How to use gray laminate in the interior

Outdoor coating - an important component of interior, on which his overall picture depends. The modern market offers a large selection in which a special place is gray laminate. And this is not surprising. It has several advantages: practicality,long service life.

gray laminate

Some apartment owners, when searching for flooring, are trying to find something unusual that would be both practical and look beautiful.

Designers were previously known, but began to be used in the arrangement of rooms not so long ago. It goes well with different styles of interior and decorative elements. There are a lot of variations of gray laminate, shades - mass. They complement not only modern minimalism, but also other styles.

gray laminate in the interior

Gray laminate in the interior of the apartment, which is becoming increasingly popular.

Important advantage gray flooring - this is that he does not focus on himself. As a result, defects on it are practically invisible. Even a black background is not able to hide scratches and stains so well.

dark gray laminate

This coating can perfectly fit into most types of interiors, making them even more comfortable, giving them the features of aristocratic restraint.

Modern tendencies

Fashion is changing fast enough. This can be observed both in commonplace things, and in more serious ones. Designer solutions, which were used earlier in the design of apartments, faded into the background. Today they are increasingly choosing grey colour. This is especially true for floor coverings.

gray laminate design

Such a laminate visually expands the space.

Traditional shades of oak, beech and cherry are tired. They resemble the times of the Soviet Union. It was not possible to purchase material that I liked. Finishing was performed the same way. Laminate a similar tone evokes these memories, so modern designers avoid it.

gray laminate at home

If you use a dark gray laminate, then visually it will reduce the space of the room, while light has the opposite effect.

A completely new trend in fashion has become grey colour. It has a noble appearance, is universal. So outdoor coating perfectly fits into any interior. It makes it practical, fills with comfort.

gray laminate for home

A person living in such a room strengthens his composure, he is easier to maintain peace of mind.

Secrets of Use

Previously, a gray coating was rarely used in the arrangement of an apartment. Now the situation has changed dramatically. Gray floor is a sign of modern design. He fills it with novelty, makes it unusual.

gray laminate interior photo

The floor is not too dark shades makes the atmosphere more airy and soothing, and the air in such a room seems cooler and fresher.

The use of such a material has a number of features. Despite the fact that gray is cold, if you change its color, it will create an interesting effect in the room. This expands the scope of its application. It is suitable for arranging any rooms moreover, its shape, size are not important.

interior with gray laminate

The gray color of the coating is not very suitable for rooms associated with any kind of labor activity.

Secret of use Characteristic
Suitable for premiseswhere the excess heat Applied in rooms located on the sunny side, if warm colors prevail in the interior.
Ample lighting This is a prerequisite for such sexes. Otherwise, the atmosphere in the room will be dull, not causing interest among the inhabitants.
Complemented with bright elements and warm shades. Excess gray in indoors gives space a depressive look.
Light coloured tone gray laminate appropriate in small rooms It will visually expand the space.
Neutral element of interior - withgray laminate - should not attract attention It acts as a backdrop for the overall picture. design.
Brings harmony to interior Gray laminate dilutes the paints that are in design. The atmosphere becomes balanced, filled with lightness, calm.
Meets the requirements of many styles Great for a variety of design decisions. Meets the requirements of many modern areas that are used in the arrangement of any living space.

Gray laminate: where and when is it relevant?

Gray laminate in the interior has a calming effect. It fits well with minimalism. This direction is characterized by lightness and simplicity. It uses a minimal amount of decorative elements. Gray laminate in the interior looks good in any the room: hall, kitchen. Often used in bedroom decoration. Color has a special effect on a person, calms him, gives a sense of peace.

gray laminate in the kitchen

It is ideal for dining rooms, living rooms and especially bedrooms.

If you choose its dark tones, then the design will acquire conservative qualities. It will be strict, as it is characterized by restraint. Therefore, it is well suited for different areas of design. Actively used cold shades in roomsthat are arranged in a modern way.

gray laminate flooring

Their most popular representative is the loft.

Elements of concrete or masonry such a floor perfectly complement. This material is able to balance the overall picture. This property is appropriate in kitsch style. Different colors in the finish walls ceiling fit well gray floor.

gray laminate in the interior

It will be complemented by metal parts that are found in modern areas.

Color scheme

Gray floors in the interior oblige to choose the tone of the finishing material for the walls. Glue any wallpaper in this case it’s not worth it. All items design should be harmoniously combined, and laminate - look appropriate.

gray laminate in the living room

This type of coating, such as gray oak laminate, is recommended for use in interiors that are excessively saturated with heat.

Grey colour Present not only below, but also on the walls. It may be lighter or darker, but required. Gray - a relative of some shades of blue, similar to blue. Therefore, their application in the interior. They will look concise.

gray laminate in the living room interior

It should not be forgotten that an excess of gray makes the room depressive, so it should not be predominant.

If the owners prefer brown tones, beige color in the finish walls then a purely gray floor is inappropriate. There are laminate options with other shades. Great for this occasion. Gray oak. If you lay it on floor, you can glue any wallpaper. Walls will not stand out, as a smooth transition is formed.

laminate gray oak

The gray floor itself is not an accent due to the neutrality of the color itself, it is as if it offers to look at other objects of the environment: walls, windows, furniture, etc.

Choosing gray laminate, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail. Color plays an important role the walls, tone of decorative elements and other. If errors are made in this matter, the design will turn out to be tasteless.

interior with gray laminate

The gray laminate resembles a canvas on which the main picture of the interior will unfold.

The main element of the interior

If you competently use this laminate in modern the interior then it will become the main highlight. Dark shades visually reduce the area. Brighton the contrary, expand the boundaries the rooms. Therefore, it is appropriate in small apartments.

light gray laminate

In a similar style, you can decorate the bedroom, living room and even the kitchen.

If you need to install a large amount of furniture, then such a floor will give the interior lightness, make it fresh. Besides, Gray the laminate will add dynamic notes to it. This is true with an overly calm design.

light gray laminate in the living room

The gray flooring in modern interiors easily coexists with glass, white gloss, sparkling and brushed metal.

Gray laminate - An excellent solution for the bedroom, hall. It creates a relaxing atmosphere and soothes. This setting is great for thinking, gathering your thoughts.

gray laminate in the design of the living room

It fits perfectly into the monochrome interiors, reducing contrast and as if reconciling antagonistic colors.

As for furniture, there are no restrictions. Her color can be any. The gray floor is harmonious with white objects, black furniture. This combination does not interior screaming. It creates beautiful design, unusual atmosphere. Also suitable are the colors of wenge, zebrano.

a combination of gray laminate with furniture

A floor covering was also invented, the gray color of which resembles a shabby and darkened old tree.

Main problems

Using gray laminate can cause a lot of problems. The main one is that the shade is cold. If not contribute to interior warm accents, then it will turn into a lifeless picture. She will be boring, and depress her appearance, both the hosts and guests.

gray laminate in a large living room

With blue and cyan, you can make bright accents to diversify the gray background of the floor or wallpaper.

Gray floor does not accept monotony. If its texture is illiterate chosen, then the probability is high that the design of the room will be a failure. You can understand this from the first steps of its arrangement.

gray laminate in the bedroom

A combination of a gray floor with blue or blue walls is acceptable, since all these cool colors combine well with each other.

Gray color must be used correctly. It can be combined with dark tones. walls. Also suitable furniture shade metallic. Interior it will turn out modern, the delicate taste of the owners will be felt.

gray laminate in the interior

It will be much easier to choose wallpaper for the laminate not pure gray, but with other shades mixed with gray: beige or brown.

Which doors to choose?

Doors are the last element. of interior. Their color should harmoniously fit into the overall room design. In this case, the following colors are suitable.

  • White. It goes well, so it will be a win-win option.
  • Gray. This shade has many wood products. You can choose a tone that will best match the floor. Although not necessary, it is enough that they both have a color tint gray.
gray laminate

There is a right to the existence of an option in which the color of the door will not be combined with the color of the floor.

If in the room there is wenge color furniture, the door of a similar tone will complement the interior well. This design can “snap” to the shade the walls. At the same time, the tone of the floor is not so important. In this matter, it does not matter, therefore, it may not be taken into account. It’s enough that the door is in harmony with other elements the interior.

gray laminate and wenge furniture

The design will be concise and complete.

Gray laminate in the interior - big risk. Errors in its use are unacceptable. They will be reflected in the big picture. room design. To prevent this from happening, you must make every effort to not miss anything in the interior. As a result, the result will exceed all expectations. It will be luxurious, stylish, filled with a cozy atmosphere.

gray laminate in the apartment

The completed work, in the case of a competent selection of shades, will be incredibly beautiful and modern.

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