How to use marine style in the interior

According to psychologists, marine elements in the interior of a house help to quickly forget unpleasant life moments, defeat melancholy. To create a cozy picturesque atmosphere in the room, it is not necessary to use a swimming pool, palm trees and sand, it is enough to correctly emphasize the merits and choose stylish accessories.

Do-it-yourself marine-style room decoration

Marine style will give the interior freshness, lightness and evoke pleasant memories of a holiday by the sea

Three principles on which the “navigation interior” is based

In the last 2-4 years, marine style in the interior is the most popular among designers. The owners of city apartments and country houses, choosing it, argue that the opportunity to be in a place 24 hours a day, which recalls a carefree vacation, travel and adventure.

Interior of a marine yacht used for decoration

To understand the principle of marine design, you need to consider the design of the interior of the yacht. You will immediately see the materials without which the marine interior cannot be composed.

The basis of this style is the following details:

  • A blue and white strip that may be present in decoration, textiles and decor.
  • Light wood.
  • Items directly related to the sea - stones, shells, ancient chests.
The design of the bedroom of a private house in blue tones

General marine color scheme

Even having an idea of ​​what details a marine-style decor should consist of, it is almost impossible to create a single harmonious combination without the help of a professional.

Creation Basics

The motto of a marine casual style in the interior is purity and simplicity to the smallest detail. It is based on several principles:

  1. The color scheme is light, soft, using exclusively natural colors. The most popular tone is white, the second place is shared by blue and cyan, yellow-beige and gray pastel shades can also be applied. To dilute the blue and white colors, the use of red blotches is not excluded.
  2. Materials for surface finishing - as similar to natural as possible. It can be a stone on the floors, jute wallpaper or paint on the walls. The bleached tree looks very stylish, and it is not necessary to use natural material, the laminate is also suitable.
  3. Room lighting should not be too elaborate and pompous. It is enough to attach simple aluminum shades to the ceiling.
  4. Furniture should not attract attention. The old-fashioned set will look best in a gray-beige palette, but with bright patches (for example, the detail of the cabinet door can be highlighted in blue or paint one chair with azure paint).
White color in the interior of the room in a marine theme

There should be a lot of light shades in the room to reflect sunlight

Textiles and decor for interior design in a marine style should emphasize simplicity and lightness. To achieve this effect, you should use canvas elements (for example, rugs), light flowing fabrics of a milky hue.

Where sailing style is acceptable

Actual, fashionable and practical, the marine interior will be in a city apartment, as well as in a country house of any size. But if the choice fell on just such a topic, you should not get carried away: psychologists and designers do not recommend using this style for several rooms or for housing in general. In order to maintain psychological stability in a house decorated in a marine style, it is better to equip only one room.

The interior of the bedroom of a private house in the marine theme

To combine all the premises with a common concept, you can use separate decorative elements in a marine theme.

Design of the hallway of a private house in the marine theme

The marine theme loves open spaces, so it’s great for a country house

Actual tricolor

White, blue and blue are the main colors that are used to create a marine interior, but for completeness, they are diluted with beige, brown, and sometimes red. Often, blue is replaced with a sky color, and blue with an indigo or ultramarine tone, which looks stylish and modern.

The main colors in the interior of the marine theme

In fact, the color palette of marine subjects is very diverse. Only the shades of water change depending on the time of day and weather conditions.

Natural materials for comfort

If we talk about natural materials when creating a marine interior, you can not be limited solely to oak or pine boards. It is also worth using:

  • Metal parts are best if they are made of brass (for example, door or cabinet handles, lamp bases).
  • Textured textiles from burlap, canvas, matting.
  • Genuine leather in light shades can play the role of upholstery, used in decor.
Lining the living room wall with boards in a marine interior

In the interior, wooden beams or wall sheathing look good

An ideal marine style in the interior is impossible without wooden floors, panels and slightly aged furniture. Natural material is also appropriate in the form of shelves.

Matching furniture

No matter how the interior is improved in a marine style, it will still be more likely vintage than modern. That is why the most suitable set for him - wicker and wooden cabinets, cabinets, armchairs and chairs. If you plan to install a sofa or bed in the room, then their upholstery should be combined with the color of the walls. Best of all, if the soft corner is covered with removable covers and complemented by decorative pillows in a marine style, decorated with stripes in the form of anchors, stars or ship steering wheel.

Sofa with natural upholstery in the interior of the living room of a country house

Furniture and textiles must be natural

Rattan furniture in a marine style living room

Wooden or wicker furniture fits perfectly in the marine style.

Expressive details: DIY decor items

Pleasant little things create a comfortable atmosphere in the rooms. To decorate apartments in a marine style, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on purchased decor, many details are easily created with your own hands. For example, the usual shellfish shells collected on the coast can be painted with pearl paint in the form of a spray. A picture frame decorated in a marine style with shells of various shapes, ocean stars and large pieces of salt will look beautiful and unusual. To make the frame even more unusual, you can glue it with a voluminous jute thread, and on top attach shells and multi-colored stones. Like a frame, you can decorate a frame for a mirror.

Nautical decorations on the shelves of the kitchen sideboard

For interior decoration, you can use everything that causes associations with the sea

Kitchen cabinet with nautical decorations in the interior of the room

You can make an aged display cabinet and place in it sea trophies brought from trips

Candlesticks in a marine style will also look original, where paraffin will be poured into an empty flat shell. To make the atmosphere as comfortable as possible, you can make a wooden house with shelves that will accommodate cute baubles. With your own hands you can even create furniture in a marine style, for example - a coffee table. Only for this will fit a table with a glass top, under which you can lay out the nautical attributes.

In which rooms the sailing theme is relevant

No one will be surprised by the fact that the marine interior is successfully created in any room - from the kitchen to the bedroom. Even a balcony or loggia is transformed into a small paradise, reminiscent of a vacation on the sunny coast. Such a solution will not work only for a corridor or an entrance hall, which have a small area.

Marine style hallway interior

For a hallway without windows, the white color of the walls is suitable as the main and a little blue accent on individual surfaces

The nuances of creating an interior living room and bedroom

The fact that when remodeling a living room or bedroom in a marine style, you definitely need to find a place for white, azure and ultramarine details, is clear to everyone, but how to decorate the room harmoniously, many should learn. The main thing is not to overdo it with the color, choosing lighter shades.

Design of a bedroom in marine style

Preference is given to calm tones, natural fabrics and wooden furniture.

Making a living room in a marine style, it is enough to apply the following solutions:

  1. Lay out pillows in the shape of ocean stars on the sofa or armchairs, preferably in brick color.
  2. Set up an aquarium with motley fish and lush seaweed.
  3. In the marine style, the original vintage decor always finds a place: ancient chests and wicker baskets. They can serve as a decoration or a place to store useful little things.
Decorative pillows with images of seashells

Sea-printed pillows are perfect for decorating your living room.

Old nautical chart over the head of the bed

Nautical bedroom design with striped curtains and bedding.

When designing a living room in a marine style, simple little things brought from vacation are extremely useful: shells of mollusks, stones of unusual colors and shapes. They can decorate wooden shelves on the walls. When creating a bedroom in a marine style, tricks that are relevant for the living room are used. The only caveat - in the bedroom you should not clutter up the bed with many pillows, it is enough to pick up bed linen in a white, cornflower blue or blue-blue color palette.

Nautical theme in the kitchen

Sea-style cuisine is suitable for those who cannot live without the sound of the surf, sandy beach and paradise pacification among palm trees. To create an unsurpassed atmosphere, it is worth using the following recommendations:

  • It is better to finish the walls with wooden lining, similar to the skin of a ship. It is beautiful and practical.
  • The floor should be covered with wooden boards, parquet or light laminate.
  • A marine-style kitchen apron can be made a bright highlight by choosing a bright blue mosaic tile for its decoration.
  • All household appliances are better to hide.
Decorating the kitchen space of a city apartment in a marine style

Original nautical rope ceiling light

Table setting in the marine theme

Table setting will emphasize the marine idea of ​​your interior. The choice of service depends on what image you need - solemn for a festive feast or sincere for an evening tea party

A lot of light is also relevant for a marine style kitchen. You can achieve good daylight due to well-chosen textiles: it is best to close the windows with a translucent tulle or a curtain made from unbleached linen. Also, a kitchen in a marine style must be decorated with shells, stones, on the windowsill you can put a pot of live stones - lithops.

A piece of the sea in the nursery

In children, the sea is associated with fabulousness, adventure and carelessness, so the creation of a nursery in a marine style is quite common. The most interesting thing will look like a room in the form of a cabin, in which there is a bunk bed, a hammock (if the area allows), ropes and a lot of thematic attributes.

The interior of the children's room for the boy in a marine style

For the boy’s room, a combination of white and dark blue is suitable

Room decoration for a girl in marine style

For a girl, it’s better to design a room in softer shades

To give the atmosphere more realism, it is worth sticking on the walls photowall-paper with the image of the sunny coast. A carpet of blue or ultramarine color on the floor will look stylish and relevant for this style.But if the child is under 3 years old, then it is likely that you will have to clean the coating every week. In this case, a rug with a high pile is better.

Fish-shaped mirror for decorating a room in a marine style

Such a homemade mirror in the form of a fish fits perfectly into the interior of a children's or bedroom

Seven design errors

Many design amateurs are sure that for the formation of a marine interior it is enough to glue white-blue wallpapers, put pebbles on the bedside tables and arrange armchairs made of twigs around the room. This is probably why the most serious mistakes are made:

  1. The predominance of blue, which in the dark will appear black. The optimal percentage of dark colors in a marine interior style is 20%.
  2. Clutter with furniture - cabinets, chairs and cabinets should be multifunctional.
  3. The use of plastic PVC panels is unacceptable for a kitchen or bathroom in a marine style, only wooden lining is appropriate.
  4. The use of simple wooden furniture, for example - banal chairs and stools. They are best replaced with rattan chairs.
  5. A minimum of decor will not give the marine-style interior the romanticism and mystery that it requires.
  6. Heavy curtains and curtains on the windows, as well as ordinary blinds. For a room that should resemble the coast, it is better to choose a light translucent tulle or Roman curtains in light shades.
  7. Wallpaper with a pattern - even if they have cornflower blue, gray or azure impregnations, elaborate monograms or small drawings on the walls of a room in a marine style will look tasteless.
Living room interior decoration with marine attributes

Stylish decor in a marine interior

It is also important to choose the right indoor plants: both beautifully blooming pelargoniums and senpolias will better emphasize the tenderness and simplicity of Provence, and various palm trees will complement the stylish design of the room in a marine style. When choosing indoor plants, it is worth paying attention to the Howia, rapis and fan washingtonia.

How to equip a bathroom

The bathroom is a place that is always associated with water, a blue-blue color scheme and relaxation. That is why the marine-style bathroom always looks relevant and bright.

Nautical Themed Bathroom Design

The interior of the bathroom with a successful combination of turquoise color with sand tones

The table below shows the best solutions for creating a stylish and modern bathroom environment.

Important details

Creative name alteration

Ceiling Walls Floor Furniture, textiles, decor
“On the crests of the wave” Glossy ultramarine hinged canvas Ceramic tile: 30-40 cm from the ceiling - white, further to the floor - heavenly. Best to create a smooth transition between colors. Cobalt Blue Ceramic Tile with 3-D Wave Imitation Effect Curbstones from wooden boards, alder rug, large mirror without a frame
"Romantic Islands" Light turquoise paint Turquoise Mosaic Tile Turquoise Mosaic Tile Plumbing, furniture and decor - all in white colors. You can create a bright scarlet accent, for example, it can be the frame of the mirror above the sink
"Adventures on the ship" 2- or 3-level hinged structure in beige and brown Beige Tile Dark beige tile Dark wood furniture, cabinet doors in the form of a wooden net, mirror in the frame of the ship's helm, brown plumbing
Dolphin on the mural in the bathroom

Wall decoration in the bathroom with marine wallpaper

Decorating the bathroom ceiling with wooden beams

Wooden beams add Mediterranean motifs to the bathroom

Video: DIY marine decor

Photo of rooms with a marine interior

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