The history of the formation and development of interior design

Throughout the history of mankind, the design and organization of living space has been constantly changing. With the change of eras and fashion trends, our ideas about beauty, convenience, style changed, completely new forms of furniture and housing planning appeared.

Bedroom Design in the Middle Ages

The primary source of design is the desire to decorate your home

The need for housing has existed in man from time immemorial. The campaign of complicating cultural traditions, customs, religious beliefs, as well as changes in moral standards, ideas about convenience, beauty and style replaced the historical styles of the interior. In modern society, the style of the interior, furniture are quite important, the house is not just a home environment, but serves to satisfy the aesthetic needs of the owners.

Historic interior design styles

The history of the interior has more than five thousand years, during this time the basic concepts of architecture, furniture, and decor elements have constantly changed, forming entire schools and trends, references to which can be found in modern interior design. The history of interior styles exactly repeats the history of human culture itself. There are several generally accepted forms.

Antique style

Classical execution of canons of this style can be seen in the monuments of architecture of Ancient Greece and Rome. The main feature of the style design in the antique style is strict symmetry of forms, laconic design of walls and furniture. This type of interior is based on strict geometric proportions, everything must obey symmetry, and the basic law of the interior in the antique style is the ratio of the larger to the smaller and the whole, where the majority refers to the whole as a small part to the larger. So it is assumed that the room will be stylistically divided into zones where one will be the largest, and the others will be divided into identical small zones.

Large antique plaster rosette on the ceiling of the living room

Spacious rooms, high ceilings - antique style suggests space and some pomp

Two decorative columns in an antique style living room

Arches and columns are indispensable elements of style, can be load-bearing or decorative

Greek statues in a modern interior

Full-length statues of Greek mythology are often used as interior decorations.

This style distribution is still quite popular in many modern interiors and layouts. In addition to proportions, the style of decoration is important - it is assumed the use of columns and the absence of narrow door partitions.

Gothic interior style

Gothic style has its roots in the Middle Ages. Vivid examples of the embodiment of this type of design are Catholic churches. The main characteristics of the style of the Gothic design are such elements as: narrow windows, dark tones of furniture and walls, the use of stained-glass windows, general style strictness and conciseness.

Dark Gothic style living room

The traditional Gothic interior looks rather gloomy

Colorful carpet in a gothic style room

In the modern interior, Gothic appears in a softer and lighter version

Celtic fireplace in the living room of a private house

Wooden wall cladding, parquet on the floor, antique furniture and carpet paths are the main signs of the Gothic style

The rooms, made in the Gothic design, should be divided into several smaller zones, for example, one living room will include: a relaxation area, a guest and a dining space. As the main stylistic materials used wood and stone. Elements of this style include tapestries and pointed shapes.

Renaissance (Baroque, Empire, Rococo)

The strict and slightly gloomy Middle Ages was replaced by a magnificent and magnificent Renaissance, which began to actively dictate its rules in the design of the house. The style of the Renaissance was based on the philosophical idea that the goal in life is pleasure. This style of interior is characterized by the use of the following components: walls covered with fabric, tapestries, carved furniture, candelabra, marble floors and a large number of stucco moldings.

Empire style dining group

Empire style living room with massive wooden furniture decorated with rich carved decor

Bright Empire style bedroom

Empire style is suitable for conservative people who love everything to be done correctly and thoroughly

Empire style means decorating the living space with columns and massive furniture. Empire style combines all these features of style with gilding, general splendor and at the same time austerity of forms. The Empire was popular during the time of the Bonaparte Empire.

Marble columns in the hallway of a private house

Chic baroque country house lounge

Rococo style living room design

Exquisite rococo living room interior

In the Baroque style, the color scheme plays a great role, which in the classic version is made in burgundy, gold and white. Baroque and Rococo are characterized by a stylistic fusion of ceilings, walls and floors - one material and style of execution is used to decorate the entire room, so, in Baroque stucco molding is used on walls, ceilings and baseboards.

Art Nouveau style

This direction in interior design arose in 1800. The main features that are famous for the style of modern-roundness of lines, the almost complete lack of symmetry, a large number of fabrics (both on the walls and in such stylistic elements of decor as small pillows, wraps, curtains, furniture).

Stained glass lamps on the ceiling of the living room

Art Nouveau is often chosen by those who lead an active image of jieni

Low coffee table in modern style living room

Interior design living room in modern style

Multicolored decorative pillows in the modern style living room

Art Nouveau Round Coffee Tables

Yellow chairs in the interior of a modern living room

Bright accents are often used as accents in Art Nouveau.

Furniture in this style should have rounded corners and be made of wood. Analyzing the Art Nouveau style, one can note the restraint of the color scheme of the entire room.

Art Deco Interior Style

In this interior design, an attempt was made to collect all the best from interiors of different eras and peoples. In art deco, you can find Egyptian motifs combined with empire, rococo and classicism. The hallmark of art deco are: large, heavy mirrors, a large number of elements and style contrasts, clear shapes, bends (including furniture).

Spacious Art Deco Living Room

Originality and luxury are hallmarks of art deco style.

Design living room of a private house in the style of Art Deco

The basis of style is the use of quality materials.

The glossy surface of the marble floor in the living room

A lot of marble and expensive upholstered furniture - a typical living room interior in art deco style

Art deco is replete with prints in the form of wide stripes, images of animals and plants, also the art deco interior style is rich in elements such as: geometric figures as a leitmotif of room decoration, various figurines made of stone or metal.

High tech

This style of interior is characterized by laconicism and the use of modern stylistics. The main stylistic component in interior design is the clarity of lines, the poverty of the color scheme, the use of metal, glass and stone.

High-tech kitchen-living room

Hi-tech is rightly considered a style of young people who are prone to experimentation

High tech living room interior

High-tech interior combines functionality and minimalism

Modern armchair with flowing shapes in a high-tech living room

High-tech accepts only monophonic headsets with strict geometric shapes; individual items of unusual design are allowed as accents

High tech bedroom with black bed

The rule of style - the less furniture, the better

Furniture in this style space should be monophonic, be made of one material, have smooth bends. Furniture should be used only for its intended purpose, and I play the role of decorating the rooms. The main feature of the style are: a large number of equipment and maximum functionality.

How to choose an interior style?

In order to choose the style of the interior, you need to focus on the area of ​​the premises and the size of the ceilings. The selected forms should adequately meet the needs and be functional. So, Rococo and Empire will look ridiculous in the "Khrushchev" with a low ceiling, since these styles (especially Rococo) imply the presence of impressive dimensions of the decorated room.

Red color in the interior of a modern room

Choosing an interior style, start from your preferences

Blue coffee table on ceramic floor

First find out what you like

Lighting in a modern living room with fireplace

Take into account the opinions and wishes of each family member

For standard modern apartments, more moderate solutions are suitable, for example, high-tech style or modern art nouveau. Remember that choosing one of the styles, you must adhere to it throughout the interior of the home.

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