

The most popular color options for wall decoration for several years in a row are shades of white and beige. Thanks to light and soft tones, the room will become visually larger and will appear crystal clear. For the floor, it is appropriate to use a laminate, parquet board or even tile.

Interior of a living room with a library in a private house

In the living room you can organize a library

Well, do not forget to emphasize. Decorate the walls with posters or paintings, and place large pots of artificial or natural flowers on the floor. It all depends on which style you prefer. Most often, the following styles are chosen for the living room: loft, Provence, chalet, eclecticism.


Well, if you are not limited to square meters and can realize any of your design ideas. But what do owners of small bedrooms do? The secret is in the correct zoning of the room. Divide the room into two parts using a glass or plastic panel, a tall cabinet.

The interior of the bedroom in the attic of a country house

Cozy bedroom in purple tones in the habitable attic of a country house

Colorful bedspread in the attic bed

Bright interior in patchwork style

Small rooms do not need to be cluttered. If there is no way to place a sliding wardrobe in the room, think about buying hanging shelves with doors. They can place linens, towels and other items. For the bedroom, choose warm shades. So you create comfort and warmth in the room. Take a look at the shades of beige and sand.

Room with fireplace

It’s great if the area of ​​the room allows you to equip a separate room with a fireplace. This interior item will not only warm you in winter frosts, but also decorate any living space. Before installing the fireplace, make sure that you will mount it in the partition, and not in the supporting wall.

Interior of a country house living room with fireplace

A cozy room for friendly gatherings in front of the fireplace

For decoration, it is better to use plaster, drywall, ceramic tiles and stone. It so happens that a classic fireplace cannot be installed in a house. But don't be upset. You can use the electric option or biofireplace.

Interior of a wooden house

Many people prefer wooden structures. This is a natural option with low heat conductivity, environmental friendliness, durability and good breathability.

Wooden doors in a house made of logs

In a wooden house made of timber or logs, the walls are often left in their original form

The interior of the dining room in the log house

Abrasions and rough surfaces make the log house comfortable, natural and “habitable”

The following styles are most often used for home interior design:

  • country;
  • chalet;
  • English;
  • Provence
  • high tech.
Dining table in front of the fireplace in the living room

Provence style dining area

For interior decoration, give preference to natural materials, rough and unprocessed textures. As for the color scheme - there are no recommendations, it all depends on the preferences of the owner of the house. In recent years, when decorating a room, they began to use not a classic brown color, but a grayish-white shade. It will visually expand the room and create a harmony of beauty and coziness.

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Photos of the interiors of private houses

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