Country style story

Despite the fact that the country style in the interior has existed in houses for many centuries, before it was perceived as nothing more than an ordinary decoration of a village life, and only by the middle of the 20th century it stood out in a special design direction. It became widespread in England, where for the first time designers began to offer customers to transfer habitual rural motifs to the urban environment, in the late 70s moved to America and only in the early 21st century gained popularity in Russia.

In each of these countries, he emerged from national characteristics and local flavor, so he acquired specific features. It has incorporated a characteristic rural way with the unique habits of its inhabitants, which have formed over many centuries.

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Country style living room design

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Country Style Fundamentals

This direction is designed to return the inhabitants of the urban environment back to the roots, its goal is to transfer a single apartment from a busy street of the metropolis to provincial peace and comfort. He makes one recall a vacation with her grandmother, where the closet is full of things that reflect the original history of the village.

Therefore, interior design in a country style becomes the antithesis of all modern design solutions with metal and glass, cool colors and intricate lines. He seeks to repeat the carelessness that the villagers easily created in their homes. Its simplicity reflects the needs of life, where functionality and speed become paramount.

light country style home decor

Beautiful country style kitchen

beautiful country style kitchen design

Country Style Home Design

Main features:

  • simplicity bordering on primitiveness;
  • interior functionality;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • an abundance of natural materials;
  • the prevalence of natural light;
  • furniture hidden in furniture.

Materials used to create a country style

The main principle taken into account when choosing materials for an interior in a country style is an approach to nature. The villagers did not have the opportunity to fill their house with metal, which now dominates everything. It is better to refuse chrome surfaces, glossy plastic and glass. Recommended list of cladding designers recommend:

bright interior of a country style apartment

Country style in the interior


  • paper or textile wallpaper;
  • panel with imitation of cuts and boards;
  • plaster;
  • masonry;
  • imitation of masonry.

The combination of these options among themselves will help create a unique contrast: soft paper wallpapers bordering rough stone and stucco within the same wall emphasize the carelessness and spontaneity with which the provincial houses were decorated. Natural stone and wood look best in the fireplace area, they should also frame the hallway.


  • parquet;
  • boards;
  • plain ceramic tile;
  • decorative rock.

Among the listed options for country-style flooring, ceramic tile is the most practical, but care must be taken to ensure that it matches the overall gamut as much as possible and does not contain modern design inclusions like shiny lines, rough geometric patterns and chrome elements. The stone is suitable for the interior of the hallway or living room, however, in the bedroom and in the kitchen space it is better to prefer wooden flooring.

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Country Style Interior Design

beautiful hallway decor in country style

Large white country style kitchen


  • paper wallpaper for the ceiling;
  • plaster;
  • beams and bars.

The ceiling unloads the room from a large number of rough cladding and gives lightness. More often it is painted monotonously, without patterns, choose white or pastel colors that reflect sunlight and help make the most of natural light. A full-fledged wooden finish can be chosen only if you are sure that this will not become an overload for the interior, but the beams and beams will be an original design decision.


  • linen;
  • batiste;
  • cotton;
  • chintz.

These natural fabrics in country style differ in texture and help to create interesting combinations: light chintz curtains let in the sun and can be used during the day, heavy linen made of linen work well at night and are especially suitable for a child’s room.

bright country style living room

Beautiful design of a country style living room

light country style apartment

Dark country style design


  • clay;
  • pastel color ceramics;
  • mats;
  • porcelain;
  • live plants in clay pots.

Even country-style jewelry should become a model of adaptation to an easy and quick life, therefore practicality is embodied in them: they do not take up a lot of living space, wash and clean well, and do not collect dust. In the hallway place mats from the mat, which absorb dirt from the shoes and then easily cleaned.

Vases can be made of clay, without varnish, as well as porcelain or ceramics with the effect of "craquelure", ie with small cracks. Functional wicker baskets are also useful to the housewife, for small items or key holders you can purchase a large bowl.

bright country style kitchen interior

Bright country style room


When choosing a holistic range for the interior, you should adhere to a key rule: any chosen shade can be found in nature, if desired. This palette is full of pastel colors, which due to their softness create a pleasant contrast with the roughness of the finish, and also set off a variety of wooden furniture and do not let the eye get tired of the abundance of decorative stone. It is impossible to get used to the chosen solution: it does not bother for a long time.

Most often, in the style of country, they use a combination of cream, beige and sky blue. In the design of the kitchen is popular pistachio, diluted with delicate purple. For the living room, you can choose a bolder terracotta in combination with pastel peach. All of these tones are in harmony with the rough lining and do not get out of the general idea.

In the decoration, you can be bolder and choose catchy solutions: this rule is used by nature, decorating the monotonous grass cover with bright spots of flowers. Juicy paintings, vases, stands for umbrellas perfectly complement the natural shades of the surrounding space.

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Country style in bedroom interior

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Country Style Bedroom Design


The basis for all country-style experiments comes to mind by itself, you just need to remember the principle of maximum simplicity. Wood: unprocessed, sanded or varnished, less often painted. A huge number of options allows you to create interesting combinations and experiment.

For kitchen sets, cabinets for storing things and chests of drawers, depending on the prevailing shade in the general idea, pale tones can come up, while many choose polished and unvarnished surfaces that preserve softness and accurate bending of lines. This is impractical, as traces of dirt may remain on them, so light lacquer coating with craquelure effect is preferred.

You can buy chocolate furniture of a simple form, with rough corners and a minimum of patterns. The living room has dark cabinets that combine with terracotta and orange. At the same time, country-style varnished surfaces look better with leather, and untreated surfaces with textiles.

Two options are popular in upholstery.

  1. Natural fabrics, linen, cambric, textile upholstery. A lot of small pillows, floral ornaments or an image of animals.
  2. Leather upholstery: cracked and specially aged or with craquelure effect.
light interior hallway in country style

White color in a country style kitchen interior design

modern childish style in country style

Large country style house

Accents Used in Lighting

It is necessary to take advantage of all the natural lighting of the interior: large windows, flowing curtains, light walls that reflect the sun's rays, as well as mirrors without bulky frames. For evenings with the family, a fireplace that creates a soft and cozy light is suitable.

In the artificial lighting in the country style they imitate the light from open fire and candles: those sources that rural life used everywhere. Therefore, choose lamps with warm light, give preference to individual sources of lighting, rather than chandeliers: sconces, floor lamps and floor lamps.

Light textile lampshades and natural patterns will look good. When choosing floor lights, if possible, avoid metal and chrome surfaces.

beautiful country-style living room decor

Country style in the interior

Room Design


The maximum practicality of the interior is welcomed: wood and rough stone cladding. For masonry flooring, masonry is suitable, in no case is linoleum or laminate used. Mats from a mat will add more practicality. Particular attention is paid to decorative elements: shoe stands made of forged dark metal, as well as coasters for umbrellas.

Living room

A feeling of solemnity will help create dark furniture (cherry, oak), varnished or aged. In combination with it, heavy textile curtains, floor lamps and sconces win. The woven lampshades will be the original solution, but you will have to be patient to find them in the store.

If possible, arrange a recreation area in the best rural traditions: a fireplace (an imitation is also suitable in the apartment), a thick carpet, hunting trophies can be used for decoration.

bright country house design

Beautiful country style design

modern country style home decor

Turquoise color in a country style kitchen interior


Practicality will help to avoid frequent cleaning: dirt-repellent products should be applied to all furniture, since such surfaces require careful maintenance. All kitchen appliances must be carefully hidden and disguised. In the washing area, for convenience, you can lay out a mosaic in the style of a country: this will not only refresh the space, but also give practicality. Interior functionality can be achieved with drawers and open wooden shelves.


In the bedroom, install massive, but low beds, carefully sanded or varnished furniture. Day curtains will contrast with the weight of linen at night, bed linen with floral patterns can be covered with a blanket stylized as a tapestry depicting a still life, landscape or animal paintings.

bright bedroom interior in country style

Dark tones in the interior of a country style apartment

beautiful country style living room design

Chic Country Style Design

National Country Style Features

In each country, this style was born in its own way, because the rural way of life and the rural outback were isolated from the influence of other cultures. Its formation was influenced only by the climate, customs and habits, as well as the primary necessities that forced it to do without frills and pretentiousness. Therefore, the country style reflects the original history and culture of each country, which in the urban environment acquire the spirit of romance.


The first association is a ranch and pictures from the good old westerns, therefore, in the style of country, they recreate the traditions of the Wild West. The American interior is characterized by a large number of wicker or leather furniture with raw upholstery, harsh and rough, the ceiling is decorated with wooden beams.

For decor, multi-colored carpets without a long pile or patchwork quilts, which can be done independently, are suitable. The walls are decorated with natural hunting skins, the most striking attribute is a cowboy hat.

modern hallway interior in country style

Bright country style room


The interior is characterized by an abundance of textiles: everything is made out of them, from the upholstery of sofas to individual elements of the wall and ceiling. The fabric is combined with accessories, heavy parquet boards, the attributes of aged leather are included.

When decorating, one should resort to tapestries with plant paintings or animal images, heavy curtains to the floor.


The Italian country style in the interior involves a set of artificially aged wood, polished or with a layer of varnish. Pistachio and cream tones, an abundance of arches and stone prevail.

The decor is characterized by wide-striped textile curtains, wicker baskets and coasters for umbrellas, paintings and paintings in simple bright frames. Clay vases and lots of porcelain in kitchen utensils.


The motives of Provence, the embodiment of the spirit of provincial France, dominate here. Cream tones complement unvarnished light furniture, carefully polished and with lace napkins. The walls are decorated with paper wallpaper and stucco.

Lavender tones, wicker and wrought-iron objects are welcomed in interior decorations; thin lines can be combined with thick countertops. To create an aroma, you can put linen bags with dried lavender and other herbs of Provence.

light country-style kitchen decor

Country style in the interior of the kitchen

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White color in the interior of the living room in the country style


There are no strict rules in the design: all types of coatings are welcome, but varnishing is rare. Round saw cuts and massive countertops are used.

In the decor, it is worth recalling the original attributes of Russian antiquity: wooden spoons, cast-iron pans, samovars, felt boots and dried branches of mountain ash will be used.

The Mediterranean

Here begins the game of two colors: light blue and white, which complement elegant furniture. Mosaic masonry with characteristic geometric patterns is widely used. Light white curtains, marine decorations: twine and shells.

Preference is given to unprocessed rough lining, white paint, as well as textile upholstery, since leather is too coarse material for a Mediterranean interior. In the recreation area, wicker chairs and coffee tables with wrought-iron legs are used.

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Tree in the interior of a country style apartment

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Light country style design

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Country style apartment design

Country style for the interior of a country house

Here you need to adhere to the same principles as when decorating the interior of the apartment: negligence and a maximum of natural materials. Walls and doors can be replaced with arched passages to visually expand the space and provide maximum light. It is better to use natural stone and parquet, as well as doors with forged parts.

The outdoor recreation area can be decorated using dense textile curtains and wicker chairs with soft seats. For tables, forged legs with graceful curves are suitable. The staircase to the second floor must be selected massive, instead of the railing, pull the rope. A country house provides an opportunity to create a real fireplace.

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